Dear Readers, I'm writing this as English as I can because I got told off for being American last time. So that is why it says HOLIDAY and not VACATION in the title. The story actually happens in summer. I hope you like it. Daisy

Lyra sat up in her bed. It was morning. "Hooray!!!" she cried, "It's morning, and it's the first day of the holidays."

"No more Latin, no more French! No more sitting on the old school bench!" cried Pantalaimon, her beloved pine-marten daemon.

Lyra leapt out of her bed. She was wearing pyjamas with a floral pattern and they were very pretty.

Lyra had a wash but she didn't really need it, as she was clean now that she was at Saint Sophia's and not a mudlark any more.

"Ugh, porridge!" she cried at breakfast. She thought that, as it was the holidays, she would not have to eat porridge at breakfast; but no.

"It is good for you, Lyra," said Dame Hannah. "It helps keep you regular." She had toast, marmalade, and tea too.

After breakfast they went to the station and caught a train to the country. There were Lyra and Pantalaimon, and her friends Mary and Mabel. They were going to stay at a ranch in the country.

When they got to the farm (in a cart - they rode on the back with their bags), there was the farmer's wife with a big rosy-cheeked smile!

"Hello girls," she said. "Welcome to Brookfield Farm. There is bags of room in the farm and I have lots of bedrooms."

"Oh, no!" said the friendly girls. "We want to room together!"

So that was settled and they all had a big room in the attic. By the way, Mary's daemon was Albrecht (he was a pussy cat) and so was Mabel's. His name was Brian.

They had a super yummy lunch of beef, and then there was lashings of ice cream, but there were cherries on top. They made Lyra sad - she was thinking of her Will.

Just then there was a loud barking. It was Timmy the Dog!!! "This is Timmy," said the farmer's wife, whose name was Jill. "He is so smart some people think he's a daemon but he's just a dog really. He will show you round the farm."

Timmy wagged his tail so much, they all laughed.

They looked round the farm. It was super! "Gosh," said Mabel and Mary. "This farm is very nice."

Lyra said nothing. She was still upset by the cherries. Mary and Mabel knew this so they didn't say anything.

There were cows and horses and lambs and sheep and fields, and it wasn't at all like Oxford or the North Pole.

That night they all went to sleep in their attic room. "This is a smashing holiday," said Pan. "Yes," said Lyra. "I hope we stay here for ever. If only Will were here too…"

Shall I write some more (make it a longer story)?

Love to you all,