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Here we go, Chapter 11


Aurora POV

The last few weeks have been, different. Different from anything I've ever experienced. I thought back to the point where I had begun to realise just how good having a family could feel. I was loved by my father; Aro cherished and protected by my brother, Marcus, and wanted and …desired by Caius. I was glad to be able to identify what it was that Caius, in particular, felt for me; it was that that helped me start to control my power.

The sun was sitting low in the sky and the orange contrasted with the beautiful colour of the water. Sitting on the rocks as I stared into the sea, remembering when Caius had first hunted for me. I remembered seeing his beautiful glistening body for the first time in the sun, the epitome of perfection. It was a pleasant memory but I couldn't let it happen again. I tried to explain to him what it meant to me to be able to hunt my own food, make the kill and then feast. Without the hunt, the thrill of the chase, the food tasted…different, bland, it didn't matter what it was.

I was sure that on some level he must understand, he would never accept a gift of food from me. It would make him feel, inadequate, as it had me. What good are our abilities, superior senses and strength, if we do not use them? He knew all of this, but he just, for some reason, didn't think it applied to me, because I wasn't a vampire, and I hunted meat instead of blood. In fact, I was probably closer to a vampire than any human, of course, I have human habits and tendencies, but I'm still monstrous, I still kill, and I would never hesitate to take a human life, if that was what was needed. Surely there was no humanity in that.

I couldn't give up on convincing him, and decided, when, as I was sitting on the rocks, the air cool around me, signifying his presence. I had an idea; I knew he wouldn't agree to it if I told him outright, so I thought of a way to show him. This could be difficult.

"You'd feel like a scavenger, wouldn't you? Finding dead meat on the forest floor to feast upon, you would never do it; you need the hunt, as much as I do." If only he's let me show him, since he wouldn't believe my words.

"It's not the same. Stop this." He growled.

His anger no longer scared me, nothing had been said, but I knew he would never hurt me, or I him. When he was angry, I felt tingles and all sorts of sensations down my spine and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up, in excitement, instead of defence and fear.

"Yes it is!" I was impatient with him but it was only because rarely willing to listen. I started off in a run deep into the forest when I felt him, all too soon, next to me. I did not stop, but climbed a tree to see how far away I was from the village, where the humans were. I was not familiar with its whereabouts because it was somewhere, up until now, I had avoided. I had no interest in the humans, and one of my few encounters with them had resulted in their deaths. So I stayed away.

"Aurora, what are you doing?"

I turned away from him and listened carefully for sounds of life. With Caius having better hearing, I could have asked him, but then my plan would have been unveiled, and the element of surprise would be lost. I climbed higher until I was on the same level as the tree tops. Sniffing the air, and turning my head from left to right, I knew I had a little way to run, but6 I now knew exactly where to go. The tell-tale sign of seeing black smoke rise up was present, it was the evening by now and they had to be cooking meat. Fresh from the days kill.

So, if they were cooking, then that meant that the men had returned. My plan should work.

"Aurora." I heard the impatience in his voice.

Snarling in response, I really wanted and needed to focus, if this was going to work. I jumped down towards the ground, balancing every now and then on large branches and I saw Caius following me swiftly.


Nosy vampire…

"To get something to eat…" Please don't try and stop me. I need to do this.

"You hunted this morning, you ate…a lot." I closed my eyes remembering the satisfaction of running all morning to catch some of the largest beasts I had ever seen. I didn't bother to save any, I ate the whole thing. I could feel the meat in my stomach, the power and strength of the beast, feeding and sustaining me. It was delicious.

I picked up my run and dove in and out of the trees following the increasingly loud sounds of the humans and the smell of the smoke. The air was getting thicker and the air was being tainted by the fire. I ran faster, pushing myself until my legs were burning, but I was not tired.

"It's not for me to eat."

"My brothers can find their own food." His voice came out halfway between a snort and a growl.

"I know, it's for you." I absentmindedly responded to him as I slowed on the fringes of the village. My pace had been much faster than any human but slightly slower than Caius, but he never ran ahead, especially when we heated, he knew better. In that manner, we were equals, both animals, hunting, killing, savaging.

"Why-..?" I interrupted him before he could get angry because, to be honest, he thought he knew everything.


"Wait here, and don't you dare move until I call for you."

He stalked towards me, pushing me roughly against a tree, my hands hanging at my sides, but I could feel every inch of him pressed against me, the now familiar ache in my stomach appeared and I felt the wave of desire wash over me.

Control it Aurora, you don't want to hurt him, don't lose control.

His words came out slowly, snarling, his red eyes shining brightly, as his razor sharp teeth came close to my lips.

"I'm not you pet." A vampire for a pet…Caius for a pet…


We both know I could always make you, I could have you writhing on the floor just by letting go and feeling what I want to feel.

"I know, but this is something I want and …need to do…please?" I raised my eyes to his, but not before devouring him like prey with my eyes. I rested my fingertips along the bone below his neck, back and forth I stroked, softly; I knew the heat of my skin would…affect him. His growl soon turned into a purr and I felt his desire for me as I projected my own for him.

Aurora, you don't have enough control, if you let go, you will hurt him. Soon, Caius, very soon, I can't wait to devour you.

"Hmmm" I leaned even closer to his ear and allowed myself to inhale his scent. The smell of blood, myself, the forest, the sea, and …vampire.

Before I became a mess I pulled away, staring into his eyes which were now a strong black, like the night sky.

"I won't be long. Promise you'll wait here?" He nodded slowly, staring into my eyes and slipping into a crouch, closer to the trees to observe. He knew I could handle humans.

I smirked proudly and sauntered over to the forest floor beds, where the guard men slept. They had a vampire and a Hunter close to them, they didn't even know. They weren't doing a very good job.

Spotting several men who had obviously come home late from a hunt, looking exhausted, I changed my direction and walked slowly over to them. It took them a while to realise that I was not from the village, and because I was less covered than the other women, they appeared suspicious.

But their suspicion didn't hide the waves of desire I could feel flowing from them. By this time I had learned the subtle nuances of arousal from another individual. It was not as strong in humans as vampires. Well, as Caius, anyway.

Finally, recognition crossed their faces as they seemed to remember the stories they had no doubt heard of the Hunter in the woods. I continued my walk towards them and felt the desire dissipate into what I assumed would be fear as I bared my teeth and quickened my pace. They looked at each other in confusion.

Silly humans. You're obviously the slowest hunters, or else you would have got back before nightfall. Slow hunters; make dead hunters, and that make beasts happy to feast on human flesh.

Leaping over to the nearest, I jumped onto his back with my hand around his neck, temporarily depriving him of air, he lost consciousness very quickly as the other starred on in horror and, tried, unsuccessfully to run away. I gave him the same treatment. Collecting the limp bodies I dragged them over to the penetrating red, waiting eyes of my vampire.

"I'm pleased, you didn't move at all."

"What is this?" He looked somewhere between disgusted and shocked, and maybe a little confused. Does he still not understand?

"Are you hungry?" I smirked because I knew for a fact that he was. The outside edges of his eyes were just starting to turn darker, near to black. It had been two days since he'd last been to the village to feed, and even then he didn't look quite satisfied. I knew he didn't like to deny his thirst, and I didn't see why he should, but especially with me, and my being around all the time, he had to take precautions. I sensed that my blood called to him, differently to other humans, still strong, but I think it was to the extent that he knew my blood would help satisfy certain…desires, he had for me.

I was still holding the two bodies halfway from the ground when I leant down and reached for their necks. I positioned myself, so their heads were resting on my knees where I could easily reach down and kill them, if they awoke too quickly.

"What. Are. You. Doing?!" His eyes were totally black now and I continued my journey towards the first humans' neck, in a show as if to feed. I smiled because even though I wasn't particularly partial to human blood, preferring meat much more, I could tell this was hard for him to watch. With my fingertips grasping at the human neck and shoulders, I placed my teeth close to his pulse point and made an action to bite.

He was standing above me now, so close, and I gestured for him to join me on the ground, at the same level as the human. Clearly having difficulty controlling his thirst, he knelt down slowly and turned his head towards me.

"See Caius, I brought you some food, you should feed, and it's been a while."

I saw his mouth pull up in a smile, and at the same time, a wave of desire coming from him. It must be because he can now associate me with food. I suppose, in that way, I felt the same, when I remember Caius stepping out of the water, slowly, carrying the food that would feed my hunger, the throbbing between my legs had never been so strong. I looked into his eyes again and a flicker of understanding crossed the two black pools and I knew, now, that he finally understood the lesson.

"You're right, it is the same, and I see that now."

"Good, now, we can talk later, for now, you can drain that human." His smirk grew even wider and I wondered whether he would send me away while he drained them, I hoped not. This was something I had always wanted to see, a vampire feeding. I always asked Nomeus, but he always said no. Now that it was Caius that I would be watching the idea entertained me even more.

He moved so quickly I barely saw it, to straddle the human body which I was holding up, sitting behind. His eyes met mine for a moment and I knew that I would enjoy this as much as he would. Without a moments notice he sunk his teeth deep into the human neck, just as the other one beside him began showing signs of consciousness.

Desire and arousal and lust flowed through me more strongly than ever and I felt Caius break the human shoulders as he lost control. I watched his eyes wince and his chest shake a little. I must be hurting him. I was such a monster. Why couldn't I control myself around him?

Running to the sea, away from him and the human was the only option. Everything seemed to be a blur as I lost myself in my tears of hatred for myself. The first time I had practiced controlling this with Aro was bad but I had been doing better. Father would be especially disappointed if all my progress in the past few days turned out to be for nothing.

We had spent time, Aro and I, trying to work out what triggered my power and how to control it. It was extremely difficult but most of all, exhausting. I had been sleeping much more than usual because I spent my whole day trying to control the intense feeling of desire, to the point of being painful, that I projected when I thought of a certain blond vampire.

Ok, whenever I even thought of Caius, and wasn't paying attention, I had either my brother or father wincing. I knew this would take time to perfect and control, but I was becoming impatient.

You're just as bad as him, these things take time, and you blame Caius for his irrationality and impatience but look at you!

I knew I could reach the beach in a very short time if I continued on my route but I wanted to keep running. I needed time to think. And I was sure that if Caius even wanted to look at me again, which I doubted, he would find me.

But then again, why would anyone ever want to stay with me, when all I could do was hurt them. This was rarely a problem with Nomeus, seeing as I had never even thought of him in that way before. The only way we found out about my…ability, was through my bodies changes as I was growing.

The last thing in the world I wanted to do was hurt Caius, and it seemed that all I could do was just that. I had to find a way to make it up to him. Something that would make him feels good, I didn't want to be able to feel any pleasure, but, unfortunately, as long as it involved him, it inevitably would. When I thought about what I wanted to show him today, about the hunt being just as important as the kill, I winced, I never for a moment thought that I would be aroused or excited by it. I'd never seen a vampire feed, but some part of me thought I might be disgusted.

I saw human life as having little value, seeing as all the encounters I had had with them had been negative, so I could not possibly associate anything good with them.

Still running, I subconsciously had made my way back to the beach and walked slowly dragging my feet along the sand which felt cool and tickled my feet. But I couldn't bring myself to laugh or even smile. I looked into the night sky as I perched myself on the point of the rock, so I was higher than I had ever been before. I wanted to jump into the sky and snatch the stars away. The moon shone in a full circle and I watched its reflection on the water.

I saw myself reflected in the water as well, the monster I was. The monster I couldn't help being. I never wanted this. I'd almost rather be a human, that way at least I'd belong to some kind of people, not vampire, nor human. I often wondered what exactly I was, but I knew it to be somewhere between the two.

Next to my small frame pictured in the water appeared a tall lean satiated vampire. I couldn't find the strength to look him in the eye, I was too ashamed. I hated myself for what I was, what I could do, what I was doing. Dropping my head into my hands I breathed in deeply and let the tears I had been holding fall down my face.

A cold finger tilted my chin up but I still couldn't look at him.

"Thank you, for earlier, I never got to say." What the hell! He wants to thank me? For causing him pain and losing control, pulling my head out of my hands, I stared at him like he was crazy.

"For teaching me my lesson," he clarified, "I didn't realise how…similar we actually are, I thought it would be so different, because of my being a vampire, but the hunt really is the most important thing to you isn't it?"

I closed my eyes and nodded, tears still running down my cheeks.

"I'm glad you understand." My voice came out strangled and unfamiliar, I was expecting him to walk away, having learnt his oh so valuable lesson and leave me. It's what I deserved, at the very least.

His finger moved from my chin up to my free falling tears, catching them one by one and tasting the salty water on his finger. Now he was the one to close his eyes, and purr.

"You taste…incredible." I felt a sharp pain in my head which surprised me, how could he still want me?

"Hardly, I'm monstrous. Look what I did to you." His fingers stroked over my eyelids and I no longer felt the urge to cry, heartless hybrid.

"The only reason you hurt me, is not because you want to but because you want me."

I nodded my head in affirmative.

"And you realise, that if I lost control, I could hurt you."

Again, I nodded, it was not something I often thought about, but I knew how dangerous vampires could be.

"Well then, let's be monstrous together. You're the only thing I've ever wanted, ever. No-one else could ever be enough, but you, you're all too much, all at once."

He leant in close to my ear and chuckled as I shivered, "Aurora, I've never wanted something so much, and I will have you, but I will give you everything, forever." I smiled and felt truly content, I felt both our desire grow to such an extent, where one cancelled out the other. I felt no pain, just the bliss of his touch.

He licked a long line up my face, tasting my tears and began purring again.


"Forever," I whispered, and then I knew my words to be true. And I also knew what I would give him to achieve redemption, something I never thought to be an option.

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