He made a frustrated sound and glared at her for a second before turning his eyes back on the road ahead of them. "Because my name can protect you to some degree. So if you run into any of them they will have no choice but to keep you alive or face my wrath." He said as he convienently forgot to tell her that he would have to claim her or the marriage just would'nt work, but he was going to run that by her once they were married. He had no real desire to meet his maker by her hands. Not right now ayways.


Uzu flopped down on the hotel bed and stared at the sapphire, diamond, and platnium ring that Kakashi had put on her finger. She was married. Oh dear god. She had always hoped that she would live long enough to marry when she was younger, she had even learned to cook and clean well so that she would'nt be a huge disappointment to her husband. But she had never thought that she would be kidnapped by a total hottie and married because her life was in danger.

They had reached vegas in record time, just nine hours and though Uzu had been completely exhausted Kakashi had allowed her time to rest and shower in their hotel sweet before they had gone to a nice little chapel down town and exchanged their vows before returning back to the hotel.

Now she was sitting on the bed, in shock while Kakashi was taking a quick shower.

She was still sitting there ten minutes later when Kakashi came out of the bathroom with a bath towel wrapped around his hips and stared at her for a second or so while trying to decide the best way to handle this situation. "Uzu..." She turned her head to look at him and he almost cringed at what he had to tell her about consumating the marriage.

"What do we do now?" She asked curiously as he walked across the room and dropped to his knees between her legs and took her small hand, the one with his mothers wedding band and kissed her hand.

"I need to consumate our union-" He said gently and Uzu paled and looked like she wanted to say no, but this was important to her survival. He didn't think he could stress that enough as he framed her pale face in his hands and kissed her lips. Frowning a bit when he felt her body starting to tremble. "Calm down, honey. It's not as bad as it may seem. I know that you don't really believe me, and you have been a trooper up to this point, but giving you my last name is pointless if I don't do this too." Kakashi explained in a soft soothing tone.

Uzu stared at him for a second as she tried to sort through what he had just said. She was'nt sure that this was a good idea. "I don't think I can do this..." She said in a frightened tone as she moved to put some distance between them, Kakashi sighed and grabbed her as he stood and cradled her in his arms, understanding very well why she shied away from this particular thing. After all, it was what that damned Uchiha had used against her time and time again. She was probably worried that she would become the very thing that the boy had said that she was, but that just was'nt true.

She was'nt a whore. A slut or anything else. She was a very sweet, very innocent young woman, and she was his wife now. His wife...god that had such a nice ring to it.

He put her down in the middle of the bed and reached out and switched off the lights, knowing that she would'nt be able to see him and would believe that he could'nt see her either. That was'nt really true since his night vision was excellent. He was doing this to put her mind more at ease and help her relax.

"Kakashi what are you-"

"Shhh, don't speak. Just feel." He said gently, his breath fanning her face as he dipped his head to kiss her lips tenderly. She made a low broken sound that tugged at his heart strings, but continued anyways. His fingers deftly unbottoning her shirt and pushing it from her shoulders and running his fingers along her nape until he was palming the back of her head and ran hsi fingers through the soft blond strands that felt like silk against his skin.

"Kakashi..." She whimpered as he kissed her again and settled his body over her own.

She could feel every inch of him, the hard musceles of his chest, his wash board abs, his arousal pressing against her through the damp towel around his hips. "I know your scared, but for now just bare with me. I won't hurt you." Kakashi said as he ran his tongue along the artery in her jugular, feeling the soft thudding of her heart under his tongue before he bit down on the soft skin, earning a gasp from her as he sucked the skin into his mouth as he rubbed himself against her, growling softly in irritation at the thin barrior of fabric between them.

Why had'nt he striped her before he tossed her onto the bed? Uzu twisted her hands free of his grasp and reached up to push him away, but for some bizzare reason that she didn't understand she ended up tangling her fingers in his thick silver hair instead, and pulled his head up away from her neck so that she could steal a kiss.

Her lips were so soft and sweet that Kakashi had to restrain himself from ravishing her, knowing that that would only scare her more than she already was. And besides he wanted to take his time with her and make her want him as much as he needed her. He slipped his tongue into her mouth, running it along the roof of her mouth and then along her tongue, coaxing her into kissing him back.

She touched her tongue to his tentively and he growled in approval and rubbed his body against hers again.