Originally I just wanted to write something involving Vivio, but then I thought up a way to turn it into a Hayate/Yuuno fic. It's thanks to Satashi that I was turned on to that pairing. I've always wanted to give it a shot. There's a little NanoFate in here too, but don't expect much outside of short little fanservice scenes.

"… And here's the number you call if there's a fire…"

"Fate, I know the number for the fire department." Yuuno sighed cheerfully. His friend was being excessively worried, as usual.

"Oh, you're right. I'm sorry." She flushed. "This is just the first time we've gone away without Vivio, so…"

"Fate-chan! Hurry up or we'll miss our transport!" Nanoha called from the end of the hallway. Fate was still rooted to the doorway of Yuuno's apartment, clutching a long list of places and contact information.

"Ah, coming!" Fate responded to her partner. Yuuno took the list from her hand.

"You've been planning this trip for awhile now." He said. "Just go and enjoy yourselves. Don't worry about Vivio, I'll take good care of her. Isn't that right?" He glanced down to the child at his side. She held a pink duffle bag in her hands.

"That's right!" Vivio beamed back. Fate knelt down and hugged her daughter.

"You be a good girl for Yuuno, now. We'll only be gone for a week, so make sure you listen to what he says, and do your homework, brush your teeth, eat your veg…"

"Ok, that's enough Fate-chan." Nanoha had returned and grabbed the blonde's hand. "They'll be just fine. We can trust Yuuno-kun." She shifted her gaze to the boy and smiled. "Thanks again."

"Any time." He replied. "You just enjoy yourselves."

"We will." Nanoha assured him as she dragged Fate away. "Bye, Vivio!"

"Have a good trip!" The seven year old waved until her mamas were out of sight and the door was closed. Then she turned and looked up expectantly at her babysitter.

Even though Yuuno was confident he could care for the child, entertaining her was another issue. His apartment was effectively Spartan. It consisted of a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom. The only means to pass the time was a bookshelf filled with academic and historic texts. Certainly nothing a young child would be interested in, let alone be able to comprehend. He did own a TV, so he hoped that would be sufficient to keep Vivio occupied.

"So… what would you like to do now, Vivio?" He asked. The girl looked thoughtful for a moment, until a low growl came from her midsection.

"I'm hungry!" She declared. Yuuno looked at his clock. It was indeed time for dinner.

"Ok then." He said. "Do you want anything in particular?"

Vivio paused in thought again. "Pasta!" She decided.

"Pasta it is." Yuuno went to his kitchen. Normally, it wouldn't have much in terms of food. His apartment mostly just functioned as a place to keep his bed and his clothing. But since he knew he'd be having a house guest, he made sure to stock up on perishables.

He was surprised to see said house guest had followed him into the kitchen.

"Um, it'll be ready in awhile, so why don't you go watch some TV?" He suggested. Vivio shook her head.

"I want to help!" She said. Yuuno thought about it for a moment. Pasta was rather simple to make, and since he was there, he'd make sure she didn't hurt herself.

"All right, we'll do it together, then."

"Yay!" Vivio cheered. She always loved helping her mamas cook.

"Do you know what we need to make pasta, Vivio?" Yuuno decided to quiz her.

"Um… noodles, and sauce." She counted off each ingredient on her fingers. "And we need big pots and pans to put them in!"

"That's right." He smiled. "The pots and pans are in the bottom cupboard there. Could you grab one of each?"

Vivio nodded and opened the cupboard. She reached in, and after a few tugs, pulled out a big pot that Yuuno remembered receiving as a gift. From who, he had no recollection.

"I think that one's a bit too big." He chuckled. "I could probably cook you in that one."

Vivio's eyes widened, and went between Yuuno and the pot which the small girl could very well have fit in.

"… I don't think I'd taste very good…" She said uneasily. Yuuno couldn't help but laugh.

"Don't worry Vivio, I won't eat you." He frowned a little in recollection. "You know, your Nanoha-mama almost ate me once…" In her sleep, the girl had apparently mistaken the small ferret for a baked potato. "I don't think I tasted very good, either."

"Why would Nanoha-mama try to eat you, Yuuno-san?" Vivio inquired. Her eyes shone with curiosity. Her mamas didn't really like to talk about what they were like when they were younger. Apparently, it embarrassed them.

"Well…" Yuuno wasn't too sure how to explain without having to go into the details of why he was a ferret, and why they had slept in the same bed. "She was dreaming of eating something good, and she bit me in her sleep."

"Ah! She does do that." Vivio laughed. "Sometimes she hugs me in her sleep reeeeeally tightly, and she'll start saying Fate-mama's name while rubbing her cheek in my hair."

Yuuno froze. That was extremely dangerous for entirely different reasons. He tried to laugh it off.

"Your mama hasn't changed a bit." He said. "Now, back to that pasta!"

Vivio nodded and this time took out a smaller pot and a frying pan. Yuuno nodded back his approval. He took them from her and placed them on the stove. Because he could reach, he went into a higher cupboard and took out a package of spaghetti noodles.

"Ok, so what do we do with these?" He asked.

"Boil them in water!" Was the immediate response. With a 'very good', Yuuno took the pot and put it under the faucet. After he judged it as full enough, he returned the pot to the stove and turned the heat on.

"Now we wait for it to boil." He said after putting the lid on. "Let's get the sauce ready now." He took the premade tomato sauce from a cupboard and went into the fridge for the beef he had been told to thaw out. The mamas knew their daughter well. Recalling what Fate was about to say regarding vegetables, he opened his crisper. "Hmm… some carrots would be good… and how about…" He felt the glare and glanced at the girl.

She was staring at the green bulb in his hands like one would their mortal enemy.

Yuuno sweat dropped. He had been warned about Vivio's hatred of green peppers. Well, perhaps he could cut her some slack for one night.

"You know, I don't like peppers that much either, so I'll just put this back." Yuuno put the vegetable away, much to the child's relief. He grabbed a second pan to cook the carrots in and got the knife and cutting board. Vivio couldn't do much other than watch as the young man chopped up the carrots, and started cooking them along with the meat.

"Ok, now the water is boiling." Yuuno said when the liquid bubbled violently. "Time to put in the noodles."

"Can I do it?" Vivio asked expectantly. Yuuno considered it.

"Go bring over a chair." He said, opening the package. Vivio followed his instructions and stood on the piece of furniture. Yuuno judged her current height to be safe enough. He gave her the bag of noodles. "Put them in very slowly. We don't want boiling water to splash on you."

"Ok!" She cheered as she took fists full of noodles and slowly dropped them into the pot. Yuuno told her to stop when she put in enough for the two of them.

"Stir them nice and slowly." He said, handing the girl a large spoon.

Many minutes later, the carrots were cooked, the meat was brown, and the noodles were soft. Yuuno mixed the carrots, meat, and tomato sauce together, and let it heat. Then he checked on the noodles.

"So Vivio, are the noodles done?"

"Hmm…" She thought. "I don't know. Maybe?"

"There's one way to check for sure." He said, taking the spoon. He fished out a noodle, blew the heat away, picked it up, and tossed it against the wall. "It stuck, so that means it's ready."

"Wow!" Vivio gasped. "That's so cool! Let me try!" Yuuno fished out another noodle, blew on it, and let Vivio throw it against the wall. It too did not fall. "Ooooh! I got to throw food at the wall!" She giggled.

Yuuno smiled. "Now we shut off the stove, drain the noodles and it's time to eat!"

And so they ate. Vivio seemed more interested in her meal, than idle conversation, so it was relatively silent. They devoured their pasta and washed it down with tall glasses of milk.

"Thanks for the meal." Vivio said. She must have been really hungry because she had three plates. There were no leftovers. Yuuno hoped she wasn't too full, though. He had a special treat for her.

"I hope you left room for dessert." He smiled, opening his freezer. He pulled out two tubs. "Do you want chocolate or vanilla?"

Vivio almost jumped out of her seat. "Chocolate!" She cried happily. Ice cream never failed to make a child happy. Yuuno scooped out two helpings of chocolate ice cream and sat back down. Vivio took a spoonful of the stuff and closed her eyes in delight as it met her tongue.

"Nanoha-mama and Fate-mama only let me have ice cream on special occasions." She explained.

"Well, getting to spend the week with me counts as special, don't you think?" Yuuno prayed that was enough. He didn't want the two mages to blast him for spoiling their daughter.


"So what will we do after we're done eating? Do you still have homework to do?"

"Nope! I did all of it before coming here!"

"That's good." Meaning Yuuno would have to find something for them to do for the rest of the night. Guess it was time to rely on the old boob tube. "Then we'll clean up here and watch some TV."


After they were done, Yuuno tossed everything into the dish washer. God bless technology. Letting the machine do all the dirty work, the pair went into the living room. Yuuno sat on the couch first, and was surprised when the little girl hoped onto his lap.

"This is how I always watch TV with my mamas!" She explained. Not one to argue, Yuuno let it be and turned on the TV. He had no idea what children could watch at this hour, so he flipped through the channels, hoping to stumble upon a cartoon or something.

"Oh, go back! Go back!" Vivio cried. Yuuno blinked in confusion and went back a few channels. "There!"

"No one knows why exactly the mighty Mycenae Empire fell…"

Yuuno blinked again. The history channel?

"The whereabouts of the legendary Bardos Island had been referenced to in several texts, but the island itself has never been discovered."

Surprisingly, Vivio seemed to be really drawn into it. Yuuno had no idea images of ruined buildings and ancient text could cause a child's eyes to sparkle so.

"So you like this stuff?" He asked.

"Yup! I want to learn as much as possible!" Vivio nodded enthusiastically. "I want to know more about the past, especially the person I was based on!"

"I see." It was true that the girl was the clone of an ancient king. Her connection to history was a very strong one. As they continued watching the program, Yuuno squinted. For some reason it seemed very familiar…

"My findings suggest that the empire fell when one of its greatest heroes, disgusted with the way his people treated the locals, staged a rebellion."

"Ah! Yuuno-san's on TV!" Vivio cheered. Yuuno groaned. That's why it was familiar. He helped make the thing. He couldn't help but be embarrassed any time he saw himself on TV. It was just so… weird.

"I'll… uh… go start the bath!" He gently placed Vivio onto the couch and made his escape.

Yuuno ran the water, ensuring that the temperature was just right before letting it fill. When he returned to the living room, he saw that the credits had started rolling.

"Ready for your bath, Vivio?" He asked. The girl sprang off the couch and walked up to him.

"Yup!" Though she said that, she didn't move. She just looked up at Yuuno expectantly.

"Well… Go ahead." He said, not too sure what her look meant.

"Aren't you coming too, Yuuno-san?" She asked, tilting her head.

"Uh… I'll take my bath after you." He said. Vivio glanced shyly to the floor.

"I… can't take a bath by myself." She admitted. "I need some one to wash my hair…"

Yuuno sighed. "Guess there's no helping it… Let's take a bath together, then."

Vivio brightened again. "Okay!" She skipped her way to the bathroom, where she stripped and carefully placed her clothes into the laundry basket. Yuuno followed suit, letting his hair out and making sure he wrapped a towel around his waist. He didn't want to have to answer any awkward anatomy questions.

Vivio was obviously familiar with the routine, as she placed the bath stool under the shower, turned it on briefly to get wet, got some soup, sat down and began washing herself.

"Yuuno-san, can you wash my back, please?" She asked.

"As you command, your highness." He joked. He got some soap himself and washed the girl's back. She turned on the shower and rinsed off the lather, making sure her hair was wet in the process. Now that she was ready, Yuuno squeezed out some shampoo into his hand and got to work. He had never washed some one else's hair before, but he imagined it wouldn't be any more difficult than washing his own hair. He made extra sure not to let any foam get into Vivio's face.

"Do you always get your mamas to wash your hair for you?" He asked.


"And do you get to wash theirs, too?" Yuuno couldn't see the girl's expression, but she went silent for a moment.

"No. Nanoha-mama and Fate-mama say I have to wait until I'm older…" She frowned.

"Well… I guess they don't want to risk something happening… They say that a woman's hair is her life." He felt the girl stiffen. She slowly turned her head towards him, her eyes on the verge of tears.

"So if I touched their hair, they could..."

Yuuno cursed at himself. He did a good job on that one. "Ah, no! It's just a saying! There's no truth to it… uh… I know! You can wash my hair! I'm a guy, so there's no problem!"

His attempt to placate her proved successful, as her eyes regained their prior sparkle. "Really? You mean it?"

"Of course. You can use me as practise for when you get older."


Yuuno finished up with her hair, and she ran the shower again, getting rid of the suds. Then they switched positions.

"Yuuno-san's hair is long and pretty like my mamas'!" Vivio noted.

"Uh, yeah. I'm usually so busy with work that I don't have time to get it cut. Before I knew it, it had gotten this long." Vivio started in on his hair while Yuuno washed the rest of himself. He could feel the child's clumsy, but gentle hands as they rubbed at his scalp and spread froth down his locks. There were a few sharp tugs when she ran into knots, but it was nothing excruciatingly painful.

When it was done, he rinsed off and the two of them soaked in the tub. After relaxing for a bit, it was time to get out. Yuuno pulled the plug in the tub, and grabbed some towels. They dried themselves off and put on their pyjamas. Vivio's consisted only of a knee length t-shirt and underwear, while Yuuno wore a shirt and pants made of light fabric.

"Can I brush your hair, too?" The girl suddenly asked.

"Sure." He grabbed his ribbon and brush and headed back to the living room. He sat on the floor while Vivio perched herself on the couch behind him. The TV continued showing the history channel.

Vivio ran the brush through his slightly damp hair with the same soft fumbling she had washed it with. When she finished, she reached for the ribbon so she could tie his hair the way he always wore it.

"Hm? This ribbon…"

"What is it, Vivio?"

"Nanoha-mama has a ribbon just like this!" She said.

"Well of course." He replied. "She's the one who gave it to me."

"And you always use it? You must like Nanoha-mama a lot!"

Yuuno smiled listlessly. "Yeah, I do." A bit too much, he added mentally.

After that they watched some more TV before Vivio yawned and declared that it was her bed time. She plodded off to brush her teeth.

Yuuno had intended to sleep on his couch while the child used his bed. However, the pleading look she gave him after he tucked her in had different ideas.

"… Do you want me to sleep with you?" He guessed. Vivio nodded. Yuuno imagined she always slept with Nanoha and Fate as well. Going from that to sleeping alone in an unfamiliar room might be a bit too much for the young girl. "Ok then." He said as he climbed in with her. "Good night, Vivio."

"Good night, Yuuno-san." He couldn't help but admire how quickly she fell asleep after saying that. His consciousness lingered a bit longer.

'Well, so far so good.' He mused. 'This isn't so hard. I'm sure the week will fly by.'

And on that thought he fell asleep.


As soon as they were unpacked and settled into their hotel room, Fate went for the phone. She wanted to call Yuuno and see how they were doing. Did they eat? Was Vivio behaving? Did Yuuno have any questions about the trip itinerary?

"Geeze, Fate-chan, what are you doing?" Nanoha pouted.

"I just want to check in and see how she's doing…"

"Yuuno-kun is taking care of her. They'll be fine."

"I know, but…"

Nanoha sighed. Her partner was such a worry wart. This trip was supposed to be fun! Then the brunette grinned. She knew just how to take the blonde's mind off of things.

"Nanoha! What are you doing? If you touch me there… Aaaaah!"

Oh yes, they were going to have fun all right.

This chapter might have been a bit dull, I think. But things should get more interesting once I bring Hayate into the picture.

I went with pasta cuz it really is easy to make. Even I can do it. Also, too much Hetalia is partially the blame. When I first learned of the throwing the noodles against the wall to see if it was cooked trick a few years ago, I thought it was the awesomest thing ever.

The Mycenae Empire mentioned here is not referencing the actual historical version. I used the Shin Mazinger version.