Hidden Hearts

Chapter Rating: T

*I will probably rate the story M because it will contain adult themes*

Ok Ok here's more yaoi fodder for the masses. I at least attempted to keep them in character in this one and its angsty…like all the others. So let me know how I did on the whole in character thing k? I got this idea while listening to "Carry You Home" by James Blunt, for me, it's a very touching and meaningful song. Anyways, to be perfectly honest with you I'm not sure the two are related but just thought I'd tell you when the idea came to me. I'm probably going to make more than one chapter (I have some ideas and from the looks of things this story isn't gonna end any time soon T.T) but one step at a time right?

Hidden Hearts

Lelouch strolls down the brick layered sidewalk inside the Ashford Academy campus. On a bright, sunny day like today, many of the students were spending time in the courtyard afterschool. Lelouch however seems particularly preoccupied with something as he keeps his head down seeming very intent upon the brickwork laid out before his feet. "Lelouch!" he hears someone call out. With a sigh Lelouch turns to see who it was that disturbed his thoughts about… "Lelouch, there you are. We didn't see you at the Student Council meeting." Suzaku said with a smile as he caught up to the raven haired boy. "Ah. Well, you see I was" Lelouch started to explain but Suzaku cut him off "You were off gambling again weren't you? I thought you gave that up." Suzaku said in an accusatory tone. Lelouch just smiled and replied with "you caught me" in one of the most playful tones. Lelouch wasn't about to go arguing today, especially not with Suzaku. Lelouch really needed to get away from the boy as soon as possible before he found out about his little secret. My little secret Lelouch thought with mirth that had turned into a big problem. Lelouch adjusted the strap of his black bag on his shoulder and said "Well Suzaku, I was just about to go into town. There's a few things I need to pick up and I don't want to be out too late. Nunnally will worry about me after all." He started to walk away, thinking he had avoided a precarious situation when Suzaku spoke up from behind him "Hey wait! That's great, I'm going into town too!" Lelouch's eyes widened as he heard Suzaku's footsteps follow him. Lelouch turned his head and said "But Suzaku, don't you have military duties?" Suzaku blushed as he explained "Well Lloyd decided it would be best to give me some time off after that incident at the prison…" Suzaku didn't feel completely comfortable talking about this with Lelouch. It made him feel as though he had deceived his friend about what he actually did in the military. But Suzaku hadn't wanted to make it seem like a big deal, and he was afraid Lelouch would worry about him unnecessarily if he was told the truth. "Oh right" Lelouch said uncertainly, this was a touchy subject for him as well. Lelouch thought for a moment but could think of no excuse for Suzaku to not accompany him so he said, albeit reluctantly "Well, you're right then, we should go into town together." And with that Lelouch resumed his walk towards the campus exit leaving Suzaku to catch up to him.

1:00am Lelouch finally laid down on his bed with a tired sigh. He and Suzaku had spent quite a bit of time together that day and it had done nothing but frustrated Lelouch even more. First off he hadn't been able to accomplish any of the 'errands' he had set out to do in regards to the Black Knights but furthermore it had seemed as though Suzaku had been hell bent on keeping Lelouch's little problem at the forefront of his mind. Lelouch closed his eyes in exasperation as he remembered how, earlier that day, Suzaku had insisted that they share a shake at their favorite ice cream parlour (A/N I am so sorry but wtf does ice cream keep showing up in my yaois?!? I swear I don't have a weird fetish D…sigh ok continue) Lelouch couldn't stop thinking about Suzaku in a most inappropriate manner as he sipped the strawberry shake from the same straw Suzaku had been using! "stubborn fool" Lelouch breathed aloud as he thought about the days events. It never ceased to surprise him how a boy like Suzaku, who had grown up in a traditional Japanese home, could be so oblivious to the impropriety of little stunts like the one he pulled today "but then again" Lelouch mused "he's always been like that, with me." And it was true that nothing had ever come between him and Suzaku, they had always been open with each other. Like when they were little and read books all night long underneath the covers in Suzaku's room because Lelouch had been frightened by the lightening storm outside. Or how they went on grand adventures all over Japan's countryside, always together. But now, Lelouch feared, too much had come between them over these past seven years that their friendship, let alone his secret desire for love, would never stand a chance. Lelouch knew that he couldn't love Suzaku, it was forbidden! Not just by the empire but by his heart as well. The very same heart that told him to love Suzaku and care for him always told him it was wrong to think of a boy that way. But even more condemning than all of that was Lelouch's mind, which told him that Suzaku could never love Lelouch; because he was a boy, because Lelouch was a liar, because they were now enemies, and because Suzaku had to hate Lelouch, Lelouch would make him hate. Lelouch knew, ever since that day Suzaku turned his back on Zero, on his savior from execution, that he and Suzaku would never be anything but enemies. As Lelouch came out of his thoughts he realized that his face was wet and with anger Lelouch wiped away the tears that had fallen unbidden and for absolutely no reason. Lelouch lay down upon his pillow once more, his eyes still moist, and attempted to sleep. He knew he need the rest badly, just as he knew that nothing but a very long and very lonely night awaited him. As he gazed out the window he didn't notice as a certain green haired witched carefully and silently closed the door. "Hmm" CC mused to herself "Lelouch seems rather upset but, I can't imagine why?" after a slight pause she stated with resolution "well, he better not go getting himself hurt before he fulfills my contract." With that she walked down the hall into the next room. She would let him have his room for tonight, it's not as though it really mattered to her anyway.

Ok so not too much yaoi in this chapter. I'm not expecting it to get real heavy but there will be sexual tension and maybe some boy love. Review please?