Chapter 2

From the first day I joined the Wish Catering Crew, I stayed with them. I couldn't do as much as I did before but I did help out as much as I possibly could.

"Wes more cocktail weenies pronto!" I yelled to Wes.

"Ok, ok Mace.. jeez I only have two hands!" Wes replied to me.

"Then grow another one." I said, leaving, him.

I know he knows I am kidding so I don't bother apologizing or anything. Wes isn't one to hold a grudge or anything either.

Today we were Wish Catering at a house party. Like a crazy, drunk, wild house party. It didn't plan to go this way, but apparently it did. Believe it or not it was just an open house! How does that even happen? The lady hosting the "open house" didn't want to stop the people from coming in who thought it was a party because she thought it would, "help the publicity" or something. Then it turned to more people, beer was brought, and now this. An out of control wild house party/open house.

Shots of comments and questions as to, "where the hell the cocktail weenies were" were being fired at me. I practically ignore their complaining, not in the mood right now people, seriously.

Just as I was complaining silently to myself, and to the people who were so unfortunate to see my evil glares, Jason walks in. I don't like drama, whatsoever, so I run the complete opposite way, keeping my head down, but it appears he saw me already, because he was right behind me, on my trail.

I go outside and slam the screen door, feeling a little bad for the people who I half knocked over on my way there.

"Macy, stop."

I listened, because I knew he would not stop, he would not give up, if he had something to say, he would say it, because Jason never gives up. Plus, there was nowhere else to go.

"What Jason, what could you possibly want?" I said, not caring if I was rude.

"Macy look, I know you still love me. I know it. You have to." He said.

This ticked me off completely.

"No Jason, I don't HAVE to do anything, I don't HAVE to have feelings for you, I don't have feelings for you."

"Yes, you do, Macy."


Apparently Wes could see me through the kitchen window and he came out the second he knew I was in a place that I didn't want to be in.

"What the hell?" He said, once he got outside.

"This doesn't concern you." Jason says back.

"Apparently it does, you're harassing my girlfriend, no leave." Wes orders him.

While these two are going at it, I feel scared for Jason, and in love with Wes completely. Scared for Jason because if he pushes it too far, Wes will knock the shit out of him, and in love with Wes because he sticks up for me.

Apparently I missed something, because Wes just threw his fist into the side of Jason's face.

"What the heck, man?" Said Jason.

"Wes, what are you doing?" I asked, running up to his side.

"This punk says you love him." He replied back to me.

"She does love me, and she has a right to talk to me!"

"Is that true, Macy?" Wes asks me.

"No, it's not Wes, Jason get out."

"But Macy—"

"Get the hell out Jason." Said Wes.

And with that he left.

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