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Awkward Dinner with Jinx

"Hey man, you going out?" Victor asked from below an impossibly large weight. His roommate looked over at him from the kitchen counter.

"Yeah. I got a date!" Garfield proudly said.

Victor scoffed. "You? A date? Is this another one of your dorky jokes? Cuz it ain't very funny."

"Seriously." Garfield adjusted a tie that he had borrowed from Victor. "I picked up this cute chick with pink hair at the supermarket. I'm taking her to The Source, that fancy vegetarian restaurant on the edge of town."

"Pink hair, hm? I think she might be one of Karen's friends. She sure knows a lot of weird people." Victor had set his weights aside and was now wiping his dark skin with a damp towel. "Said her name was… uh…"

"Yeah?" Garfield prompted.

"I forgot." Victor threw up his hands. "You tell me."

Garfield rubbed the back of his neck nervously. "Ah, well. I didn't exactly get her name."

"Yo! What's that all about? You ask a girl out and you don't even know her name?" Victor looked at his friend in disbelief.

"I'll just ask her when I meet her at the restaurant, 'kay? Is there anything wrong with that?"

Victor shook his head. "You have seriously got to read one of those dating advice books."


Garfield nervously wrung his hands in front of the small apartment building. He fidgeted with his tie, sprayed some more deodorant on his armpits, and popped a mint in his mouth. After a few minutes, the front gate opened with a loud creak.

"Oh… you look great!" Garfield said, handing his date a bunch of flowers with a price tag still dangling from a stem. He swept his eyes up and down her rather casual black dress and hot pink hair fashioned into two pigtails that stuck out from either side of her head. "So… what's your name again?"

The girl snorted. "Classy. You can call me Jinx, but that isn't my real name."

"Ooh, being mysterious, are we?" Garfield chuckled in what he thought was a suave way. Jinx rolled her eyes but allowed Garfield to lead her to his car.

"This is just temporary." He said, motioning to the rusting and boxy vehicle. "I'm gonna get a Moped, once I get enough money." Jinx nodded briefly and slipped into the passenger seat.

The car ride to The Source was rather silent. Jinx gazed down at the bunch of red roses in her hand and Garfield tried not to breathe too loudly and chose to keep his eyes firmly glued to the road. He had just gotten his license at the age of seventeen, and he didn't want to lose it just yet.

When they finally reached The Source, Garfield parked the car and carefully held the door open for Jinx, making sure that she didn't snag her hair on the bits of wire and metal sticking out from the door.

"So… what's this place?" Jinx asked, leaving the roses in the car seat. "I've never been here before."

"It's called The Source." Garfield explained. "They serve the best salad and tofu ever! It's really great, I'm sure you'll like it!"

Garfield continued chattering on about the fresh vegetables they had, failing to notice Jinx's bored, if possibly annoyed, expression.

"Eh. I'm more of a grilled fish kind of girl." Jinx said. Garfield took a deep breath and linked their arms together as they stepped inside. An overly cheerful waiter led them to their table.

"Hi! I'm Bob! If you need anything tonight, just ask me! I'm Bob!" the grinning man said, handing them menus and filling up their water glasses.

"He's weird." Jinx whispered as he walked away.

"Yeah. I think it's part of the employee standards here, or something." Garfield said, sticking his straw up his nose as if it were perfectly normal to do so.

Jinx frowned at his juvenile act but didn't say anything.

"I think I'm going to have the fried tofu with summer squash soup. How about you?" Garfield asked from behind the menu he was holding up.

"I'm not really hungry." Jinx said idly, gazing to the side.

"Come on! You've gotta eat something! I mean, you're as thin as a twig!" Garfield said, thinking it as a compliment.

"Hey, if you have a problem with my figure-"

"Alrighty then! It's me, Bob! Are we ready to order?" Jinx glowered at Garfield and sank back in her seat. Garfield gulped nervously.

"Uh, we'll both have the fried tofu with summer squash soup, then." Garfield tried to avoid Jinx's burning stare.

"Okay! Your orders will be ready shortly! And remember, I'm Bob!"

"Yeah, we got that already." Jinx said crossly. "You can beat it."

Bob's smile didn't falter at her rudeness. He walked away, perfectly chipper.

"Jinx, what's the matter?" Garfield asked concernedly. "You seem really upset about something."

"Oh, you finally noticed? In case you forgot, I just broke up with my boyfriend last week." Jinx scowled.

"What? You never told me!"

"I told you that when you asked me out." Jinx hissed, narrowing her eyes.

"Really! Uh…"

Garfield was saved from having to answer when a tall guy around his age with flaming red hair approached their table with a sense of urgency in his stride. Jinx wrinkled her nose at the sight of him, but Garfield thought he saw a small glimmer in her eye.

"Wally? What are you doing here? How the hell did you find me?"

"Does that really matter right now?"

"Uh, it kinda does, you stalker!"

"Jinx, please." Wally grabbed her ashen hand with a pleading look on his face. He didn't acknowledge Garfield's presence. "I'm really sorry. I just can't bear being without you."

Jinx rolled her eyes. "You can quit the corny lines. When I dumped you, I meant it."

"I thought you were joking."

"Do I ever kid around?"

"…No. Not really."

"So there. Get to the point, Wally."

"What I'm trying to say is…" Wally offered a crooked smile. "I really want to get back with you. I thought back on what I did, and I promise. I'll never flirt with another girl again. You're the only girl for me. So, what do you say?"

"I told you. Quit being so corny." Nevertheless, Jinx threw herself in Wally's arms and hugged him. She looked back at a speechless Garfield. "Sorry, Gar, but I guess I'm taken now. Bye."

"Oh, hey Garfield." Wally nodded at him, his arm slung around Jinx's shoulders. "Nice seeing ya again. Come on, Jinx. Let's go."

Garfield sat there, his mouth wide open, as the couple left the restaurant without another word.

"Hi! It's me, Bob! I have your food!"

Garfield looked at him sadly and smiled. "No thanks, Bob. I'll just have the check."


"So, how'd it go?" Victor asked as Garfield shut the door behind him. He was sprawled out on the couch watching some football movie on TV.

Garfield sighed and collapsed next to him, tossing his tie and jacket on the floor. "You know Wally West? High school track, cross-country, and soccer star?"

"Oh yeah. He's a cool guy. What about him?"

"Turns out he was Jinx's former ex-boyfriend. They made up in the middle of our date." Garfield sighed again. "It's not every night that your date ends up with another dude."

"Hm. Sorry about that. Well, there's plenty of cows in the field."

"Don't you mean fish in the sea?"

"Nah. Beef is much better than fish."



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