As Mum rounded the corner next to the cells her face turned into a grimace. Although every member of the Jones family and friends, that she wanted to massacre, were stood staring at her she would have a job of keeping them under control. Again Mum pulled out the knife and held it to James's throat. "Get in the cell." She commanded.

Out of fear for their child Mutt and Rose automatically moved into the cell but because of fear Ian couldn't move his legs. "Carl get him in."

Carl looked at her and she sighed, "If you want things done properly you have to do them yourself."

She dragged the boy with her as she marched toward Ian. She pressed the knife into the small of his back and he started to move inside. "Good, keep going."

She saw all of the group huddled together in a corner apart from Cobra. Indy and Mary had no idea what was going on. Mum stared at her victims and the lights flashed on around her showing her where her prey was and showing Indy and Mary their children and grandchild.

Indy ran to the window and stared in terror at the scene before him. Mum flashed him a large grin and turned to Mutt who was fuming. Carl stood, helpless outside Indy's door hoping Mutt would kill her before she had a chance to kill his son.

"Well isn't this nice? The gang altogether. Too bad that this time the bad guy really is the bad guy and he will not save you this time, Rose." Rose wasn't particularly listening to the crazy woman holding her son captive she knew his pale terrified face would be imprinted on her mind forever and felt guilty that all she felt was shooting pain from her arm.

"Unhand my son." Mutt told her threateningly.

"Not unless," Mum sighed and shook her head, "you give your wife and children to Cobra where they can live, happily ever after." Mum wasn't even trying to sound like she believed it.

Rose had heard this. "What?"

Mutt felt lost, he could loose his whole family or condemn his son to death.

None of the people in the cell were paying attention to the cell next door…


Anna woke up dazed and confused. As the memories came flooding back she looked around the room for either her brother or Carl but she was alone. Anna walked to the television screens showing the cells and could see Mum holding her brother with a knife at his throat. Instinctively Anna raised her hand to her throat and felt the healing scar situated there.

She picked up a gun that was in a draw of a cabinet and spotted a piece of rope that she could use as a whip. Taking both these she thought of how she could use them and shivered at the thought. But she was prepared to do anything to save her family.

She walked out of the door checking that Mum wouldn't see her and walked towards the cells. She spotted Carl and he shook his head but she moved towards him. "Today is not your day little one, you will not kill anyone today, open your grandfather's cell." He breathed, Mum's loud voice covering his.

Anna nodded and opened the bolt slowly so it wouldn't make any noise. Indy pulled the door open and grinned at her taking the gun and pulling out his own whip. She then proceeded to open Mary's cell.


"Come on, I haven't got all day. Choose." Mutt opened his mouth and she added, "Tick tock, tick tock." Rhythmically.

"Get your hands off of my grandson." Came a voice from behind her.

"Indy, uncle Indy." She turned but kept her grip on James.

Indy had his gun pointed at her."Shut up. You don't get to call me that any more, Lucy." She shuddered at the sound of her name. "Unhand my grandson." When her grip tightened he added, "Why are you doing this?"

"Don't think it's anything to do with you, per-lease." She rolled her eyes, "I'm doing this because it is what James wants."

"Whatever he said he didn't mean this!" He cried gesturing the boy.

"Not him, you old fool, him." She gestured the man with her head.

Cobra stood back into the corner as though he were trying to vanish into the wall. Mutt had, had enough and grabbed the woman's hand. The knife was suddenly in both Mum's and Mutt's hands and she let go of James. He ran towards his mother and held her. Cobra went towards the fighting pair and went for the knife. But somehow in the tangle of arms someone screamed in agony.

Mum fell to the floor her hands covered in blood and a large bang followed as Cobra fell to the floor choking on his own blood. Mum ran she didn't no why but she had to get out.

Mutt fell beside his enemy and found that he was trying to stop him from dieing. The knife had been stabbed into his stomach them pulled downwards so there was a long gash flooding with blood. "No." Mutt whispered putting pressure on the wound unsuccessfully.

Cobra tried to speak but his words caught on the blood and made him splutter. "It's ok, mate." For some reason Mutt did forgive him and would always remember him before the kidnapping.

They heard a loud gun shot and Cobra seemed to smile before he closed his eyes and took his last few breaths.

They heard a loud "It's finally over!" From Carl then there was silence as the people gathered in the room stared down at the large figure that once was their closest friend.


Indy noticed Mum run away, she was actually quite quick which took him by surprise as he remembered her being one of the slowest people he had ever met. "You should blame yourself uncle Indy. You taught me everything I know. You made me what I am today!" She cackled.

Anger grew in him as he remembered the time he taught her how to stage a kidnapping and how to threaten people. She had been kidnapped and had wanted to know how her father knew she had been kidnapped, she was a very curious eight year old, he had told her how to distinguish between a robbery and a kidnapping and then had taught her, out of his own stupidity, how to stage a kidnapping to hide something else. He had been an idiot at the time but she had been a weedy weakling of a child who needed teaching. Now he wished he would have let her perish with the men who had taken her.

He heard her yelp and stood above her she cried "No!" Before he shot her between the eyes, a pool of blood growing around her. "Good bye, Lucy." He whispered.

He walked back slowly to see a dancing man, handcuffed, and his granddaughter holding his wife.

He gave Rose a hug and walked back into the cell to see his family and Ian staring at Cobra's body.


When they left the dungeons the Jones's took Ian and Carl home and then flew back to America to find their house refurbished and back to the way they remembered it. "Well, I may have got some people 'round so it was ready for you." Indy grinned smugly.

The next day after Mutt and Rose had rekindled their relationship, Rose vanished. Mutt wouldn't have usually become worried but after their ordeal he was starting to get anxious as the hours passed by.

James and Anna heard something unusual in the front yard, "Dad?" They cried afraid of who it might be. Mutt went to the door followed by his children and opened it to find a bright red chopper with his wife riding it. His mouth fell open. "I decided it was time to buy you a new one." Rose grinned, remembering all those years ago when she and Mutt had ridden his last chopper. Mutt grinned at her and kissed her passionately before taking the bike for a spin.

Hope you liked it. It's been a pleasure writing this story for you!