A man in his early twenties stood outside the gate of one of the most prostegious high schools in japan, with a lit cigerette in his mouth as he checked his watch for what seemed the tenth time as several old ladies started to pass with their bicycles in tow. It had been almost a month since his master/partner, Kyuubi had been murdered, and today he would meet his new one, whom had failed to come for him at the appointed time.

So either his new master/partner was 1) blowing him off, or 2) had'nt gotten or understood that he was to serve him. Thoughts of the latter pissed him off enough to make him want to storm the school halls to look for the kid. What was his name again? Was it Fou-fou, Moo-moo, Ku-ku? He wondered as he faintly heard the mocking laughter of his dead master. Idiot, it's Uzu Naru Uzumaki.


Now he was hearing dead men talking and shit. Checking his watch again he noted that the time was closer to the last bell. Just another minute or so and he would know the face of his new master/lover/partner. Fantastic, now if only the kid was'nt in high school. I could go ahead and marry him and whisk him far away from here. He mused as he took another long drag on his smoke.

Nothing like the impending enevitability of cancer to settle a man's nerves.

Looking at his watch again he realised he had ten seconds left until he would come face to face with his new master, and could'nt seem to stop his hands from sweating, as his heart sped up. Shit, now is not the time to act like a pussy. He thought as the doors opened with a loud bang that nearly had him jumping out of his skin, as kids of all ages, sizes and colors ran past him laughing, yelling, and in some cases screaming at their friends. The noise made him cringe. I hope he is'nt loud like that. Kakashi thought as a blur of movment caught the corner of his eye.

The kid in question was smaller than the other boys his age, his build more petite, and delicate, his face was femininely beautiful, framed by long silver platinum blond hair that fell to the middle of his back, and his eyes...though different in color from Kyuubi's; they were strikingly lovely just the same, vermillion red. He would know his fated partner anywhere.

The kid locked eyes with him only for a second before Kakashi frowned as the kid started to run past him. Why was his partner crying? Kakashi reached out just as the boy was running past him and snagged his arm just below the elbow, effectivly stopping the boy, who had turned to glare at him. What a cute face. He really does look like a girl.

"Why are you crying, Uzu?" He asked as he bent slightly so that they were eye to eye. The boy's eyes widened a bit before his expression went blank.

"How do you-?" Uzu started to ask how the strange man knew her name but was caught off guard by his disarming smile.

"My name is Kakashi Hatake, I was a friend of your late brother's. I came here to meet with you today, because I could'nt wait any longer." Kakashi said as he let go of her arm. Uzu remained quiet for a moment not remembering that she had been crying just momnets ago, until Kakahsi reached out and wiped her eyes with his finger tips. The action causing her to blush as she looked up at him.

Was he really a friend of her brother's? Or was he a pervert trying to play her? Why had he wanted to meet her?

Those were the questions running through her mind as he pulled her away from the school, and walked at a brisk pace that she was kind of having trouble keeping up with. But lucky for her everytime she started to fall behind he would slow his pace to match her own, and smile at her everytime she gave him a questioning look. It was'nt long before the two of them ended up in the park somewhere far from prying eyes. Should I stay or should I go? That is the multi million dollar question. She thought as she sat down at a picnic table. And watched as Kakashi folded his long legs under the table on the oppisit side of her.

"So...why did you want to meet me? And why did you decide it would be a good idea to do so at my school?" Uzu asked curiously as Kakashi took out a pack of cigerettes and put one in his mouth and lit it. She waited patiently as he took a drag before answering.

"Your brother asked me to meet with you before he was killed. I was waiting for you to come to me-" Kakashi paused as he gave the blond a once over out of the corner of his eye. "But you never showed up, so I really had no choice but to come and find you. Tell me, why didn't you show up at the appointed time?" Kakashi watched the boy's face and spied confusion.

"Kyuubi never mentioned anything about a meeting with anyone before he died. Why would he need me to meet with you?" Uzu said as she watched the man's expression. As soon as she saw any signs of homisidle rage she was sooo screaming rape and running like hell.

Kakashi blinked at the kid for a second as he went over the mental list of things he would need to dig up his former masters grave so that he could piss on his coffin. Kyuubi, you sorry son of a bitch. Why had'nt he informed Uzu of the meeting before he died? Kakashi wondered as he let out the breath that he had been holding and looked at the boy again.

Deciding that it would be best to bind the boy to him as soon as possible he reached out and caught Uzu's chin in his fist and leaned in until his breath was fanning the boy's face. He almost had him right where he wanted him when the brat placed his hands over Kakashi's mouth and glared at him before jumping up and yelling.

"You bastard! What the hell is wrong with you? If I had any doubts before I sure dont now. You lied to me to get me alone! Your the sorriest piece of-" Uzu was cut off when Kakashi grabbed her arm and spun her around and settled his mouth over hers. If Kakashi had a decent sense of humor he would have laughed at the comical look on the kids face, but he was too busy enjoying his first kiss with his new master. Uzu had such sweet lips. His mouth was open enough for Kakashi to slip his tongue inside and ravash the moist cavern.

Christ he tasted sweet. One thing Kakashi was sure of was that binding himself to the boy would be no chore. Kakashi could easily become addicted to Uzu's taste.

When Kakashi finally lifted his mouth from Uzu's he was panting, his lips tingled, and his body ached. The kid was as red as a cherry tomato. His lips were slightly parted, and swollen. "I love you, Uzu." Kakshi said as he leaned down again and brushed his lips over his master's before he vanished, leaving the stunned blond to wonder what the hell was going on.