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Mayhem in Mexico

Raven cooked a lot these days. She was in the kitchen at Titans Tower now, making lunch for any of those that wanted it, humming quietly under her breath. The smell of her cooking wafted up to her nose, the smell of chicken tacos, a new team favourite. She had cooked it for them every Tuesday since they had gotten back from Mexico, glad for a real home cooked meal and not take out every night.

Raven looked back on the vacation fondly. So much had changed so quickly that it left her head spinning, sometimes, when she thought about it, but she was, in the end, glad she had given in to Robin and gone with them to Mexico.

She was sure Starfire was less pleased about things. Raven knew the little alien was very upset over her breakup, even if she made a point of not showing it. In a mutual respect for Starfire, Raven and Robin were waiting to make their relationship official, but it was no secret how they felt about each other, now.

She smiled fondly at the memory of their last day in Mexico. Raven had gone on an expedition to find anything interesting in the landscape around the villa, hoping to find something more interesting than cacti and brush. She had come across a spring with a bit of land overhead that suggested that someone had once tried to form a bridge out of the rock above. Sticking her toe in the cool water, she decided that it would be refreshing enough for a swim. So, hot and sweaty from her exploration, Raven walked into the water, her long black skirt floating around her in billows.

She had heard Robin coming not long after, and when she saw him, he was in nothing but his swim trunks, a white towel draped over his arm. She had, at first, suspected that he had known she was there, but when he finally spotted her, he looked almost embarrassed to find her waist deep in the water with her skirt doing almost nothing to preserve her modesty.

He looked confused. "Raven? Why are you… um, swimming?"

She looked up at him with amused eyes, the hint of a smile playing at her lips. "I was exploring, Bird Boy," she answered, splashing a bit of water at her friend.

Robin chuckled and discarded his towel on the ground nearby, getting into the water and wading to where Raven was standing. "That doesn't answer my question, Bird Girl."

Raven rolled her eyes at him, splashing him again, if only to ease the sudden tightness she felt in her stomach. "Make a connection there, did you, Richard?"

He shrugged and playfully splashed her himself, soaking the rest of her body. "I guess I finally did."

Raven rolled her eyes again and summoned a wave of her power to crash water over Robin's head. He laughed jovially and kicked his way through the now deeper water to where she was standing, arms crossed, and tucked a lock of her hair behind her ear. "You look cute when you're sulking," he informed her, and she laughed.

"I'm not sulking, I just don't like being sopping wet," she replied.

Robin had shrugged and moved into kiss her without another word.

They didn't show that kind of affection in front of anyone. Occasionally they would hold hands if they happened to be sitting next to each other on the couch, somewhere where Starfire would not be hurt if she saw it, but things otherwise remained fairly the same. Sometimes Robin would say something to Raven that he perhaps wouldn't have said before Mexico, and Raven would blush, but things hadn't changed significantly.

The one thing that had changed, though, was their Friday nights. More often than not, Robin would show up at Raven's door in jeans and a t-shirt, maskless, and grab her by the wrist, demanding that they should go see a movie. The others knew they did it, but they didn't know about the stolen glances at the theatre. They had already gone to see Pirates of the Caribbean four times, but Raven was sure that she wouldn't be able to describe it to anyone, should they ask. She had been far too busy with Robin.

Raven returned to the present and noticed that Robin was standing in the doorway, watching her. She smiled kindly at him but went back to her work, mixing up taco seasoning and browning the chicken meat. He came up behind her and leaned down to smell the sauce, smiling as he did so.

"Smells great, Rae," he told her.

She scowled. "You always say that. And it better smell "great" because it takes bloody forever to cook chicken. I really should recruit some help."

Robin smirked. "I'll go find Beast Boy; maybe he'd lend you a hand."

"Har har, you big clown," she responded, tempted to smack him with her dirty wooden mixing spoon. You're here, you help me."

Robin obeyed and took the mixing spoon from her, giving her a light kiss on the cheek as he did so. Raven rolled her eyes, though she appreciated the little show of affection. It was like he was in his own little world with her, and she enjoyed being a part of it.


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