Ok, so I was real nervous about writing my first fanfic story but I just had this idea that I really wanted to write out, you know, see how it goes. Basically, we learn a hell of a lot more about the Volturi, why they are the way they are, with some emphasis on Caius. I introduced one new character, who becomes integral to their life.

So ok, here goes. I'd really appreciate it if you guys could give me a review or a few comments. Thank you!

Chapter 1 - Return

Around 1000BC

The Volturi are young, perhaps 100 years old, no more.

We start with Aro's point of view.


"Caius, my brother, we must return here, there has been change. Something that will benefit us." I tried unsuccessfully to rouse my brother, to no avail. He had found no hunting opportunities here, at least no new ones, so the venture was not appealing in the slightest. The last visit was pitiful to say the least; people had virtually offered themselves to us, calling us Gods that demanded a sacrifice. But I knew different, the last hunter I had devoured had some interesting memories, there was a girl here, who I knew to be very special, even in the memory of this man, she was special.

"Aro, if it is the subject of my self control that ails you, brother, do not worry, I'm sure in a while I will be able to, but I do not see any reason to make a companion. I have my brothers." Caius was agitated, they fed regularly, and it had only been two days, but he felt the venom start to spread through his mouth, urging him, no obliging him to feed. He rarely denied his own desires. I desperately wanted Caius to have the chance to mate, he had never seemed interested before, even in our past life, women had offered themselves to us, no second thoughts, and this was fine for me and Marcus but never enough for dear Caius. He saw no reason to preserve the useless humans, but I felt excited for a change that I sensed was coming.

"Caius, you forget, a whole new generation will have passed since we first came to this place, an entirely new crop, I agree with Aro."

I knew with Marcus' agreement that we would leave for this small island immediately. We would not even wait until dark. I could see it now, lush, green full of open spaces and small forests. A little bit of a hunt was all Caius needed, and Marcus seemed enthusiastic enough. I swept my hand across his, the gentlest of brushes between skins, and saw in an instant that I was right. Of course he very much wanted to go. I leapt over to Caius and repeated the gesture, "Coming, brother", I already knew the answer, he, not altogether willingly, sprang up from the rock he was perched on, stood up, and sniffed the air. I waited a few moments, Caius had always been the superior brother in terms of hunting and ability to detect prey, so what he discovered in the air would be crucial to our meal.

"Brother I stand corrected, this may well be worth my time, there is, a pleasing aroma, something that will make a good meal. But for your sake, I really hope they at least try to run away, at least then it's almost worth it." The sides of my brother's mouth turned upwards into a smile, baring his teeth, glistening in the sunlight. I admired Caius, not only him, but Marcus as well. Our prey ran away from us in horror, but we really were beautiful, magnificent creatures. Our bodies' were temples of perfection, muscles running all over, totally efficient. Not that they were needed, there was nothing that could remotely overpower us.

In almost 100 years since my transformation, I had never regretted this, never thought any life could have been better. We all had so much potential, everyone's thoughts were open to me at the first physical contact and Marcus knew the relationships that tied those together, making our hunt, that much more enjoyable. As I recalled my dismal former life, I laughed. How pathetic! That was no life, I was a shell compared to the being I am now.

"Aro..?" Marcus and Caius were already far away by the time I had drifted out of my own thoughts. I sprinted after them, taking in the landscape between my long strides.

By now we were on the outskirts of the island, I could hear the throbbing of blood circulating the human bodies not far from us, I knew it was the same for my brothers. I threw my head back and inhaled. I could already feel the venom gushing through my mouth my muscles springing to life at the very notion of nourishment. Yes, this is what I need, exactly this. As I stepped across the sand, the sun making my skin shimmer and glisten, I turned to Marcus who looked puzzled and confused. I gave him a querying look and he was by my side in a fraction of a second, his hand on my shoulder, I closed my eyes, my second "sight" so much more acute less corrupted by what I was actually seeing. Marcus had seen the ties in these people; it appeared that they were all joined as one. How fascinating! This was different; I let out a laugh to which Caius responded with a snort. For some reason he had no real interest in our food, he was more for the hunt. The thrill of the chase, when he occasionally let me, I saw how it was for him through his eyes; the exhilaration of the chase, the horror for the prey; the feeding itself was such an anticlimax.

Marcus and I, however, saw differently, we didn't like to play with our food. Despite this, in the past, we had tested ourselves to create others like us, which when they became boring, offering us nothing more than to fulfil male impulses, which often enough was in a few years, we destroyed them. Just like we had done to the vampire who had made us. He was not worthy of our company, we were set apart, different even from other vampires. The brotherly ties almost made us hold onto a shred of our humanity, which strengthened instead of weakened us. In the meantime, Caius had disappeared and I knew what we must do next. I felt sad for my brother, but then I remembered the sight of the girl in the hunter's mind, and smiled, no, this would be good, she would change everything. So we made our way, side by side through the forest on the outskirts of the island, to the throbbing pulse of the peopleā€¦