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Mayhem in Mexico

"I'll bring her back."

I'll bring her back.

But what did that even mean?

Lives had been at stake. And not just any lives, not the lives of civilians and unknown people they would never meet. No, only three particular lives were at stake if he had failed in his mission. But instead of staying with those lives, of making sure they didn't have they same fate as the rest of the world befall them, he had gone after her, knowing that if he didn't save her, if he didn't bring her back the world would be lost. Forever.

But he had brought her back, had saved her, and, in return, she had saved the world. No casualties. No one was hurt. She pulled the world through its darkest time, even if no one but her four closest friends knew it.

"You don't realize it, Raven, but you're the most hopeful person I know."

My ass.

If I'm the most hopeful person you know, Robin, why do I feel like I'm going to be the little old lady with eighteen cats and no romantic life? She asked herself. If I'm so hopeful, why do I feel like you ripped my heart into tiny little pieces? Why do I feel like you're dancing, joyous, around my funeral pyre?

Or was that last part Starfire?

It seemed like it was hard to tell these days.

But what was harder was living with Robin and his newly appointed beau. It was always 'Robin, I love you' this, 'Starfire, you're so beautiful' that. It made Raven want to cover her ears with her hands and sing la, la, la, I'm not listening like a toddler.

But worse, none of this was like Raven. She simply didn't do this kind of stupid infatuation. She had known Robin for years; why did she all of a sudden have these feelings for him? He had saved her multiple times in the past. Why was it so different this time?

Raven knew the answer – he hadn't just saved her life; he had saved her soul as well. And that bonds two people like nothing else. Whether or not Raven liked it or not, she was bonded doubly to Robin now. She could do nothing about it.

And now, after the whole Tokyo ordeal, Robin wanted to go on a real vacation in Mexico. Raven saw several problems with this. 'What happened to "heroes don't take vacations", Robin?' she thought. And why force me to go?

Because Robin had. He had forced them all to go, except for the rest of the Titans it was exciting to go on vacationing. Raven, of course, had been against the whole thing from the start. "Have fun," she said. "Tell me how it went when you get back."

She had tried to walk out of the room, but Robin stopped her by grabbing her arm. "No, Raven, you have to go with us." He said sternly. He smiled. "Think of it as a sort of family vacation."

So now Raven was standing above her suitcase, ready to tear her hair out. She had no clothes other than her leotards and capes, and one pair of old and abused jeans that she wore when it got colder. She had nothing appropriate for a Mexican beach vacation. Worse, she knew that this meant – shopping.

She contemplated this briefly. She couldn't ask Robin or Starfire. Starfire wouldn't have minded, but Robin would have insisted on tagging along, and that would not serve Raven's purpose at all. Beast Boy would be a nuisance. That left Cyborg. Raven knew that he would have been the best choice, even if Robin and Starfire weren't together. Whenever Raven went shopping with Starfire, the latter made Raven try on everything that was pink or otherwise far too girly. No, Raven was right to pick Cyborg. Picking him would make the trip much less painful.

And she was right. Raven got her shopping done much more quickly than she would have if she had taken anyone else besides Robin. She was now the not so proud owner of several plain t – shirts in various colors, a new pair of jeans, a brown sweater, a pair of yoga pants and a pair of shorts, three various shirts, and a pair of cropped blue jeans, and was now packing them in her suitcase, along with two leotards and three cloaks and, Azar help her, a bikini.
'At least I don't plan on using it,' Raven thought. She couldn't bear her body being compared to Starfire's. The red - headed alien would defiantly win that competition.

But Raven sighed and put it in her suitcase anyway. They were going to be leaving soon, and, as much as she didn't want to go, she hated being late.

On her way downstairs, as the elevator clicked, Raven was pensive. After everything she had gone through with her father and the end of the world, she had finally been allowed to feel. That was something she hadn't been used to. Though her powers were still mostly fuelled by her emotions, they weren't entirely ruled by them. More than once, Raven wondered if maybe she had always had feelings for Robin, and only after she had started allowing herself to be more emotional did she realize it. But as soon as she thought it, she pushed it away, crushed it. There was no way.

On the outside, Raven was the same person – quiet, shy, seemingly cold. But on the inside she burned. On the inside she felt, she cried, she was heartbroken. Robin had seemed like her knight – in – shining – armor when, in reality, he was Starfire's all along. It was Starfire sitting behind him on his shining white horse, beaming, her beautiful red hair flowing behind her.

Raven touched her nearly shoulder length locks. She had always kept it short; doing so kept her hair from getting in her way during a fight. And purple? What was she thinking? And just like that, her hair was black, as it had been before she had left Azarath for Earth. The length would have to wait; she couldn't just will hair in and out of existence.

"What's gotten into me?" she wondered out loud. 'Robin wasn't ever everything.', this time to herself. 'He still isn't anything'. She was lying to herself and she knew it.

"Come on, Raven, it's not going to be so bad."

Raven crossed her arms across her chest and snorted. "Yeah, right, Cyborg. This is my exact idea of fun. I'm so excited I can even contain it."

Cyborg laughed at Raven's sarcasm. "Really, it's not gonna be so bad. Robin rented a little Mexican villa right on the bayou and it's got a great view."
"What do you expect, Vic? I don't like this kind of thing. I enjoy being who I really am, and being a beach bum isn't me."

Cyborg leaned over a touched Raven's newly black hair. "Is that why you changed you're hair, Rae? Because that's 'really you'?"

"Hey, don't judge. It's unbecoming."

Cyborg chuckled again. "Really, Raven, you shouldn't worry. Just because you don't want to go doesn't mean it's going to be awful. It's a nice villa; you could just take a book and just hole up in your room."

Cyborg had been kidding, but Raven took it to heart. It wouldn't be a bad idea, and it meant that, after she had done her exploring, she could hide, away from the others questioning glances. She had had enough after the hair incident. And, because of her natural curiosity, she would want to explore, and this would satisfy Robin. 'Everybody wins' she thought.

By the time the Titans had rented a car in Texas and driven to the Mexican border, Raven had had an argument with Beast Boy over cars, tried to ignore Starfire, glared at Robin for forcing this on her. She was now asleep, and dreaming.

Raven walked underneath a natural stone bridge close to the villa, her black hair up in a ponytail, her long, ankle length black skirt swishing as she walk. The water was beautiful, a clear blue reflecting the beautiful sunset. She was hot and sweaty from her exploration on the nearby Mexican country side, and the water looked cool and good for swimming. Tentatively, she stuck her foot in the clear water. Deeming it safe, she slowly submerged herself until she was almost waist deem if water. It felt good.

Suddenly, Raven was aware of footsteps in the surrounding woods. Her ears perked, trying to determine the direction the footsteps were coming from. She quickly turned to her left, and was about to summon her powers when she realized that it was Robin.
"Raven?" he asked surprised to see her wait deep in water, her long skirt floating delicately on the surface. Raven's face was tinted pink.

Robin looked confused. "Why are you… um, swimming?"

Raven looked up at Robin's waiting (and still masked) eyes. For the first time, she noticed that he was shirtless and wearing swimming trunks. "I was exploring, Bird Boy." She told him, heavy sarcasm lacing her voice.

Robin chuckled. "That doesn't answer my question, Bird Girl," he taunted.

His teasing made Raven's cheeks flush deeper.

"Make a connection there, Rick?" she said, using his real name and splashing him lightly to ease the tension in her stomach.

Seemingly uncaring, Robin stepped right into the water splashing Raven, successful in soaking the rest of her body. Raven, smiling, sent a thick black wave of water crashing over Robin's head, sending his hair flat on his head. The two kicked and splashed with each other for about an hour when…

Raven was startled as Cyborg shook her awake. "Rae, we're here," his gentle voice told her. Groggily, Raven rubbed the sleep out of her eyes and practically rolled out of the car.

When she was finally awake enough to see, she realized that someone – probably Cyborg – had courteously placed her luggage on the ground for her. She mentally thanked him and picked her suitcase up.

Only to drop it when she saw the beautiful villa in front of her.

It was astounding, built it the Spanish ranch style, of course, with only one story. But there was a certain charm about it, something Raven hadn't expected. Her imagination had come up with a little shack that was barely inhabitable. Seeing this beautiful and true villa was like a shock of venom to her system.

'He probably spent too much money on it,' Raven thought, thinking about the amount of money Robin had spent on their little vacationing house. 'He probably spent to much on the entire vacation.'

Raven loved her room. It was the farthest back from the communal living room, and very cozy. Actually, if she was honest with herself, she loved the whole villa. It was as beautiful inside as it was outside, and homey like Titans Tower could never be. After all, the Tower was almost nothing more than headquarters. It was home, but in a forced sort of way. The Tower, apart from each individual's bedroom, was impersonal and without homey touches.

It was very, very different here. Raven hated to admit it because it meant Robin had won, but she was actually glad to be here. The villa was small, but then again, Raven had never been one for pomp and circumstance. She loved it, felt at home from the very moment she stepped foot in it.

The only thing she though would make it better was a lack of a Starfire/Robin relationship. But that was just her opinion.

Later that day, Raven had made herself at home and was sitting on her bed reading when she heard a knock on her wooden door, a sound she was not used to, since all the doors at Titans Tower were metallic. She got up and answered the door to find Robin standing in the hallway.

"Hey," he said awkwardly.

"Hi?" Raven replied, rather baffled as to why her leader was paying her a visit.

"Can I come in?" he inquired, and without a word, Raven moved aside to let him in, and silently closed the door behind him.

"Did you want something?" Raven asked as she sat next to Robin on the bed. He looked sheepish.

"Well, yeah. I just wanted to say I'm sorry for making you come on this vacation. I know you didn't want to come."

Raven smiled and put her hand on Robin's shoulder. "Don't worry about, Boy Blunder. It's nice here. I'm almost glad I came," she lied. "Almost."

Robin, sighing dramatically for effect, smiled. "Oh, thank goodness. I thought you were going to roast me alive!"

Raven playfully pushed him to the side. "Oh, shut up, you know I never would. You're my best friend."

Robin smirked. "Always?"

Smiling warmly, Raven nodded. "Always."


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