The start of a new multi-chapter AU. Set during Hundred Days and Shades of Grey. Many have done something with these episodes but I hope you enjoy. Like last time I will try to do a chapter once a day as it is done.

A Hundred Shades of Colour

Stars so white

Sam stood on the mountain letting the chill of the night envelope her. She was cold, but cold was good. She hadn't been out of the mountain in what seemed like forever. Actually she knew exactly when it had been, the day she had returned from Edora. Every since she had forced herself to work day after day, thinking nothing of it.

But now, after speaking to Janet, she needed to come here. She had always loved the stars, shining white in the sky. As a child she had wanted to know what they were, how they were made, if she could visit them. Now she looked up wondering if he missed her as much as she missed him, no not her, she scolded herself, the team. He was her CO, that was all. Tiredness was blowing everything out of proportion. So Janet enquired if there was a problem. Of course not, she thought as she began pacing. No problem, why would there be. Sure he was good looking, kind, caring, friendly – to some people. But no there was no problem at all.

Ok, she thought as she stopped and looked over the city, maybe a little problem but not one she needed to worry about. Sam sighed out loud, she should go back to work she realised, but the sky was incredible. The lights twinkling from millions of light years away. It was unbelievable. It was only less unbelievable because she had been there, not to these lights but to so many others. Yes, Sam had to admit she had one of the best jobs in the world. If only they could avoid capture or being stranded it would absolutely be the best job.

She sat down on a low rock and began to plot her next move. The particle beam machine had been planned, she just needed to make some alterations before she started building it. General Hammond had given her leeway to do this. A huge part of her was so pleased that some Edorans had come through. If it was just the Colonel to save she wasn't sure the General would have been able to justify the money she was spending. As it was the people who had come needed to go home.

Now, after a month, they were beginning to assume the worst about their families. Some had even begun to make a life here. One couple had become betrothed, engaged as Sam understood it. One baby had been born and sadly one elderly member had died. Sam felt so guilty, oh so guilty. She knew she was going as fast as she could but it wasn't quick enough- not by a long shot. As she sat on the rock Sam began to feel the start of doubt, she hated doubt, it was something she refused to let anyone else see, she kept it buried. No-one found it in her, not her dad, mom, brother, General Hammond, Colonel O'Neill. The only one who noticed it was….

"Sam you ok?" came the voice from behind her, Daniel. He was so like her it was scary. They both had their theories and their own niggling doubts.

"I was worried, Janet said you were kind of out of it" Daniel stated standing behind her.

"I'm ok Daniel, just needed some time to think"

Daniel watched his friend, looked at her critically for the first time in a good few weeks. She was tired, more than that, exhausted. He could see that there was something else. Janet had caught him on his way to Sam's lab. She was concerned, they all knew Sam and Jack were friends but Janet seemed to suggest that Sam felt more. Daniel had laughed it off. Jack was her CO, her friend, nothing else- right. Standing watching her he began to wonder.

"Sam…ah Janet asked me to come talk to you, she mentioned a possible problem…ah regulation wise" he said getting a little redder with every word and coughing nervously through the sentence. He hated this!!!!

Sam's shoulders sagged further. "I don't know anymore Daniel" she replied softly. "In my mind there is no problem but in my heart, now Janet pointed it out, maybe there is one"

"Oh I don't know" she shouted as she stood and threw her arms in the air. She turned towards him, her eyes looking like a scared child demanding reassurance.

Daniel tilted his head and smiled a little. "Sam it's ok, we can work out all this stuff later. You need to relax and focus on the one problem you can solve. You can bring him home. Come on your assistant told me all the tests were completed.

As quick as she had disappeared Major Carter reappeared and Sam was pushed to one side. 'Yes' she thought taking Daniel's outstretched arm 'there will be time to sort this when he comes home'.