Ouran High School Host Club Fanfiction

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Chapter One

"Japan's pop princess has done it again hitting number one in charts for the 50th time" A voice from the television screen echoed. A young girl sat by the window gazing at the television screen. "It's always the same." The girl bellowed. The door opened and a woman in a maids outfit appeared "Miss Takako your parents wish to see you" said the maid. All the girl could do was let out a deep sigh and got up from her spot, having the sun shine from the window on her eyes they were a ravishing emerald green. "Thank you Kyoko I will be down in a minute" Takako said assuringly as walked out the door and entered downstairs seeing her mother and father in the large dining room. The mother got up and hugged her daughter. "We are so proud of you Takako; you are number one on the charts again." The mother said with warmth and gratitude in her voice. "Thank you" Takao said hastily. Her father began to speak "Your mother and I having been discussing it for month and we feel that you need to be around children your own age, which is why we enrolled you in a school" Takako's father handed her a pamphlet and acceptance letter. "A private school?" She asked. "Yes" her parents said in unison. Takako felt nervous and uneasy about the situation. "I don't think it's such a good idea, I mean people will who I am and it will be same as everywhere else I'll just get special treatment and be mobbed" She said sound disappointed. Her parents just laughed. "You won't need to worry about that sweetie because you have been enrolled by us as a male" Takako looked up surprised. "You've got to be kidding me?" She questioned. Her mother stood up and handed her a box. Takako took it and opened it and her eyes gazed toward its contents. Inside were the Ouran school uniform and a short black wig. "We knew we would only cause you trouble if everyone knew you were the famous singer Takako Amane, which is why we listed you as Taichi Muriyama" Takako couldn't help but smile. She would finally get a chance to be normal for once in a while. She hugged her parents and thanked them. As she ran upstairs her father called out to her "You better get ready you stat school tomorrow."


Morning soon came as Takako was in the bathroom getting ready for her first day of school. As she was adjusting her wig she could hear the news reporter's voice from the television. "Miss Amane Takako's fall to spring concert will be next month, tickets have already been sold out im sure all are excited for it" Takako couldn't help but chuckle, Great I still have that dumb concert to do, she thought. As she finished fixing up herself she looked in the mirror seeing her emerald bright eyes, rosy red cheeks and short black wig covering one of her eyes to the side. "I really do kind of look like a guy" she murmured sounding surprised and somewhat pleased with herself. "Miss Takako your limo has arrived" said the Kyoko the maid. Takako assured her she would be there in a minute. She reached for the door and exited her mansion knowing that her parents left for business trips. During the limo ride Takako looked out of the window with the late-autumn breeze blowing in her face. She had live far away form civilians deep in the country side to hide from any annoying paparazzi so it was new to her seeing a lot of the regular town/city side. The limo finally reached the destination of the school and she began feeling nervous "This is it" she thought. The driver opened the door for her and as she steeped out Takako couldn't help but gaze at the school she would be attending; it was a gigantic castle like school that matched in comparison her home. "I can't believe I go to school here?" she mumbled.


She looked back seeing that her driver had already started driving off. Takako decided to find her class early. While she was walking through the halls she couldn't help but notice a bunch of girls in yellow duck like dress staring at her and giggling. Realizing that everyone believed she was a guy she started to become a little bit worried that she wouldn't be able to pull off this disguise. Just act like a guy and everything will go smooth and according to plan. She thought. She began walking in manly like position acting like she owned the whole school. She couldn't help but go even further into the disguise and wink at one of the girls. But to Takako's surprised the girl just wound up fainting. She couldn't help but chuckle. "I can't believe they actually think im a guy" she whispered to herself. Takako soon feeling like she was lost pulled out her schedule and found her classes. She soon finally found her homeroom class, as it read on the paper. Class 1-A. She just stood at there at door for a good minute beginning to get cold feet. Finally working up the courage she entered the class. She walked in seeing everyone in their seats, and began walking up to the teacher. "Class I would like to introduce to you our new student Muriyama, Taichi." The teacher announced. All the girl's got up out of their seats screaming in a loud irritating fashion "HE'S SO CUTE!!!!!!!" They said in unison. Even a lot of the boys in the class began to blush at the mere sight of Takako. The teacher pointed at an empty seat in the back. "Please take a seat next to Mr. Fujioka" the teacher pointed to a boy with short brown hair and big brown eyes. As Takako walked to her seat she couldn't help but notice a lot of kids staring at her. When she sat down she couldn't help notice the boy next to her. He looks different form all the other guys she thought. They boy turned around and smiled at her. "Hi i'm Haruhi Fujioka it's a pleasure to meet you and have you at our school." Takako just blushed.


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