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"Stop smiling at me, please…" I begged the taunting stick in my hand through my tears. It had been staring up at me since I had picked it up off of the sink five minutes ago--- the un-friendliest pregnancy test known to man.

When I'd first seen the results, I was ecstatic. I thought that when a pregnancy test smiled at a 20 year old junior in college who wasn't supposed to need a pregnancy test in the first place, it was a good thing. Man, was I wrong.

This is exactly what I get for having a one night stand. 'Live a little,' my friends had told me when we'd gone to that party. Well, look at where it got me! Sitting on my bathroom floor in the apartment I shared with my best friend looking at a stick that loved to smile when I was in distress. This very piece of plastic meant that I might have another human in me. That sounded so sexual and fascinating all at the same time.

I couldn't be thinking about stuff like that right now though. I had to think things through about my… condition? Or was it my situation? Pregnancy wasn't a sickness, so could I call it a condition? Whatever… It would be my discovery. I couldn't really hide something like this forever. But I wasn't even sure that I was pregnant. Who's to say a plastic stick can be sure of the future?

Tomorrow… I would put everything off until later and then everything would be fine. That tomorrow thing just may work. It didn't matter what day it was; it would always be today. So technically, I'd never have to deal with this problem. Whew, I feel better already.

I trashed the mean plastic and got up from the floor to leave the bathroom, wiping my red puffy eyes along the way. "Ahh!" I screamed when I opened the door, revealing a livid Rosalie. "What the hell were you doing in there for so long, Bella? I've got a date and-- Bella, are you crying?"

I put my head down to try and cover my eyes. There were two sides to Rose. One side was the spiteful girl who was rude to most people and held a mean grudge. The other side was the sweet friend who always knew when someone she cared about was upset. Right now, I wanted mean Rose.

"No, I'm not crying." I tried to shove past her and out of the bathroom, but she was faster. "Please tell me what's wrong, Bella."

I thought about it for a minute. If that test was right and I really was pregnant, I couldn't keep it from her. "It smiled at me, Rosalie." She looked confused beyond imagination. "What smiled? Please make sense…" I walked back into the bathroom and picked up the test from the trash bin and showed it to her.

"Bella… that's a pregnancy test!"

"Thanks so much Rose. And here I was thinking that I should go back to Walmart and get my money back because my marker didn't work!"

"No, what I meant was why do you have a pregnancy test? You don't even have a boyfriend, and you would never have a-- oh my goodness! You had a one night stand!"

"Yea… at that frat party you and Jasper took me to."

"How did this happen?"

"You told me to live a little."

"Yes, Bella! Have some beer! Talk to a guy. Not jump in bed with a complete stranger! Do you know who the father is?"

"It's um… its tempered mullet," I mumbled incoherently. "Who?"

"Edward Cullen!"

"As in my boyfriends' brother Edward Cullen? As in the guy you've liked since freshman year Edward Cullen? As in--"

"Rose, I get it! You know who he is! Can we please just drop it?"

"We can drop it when we find out if you're really pregnant. I don't trust those things. No plastic stick could possibly know if there's something in you. I'm taking you to the doctor tomorrow." For some reason, I didn't think my previous 'tomorrow plan' would work with Rose, so I just said, "Okay. I don't care."

I turned to walk out the bathroom again, and this time she let me. As I was walking down the hall to my bedroom, she called after me. "Oh and Bella?" I turned back around to see what she wanted. "If it turns out the stick was right, you're telling him." I sighed and kept walking to my room. Who knew a smile could cause so much trouble?

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