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Lelouch screamed out in his mind "Suzaku!" Awakening to a dark room Lelouch's eyes grew large as much with surprise as with the need to take in light. "Suzaku…" He said in a dull whisper. Lelouch did not sleep well that whole night. He could not keep the whisper of skin upon skin out of his mind nor could he keep the fear that he felt as he was ripped through the sky by that giant black bird. Shivering from the cold Lelouch got up and crept downstairs; at 5 o'clock in the morning he knew he would be getting no more sleep this night. Besides, there was always work to be done. He found C2 in the kitchen eating some Domino's pizza.

"I don't see how you get them to deliver at all hours of the night"

"hmph" she responded non committaly "I give them enough business"

"I know you do" Lelouch sighed

"You're troubled"

"No I am not troubled, just tired. Tired of this war."

"Surely you're not going to give up now?" C2 asked

"No. But the further along I go with my plans… the more I realize that this entire thing might be a war of attrition. I have to be the victor but the costs…the costs are going to be more than I ever imaged."

"Silly, I told you the costs when you accepted the contract. You will be separated from all others. Everyone who is dear to you will be taken from you."

"Or I will be taken from them." Lelouch said low in his throat

"Hmm?" C2 looked up with wide eyes.

"Nothing. Finish your pizza witch." And with that Lelouch was out of the room before another word could be said.

Lelouch snuck down to the fencing training room. It was on the way to his secret entrance to the underground network beneath the school, and he often liked to stop at the training room to think.

The fencing room was a place to escape to. It had nothing to do with Lelouch or with Zero. It was a large room with high ceilings and windows. It gave Lelouch a rare sense of calm and, especially in the early hours of the morning, it had a sense of protection. The warm wooden floors shone softly in the moonlight and the silence, the silence was bliss. Lelouch made his way through the double doors of the training hall which he had picked with ease; he sat down on a side of the room and leaned back against the cool wall.

Perhaps it's time to do something about Suzaku. It would be best to neutralize the enemy if he will not join us. While the boy would be useful to our goals he has proven unwilling to participate in the destruction of Britannia. Lelouch thought cold and calculatingly with none of the warmth for his friend present.

That's true, he could get in the way of my plans and I want to make this world better. Britannia must be stopped. This is not a world which values people like myself, like Nunnally. For her, I must sever ties with Suzaku. For her, I must continue.

No! This cannot be only for Nunnally. You will have to sever ties with her as well in order to be successful. While the thought pained Lelouch he knew that the voice inside himself was right. C2 was correct, he would have to lose everything he cared for to better this world. With a heavy sigh he stood and made to leave the fencing room.

Slowly, the double doors creaked open and Lelouch froze in place, right in the middle of the sparing floor. Suzaku stepped through the doors glistening in sweat. He had clearly just finished a rigorous practice. Lelouch and Suzaku eyed each other warily, Lelouch allowed his gaze to roam over Suzaku's body where he found in the boys right hand…a katana? But Lelouch thought all Japanese fighting styles were banned after the Britannian Empire took over.

Lelouch did not allow his surprise to show through. Instead he took on an air of contempt. "Hmph. So Suzaku I would have thought that a military man such as yourself would have learned how to follow orders."

"Lelouch" Suzaku replied tiredly, unwilling to fight with the very friend he had been trying to forget in his samurai practice "I know how to follow orders very well."

"How is it then, that you have a katana in your hand? I believe they were banned as was any Japanese fighting style when your country was defeated." Lelouch had nothing but malice in his heart now. He hated that his friend was so hypocritical so unwilling to bend, to break. Lelouch wanted to destroy him.

"Lelouch. Look, being in the military does not change who I am. I still want the same things. I want my country to be a proud nation. I want our freedom. But I'm not willing to go around massacring people to get what I want. I'm not that selfish."

"tch Not selfish. Funny I had thought you weren't before. You were always looking out for others, always playing the hero. But Suzaku, I've come to learn that you are selfish. You're unwilling to sacrifice your morals for what you yourself believe to be right. You are hypocrisy within yourself."

Suzaku could say nothing against this. The guilt he felt for what he had done all those years ago, that sinister word; patricide. The sin hung over his head and tied his tongue but it did not stop the righteous anger Suzaku felt at being slighted by none other than Lelouch, Lelouch of all people!

His eyes burning with fire Suzaku slowly descends upon Lelouch. Slowly the space between the two long lost friends is closed as Suzaku shouts.

"Shut up! Lelouch you have no idea what you're talking about! If you are so morally bankrupt that you can't see that killing people is wrong then I pity you! I pity you Lelouch! I am not going to join, support, or turn a blind eye to your mad man's cause and that is final! To think I called you a friend! Are you a friend? To anyone? Let alone me. I wish you were." Suzaku says even as his eyes begin to smart with angery tears "I wish you were Lelouch, then I wouldn't have to feel so…so..." Suzaku cuts off his own words by smashing his lips together with Lelouch's. It is an aggressive, passionate, hate filled kiss with something more behind all those conflicting emotions. The time of eight years ago when all a kiss was was love still casts a shadow upon all the hurt these two have caused each other. Suzaku keeps his eyes closed tight as he breaks away leaving Lelouch dumbstruck. So guilty about feeling this way. Suzaku thought painfully. I don't want to feel guilty about this too Lelouch. I want you, but you have made yourself my enemy, unattainable, and distant. Suzaku blushed furiously and without so much as a word or a glance towards Lelouch he left the practice room to return to the safety of his dorms. Suzaku had kissed him. Stupid! Why did I do that! He is the enemy but he is my friend… deep in his heart Suzaku knew that Lelouch could no longer be trusted even as that selfsame heart desired to have faith in his friend and the idea that Lelouch would be able to topple the empire that had destroyed his homeland.

Lelouch had come to the fencing room to think, but how, how could he think with someone as irrational as that interrupting his thoughts. With a kiss? Suzaku must have gone mad. Lelouch had to believe Suzaku did not mean it, did not mean it in the way that Lelouch wanted. Because Lelouch knew how hard fighting his friend was, he did not know if he could fight a lover.

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