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Need to Know or You'll be lost like that sewing needle: In Midnight Sun Edward has thoughts on killing Bella, so this is based off that.

Favourite Word!: "I could"

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The "E" In Edward Stands For Evil!

(Edwards POV.)

Miss Swan sat beside me and I couldn't help but imagined all the different ways of Killing her.

I thought about how I could kill everyone in this room before they even knew it,

I could snap their necks and Suck them of all of their Blood in less then a minute and they took no notice,

I could look into their terror stricken eyes and laugh an a evil terrible laugh and when I was done with dinner I would go for dessert,

I could already imagine Miss Swan shaking with terror in a corner of the room,

big brown eyes wide and glazed,

I would chuckle and advance slowly (just to play with her),

then I'd crouch down and stroke her beautiful face before sinking my fangs in her neck, sucking her till nothing was left...


I snapped out of my fantasies when I heard the bell, Starting to get up I noticed that I was crouching then I saw and smelled the room.

Oh Shit...

Edward walked out of the class room whistling.