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Chapter One: I hate this town

"I hate this fucking place." I supplied whilst taking a deep drag on my cigarette, and blowing the smoke in the direction of Jake. "I hear you." He nodded, and ran a hand through his hair. I smiled at that, and briefly wondered if it was as soft as it looked.

I looked around me, staring at the same scenery I had been seeing for years now. Tall green tress stood tall and proudly, mocking the world with their vibrant green. The giant beasts lined the side of the road, an intricate piping neither Jake nor I cared for. I pulled my gaze off the annoying vegetation and snapped, "Where the fuck is Quil? He was supposed to be here while ago."

Jake shrugged lazily, his laid back attitude seeping into his nature. I sighed and scowled, it was in these moments that I despised his aloof outlook. I wiggled the rolled tobacco between my fingertips, allowing the ashes to float away. I took another drag, fuming just like my cigarette.

I hated when Quil did this, he was the only one between the three of with a car and this lead is to constantly relying on his undependable ass. I let dead release fall to the ground, squishing the stub under my combat boots. The cinders faded instantly against the wet pavement and I was once again reminded by my distaste for this sad excuse of a reservation.

La Push was located close to a bum fuck town called Forks—don't dare make a cutlery joke. It was constantly wet here, or cold, sometimes both if we were lucky. There was absolutely nothing to do here. All we had were bon fires, cliff diving, getting pissed drunk, that and trying not to get caught by Sam Uley. That was hard to pull off, trust me. I had regular run ins with my dear and favorite cop Sam.

He lived, breathed, and probably slept by the rules. Sam was such a hard ass that he picked you up on the most random and dumbest crimes ever. For example, that prick gave me what he called a generous warning for loitering. What a croc of shit. He is just as board as everybody else so he wrangles us all in because he has nothing better to do.

I huffed an angry puff of air, and nearly cried in relief when I heard the coughing and sputtering of Quil's truck. The old car rumbled up the road and came to a groaning halt in front of Jake and me. I glowered as Quil's lanky form unfolded out from the truck. He walked over with pleased smile on his lips, and I glowered even more.

"Where the hell have you been?" My voice was rough, and angry as I spoke to him. His eyes narrowed and supplied, "My Dad was on my ass 'cause I broke my curfew again, sorry your royal highness."

"Apology accepted." I said curtly. Quil and I got along for the most part, but sometimes we just rubbed each other the wrong way. We bickered constantly, but it was all in good fun. He got mad when I stole his truck, and I got mad when he made me wait, simple as that. Although that never stopped us from repeating our offences, no matter how many times we sparred.

I looked to Jacob who was watching our entire exchange with a small smirk on his face. I rolled my eyes and walked over to the truck hopping into the bed, seeing as there was only room for two people in the cab. "Do you two fuck-tards need an invitation? Get in the frickin' truck, and let's go." I ordered, glaring at them.

Jake smiled and cooed, "I love you too, baby." I rolled my eyes in response, watching as the two of them slipped into the cab of our pathetic excuse of a ride. I slapped the top of the vehicle letting them know it was time to get out of here. We drove over to the diner, and found a good parking spot.

I hopped out of the bed of the truck, landing with a loud smack as the sole of my boots hit the pavement. With Quil and Jake flanking me on either side I entered the restaurant, a large bell clanging overhead notifying our entrance to the other patrons. I nodded in the direction of Sue, the owner and slipped into my regular booth.

I was sitting next to Jake, the menu up in front of my face as I pretended read the lists of foods I was already familiar with. None of us spoke, or routine practiced and cemented over years of Friday nights. After I had chosen my meal I set the laminated booklet down and swept my gaze around the diner.

"Looks like Sammy-boy is starting his shift early tonight." I observed. Jake grunted at my obvious statement and continued to read his menu. Quil, on the other hand, snapped his head up and searched for the familiar face.

"Fuck." He said under his breath. "Care to share, sunshine?" I queried. He looked up from his menu and said, as if it were obvious, "We won't be able to make a liquor run now. He will be patrolling, and god knows he watched everything that crosses the boarder like a freaking hawk."

"Well if you hadn't been late that wouldn't be a problem now would it?" I challenged, with a glare. "Let it go, Bells, let it go." Quil responded, knowing I was right, but not admitting it.

I sighed, disappointed that my Friday night wasn't looking up. I suppose it was scary how we had memorized Sam Uley's schedule for work. Although it was mildly stalker-like, we didn't get caught as often as we did in the past. Due to the fact we knew his shifts it allowed us to run into Port Angeles to grab some booze before he started, therefore decreasing our chances at being caught.

Sam worked Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and every second Sunday. I had know idea as to how he landed being a part time police officer, but he did. I was probably because everyone in La Push—well not everyone, the Elders really—loved Sam. I do not understand why, I mean what makes him so special? I pushed the pestering thoughts away and focused on the present.

Our waitress walked over pen in hand ready to write, "What can I get you?" She obviously wasn't pleased to be hear, the tone to her voice spoke volumes. I went first and asked for scrambled eggs, bacon and toast. Jake ordered their all day breakfast platter along with Quil.

"So what do you want to do tonight?" Quil asked breaking the silence. I didn't respond, my vocal cords were rendered silent as I was pinned down with the heavy gaze of Sam Uley. His deep brown eyes were dark, shaded by the secrets that seemed to be swimming within the dark depths. I held the stare, even though I felt the need to look away, shield myself from its invasive penetration. I frowned in concentration determined not to bow down. He smirked, causing my gaze to drop to his lips. I examined the fullness of them, the soft flesh looking warm and inviting.

My eyes flickered across his face; taking in his strong jaw line that was soft yet firm, the straight nose that sat between two high cheek bones. The sculpted and angular structure of his face was not uncommon around La Push, most looked similar and shared many of the same features. However gazing at him he seemed different; his features seemed more daring and exotic than most. As much as I hated to admit it, Sam truly was a fine specimen, even though he was highly annoying.

I was yanked back into reality by Quil waving a hand in front of my face; I scowled and slapped it away, trying not to think of my recent ogling. I looked to him expectantly, trying to pick up the conversation I had obviously missed.

"I was asking for your idea as to what you want to do tonight. So, got any?" Quil supplemented. I thought briefly and responded, "We could hang with Paul and Embry, plus they usually have a pretty good stash."

"We can't, they have joined Sam's little cult, they haven't been around a lot lately, something about helping Sam out. That's a huge croc of shit because Embry and Paul hated Sam just as much as we do, and now all of a sudden they worship the ground he walks on." Jacob huffed, clearly not enthused with our conversation topic.

"How'd you find that out?" Quil pestered, wanting to know more about our former friends. Jacob sighed. "I cornered Paul and threatened that I would tell his Dad where he kept all his hash. He told me that he was helping Sam and he didn't have time for us anymore, he was too busy."

I snorted, trying to hide the fact that I was slightly hurt that we were no longer important. I glanced at Quil, noting the look of hurt that he wore. My heart lurched, as much as I yelled and harped at him, I truly did care for Quil, along with Jacob.

"Fuck'em, we don't need them, and even if we did, we don't have the time for them." I mocked trying to lift our spirits. Jake and Quil barked out a sore laugh and nodded, mumbling that I was right.

Shortly after that the food arrived, the plates were set in front of us before we devoured the food quickly, not stopping to make conversation. With our plates cleared and our stomachs full, we split the bill, and departed from the diner.

I was leaning against the truck listening to the annoying banter of Jake and Quil. It was similar to the annoying buzz of an insect very close to your ear; you could ignore or you could stop the God awful sound. I decided to go with the latter:

"Would you two shut the fuck up already? You sound like two fish wives arguing over today's catch," My grumbling rendered them silent, and I took a deep breath—appreciating the silence before proceeding. "We have a couple options: one we try and sneak booze past the boarder, or two we take it from our own houses."

We remained silent for a few moments before agreeing that our safest bet was to take it from home. I hopped into the bed of the truck, waiting for Jake and Quil to clamber into the cab. I knocked on the metal, signaling them to drive before Sam Uley came out. This was another thing Sam had warned us about; I could practically hear his deep voice in my head, each passenger in the vehicle must be seated properly with a seatbelt in order to insure your safety. I rolled my eyes, just as I did the night he reprimanded us. What is the danger? I mean our greatest risk is a car accident, even still what would we hit, a tree? Granted it sounded bad, but we were smart. We didn't do this unless the roads were too wet, if they were we would hitch a ride with someone else. The night we were pulled over was a rare sunny day, allowing the roads to dry, and more importantly completely safe for our mode of transportation.

Soon we hit Jake's house, and he quickly hopped out of the car, my voice chasing after him, "Run, Forest, run!" I chuckled as did Quil as Jacob flipped me the bird before running into his house.

I slipped out of the back of the car, hopping out as per usual, and slipped into the cab. I sat beside Quil, who was gripping the steering wheel in a death grip, causing his knuckles to stand out against his skin in a paler color than his bronze skin tone. I placed my own bronze hand over his and smoothed out the tensed muscles. "Quil, dude, it'll be fine. Paul and Embry will come back. If not, well, let's not think about it." I soothed, rubbing small circles on his hand.

Quil looked at me, nodding in understanding. I didn't wear my heart on my sleeve, and I was usually brash, crude, and sarcastic as opposed to sweet and cuddly. He and I both knew that this little appearance of sugar and spice was brief, but appreciated. I withdrew my hand ad looked to Jake's house once I heard his heavy footfalls. He tossed me a paper shopping bag that held two six packs of Alexander Keith. I raised my eyebrows, and remarked, "I never knew Billy to be a Keith man."

"That is because he isn't. Rachel's boyfriend is over, and brought his own drinks." Jacob said answering my unspoken question. I nodded smirking at the thought of Rachel's boyfriend missing his beer.

Jake hopped into the bed, taking his turn. You may not believe me but the bed of a truck isn't the most comfortable place in the car. We moved on to Quil's house which was just a short distance from Jacob's. Quil exited the car, and quickly walked to his front door. It wasn't until he was inside that I slid out of the cab, placing the beers at my feet that I looked up to Jake, who was standing resting his folded arms on the top of the cab, that I sighed, "Do you think he'll be okay?"

Both Jake and I knew I wasn't referring to Quil getting caught by his Dad or his mom. "Yeah he'll be okay." Jake said indifferently, but I knew he was just as worried as I was. "I know he'll work through it but he was really close to Embry." I remarked.

"Jesus Bells, he'll be fine!" Jake growled, and I whipped around to glare at him. "Fuck you Jake! If you want to pretend that you aren't slightly miffed at the fact that Embry and Paul ditched us for a guy they hated, go ahead. But don't you dare snap at me for showing some concern, and you can be the liar here, because Quil and I both know you are just as upset by this as we are!" My rant finished with a scathing glare.

Jake steeled himself, and a look of passive acceptance over took his features. I sighed, I hated when he did this. This is the look he used when he didn't want to talk, successfully closing himself off. He used this look often when I breeched a topic he didn't like, and I knew not to bring it up in the near future. Jake created this mask when his mother passed away. He was only nine, but he knew enough. I remember looking at him at the cemetery, him holding my hand, staring straight ahead as if his sisters weren't sobbing two feet away, and as if this was not his mother's funeral. He had used the mask ever since, impenetrable to outside threats.

Quil came outside then, empty handed I might add, with a scowl on his face. He walked past us grumbling all the way, "I swear that old fart guards the door. The moment I walk in I face the Spanish Inquisition. Fucker needs to get a life…" I chuckled slightly, envisioning Quil's Dad confronting Quil for coming back into the house.

Jake slipped down into a sitting position as Quil and I climbed into the car. We took off fro my house, the car covered with a comfortable silence. The car screeched and groaned as Quil pulled up in front of my house and thankfully, the cruiser was not in the drive way, this only left getting around Renee.

I exited the truck wordlessly, and looked back to see Jake offering a cheeky smile. I frowned, which turned into a grimace when I heard a light squish. I immediately looked down at saw that I had stepped in dog shit. I whipped my head around to see Quil and Jake in peals of laughter. Their guffaws were loud and I had to shout, "Yeah laugh it up fuckers!"

I continued walking, cursing dogs in general. After removing my left boot I limped up the stairs onto my porch and into my house. I through the hallway, briefly peeking into my living room to see if my mother was seated on the love seat like she usually was, but she was absent. I continued into the kitchen to see her there digging through the fridge, "Mom?" I questioned.

Her face popped out, taking in my appearance, my now filthy combat boot, and said, "Bella, it is fate, it is telling you to stop wearing combat boots." He closed the kitchen door and plucked the boot from me, bringing it over to the sink as I rolled my eyes. Renee had never liked my boots, but my Dad did, needless to say he has never taken me shoe shopping since.

She began to clean of the boot, her face scrunched up into a look of disgust. "Where did Dad go?" I asked leaning my lower back against the counter top next to the sink. "To see Billy, something about planning a fishing trip." My Mom mumbled, scrubbing at the sole of my boot.

I nodded and placed a kiss on her cheek when she passed me my now clean boot. I slipped it back on and ran up and into my room, searching under my bed for the Grey Goose bottle of vodka I had placed there earlier in the week. I saw it immediately and pulled the bottle to me and stood up. I peeked from my doorway, seeing the bathroom door closed. I assumed my mother was in it and I quickly scampered down the hallway, and clomped down the steps, my boots made it impossible to be anything near quiet. I departed from my home with a quick shout, "Love you Mom, and don't wait up!"

I bolted for the truck already hearing my Mother's screechy voice telling me to be home by one and no later. I knew it somehow made her feel better, giving me a curfew, but I always broke it.

I propelled myself into the open door, bumping into Quil slightly who was staring straight ahead. It was only now that I noted his tense and stoic posture; I gently tapped him on the arm, and said, "Quil?" I normally would have told him to hurry the fuck up and drive already but I knew something was up and it would not be wise to irritate him in his irate state.

"Look." He said through gritted teeth. I followed his fixed gaze and a snarl formed on my face the moment I saw Paul and Embry walking up the road towards their own homes. We still hadn't pulled away and the two of them were considerably closer.

It was now that I noticed how broad their shoulders were, the muscles that were defined and chiseled, and how much taller they were, sure they had gone through puberty already, or so I thought. I gave a gasp and Paul's head moved to fix his gaze on me, and I gave a glare in response, letting him know just how unhappy I was to see him.

"Drive." I said in a cold voice, knowing if we stayed here much longer, one of us was bound to start some shit with them and I was not willing to. However Quil's old car wasn't fast enough and Jacob had already left his position and was stalking towards the two boys, who looked to be men.

The difference between Jake, Embry and Paul was startling. It was hard to believe a mere two weeks ago Embry and Paul had just as lanky as Jake, and just as tall, where as now Jake seemed dwarfed when standing near them. I didn't even hesitate in jumping out of the car and marching over, with Quil hot on my heels.

Not once had I ever felt intimidated around any of the guys, never. However now I felt quite small at my five foot and two inch stature, and physical appearances aside Paul and Embry exuded an aura of absolute control and danger. I felt their presence ghost over my skin, raising the hairs on the back of my neck, making me straighten my posture in attempt to match their frightening stance.

The silence between the five of us was awkward and thick with tension. We remained frozen in that state for a few moments before Jacob spoke, "What the fuck guys? Where the hell have you been?" I knew Jacob was trying to play this off normal, giving them one last chance before this friendship was severed completely. It was Embry that spoke, a deep rumble that fitted his new physique, "Busy."

A look of shock crossed Jacob's face, he had clearly not anticipated to be brushed off so simply. Nor did I, I didn't even expect them to jump in with our old routine, lapse back into our friendship, however I may have hoped we would gat some answers that were more than on syllable. "Busy doing what? Oh, right, I forgot you two were busy worshipping the ground Sam Uley walks on! You know I never pegged either of you for turn coats, but I guess I was wrong." I huffed, my bitter speech lost on them.

They simply stood absorbing all my abuse, and I was about to pull both Jake and Quil away when Paul spoke, "Sam is a good guy, don't judge him." I was shocked in to silence. The guy who called Sam an uptight cop who had a stick shoved up his ass was defending him? I shook my head, if not in disgust but disappointment, they were joining the ranks.

I could feel my hackles rising, the anger slowly boiling and bubbling, waiting to spew forth. I looked to my left to see Quil searing Embry with his own angry glare. "I bet he is." I said with a sarcastic chuckle.

A feral growl rumbled from Paul, and I frowned not knowing how it was possible. Jake mirrored my look as did Quil, all of us were clearly unsure if we had really heard such a sound from him. I was about to say something else when I was distracted by the slight trembling of Paul's fingers, the entire motion seemed to climb up his arms, and I followed it, curious as to what was happening. It was in this moment that a cemented and final thought entered my mind, something was wrong with Paul, and possibly Embry, and whatever it was, it was not normal.

I backed down and cooled my heels, remembering that I didn't need nor want to start anything. Silently I pulled on Jake's arm and murmured, "C'mon, let's go." Jacob stepped away, his gaze still fixed on our former friends and all three of us walked back to the truck. I climbed in slamming the door shut loudly, causing Paul and Embry to watch our departure. I felt their burning gaze searing the truck, trying to get to us through the metal, and in response I raised my hand out of the passenger window and stuck my middle finger up; it stood proudly, shouting my message: fuck you.

We drove in a thick embedded silence, all of us mulling over what had just happened. I tried to shake off the sound that Paul had made, and I shuddered slightly. It wasn't natural, it wasn't normal, and most of all it wasn't right. Paul was my age, and up until two weeks he had been just like Jake and Quil; lanky, slightly built, and at an average height. I couldn't fathom how they had grown in just two weeks into the men that they were now.

I inwardly groaned and watched as Quil made a U-turn, heading back for his house. I knew the ride was short, but it felt considerably long with the solemn silence that had weighed down the truck, so needless to say I was more than pleased when we pulled up to Quil's house.

We all stepped out of the car, and I wordlessly handed Jacob his beers, while I held the neck of my own bottle tightly. Quil fell into step beside Jake and I as we headed for First Beach, all of us already knowing where to go. We collapsed onto the sand and sat in a semi-circle like we did each Friday night. We always started at the beach and if there was a party we would make our way there, but sadly there was no party tonight.

I unscrewed the cap and took a slurp, then passing it along to Quil. Silence remained, and I was getting fed up. I knew our encounter with Embry and Paul had rattled us but I refused to let it control us. "They were always assholes anyway, what did we expect?" I remarked, taking the bottle from Jake. He grumbled, "At times, but now…definitely." I chuckled mirthlessly and looked to Quil who was nodding in agreement.

All of us knew we were playing the blame game, not wanting to acknowledge that fact that we truly were upset by Embry and Paul's absence. I wondered, or a small part of me did, if they were just as upset as we were. I highly doubted it, but I couldn't help but be curious. Sighing I watched the waves gently stroke the shore, continuously, and loyally.

The beach was probably one of La Push's more redeeming qualities. I liked the beach, it was constant. No matter what, I could always come here for the comforting sounds of the waves paying homage to the sand, or the simple roar that an ocean seems to cry. Plus, it housed great parties.

I passed on my next swipe of the bottle, the buzz had already begun. I wasn't drunk, nor slurring my words, but I was high on the alcohol; making me feel warm, and relaxed. Quil screwed the cap back on the bottle and slumped to a relaxed position, his torso angled away from the sand as he leaned on his bent elbows.

"I cannot wait to get out of here." Quil remarked, Jake and I bobbed our heads like the waves before us. "As soon as we graduate." I amended, leaning back on my arms.

That was our plan, each and every one of us. I planned to go onto University, or take whatever ticket I could get out of here.

I sometimes wonder when I officially took a disliking to La Push; I have never really been pin point the moment when my hatred had manifested. It could have been that I had always longed for the sun ever since we left the reservation in Arizona when I was six, or the fact that it was just pure boredom. I wished for some excitement, something to do. If I wanted to what the rest of my life would be like I would stay in La Push, but that life was not for me. I wanted to live my life with out knowing what was peeking around the corner, I desired to take risks and accept the consequences I hadn't anticipated. However that was an impossible fete in La Push, which only spurred on my escape plan.

I was brought in to reality by Jake saying, "Fuck! Get up!" I looked at Jake who had now scrambled to his feet and had quickly tossed our drinks into a nearby pocket of trees. I unfolded myself into a standing position and looked frantically for what had caused his bout of paranoia.

I saw the blue and red lights before I heard the siren, and I shouted our orders, "Run! It's Sam!" I took off like a bat out of hell not waiting for them to reply. The sand worked against me, slowing my sprint into a quick run. I was off the sand and onto the pavement of the road when I heard foot falls behind me. I peeked over my shoulder and saw the exotic angular features I had admired earlier this evening, coupled with the sight of Jake and Quil being forcefully pushed into a couple of cruisers. "Shit." I hissed and pushed myself faster, lengthened my strides, and quickened my pace. However my extra lengths were lost on the chase and I knew Sam was gaining on me.

I could feel him behind me now, and my only concern was when he was going to take me down. Sam was nicer than most cops when it came to taking down a convict, he would try not to take you down on pavement. I veered closer to the beach, hoping the sand would soften the blow. Now the remaining detail was when, when was I going to hit the ground?

My breath came in pants now, from the exertion of my sprint and from the anticipation of when Sam was going to strike. After all the times Sam had chased me, I had never timed when he would take me down. I gave a shriek when I felt his arms around my waist and a scream as we toppled to the ground.

We hit the ground with a somewhat soft thud. He landed onto of me, quickly pinning me to the ground with one of his hands trapping my own wrists above my head. We remained in that position my chest heaving up and down, my heart hammering against my chest, his own body pressed against mine. His eyes danced over my face, as if checking to see if I was alright, resting on my lips more than once. I noticed this and sassily jabbed, "Perv." I did this trying to disguise the fact that I really did enjoy feeling his large form encompassing my own, trapping me, and pressed against me.

Sam heaved a growl similar to Paul's, and I stared at him agape. Whatever was wrong with Embry and Paul had everything to do with Sam, and I knew now something was very wrong with them.

Sam sat up—his knees on either side of my torso—before he flipped me over onto my stomach, and shackled my wrists together in the cuffs he had ready. He yanked my up as if I weighed nothing, and forcefully guided me towards the cruiser. The metal of the cuffs felt cool against my burning flesh, and I couldn't help but notice the twinge of pain against my wrists due to the tight embrace of the cuffs.

I noticed that Quil and Jake were brooding in the back of the car as we approached and I through them a cheeky mile, playing this entire ordeal as if was nothing. This was my first official arrest, on multiple occasions I had been given a serious talking too, or a warning, but this was my first ride into the station. Sure Sam had chased me before, catching me than releasing after he deemed me ready to be set loose on the streets. However now, in this present predicament, I couldn't say I thought some was going to let us off with a slap on the wrist.

Sam yanked the door open and shoved me down, landing me next to Quil who looked quite panicked. "Quil calm down, everything is going to be fine." My confidence was fake, but sounded believable to Quil's ears, and he nodded. However he still continued to frantically move his eyes around the cruiser as if with each sweeping glance an escape would appear to him. I shook my head and attempted not to put a lot of my weight onto my cuffed wrists.

Sam entered the car and his eyes briefly flashed to me in his review mirror, I scowled and looked out the window. We entered a slow pace as we wheeled down the street and towards the station.

The drive was short, yet extremely painful due to the fact that I could feel Sam's intense gaze upon me every now and then. We pulled up and Sam helped me out of the car, roughly grabbing my elbow, while two other officers helped Quil and Jake out of the vehicle. We entered the building, and Sam ushered me into a room for interviews. I frowned, and looked to him. Sam didn't supply any answer other than pushing me down and into a chair.

After fifteen minutes of waiting in the chair like a good little girl I suspected that Sam Uley was a vindictive bastard who was on the other side of the glass watching me squirm in the silence. Huffing I blew my long bangs out of my eyes and tapped my foot against the floor in impatience. The sound only irritated me further and I stilled my movements, and began to count the tiles on the ceiling, and walls.

I was up to thirty four when Sam entered, with a pleased smile on his face. I wanted to question him and demand why he was so smug, but I knew that things went a lot more smoothly when you agreed with their every word and acted as though they were doing you a huge favor by hauling you into the station. I smiled tightly and bit my tongue, stopping my sassy reply before it could escape.

He sat down in front of me and laced his hands together on the desk between us. I raised an eye brow, my only show that I was curious, and waited for him. We sat in silence for a while, this time I knew he was being spiteful having me sit here, and I was about ready to continue counting the tiles when he finally spoke.

"I have managed to convince my superior commanding officer to agree to my suggestion." I frowned; this made me even more irked, all I knew was that he made a 'suggestion'. I couldn't control myself and snapped, "And do pray tell what is your suggestion?"

For a moment I actually thought Sam might drop the serious cop façade and chuckle, but I only got a slight smug smile before he teased, "Wouldn't you like to know?" I glared and took it upon myself to speak freely, "Do you always answer a question with a question?" Sam shrugged in response and proceeded with his speech.

"You will go on my shifts with me for two weeks, and you also submit an essay discussing the importance of not drinking under age," he coupled this with a pointed glare before continuing. "I advise that you take me up on this deal, your other options are not too bright."

I nodded, and actually trusted that he was throwing me a bone here. "Will Jake and Quil be there?" I asked, wanting to know what exactly what my time with him would entail. "Do I look like I was born yesterday? Of course they won't be there, the last thing I need to do is to have to keep track of the three of you hell raisers." I rolled my eyes at his out dated vocabulary, whilst remarking, "You certainly don't sound like you were born yesterday."

Sam rolled his eyes at my jab and walked behind me to un-cuff me, allowing me to stand. I pulled my wrist up to my eyes for close inspection, seeing if there would be bruising. I touched the tender skin and rubbed it with a grimace. Sam, having seen this, pulled my wrists into his hands, inspecting them on his own.

His touch was hot, warmer than normal, he felt as though he was running a fever. I frowned and it deepened when I heard Sam's voice, "I'm sorry, did I hurt you?" I hook my head, and said, "No it's fine, I'm fine." My assurances were lost and Sam continued to sputter out apologies as if he had just damaged a precious and rare object. "Sam!" I reprimanded. He looked up immediately, almost obediently, and I soothed, "It's fine, you didn't do anything wrong."

He dropped my wrists and stepped out of the way so I could walk through the now open doorway. The small of my back was flushed with the same heat as my wrists were as Sam guided me down the hallway and towards the lobby with his hand resting on my back.

I heard my mother before we rounded the corner of the hallway, her screeching voice even more painful than the one she had used earlier this evening when I left the house. When I came into view, my Mom stopped yelling at the officer closest to her and turned her searing gaze upon me. I nearly shrank back but I held still and carried the heavy weight of her heavy stare.

I left Sam after he dismissed me with, "See you on Monday." I quickly walked over to my Mother, who grabbed my elbow and pulled me out of the station and into the cruiser in which my Dad was seated. I cringed slightly, not excited at the prospect of having to have my ear chewed off by the both of them.

I slid into the back, my Mom slamming my door shut for me and entering the passenger side and repeating her actions with her own door. It was silent until we pulled out of the station, that's when the speeches began.

They were all quite similar, beginning with phrases like, 'Isabella Marie Swan, I am severely disappointed if you…' or 'I am so angry with you right now, I don't even know what to say…' I nodded along with each, hoping if I didn't protest they would stop talking all together.

Finally when we reached home, I slowly sauntered up the walkway, avoiding the dog shit, and pushed the door open. We always kept the door open, there were never ever any robberies in our area, or even in La Push that matter.

I was halfway up the stairs by the time my Mom entered with a shrill, "Young lady, where do you think you are going?" I stiffened in impatience and frustration when I replied in a curt voice, "I am going up to my room to think about what I have done, and I will gladly accept whatever punishment you deliver." I didn't even wait for her sputtered reply, and I marched up the remainder of the stairs.

I entered my bedroom, kicking off my boots and peeling off my socks along the way and flopped onto my bed with a groan. I peeked at my clock and saw that it was midnight, and for once, I was home before curfew. I chuckled at the thought and pulled my phone to me from the small table located to the left of my bed.

I flipped it open and scrolled through my contacts before selecting Jake's number and sending him a quick text:

Hey, who are you riding with?

Jake replied immediately and I could practically see his look of pure loathing.

Paramedics, but I doubt I will see many patients—it is La Push.

I snorted and nodded my head before replying.

I hear you; I probably won't be seeing many convicts either. Later Jake, see you…well when my Mom lets me out of the house.

I closed my phone after questioning Quil, who is apparently, will be spending his evenings with another local cop, I think his name is Jared, but I could be wrong. Sighing I rolled over on to my back and stared at the ceiling. So this is what it is like to be in before curfew, with absolutely nothing to do. I groaned in the agony that is boredom, and tried to think of things I could possibly do within the confines of my room.

I pulled out my book, Twisted, and flipped through it until I found my book mark. I read into the wee hours of the morning and soon I was far too relaxed and sleepy to stop my eyes from drooping closed.

I drowsily stood up from my bed, the heavy spell of sleep still over me, and changed into my pajamas. I collapsed onto my bed, my eyes falling closed.

It wasn't until I was laying still, my mind clear of all thoughts—ready for sleep to pull me under—that I was hit with the thought that I was going to be spending the last two weeks of my summer alone with Sam Uley.


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