Kenta: I'm scary, and alot of times, downright creepy. but no matter what anyone says, I still love myself for it. :P

Inspiration for this fic comes from some wierd dream I had, where I heard the name, 'The Tags of Ai'. The other part of the inspiration comes from Sailor Ranger's now completed fic Icha Icha: Animal Magnitism, just becuase it's so epic.

A few things to point out: Naruto is 16, Orochimaru is still around, Jiriaya is still alive, Asuma is (unfortunately) dead, and the Akatsuki have stopped chasing after the Jinchuurikki after a warning from the REAL Gods. Also, Sai is going to be part of this, just because he's awesome like that.

Summary: Ai, it means 'Love'. Naruto is about to find out just why these charms have been called 'The tags of Ai'.

It was dark.

Soooo dark, you couldn't see ten feet in front of you.

However, despite how dark it was, one lone stork was flying over the world, trying to locate it's delivery area.

Now, just to let you know, this isn't one of those, 'Baby delivery storks' you hear about from your parents when they're too lazy to tell you the truth about 'it'. No, this is a summoning. and currently, if this summoning doesn't find it's destination soon, it'll be in big trouble.

You see, once every hundred years, one of the gods makes a special charm. This God, if you didn't already guess, was the goddess of love. Many lonely people have prayed to her so that they may be given the gift of love. She has heard their pleas, but some need love more than others.

Now, the charms have very special properties. If a charm is placed on someone while they are thinking of someone who has greatly affected their lives, they will stop at nothing to be with him/her. NOTHING.

Easier way to put it is if they are thinking of someone they love, they will not stop until they have him/her in their arms.

Back to the stork. The stork is carrying a bag full of these special, 'Charms', and is trying to deliver one to its next delivery. 'Where?' is probably the question going through your mind. Let me tell you this.

I'm just a story-teller, where in the world a freakin' STORK is going in the middle of the night, I DO NOT KNOW...

Back to the story. The stork is trying to find it's destination, so it is currently flying all over the world, trying to find said location.

~Land of Spring, Castle~

Koyuki was currently sitting outside her balcony, staring into the night sky. She sighed as she thought about the freedom they had. They could be with whomever they desired, they didn't have some pre-planned wedding, or some stupid law saying she had to be married to be queen. In all truth, she didn't really want to rule, but rather, be the actress she was.

She looked back up to the stars and the face of her hero appeared in the sky.

She smiled.

Uzumaki Naruto, the hero of Spring.

He had not only saved her from her past and her uncle, Naruto had catapaulted said uncle into a crystal mirror. Becuase such, he had started up the generator, and turned the land of Snow into the Land of Spring, which was now one of the wealthiest nations in the world.

She sighed as she wished to be with him. He seemed to have a fire in him that one could not help but stare at. She wished that she could bring her shivering heart next to his burning flame, to give her the warmth she so desperately needed.

Above the unknowing Princess, the stork accidentally hit the top of the castle, knocking a charm out of the sack. The stork didn't notice it, and continued on with his delivery.

The charm slowly floated down, towards the princess, before landing on the back of her neck. In the blink of an eye, the charm vanished, Koyuki not even feeling it touch her.

Her pale blue eyes suddenly gained a fire in them, as well as a lust for the one she had been thinking about. Her small smile turned into a grin, as she turned back to her room, her mind made up. Tomorrow, she would be paying a visit to her hero, as well as her future husband and king.

~Land of Demons~

Shion was currently asleep, as most people are at this hour, before her violet eyes shot open.

If one were to see the reflection off of her eyes, they would see a past event. Across Shion's eyes, was when Naruto agreed to help her with the next priestess. Her eyes dimmed down a little, before she sat up, a small smile moving across her face.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She wondered when he would keep his promise. After all, wasn't it his ninja way not to go back on his promises?

Outside of the building, the stork was flying rapidly, having used chakra to increase it's speed. It was sure that if it stayed high enough, it wouldn't crash into anything, like back in the land of Spring. It smiled as it recalled it's brilliant plan, but was cut off as it suddenly smashed into an extremely tall tree.

Another charm fell out of the storks bag, and slowly drifted towards the open window of the Priestess's bedroom. The stork slowly recovered before making sure it was much higher than before.

Inside, Shion still had her eyes closed as she daydreamed about the golden blonde demon-container. She failed to notice the slip of paper as it slowly floated towards her, before landing on her forehead. The priestess did not take immediate notice of the paper hitting her forehead, and slowly brought her hand up to rid herself of the paper, only to find it gone. She looked around, confused, until her thoughts returned to the blonde.

A smile ran across her face once more, before her eyes had a glazed look over them.

"It's time for Naruto-kun to keep to his promise." The Priestess said with pure bliss in her voice.

~Konohagakure, Village Hidden in the Leaves~

The stork had finally found its destination, the Hyuuga estate.

A certain Hyuuga heiress had become infatuated with a blonde-haired boy, but was too nervous to get near him, let alone talk to him. She had prayed every night to the god of love, praying above all hopes that she would gain the courage to be with the blonde-haired boy.

The goddess had heard her pleas, over and over again, and had sent her stork to help her.

Said stork slowly walked up to the sleeping heiress, and overheard her moaning a name. When the stork heard, 'Naruto-kun', it couldn't help but smile. This girl really did need help. It pulled out a pair of tongs, and slowly lifted one of the charms out of it's bag. It brought the seal over to the girl, moved the blanket down to where her bare stomach was exposed, and placed the charm as close to her heart as it could.

The charm dissolved into her skin, when a light pink glow made the outline of the charm.

The stork smiled, it's job completed, before it disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Three charms were placed, all for the same boy. On each of the girls where the charm had dissolved into them, glowed a light pink aura, before the Kanji for 'Love' glowed on their respected areas.

Koyuki, on the back of her neck.

Shion, on her forehead.

Hinata, near her heart.

all three smiled as they all said at the same time.

"See you soon, Uzumaki Naruto."

Meanwhile, a blonde-haired ninja by the name of Uzumaki Naruto, jolted upright in his bed, sneezing uncontrollably. Naruto looked around his small apartment, wondering why in the world he had started sneezing like that.

Naruto shook his head.

"Whatever the reason, I blame Ero-sennin."

He then went back to sleep as elsewhere a white haired pervert sneezed, wondering what happened, before saying it was Orochimaru's fault. and you get the idea of what happened next.

Needless to say, Leaf, Rain, Sound, Sand, Demon country, and the Land of Spring would have many sleepless nights to come, tonight, being the first.

Kenta: okay, I'll admit it........I was listening to the old 'Yoshi's Story' for the SNES opening, the one where it shows the stork flying in the night, before getting attacked by Kamek. That's where the whole, 'stork' thing came from. Plus, it's in the middle of the night, so you should expect this kind of thing.

I've been wanting to do a harem fic for awhile now, and I've wondered if I should do so with my Bleach fic. I've only had maybe two people comment on me doing a harem, and I've even had someone asking me to do another lemon....

These and many other things were on my mind as I fell asleep last night, so it's not really surprising I got an idea for a story after I woke up the next morning. This fic is more to curb the want to try a NarutoXShion or NarutoXKoyuki fic, do another lemon, as well as try my hand at a harem fic. I've never done one before, so this'll be good practice.

Also, I know Sai has no emotion, and that's one of the reasons why he's so cool, but I want to give him someone to try and love. (keyword, 'try')

I hope to continue to give you guys awesome stories to read! (at least....I think they're awesome....)

Kenta Raikiri