Hi, it's me again. Yeah, the person who let you flame for no reason. You can still do that. Okay, in this story, Annabeth is in an accident… so how does Percy react?

*******************REMEMBER: THIS STORY TAKES PLACE after Battle of the Labyrinth but BEFORE THE LAST OLYMPIAN!!!**************************

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"What, mom?" I looked up from the computer, where I was IM'ing Rachel. No, not Iris Messaging, Instant Messaging.

"Annabeth will be here soon, Percy. Don't you want to get ready for you date?" Annabeth was stopping by my apartment today, after which we would go see some movie. I had no idea what was playing. Call me insane, but I'm usually too busy trying to save the world or my life, or both, to catch up with teen pop culture. Whatever, hopefully Annabeth would know of a movie.

Right now I had bigger problems. Like how my mom kept insisting that today was a date. That's exactly what she did last summer. "Mom, I told you it's not a date! It's just Annabeth!"

"Whatever you say, dear!" I groaned and the conversation with Rachel. I didn't tell her that Annabeth was coming over, though; she and Rachel weren't exactly best friends. I didn't understand why they couldn't get along. (A/N The day you come up with a cloning machine, Percy, is the day they'll get along, 'cause then they can each have their very own Percy Jackson!)

I got up and changed my shirt, slipping on a random blue-green polo.

That's when I got that phone call.


"Percy…" the voice on the other side was a broken whisper, but I could still tell who it was.

"Annabeth! What's wrong?"

"Percy… accident… off Broadway and 33rd … near East river…" she gasped painfully.

It was like ice water was running through my veins. With the war coming up, it was very possible that she'd been attacked my monsters or worse. If Kronos had hurt Annabeth… I didn't finish the thought. Instead I turned my attention back to Annabeth.

"What happened?! Annabeth…"

The dial tone was ringing in my ears. Annabeth wasn't on the line anymore.


I grabbed the keys to my mom's car and sprinted out of my apartment, ignoring her questions. I didn't have time for this. If she was in a taxi, the driver wouldn't be able to help her. If she was alone, and she'd used her cell, she'd basically sent up a flare for monsters. And with all the blood I imagined she'd spilled… I flinched. There was nobody conscious near her; they could've called for help.

No, Annabeth was all alone. And if I was the only one she'd called, nobody could save my wise girl… but me.

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