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Irie sighed, he didn't ask for this. Nor did he ask for this life. It all started when his parents had become broke and went into debt. So, his parents looked to one solution, which was to sell their children into slavery. Though not all the children were sold, just one.

His parents had decided that selling one child was enough. So they decided to sell their oldest, because the older the child, the higher the value, in the working category that is.

So at age fourteen, Irie was sold, the only thing he could basically do was tutor, seeing as how he was educated to a high degree. The reason being, Irie needed to be able to help his parents with their finances.

But enough of that, his first owner, master, whatever you want to call them, was a blond haired man. He was very nice (a bit childish), and had heard that Irie was finely educated, so Irie was bought in order to teach the man's child, but also acting as a companion as well.

The man was apparently a busy person, and his wife was equally busy, so that left their only child alone. The child's name was Sawada Tsunayoshi, who wanted to be called Tsuna, and was the same age as himself, which brought no difficulties.

But alas, when Tsuna reached the age of eighteen, he no longer needed to learn, and could also be independent, so Irie no longer had a purpose to the Sawada family, thus he was sold, much to Tsuna's dismay.

Over the next couple of years, Irie was repeatedly being sold to another household, and then another. Reason, was that it seemed Irie could only be a tutor, anything else ended up in shambles.

Finally, after about three years, Irie ended up at a slave house. Since it's a hassle to resell a slave, slave houses were the solution. Slave houses are similar to pet stores, or was actually considered a pet store by some.

Though this was a slave house, that didn't mean that work was not given, so currently, Irie was in the back of the building, cleaning dishes. One skill that at least he could do.

It was deathly quiet back , though occasionally, some slaves would come in to drop off any more dishes while also speaking.

Another trait of slave houses were that the work the slaves were given showed off their skills. For example, slaves that could cook well were placed in front of stoves to show off what they could do, which were where the dishes were coming from.

Though, Irie didn't mind, that much. As long as he stayed in one place, that's what mattered. Even though his parents sold him into slavery, he kept some contact with them, apparently they came into some money and were out of debt, but could not buy him back, which Irie was upset about.

So, this was why Irie sighed. Forced into slavery and now having to wait until he was freed. Though every now and then, things would brighten up, once in a while Irie would get a break, and allowed to roam the streets, take it that he return, of course.

Another thing that wasn't dreary was the people Irie would see if he had the rare job of reading to the children that came. Though some did spare a glance, Irie wasn't what they were looking for.

Speaking of people, two servants came in with a stack of dishes all while taking loudly.

"Did you hear. The noble recently lost his bed slave and it seems he came here to find a new one."

"What's so great about that?"

"Well, according to some, he treats his bed slaves as if they were his lover. Some say his bed slaves are his lover."

"Really, what kind of bed slave is he looking for."

"No one knows, but rumor has it that he likes men."

"No way!"

The conversation soon died as the two slaves deposited the dishes into the sink and left. Though the information was interesting, Irie didn't care for those kinds of things. So he continued what he was doing, until the doors opened. Irie paused his actions.

From the corner of his eye, Irie could tell this was not a slave, judging by the clothing. Normally slaves wore plain tan shirts and pants, this person's clothing had bold colors.

"Sir, only slaves are allowed back here. You're going to need to leave." Irie said as he continued his actions.

Irie heard the man chuckle, then speak. "Okay, but first I want to check something."

Before Irie could do anything, he felt two arms wrap around him, one going up his shirt, and the other securing him in the hold.

The hand up his shirt roamed, soon reaching his nipples. Then Irie felt two fingers touch one of his nipples. Irie was about to speak, but the two fingers pinched, causing a yelp to go past Irie's lips. Then Irie felt the other arm move, and something slink into his pants.

Irie was going to protest, but the hand that was on his nipples retracted and forcefully tilted his head. Irie saw white hair as lips descended on his own.

A small noise came from Irie's throat, but that noise soon got louder as the hand in Irie's pants grasped something and pulled it out, it was his manhood. Instantly, Irie knew where this was going, but then the hand began to move up and down his length, stroking it, causing pleasure to take Irie's mind.

The man (Irie was sure it was a man because he was pressed against the person, and could feel something sticking into him) and Irie parted briefly for air, then the kiss continued, but this time Irie could feel something prodding his lower lip, Irie opened his mouth, allowing access.

Irie currently was not thinking straight, as they had kissed, the stroking became faster, and when the man's tongue touched his tongue, it sent shivers down Irie's spine, sending him over the edge and causing him to release into the man's hand.

Now Irie felt tired, having never felt these feelings before, and just before Irie's eyes closed and he succumbed to sleep, he heard the man speak.

"You're just what I've been looking for."


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