Pyramid Head looked down at the soft, squirming female beneath him with a sadistic satisfaction. She was young, much younger than he was used to. Yet still she had sins on her conscience. Such sick, sexual sins. Sins of the mind. Corrupted fantasises followed by tears, ones she wept for herself and not what she had done. This girl was so lost in her own wretchedness that she had become scarce more than a tick on the flesh of the earth. This was a punishable offence as far as Silent Hill was concerned.

That, of course, was why she had been sent here. To be punished. It didn't matter to him what she had done, or how old she was. All Pyramid Head cared about was taking this pitiful creature and laying waste to any purity left in its body.

He was the master of defilement, the reaper of innocence. It was his life's work to plunder helpless females of their goods. His occupation, yet also his pleasure. He was filled with endless need- an aching lust that forced him to fuck anything he could get his hands on. Mannequins, patients, nurses... whores of every species. But he was especially partial to humans. He loved their fear, their screaming. Their dripping cores and yielding flesh. Yes. They made the very best victims for Pyramid Head's prime form of torture.

This bitch was one example of such perfection. Soft, black hair framing a vaguely pretty face. Glassy green eyes empty of regret. And a fragile body with rounded breasts, sensual and tempting. He had seen such flesh many times before. He knew for certain that it would be perfect for tearing…

The girl reeked of blood and fear, but he liked that. It made her all the more beautiful to him.

The female begged and screeched, twisting her body deliciously against his. Pyramid Head groaned softly. He looked down, helmet scraping against his skull, and admired the female. Her delicate skin was glowing. As his hands crept up her bare thighs, it flushed a blood-like crimson in the gloom.

These reactions were childish for one so mentally tainted.

Pyramid Head wanted to thrust himself inside her at once. But the bitch squirmed like a tortured serpent in his hands. At first, her movements were only feeble. Then they became violent, lashing to and fro in frenzy. Pyramid Head jerked backwards. The girl's face was twisted with a mixture of loathing and disrespect.

This was something he could not stand.

He was the ultimate killer, the demonic Butcher, the king of the dead. He deserved a fearful respect from his victims and enemies alike. Although Pyramid Head was not proud or arrogant, he knew himself to be dominant over all others. The idea of this deplorable human showing contempt for him filled him with an uncontrollable demonic fire.

Pyramid Head wrested the female's skinny body from the ground and smashed it down again, crushing her face into the dirt. He pinned her flat whilst he ripped her skirt away. At the thought of what lay beneath he felt himself hardening. This lust increased as he tore the final garment away.

His searching eyes sought out dark curls and glistening wetness. Savagely, he snapped the female's legs wide apart. She stared at him in true horror, understanding now what was to become of her. Her breath became rapid and crackly. A small trickle of liquid ran down her inner thigh.

Then she spoke.

In her voice Pyramid Head could hear the echoes of a thousand long-dead nurses begging to be spared.

"Please don't hurt me."

The voice of misery. The voice of the damned. The voice of despair.

How truly sad this creature was. He would make her see that he was the true embodiment of deviance and unable to show even a hint of empathy.

He would make he see in the only way he knew how.

With a bestial roar of pleasure he plunged inside her frail body.

The girl let loose a blistering scream of raw agony. Pyramid Head relished it.

To him, it was beautiful- in a painful, primal way. It spurred him on as he shoved his throbbing member inside her. He briefly noticed something tear within.

The membrane of innocence.

The female was perfect. Tight, wet, clenching down on him so hard he almost came. Her pathetic figure writhed against him in spasms of pain. Pyramid Head, continuing his relentless brutality, tore her dress away to release her breasts. Her nipples were hardened, skin dampened with sweat.

It was all so grotesquely beautiful.

The beast fucked her so hard the hallways echoed with her screams. He fucked her so hard her eyes rolled back in her head, trapped in an ecstasy of both pain and some nightmarish pleasure. His body meshed with hers, entwined, slick with blood and cum and sweat, thrusting and grinding and convulsing with fierce passion. All of his anger and wanton wishes were purged as he screwed her.

Each grunt and growl that escaped from the confines of his helmet mingled with the female's insane howling, clashed in a chaotic mass of rising orgasm.

And although he had crushed her and raped her and ravaged her, the girl continued to struggle with all her might. Whilst doing so she wept grubby tears of self-loathing. Pyramid Head licked them from her cheek with his slippery tongue. The whore's lips contorted in revulsion. She tried to pull away from him, but to no avail. Eventually she slumped backwards and closed her eyes. Her only sounds now were pants of sheer exhaustion.

Meanwhile, Pyramid Head continued to thrust himself inside her. He revelled in the intoxicating heat churning in his loins. He was close, so close. But before he came, he wanted the female to suffer her punishment completely.

Whilst fucking her with increasing violence, the beast took the girl's face in his hand and jerked it toward him. He did not need to speak to give her his message. The words were in the air, on his skin, in both of their heads. She knew their purposes.

"I am the God of filth and death. I am the master of rape and ravishment. I am the foulest fallen angel. The inspiration of evil in the hearts of others, born to desecrate, defile, despoil. Know this, human harlot, and submit to me."

The female cringed away. She shook her head, ignoring her tears. Pyramid Head groaned gutturally. His hips bucked against her in the final throes of sex, thrusting deep into her sweet centre. His whole body screamed for a release.

"Succumb to me, whore. Submit. Acknowledge your God."

At last the wretched female fell still, head bowed in defeat.

And with a growl of satisfaction Pyramid Head spilled his useless seed inside her.

For a moment, he basked in the glory of his monstrous deed. Then with a growl of pure malevolence he wrapped his fist around her tender throat and crushed it to splinters.

Mary corridors away, a man with tousled blond hair nervously raised his head. Was it his imagination or could he hear terrible, tortured screams in the air?

No. It must be his conscience playing tricks on him again. No doubt about it.

But as he turned away, he shivered heavily.