It was a bright sunny Sunday afternoon, her only official day off. Ziva lay on the green grass, her stomach on the ground and her head resting on her arms that were crossed in front of her. She was just enjoying the warmth of the sun on her back and taking a nap, waiting for Tony to swing by with the picnic he had planned. The birds were singing and there was a nice breeze out, cooling her off a bit and rustling the trees. She was just dozing off when she heard the crunch of footsteps behind her, grinning into her arms she closed her eyes, pretending to be asleep. "Ziva? Darling?" she could hear Tony's soft voice calling out to her. It would be all to easy to wake up and turn around to face him, he would have to work a bit harder to wake her.

Her legs suddenly got cold and she realized that Tony was now standing over her, she didn't know what he was going to do next, but she wanted to find out. He gently lowered himself onto her butt, straddling her but making sure not to hurt her at the same time. He bent over her until his face was right next to her ear, "Zee-vah" he purred, his breath tickling her ear.

Without warning Ziva grabbed his legs and flipped them over, so that she was now on top of Tony, "Well hello there my little hairy butt." she said seductively, this nickname being on that she had given him when they first went undercover together. She kissed his lips gently at first but then his arms wrapped around her waist and the kiss got hungry. Tony's hands snaked up her shirt as his tongue ran over her bottom lip begging for access. Being the tease that she was, Ziva pulled away, making Tony groan.

"The foods is going to get cold," Ziva said with a smirk as she got up off Tony and made her way to the large oak tree, where there was a wicker picnic basket and a blanket already set out for them. Not hearing footsteps behind her, Ziva turned around and she suddenly wasn't in the forest anymore, she was standing in the doorway of her apartment...or what used to be her apartment.

Tony and Michael were after each other, each swinging punches that came into contact with another. Ziva watched in horror as the fight started to get more violent and deadly. She opened her mouth to yell at them to stop but no sound came out, it was almost like she was stuck in time. She watched as Michael fell into the glass table, and Tony to the ground. Tony just stared at Michael in horror, his face wanted to help him but his body frozen. Michael got up from the ground, he was now bleeding from his side where a piece of glass had stabbed him. Looking at Tony, an evil gleam in his eye, Michael yanked out the piece of glass and staggered towards him, snickering.

Ziva couldn't watch anymore, she closed her eyes and prayed for the horror to stop. Tony was right, he had been protecting himself when he fired off his weapon. Feeling the sun once again on her face, Ziva opened her eyes, expecting to see the grassy field again. She was now standing outside, not on the grassy field as she had wanted but on the runway in Tel Aviv, the runway where the cargo plane took off. Looking around she spotted the plane, the Director got on, followed by Gibbs who waved to someone in the distance, bringing up the rear was Tony.

Tears sprang into her eyes as she ran towards the plane, wanting to catch up to them. To tell them that she wanted to go back with them, that she would forgive everyone and that no one but Michael was to blame for his death. She ran and ran but she never seemed to be getting any closer. Tears were now pouring down her face as she pushed herself faster, struggling to catch up with them before the plane took off.

She heard a knocking sound in the distance, it confused her, she couldn't figure out what was making that sound.....