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So here we go, Bella is not very Bella like but I put a lot of consideration into what affect being able to read minds would have on her, what would change and what would stay the same and the Bella in this story is what I've come up with.

My mother was thinking about how much she'd miss me; she was also imagining life on the road and the freedom she thought she'd lost when I was born. Not that she regretted having me; I knew peoples mind they're always full of opposites, complications, things that don't quite make sense. I didn't know my fathers mind well and this worried me. There were also problems with moving to a small town, it's harder to be invisible when there are less 'visible' people around, and I needed to be invisible I needed my secrets to be kept exactly that, secrets. I would go to Folks though. My mother had done a lot for me; she had tried her hardest not to freak out when I hit puberty and my mind reading started. She had supported me through the migraines and the nose bleeds. She'd tried not to think about the men she was dating whilst I was around, she'd moved sate when the doctors started to suggest mental illness and the drugs had made me comatose. But most importantly she had believed me.

Our goodbyes at the airport were brief, everything that needed to be said had already been said a half a dozen times, I headed thought security embarrassed as the security guard tried to think of a reason to frisk me and luckily failed. Before boarding the plane I took a moment to try and seal in the heat of phoenix not sure when it was I'd feel it again then said a silent goodbye to a place that had been both a home and a safe haven for me over the last couple of years.

Charlie was waiting for me in Port Angeles.

God she's grown, I hardly recognize her, and I hardly know her. I hope she likes the truck.

"Bella." He shouted over me whilst I stood there wondering what he had meant by truck in his thoughts.

I walked over to him'

"Hi dad." He gave me an awkward one-armed hug and then picked up my bag ready to carry it to the police cruiser. My father was chief of police in Folks, he was well respected by the 3000 people who lived there. He was also still in love with my mother and as we drove the hour to Folks his mind kept flitting to her as he tried his best not to ask questions about her. He finally gave in and telling himself to sound casual started talking.

"You look good Bells, you haven't changed much."

Just more of a woman and less of a girl, what have I got myself into I don't know how to look after a teenage girl I just know I'll mess up and she'll hate me for it. It was so much easier when she was a kid to get her to like me, I should have fought harder to get more time with her.

"How's Rene's?" It was always confusing when people thought one thing and said another usually the thoughts and conversations went along the same lines but on occasions people were deliberately trying to keep what they were thinking from you. Of course my father didn't realize just how impossible that was with me.

"Moms fine. It's good to see you, too, Dad." I put emphasis on this and tried to sound happy to reassure him that I did want to be here, even though I didn't.

Fine, what's fine suppose to mean.

I sighed; it would be a long day.

"I found a good car for you."
So the truck was for me, nice gesture but I wasn't too sure if I could see myself in a truck.

"What kind of car?" I asked pretending not to know.

"Well, it's a truck actually a Chevy." In his mind I saw the truck a heavy built old Chevy painted red. I loved it. Really loved it, it was perfect. I continued to push for more information as we drove along, he had brought it of an old friend who I couldn't remember but I saw a flash of a teenage boys face that seemed familiar. Jacob.

As we pulled into the driveway of the two storied house I had lived in for the first few years of my life I saw the van, Charlie's memories didn't do it justice. It was a big old giant of a thing and I truly loved it. It looked like it could go five rounds with a rhino and still not have a scratch on it.

"Wow, Dad, I love it! Thanks!"
"I'm glad you like it."

Guess I did something right, this might not be so bad after all.

I retired to my room early that night I was so nervous about the next day, with only 357 students and me being new in the middle of term it would be hard to escape attention. Perhaps a few shy comments a general uninterested in everything and they'd leave me alone after a couple of weeks, a month if they were really persistent.

I couldn't have friends, I had barely escaped ending up in a mental institute once before. I would slip up at some point say something I shouldn't know a few to many times and people would start to get suspicious. If anybody actually believed I had mind reading abilities they would freak out, it took my mother over a year to stop panicking and repeating the alphabet in her head whenever I was around and she's a very open person who loves me.

So I couldn't have friends and I didn't have my mother, I was entirely on my own here. I curled up into a ball and cried.

Folks high school looked like a collection of mismatched, obviously built in the thirties red brick buildings. If I was being positive I could have thought it quaint. If I were not some sort of mind reading freak that shouldn't even exist I would have thought how easy it would be to get to know people in a small town. As it was I just thought abut how confusing the lay out looked and how my new and already beloved van was drawing attention to me already, the opposite of what I wanted. Oh monster, did you have to make that load banging noise as soon as I pulled into the driveway?

I looked about me trying to block out the thoughts of the students who were stood around the edges of the parking lot, In the rain, wasn't their a nice cafeteria they could go to. My searching eyes finally fell on what they had been seeking, a small sign on a shed of a building that said front office. I pulled my hood up tight and hoping that none of the student collective would have the confidence to come over and talk to me ducked out the cab locked the door and ran to the safety of thankfully warm office.

Behind the desk was a large red haired woman wearing glasses, she gave me a friendly and welcoming smile.

" Can I help you?"

I hope so I thought.

"I'm Isabella Swan."

Should have known she looks just like her Mother. A blurred image of my mother as a teenager flashed into my mind. Bet she's a trollop like her mother too. To run away from a good man who loves you like chief Swan. A fine good-looking man, nothing of him in the girl that's for sure.

As the rancid thoughts drifted unwanted into my mind the woman was routing through stacks of unarranged papers lining her desk. Then handed out a few sheets of paper to me.

" I have your schedule right here, and a map of the school. I hope you'll be happy here in Folks like your Father is."

Like your slutty mother wasn't.

"Thank you." I had got used to holding my temper in the last few years.

I managed to keep my head down and stay unnoticed for the first lesson. I was just silently congratulating myself as a gangly boy with a skin condition and long lank black hair came up to me, to be fair I could see the look he was trying to go for.

Just speak to her, she's new, she doesn't know anybody she'll probably be grateful that somebody's noticed her.

Think again buddy.

"Your Isabella Swan aren't you?"

Knew she was coming a month back, not what I expected, thought phoenix was meant to be sunny.

"Bella." I corrected.



Chief's daughter

Eric thinks his got a chance does he.

My head hurt with the sudden volume of thoughts directed at me, when people think about you it's harder to block them out it's like all of a suddenly they all had a direct line into my head and now everybody in the room was pretending not to be watching me. There thoughts focusing on my face, on my clothes dredging up memories trying to think of something they might know about me, imagining being my friend imagining sleeping with me. I wish I could just tell them all to shut up.

"Where's your next class?"

"Government with Jefferson, in building six."
Danm hoped she was in with me. Still..

"I'm in building four, I could show you the way… I'm Eric." He added, I was thankful that he remembered he had forgotten to introduce himself as I already knew his name and that's one of those little things I can slip up on from time to time.

"Thanks." I said, not wanting to have to try and find it it and myself might be seen a strange for me not to accept, I was sure I could act disinterested enough during the walk to put him off from further attempts at friendship.

I sighed as I put my hood up and followed him out into the rain.

Good, I'm going to building six, I can follow them and hear what they're talking about. She looked behind her at where the 'voice' had come from the girl had long blonde hair she didn't recognize her. Was she born this noisy or was Folks such a boring place that most of it's members resorted to stalking for entertainment.

Got to think of something to talk about, chief Swan, no bad choice, her Mother, God Eric drop the parental line of work. Phoenix,

"So this is a lot different than phoenix, hua?"


"It doesn't rain much there, does it?"

"Three r four times a year." And that's enough.

"Wow, what must that be like."


"You don't look very tanned."
To much interest time for an off remark, take some of his confidence away,

" My mothers part albino."

Was that a joke, or is it true, danm, do I laugh, if I laugh and it's true I'm a jerk, if it's meant to be funny and I don't laugh then I've got a bad sense of humor.

The door, saved, I didn't have to wait to find out what he concluded or him trying to make conversation. He seemed a nice enough person, I didn't want to knock his confidence too much, and just enough so he wouldn't want to talk to me too much.

"Well good luck. Maybe we'll have some other classes together."

I didn't answer, just walked into the class and hoped that people's inner voices would quiet down or that the nurse had paracetomol.

Nobody talked to me for the next few lessons, a fact I was grateful for, though they did think of me, and the headache was starting to take on mammoth proportions. At lunchtime I headed into the small cafeteria, walking slowly as I tried to remember the way. If my head didn't remember then my feet seemed to because I found myself in front of the glass double doors that opened into the large dining area.

"Hi there."

I jumped it was very rare with my abilities that anybody was able to creep up on me. I turned to look at the culprit and found the small brunette girl who had been seated next to me in two of my lessons.


"I'm Jessica, if you've got nobody to sit with you can come and sit at our table, you've already met Eric."

I quickly glanced through the doors, no empty tables; I would have to sit with somebody.

" Yeah, thanks."
So there I was sat with seven curious strangers trying to enjoy a salad the definitely had too much vinaigrette and dodge questions whilst endless voices attacked my mind. Some looking at me, some pratterling in a bored fashion, some daydream, some taking in conversations or trying to think of something impressive to say.

Why do we have to earn trigonometry anyway.

I hate Karen.

He's cheating on me, I know he is why else would he be sneaking around my back.

Got to get beer for the surprise birthday party.

God a D what am I meant to tell my parents.

Please God don't let him get drunk again tonight, please.

He's thirst again, why does he have to do this to himself, Oh Jazz.

Blood, hot warm blood it smells so good.

Why does he have to be so annoying, I've tried to like him I really have, Emmett and me should have sex on his coach again, he hates that.

I automatically pulled my mind away from the images in my head, distractedly looking around, puzzled at the strange thought of blood I'd heard. I identified it has belonging to a tall blonde boy who looked even paler than me. He was sat next to Emmett who she recognized from the thought pictures at must have come from the blonde girl who he had his arms wrapped around. Also at the table were a tiny brunette with pixie features and spiky hair and a stunningly handsome boy with messy bronze hair. In fact they were all stunningly good looking, the boys every girls sexual fantasy and the girls what every girl wants to be whilst still feeling jealous and secretly hating them. The idea of blood coming from the blonde boy caught my curiosity and I tried to concentrate on him and see what he was thinking.

She's a young girl, what's her name, she has siblings, concentrate on her individuality, concentrate on anything that will stop you, so thirsty, it burns.

I couldn't work out what he meant but it worried me, I would keep a close eye on him.

"Who are they?" I asked the girl next to me, interrupting a conversation I wasn't aware we'd been having. She leaned back to see who I was talking about and I glanced back myself only to find a dark pair of eyes staring back, they belonged to the devastatingly good looking slim boyish one.

Don't know why they are all calling her pretty; I think she's rather plain.

I felt a warm flush hit my cheeks just as he looked away; he had already dismissed me.

The Cullen's, Weird, hope she doesn't want me to introduce her they give me the freaks.

I felt even more curious at this, people that were considered weird always interested me, in a way I was searching for somebody else like me, unfortunately so far all id found were people who preferred to be alone and those with unusual interests. There were a few sociopaths of course but mostly they were the ones who seemed normal, I guess that's what makes the sociopath.

"That's Edward, Alice and Emmett Cullen and Jasper and Rosalie Hale. They al live together with doctor Cullen and his wife."
"They're all .. Very nice-looking."
Yeah that's what makes it so bad that they're freaks I suppose, it's like a waste or something. And they're so uptight flirting with Edward that time; I would have got more response out of a brick wall.

With the name and picture of Edward I was able to put a name to each face. The devastating one who had insulted me in his mind was Edward, the Blonde with the blood problem Jasper and the muscular bear like one who any sports team would be proud to own was Emmett. The petite girl Alice and the swimsuit model blade was Rosalie.

"Yes! They're all together though."

I let Jessica explain the strange inter-adopted-family dating. I thought that the fact they were adopted might explain Jaspers strange blood thoughts, perhaps something terrible had happened to him as a child, I was stuck between wanting to delve deeper into his mind to answer the question and wanting to stay clear afraid of what I might find there. She went on to tell me how they had all moved to Folks form Antarctica a few years ago wish they had stayed her mind added. Then she went on in a quiet whisper about how they never talked to anybody and Edward never dated so don't even think about it.

Finally the bell rang and I was able to escape to class, Biology II, one of my favorite classes back in phoenix. When I arrived everybody else had already taken their seats I had been hoping for a desk on my own but

All the tables were filled except one. I'd have to sit next to Edward Cullen the boy who thought I wasn't very pretty, this suited me more than sitting next to one of the boys who did consider me pretty. I was used to the sexual thoughts of teenage boys they were very predictable and always contained the same elements but it was still annoying to see myself though their thoughts. I concentrated harder on blocking the thoughts around me, in phoenix I was so used to the voices that it came easily to ignore them but here the voices were all so new.


The violence of the thought hit me so hard I stopped and stared around me flabbergasted. I tried to pinpoint where the thought was coming from but all I could get was an overwhelming sense of thirst so bad that it burnt my throat and made my gasp. It was then that I saw his face, in person and in my thoughts; Edward Cullen was looking at me with a look of complete fury and hostility. In his minds eye he was tearing my throat out with strangely sharp teeth not just killing me but allowing my blood to run into his mouth quenching the thirst. God the entire family were freaks. I'd seen shocking violence in others minds before but the vividness and lust that accompanied this one left me feeling weak and dizzy.

"Miss Swan, the seat next to Edward is free." I turned around the teacher was stood in front of me smiling gently and gesturing towards the seat next to the boy who imagined killing me.

"I'm sorry, I feel rather ill do you mind if I go to the nurses office?"
First day nerves poor thing.

"Yes of course."

I turned to walk down the hallway trying to decide what to do about the strange thoughts in the boy's head, Surly if I kept out his way he'd soon forget about me and start having his strange fantasies about somebody else.


The mental voice came from behind me although I had not heard any footsteps; I turned to find myself face to face with Edward Cullen. He looked down at me with those black eyes and smiled a sexy dazzling smile.

Look friendly, get her trust you.

The image of blood came into my thoughts again and I recoiled from him. He looked confused for a moment.

"Hello, my name is Edward Cullen, I was in your Biology class just now, I was wondering if you'd like me to show you the way to the nurses office?" His voice was calm and friendly with a strange hint to it that made me consider saying yes for a split second despite the fact I knew how dangerous he was.

"Leave me alone you vampire freak!" I shouted the words coming out of my mouth before I could stop myself. I ran my heart thumping with sudden adrenaline. Just before I turned the corner I saw Edward standing where I'd left him a look of shocked confusion on his face.