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Kakashi leaned back against the railing as he waited for the three kids that had been put on his genin team as he once again snuck a peek at the files the Third Hokage had given him.

Sauskke Uchiha, emo boy to the extrem, goal-to hunt down his adoring older brother and either kiss him or kill him.

Okay...Sakura Haruno, fangirl, obsesive compulsive, loves all things Sauske, hates-Naruto Uzumaki, would like to drop the air headed blond into an active volcano. Stupid fan girl...

Closeing the pinkettes file he then opened the last one and stared at the picture of the delicate looking kid in it.

Long platnum sliver hair framing an very cute and a bit too girly face, wide violet blue eyes, pale skin, soft pink lips. The kid in the picture was wearing a bulky white shirt that slipped off of his shoulders revealing a generous amount of his smooth skin, while his long hair slipped over his slender shoulders, his attention wasn't on the one who had taken the picture, which was probably why he wasn't smiling or anything. He stared strait ahead, with his head tipped slightly to the side, and a strange look on his face. Like something was bothering him, but he wasn't sure what it was.

Was this kid really Minato's son? He looked more like a girl than an fifteen in a half year old boy.

He hadn't bothered to look at the profile since it had been handed to him and now that he looked at it...there was a lot of stuff blacked out.

Naruto's name appeared often enough along with the words, blood, pain, attacks, and death. But other than that there was a lot of stuff that he just didn't know about the kid. The kid had a reputation as a trouble maker, and a prankster.

But according to the hokage Naruto was a very quiet, clam, and shy kid who enjoyed playing games of wit with others.

The man had gone on to tell the jounin in the room that the kid had a habit of laying traps and watching while they were set off. The kid had no problem killing.

The Hokage had explained that there had been several incidents where the kid had simply had no choice.

He had also told them that the councel would like nothing more than to kill the child. And said child knew it. The only reason that he was still alive today was because of his little 'games' apparently one round with the kid in a game of wit was enough to make any assasin think twice then give up on trying to kill him.

Frankly Kakashi thought that was just a bit strange.

How could a game make an assasin back down? When Anko had asked the old man the 'how' of it he had looked her strait in the eyes and said quit frankly that the kid simply seemed to have a way about him that scared people shitless.

He had then muttered about how he would hate to be the kids enemy, and how they would need to appoint a new councel because the kid would probably end up killing the ones out for his blood. To say that they were a little taken aback by the third Hokage's words would be an understatment.

And that was when the old man had grinned at them and pulled out his crysal ball and showed them what he meant.

They had watched in shock as an image of said blond appeared, somwhere at the border of fire country, dressed in white light weight armor similar to an Anbu's armor, and the kid was fighting/playing with a small army of enemy ninja from rock country.

They had watched as the kid took down one person at a time without weapons, and had laughed about it the whole while. But what had really rattled everyone in the room had been when Naruto had been run through by one of the enemy's katana's as an explosive tag had been attached to his forhead and he had then had his skull and a good portion of his body blown to bits, and a second or so later when the man who had blown him up had turned his back the blond stood and waited quietly for the man to realise that he was'nt dead yet.

They had watched in horror as the man had turned and looked at the regenerating boy as the kids arm shot out and pushed his arm up to the elbow into the man's chest before yanking his arm out and crushing the still beating heart in his hand.

All in all what he had seen in the crystal ball had been very informative as to the kid's abilities.

Still the fact that the boy had been sent to the border alone had bothered him. When he had asked why Naruto didn't have any back up the old man had taken a deep breath and looked sadly at the small image in the crysal ball for a moment before saying that the councel would rather he didn't return, and he feared that deep down Naruto thought it would be best if he died on the mission too.

Those words had angered Kakashi beyond words.

After heading out to see his former Anbu unit and asking them to keep an eye on the kid when he was'nt around Kakashi, he had then waited long enough for the kid to return to the village and clean himself up before leaving his tiny run down apartment to go to the school and meet his team.

Kakashi had stayed behind the teen the whole time from a discreet distance watching how he moved. He moved like his joints ached. And he kept staggering for a few minutes, before things seemed to get better and he vanished into the school building.

And now here he was waiting for the three kids to get to the roof, but the one he most wanted to see was the fragil little blond, who was the last to arrive on the roof, Kakashi kept his eye on the kid and relised why almost instantly.

The kid may have regenerated his body, but he had been mortally wounded and his body had'nt really healed completely just yet.

So he was trying to take it slow, and not hurt himself even more while pretending that there was absolutly nothing wrong with him. His eyes flickered up and met Kakashi's gaze for a moment before he looked away, as he sat down and flinched as one of his joints popped rather loudly as sweat rolled down the blonds face.

He must be in agony. Why didn't he stay home? I would have found him later on. Kakashi thought as the kid finally managed to sit down and let out a sigh.

And waited quietly for Kakashi to speak. Puting the blonds file away with the others he then looked from one face to another before his gaze settled on the blond once again. "Alright, lets start with intoductions. You blondy, why dont you start. Tell us all your hopes, dreams, hobbys, likes and dislikes." Kakashi said as he studied the blond.

The boy's shoulders slumped and he tried to make himself look smaller, as if that were even humanly possable. "Naruto Uzumaki. I like reading. Everything else is none of your damn buisness." the boy said gently with a kind smile.

The man looked at her like she was a puzzle to be solved.

Uzu didn't like it when people looked at her like that. To her it meant a lot of unwanted and unneeded attention.

Her sensei looked like he was more trouble than he was worth. What had Sarutobi been thinking when he had made her Hokage without telling anyone she would never know. And then she wondered what he had been thinking when he had assigned the man in front of her team to be her Jounin teacher until she could be publicly made Hokage in a few more years.

I'm going to go postal on some one's ass if I dont get home and rest soon. Uzu thought darkly as she tried to keep from resorting to bad habits and chewing her finger nails to the quick to keep from crying when the bastard beside her shifted his weight and none too gently bumped into her, then stared at her like she was the one who should apoligise.

When hell freezes over emo boy. She almost snarled, well okay she did snarl. Which was probably why the three others on the roof with her were staring at her so strangely.

Kakashi listened to the other two kids prattle on and on about...what were they supposed to be saying again?

He hadn't been paying attention to the other two. They held little intrest for him.

His attention was on the blond the whole time. Naruto looked like he was about to kill over at any second if he didn't get home. So Kakashi being the merciful person that he was sped the meeting along and only played one nasty mind game with the three to see who would freak. Oddly enough he had expected Sakura to freak, and she did, but he hadn't expected Sauske to flip out too. Naruto was the only one that seemed unfazed by his words.

But then again the kid was barely concious so that may have attributed to his lack of fear over possibly being sent back to the acadamy, or even being dropped from the program all together. Still once the meeting was over Kakashi dismissed the three and waited until only he and Naruto were left on the room before speaking.

"You look like hell. Rough day, brat." Kakashi said kindly as he smiled at the boy.

Naruto slowly stood up and automatically started to stagger. Feeling kind of alarmed for the boy's health Kakashi reached out and wrapped an arm around the blond's shoulders and pulled his small body against his taller frame. Using his fingers he tipped the boy's head back so that he could look into his eyes. There was a glazed look to his eyes, and he was panting, and sweating like he had a fever.

Kakashi watched as Naruto's throat worked and he tried to speak, but obviously didn't have any strength left, to speak. Sighing Kakashi tightened his hold on the boy as his eyes slowly slid closed, and he finally lost the fight. Smoothing the silken strands of pale silvery blond back from his face Kakashi smiled again.

Such a stubburn child. Minato he looks just like you. Kakashi thought as he tugged his mask down and gently kissed the boy on the lips before vanishing in a swirl of leaves with Minato's son in his arms. It wouldn't be until two days later before he would see what the kid could really do.