Here it is! The sequel to "Indiana Jones and the Adopted Daughter." As I have previously said, I DO NOT own any of the characters except; Rose, Cobra, James and Anna. I hope you enjoy!!!

A loud bang and the sound of something metal hitting the floor, "Ah, shit!" Cried a woman. "Honey?" The sound of large running footsteps followed. "Don't worry we can get you up. James!" James heard his fathers voice and looked away from the TV. "Awe cummon." He muttered to himself as he made his way to the kitchen.

"Anna! James!" His father was still shouting. "Coming!" A girls voice this time. James walked into the kitchen not knowing what to expect. James looked at the floor his panicked father sat by his mother in an awkward position crying. "It'll be alright. Ja - James." Anna appeared behind her brother her nose stuck in a book.

"Anna will you go and get the wheelchair, please?" Anna's eyes bulged as she noticed her mother and ran to find the wheelchair. "When your sister gets back I want you to help me get your mother onto the chair, do you understand?" James nodded weakly. "I want you to hold the chair for me so it won't roll away. It's been a while since I've had to do this." Mutt kissed Rose's head. "It'll all be ok, honey."

"It's not supposed to happen anymore." She gasped.

"You'll be fine, I'll take you to the hospital and get you checked out." Her legs were still in a strange position one was bent behind her and the other was twisted in the opposite direction with blood pouring out of it where the sharpe pan edge hit her. Anna appeared with the chair and James took the handles, Mutt picked up his wife in the same way he did on their wedding day.

Anna was on the brink of tears, James looked terrified, Rose put her hand on their faces and sighed, "I'll be OK. Grandma and Grandpa will look after you while we are at the hospital. I love you both." She kissed their cheeks and Mutt nodded he had a phone in his hand, "Sorry kids your Grandparents can't make it at the moment. They said they'd get here as quick as possible. So I'm going to try and get your uncle Cobra." He then dialled another number and walked away, the children usually would be overjoyed that Cobra was babysitting them but all they could do was stare at their mother.

James knew that his mom hadn't been able to walk when he was learning to and she had said her legs felt bad some days especially when it was cold but for five years she hadn't needed any help. Anna knew that her mom's legs sometimes ached but was shocked that they had collapsed.


"James you would only need to be here for an hour. My parents will come after that."

"No, it's fine, Mutt. I love seeing the kids."

"No it's not you're always babysitting for us. My parents will be about an hour."

"OK, but make it an hour and a half so your parents can go home quickly."

"It's a deal, see you in a bit."

Mutt put the phone down. James really did love the kids and they loved him too. Maybe I should change my will so that if both me and Rose die, he takes the children. Mutt walked into the kitchen. "Cobra's on his way." Rose nodded, her children still looked frightened.

Cobra appeared minutes after the phone call, Mutt was shocked because he lived over a mile away. "Thanks for coming, James."

"No problem. You just get to the hospital and get Rose checked out." He smiled warmly at Mutt and Mutt nodded. He ran inside the house and walked into the kitchen "Honey, Cobra's here. It's time to go." Mutt's soothing voice scared the children he usually barked orders at them. "We'll be home in no time." Mutt told them as he took the handles of Rose's wheel chair.

The children watched their parents clamber into the car and drive away before retreating inside to watch a film.


Mutt and Rose arrived at the hospital. It was strangely quiet but there was still about ten people who had to go in before them. "Mutt, this shouldn't happen. I beat it. I could walk."

"I bet you'll be walking again in no time, it will probably be something minor that they can fix."

"But what if it isn't?" Rose shouted, "What if I cannot walk again?" Mutt looked at the floor he and his wife had been happy since they had been married. They had, had their spats but nothing major that she knew of... he had never seen Rose this upset. He looked at his wife, a tear fell down her cheek and dropped off her chin.

Mutt put his hand on hers and held it tightly, "Everything will be fine." He said forcedly but sympathetically. Rose stared into his eyes and kissed him. He was her rock, her best friend and her husband. Married couples usually hated them because they were so happy so they usually made friends with people who had just got engaged. After an hour of waiting they heard "Rose Jones?" Mutt put his hand up and they followed the nurse to a small room.

"Well," The doctor was had been feeling Rose's legs for about five minutes, "I can't feel that anything's wrong with them. Could you try and walk for me please?" Rose moved off of the bed and stood straight. Confusion wafted over her. "But I couldn't walk, I collapsed!" She shouted.

"It happens. Your legs must have needed a bit of a rest. You'll be fine but if they hurt rest them for a while." The doctor then walked away.

"I don't understand." She muttered.

"Come on the kids will be worried." They walked out of the hospital silently. Rose pushed the chair this time.

"They're leaving now." The doctor they had seen was talking on a payphone. As soon as he said the sentence he put down the phone.

Mutt and Rose arrived home. It had been an awkward journey. Rose looked at her front door, something was wrong. She jumped out of the car, the door was slightly a-jar and had large footprints on the front. "No." Rose whispered.

She pulled the door. "Anna! James?" Rose bellowed. Mutt came in after her and as she turned to look at her husband shuddering sobs took over her. "They're gone!" She gasped. Mutt decided not to admit defeat as easily and decided to run about the house checking shouting his children's names repeatedly. Mutt opened the bathroom door to find Cobra tied up with duct tape and with a black eye. He was led in the bathtub. Mutt ran and slapped his face to wake his best man up.

The man woke with a start and stared up at Mutt for a while. "The children! Where are they Cobra?" Mutt screamed and Cobra's eyes grew, Rose appeared behind her husband. Mutt pulled back the duct tape on Cobra's lips. "There were five of them, they knocked down the door. One hit me and put me in here. They took the children." Rose let out a loud sob. "I'm so sorry." Cobra added, helplessly.