Harry waited until Ron was asleep before sneaking out of the room. He knew he had nowhere to go, but he couldn't stand being in that room with Ron a second longer. The hallway was dark and cold, but Harry didn't dare turn back to get more clothes. Silently, he made his way down to the kitchen and sat on one of the benches on either side of the long table. He stared out the window into the blackness and tried to let it absorb him; he didn't want to think or feel. He wanted to go numb and pretend that nothing had happened.

There was a pop behind him and Harry closed his eyes, knowing who was there. He tensed as bodies sat on either side of him. There was a long moment of silence before one of them spoke.

"Harry, mate, don't be like this."

Harry didn't look up to see which one of the twins had said this. He opened his eyes and stared out the window again, wishing they would leave.

George put his hand on Harry's knee and felt Harry's muscles contract under his hand. "Harry, honestly, we won't tell anyone. Not even Lee."

Harry jerked his leg away and mumbled, "Thanks."

"You alright?" Fred stuck his face in front of Harry's. "We came down to apologize. We went to your room, but Ron was asleep. We shouldn't have done that, mate–"

"Then why the fuck did you?" Harry demanded. "How did you know?"

"We had Extendible Ears in the hallway… we heard Mum saying Snape was supposed to be coming tonight and we wanted to hear what was going on." George paused. "We can teach you and Ron some muffling spells, if you want."

Harry felt his face burning red and he was thankful for the dark. "If you tell anyone, any-fucking-one about this–"

"Harry, we already promised we wouldn't!" George sighed and looked at Fred. "Who the hell would we tell? And why?"

Harry looked down at the table and imagined Hermione opening the Daily Prophet to find a nasty headline about her two best friends fucking. He imagined the laughter and jeering and much, much worse he would endure from Hogwarts students, especially Malfoy, and the rest of the wizarding community. Ron was supposed to be his secret, the one thing he had that no one else knew about, the one bit of comfort and safety he could turn to when he needed.

"Harry, look, we don't give a damn where you or Ron put your dicks. You two are best mates. It was only a matter of time… George and I have been wondering about it for years–"

"Don't tell me shit like that." Harry put his head in his hands and sighed deeply. If Fred and George had guessed, how many others had? And who?

Fred grinded his teeth. "Is there anything we can do?"

"Leave me alone," Harry said immediately. A second later, Fred and George were standing and spinning back upstairs. He put his head down on the table and resisted the urge to scream. He sat there, drooling on the table, for ten minutes before looking up to see who was coming down the stairs. Ready to hide or run or attack, Harry stood up.


Grunting, Harry sat back down and waited for Ron to join him at the table. When he did, Harry leaned his head on Ron's shoulder and let out a sigh that caught in his throat, making it sound more like a whimper. Ron slowly wrapped his arm around Harry's shoulders.

"Fred and George said you were down here," Ron whispered, rubbing his fingers in small circles on Harry's bare arm. "Said you were distraught… suggested I go comfort you." He smiled. "They're alright, Harry… they think it's sweet… they won't tell anyone."

"I know." Harry sat up and shrugged off Ron's hand. "I just… I didn't…" He sighed, unable to find the words he wanted. "I love you," he finally muttered, digging his fingernails into his thighs.

Ron grinned, wrapped both his arms around Harry, and kissed his cheek. "I want to be with you, Harry. I want to be able to tell you things. I want… I want you. I love you. You mean everything to me." His voice was soft and quivering. "You could have died so many times this year. I was so scared. It terrifies me to know that so many more battles are coming, so many more opportunities for him to kill you. I hate it. I hate him." He rambled, finally allowed to speak his mind to Harry. "Harry, I love you so fucking much." With that, Ron kissed Harry's ear and Harry shivered. Ron kissed down Harry's jaw and finally latched his lips on Harry's, refusing to let go until he thought they both might suffocate.

Harry leaned against Ron, breathing heavily, and grabbed one of his hands. Entangling their fingers, he admitted that his heart had always belonged to Ron. Now that others knew. Now that Fred and George would hex him beyond recognition if he hurt Ron, he couldn't ignore how he felt anymore. He couldn't deny that he loved Ron, needed Ron.


Ron shushed Harry and pulled away. Harry watched as Ron's dark figure straddled the bench and leaned against the wall. Harry turned and flung one of his legs over the bench and scooted backwards, smiling, until his back was against Ron's chest. Ron wrapped his long arms around Harry and squeezed him tightly. Harry couldn't stop himself from grinning.

"My arse hurts," Ron mumbled, kissing around Harry's neck.

Harry frowned and blushed, trying to shrink into Ron. "I'm sorry, Ron, I am. I – you're right – I should have asked. I don't know… what… I was thinking."

Ron smiled and bit into Harry's neck, quieting him. "It's alright, mate. But next time," he bit down again and Harry squirmed, "it's my turn."

Harry nodded wordlessly as Ron's hands traveled down his chest. Lifting his hips, he helped Ron push his boxers down his thighs. Then, sucking possessively on Harry's neck, Ron wrapped his hand firmly around Harry's awakening cock and stroked it slowly until it was hard and Harry was biting his lip to quiet his desperate moans. Ron tightened his grip and began stroking Harry faster, squeezing or moving even quicker each time Harry made a noise. Harry gripped the bench below him with both hands, trying to hold himself to reality and sanity as Ron pushed him closer and closer to the edge. Reaching down with his other hand, Ron cradled Harry's balls as his higher hand began focusing on the tip of Harry's cock, rubbing the bundle of nerves on the underside of the head. Harry's hips jerked and he rolled his head back, groaning Ron's name as he felt himself losing control. Ron stroked Harry faster and rougher, nipping at his earlobe.

"Ron," Harry whispered desperately. "I love you."

Ron attached his mouth to Harry's ear and spelled out "I love you" with the tip of his tongue as Harry cried out and came, his body tensing in Ron's arms. As Harry relaxed and went limp against Ron's chest, Ron kissed around Harry's neck, which was looking severely bruised, and up to his lips. Harry pulled his energy together and kissed Ron as hard as he could. Finally, Ron pulled back, beaming, and slumped against the wall.

Harry pulled his boxers up and looked at the puddle of his semen a few feet down the bench. He smiled and wrapped Ron's arms securely around himself, never wanting the moment to end. Leaning his head back against Ron's shoulder, Harry sighed contently.

"Oh, Harry…"

Ron and Harry sat up and looked around frantically for the voice. Sirius stepped down the stairs and into the kitchen. Harry groaned and stood pulling himself out of Ron's limp arms.

Sirius stood on the other side of the table, grinning widely down at Ron. Harry stared at his godfather, speechless.

"Sit down," Sirius said gently to Harry, sitting down himself. Harry sat down slowly and felt Ron grab his leg under the table. "Oh, Harry," he repeated, "you are so much like your father. It's astounding, really."

Harry's mouth dropped open and Ron's hand loosened its grip on his thigh. "Um…what? What? My dad… he-he married, he… my mum, and, and–"

Sirius laughed. "Yes, Harry, yes. Your dad married your mum and loved her very much. You see… your dad and I…" Sirius winked. "We were a bit like you and Ron, you could say. Things happened… fifth year, and… well, when Lily finally went out with him in seventh year, things changed a lot because, well, your dad still fancied girls…" Sirius looked at Ron and Harry's shocked and slightly embarrassed faces. "You two amaze me. You are so much like James, Harry… obviously more than any of us knew!"

Harry only blinked, taking this in and trying to avoid thinking of his dad and Sirius shagging at Hogwarts. "What… um…what??"

Sirius only continued smiling. "No one knew, of course… I'm sure it's the same with you two. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone. Not even Remus."

Ron shifted next to Harry. "Why Lupin?" he demanded in a small voice.

"Oh, well… after James and I… after James and Lily started dating, Remus told me that he had suspicions about me and James… I couldn't lie to him, so I told him the truth – told him how much I loved your dad, Harry. I was pretty… depressed. Remus helped. We eventually got together. Of course, that ended when we started suspecting each other to be spies for Voldemort – oh, Ron, why should you shudder like that, it's only a name, it's not even his real name – but, essentially… I was with James… and then Remus."

Ron frowned. "What about now?"

Sirius' smile faded slightly. "Now… Remus and I are together, of course. But it's difficult… times are hard right now… he… he also still fancies girls." Sirius sighed. "But, no matter. If Tonks and Remus are meant to be, then I wouldn't dream of standing in the way. The same way I couldn't stand in the way of your parents, Harry."

Harry nodded and turned to Ron, a smile creeping slowly across his face. "Well… Ron… tonight has certainly been enlightening."

Ron smiled and glanced between Harry and Sirius. "Yes…"

"Well!" Sirius stood and quickly got himself a glass of water. "This is what I came for, boys…" His eyes lingered on the semen puddle and Harry blushed wildly. "Goodnight!" he said with a chuckle, heading back up the stairs.

Ron stood and grabbed a hand towel to wipe up Harry's mess. Harry wrapped his arms around Ron's neck as Ron dropped the towel into the sink and kissed him tenderly.

"Let's go get some sleep and pretend this whole night never happened," Harry suggested with a lopsided smile.

Ron grabbed Harry's hand and whisked him back up to their room, where they both crawled into Ron's bed. With murmured "goodnight's" and "I love you's," the two wrapped their limbs around each other and fell into a long, peaceful slumber.