Crimson Queen-

Uzu was in the kitchen cutting up cabbage, eggplant, cherry tomato's and onion to fix with the rest of her dinner when one of her stalkerish dinner guests asked curiously, "So how long have you been our Hokage?" She paused in mid slice and looked up at the Hyuga that Gai was teaching and narrowed her eyes at him in annoyance.

"None of your damned business now sit down and be quiet."

"I'm merely asking because you don't seem like the Kage type." The Hyuga said in a more polite tone. Uzu looked at Gai and smiled a little bit when he reached out and pushed his student down into the nearest chair and told him to shut up while Lee and Tenten explored the living room. Reminding Uzu of a pair of curious kittens as they ran from one side of the room to another. They'd probably slip away to explore the rest of the house in a few minutes. And that was fine.

She and Kakashi had hidden away their more private treasures when she had moved in with him. So it should be okay if the kids got too curious and decided to look around.

"Do you need any help Hokage-sama?" Gai asked as he walked over to the counter where she was cutting things up. Uzu pointed towards the pile of beef laying next to the sink.

"The meat needs to be cut up into strips no thicker than the ribs served at Choza's restaurant."

"Alright." Gai said, happy to be put to work. It made him feel less nervous about being in his eternal rival's home with his wife. For some reason he kept looking over his shoulder expecting Kakashi to appear and attack him.

He moved to the opposite side of the counter and picked a knife out of the dish holder and tested the blade to make sure that it was sharp enough for his task then washed his hands and unwrapped the beef and started cutting it into strips like Uzu had said too.

He finished in just a few minutes and then wondered what he could do now. He was still feeling a mite anxious.

Uzu had noticed his some what twitchy behavior before they had even stepped foot in her and Kakashi's home and knew that the man was undoubtedly nervous about being here with Kakashi gone and not knowing how he would react to having Gai and his students scents all over his home.

He was a preadator of the highest caliber after all. For all Gai knew the copy nin might take one step inside of the house once he returned from his mission, catch their scents and then hunt them all down and skin them alive.

Any normal person would be nervous about such a thing. So Gai's feelings were understandable. "Gai would you like something else to do?" Uzu asked as she finished cutting up her vegetables. Gai looked at her and gave a small strained looking smile.


"Alright, you see that pan on the stove-" Gai looked away then nodded. "Okay, I need you to put some olive oil in the pan and heat it up so that you can stir fry these veggies."

Gai turned the stove eye on low and then poured some olive oil into the pan and then waited for it to warm up a little bit when Uzu told him to add a little bit of minced garlic from the fridge to the pan so that it could blend with the oil.


"Whoa, will you look at this place!" Tenten said as she and Lee stood in Kakashi's study. The place had books, scrolls, and ancient looking parchments in glass frames adjorned the walls. The two stepped into the maroon colored room and checked out the maroon and gold trim, the lighting fixtures, the cherry wood desk and chair.

Kakashi was a man who was really well off if the things in his study was any indication at all. Almost everything he owned was antique. Dating back from the beginnings of the village. The two kids had already seen several things that could be sold to fuedal lords for sums large enough to buy, and start his own village.

He had gold, jeweled, and ivory cerimonial daggers for fuck's sake! No one in the village had such things anymore, not even the village historians!

Allin all it was as amazing as it was shocking. The two simply couldn't help but stare and gape at everything. But they didn't touch- Oh god no. They may look out of curiousity, after all not much was known about Kakashi Hatake and his clan.

But they were far too respectful of his things to touch any of it.

They were too consciense of the fact that touching something so old, may cause it to break.

They walked around the room, noting the various things and made mental notes to ask their sensei about some of them later on then turned and started to leave the room when Neji peeked in and scowled at them. "What are you doing?"

"Exploring." Tenten said as she walked by the irked Hyuga.

"And who gave you permission to go through soemone else's home?" Neji growled.

"No one. But we're curious." Lee said as he stepped out of the library and very quietly closed the door behind him.

"You shouldn't snoop." Neji chided them. The two gave him an mind-your-own-business look and made their way back to the living room since all there was left to explore was the bedroom. And it was off limits because some things should always be private.