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A Hundred Shades of Colour

The beautiful colour of truth

Set four years later during episode Inauguration in series 7. The President is in discussion with Kinsey, Woolsey and General Maynard.

"That's another issue Mr President, there is clearly more going on between them than is appropriate" Kinsey argued

"Are you saying fraternisation regulations have been broken" asked the President warily

"Sir you only need to read the reports to see how they have defied airforce rules" Kinsey stated.

The President looked round the room and was surprised at what he saw. Kinsey looked smug, to be expected, Woolsey looked very uncomfortable, not expected, and the General looked like he was going to burst out laughing –very surprising.

Kinsey continued "Sir I wouldn't expect them to indicate any inappropriate behaviour but it is clear that Col. O'Neill and Major Carter care more about each other than their working relationship allows"

He finished and sat back fully expecting the President to demand an explanation from the General. Kinsey turned to the General, smug look still in place, he went pale at the expression on the General's face

"Sir" then General Maynard began, only focussing on his new Commander in Chief "I would truly hope that O'Neill and Carter cared for each other since they have been married for 4 years"

He left his bomb to drop. Kinsey's face was a picture so the General went in for the kill.

"For the record Sirs despite their relationship they have been willing to die for their country, O'Neill actually killed Carter, both have been declared MIA and neither have ever been given special privileges due to their relationship"

Kinsey began to splutter "Why…….this…..but….. why was I not informed of this development"

"it was deemed to be 'need to know'. You Sir did not need to know" Maynard took great delight in informing him

"How did they keep this a secret" the President asked, impressed

"Well Sir, officially only a few people know, myself, the airforce Chief of Staff, General Hammond, your predecessor and Dr Frasier, the base CMO. Outside the military they told Major Carter's immediate family. I would imagine that unofficially the whole base knows but they are a tight bunch and keep secrets for a living, what is one more?

Woolsey spoke next with awe evident in his voice "But married, how did that happen"


Mark Carter's house 4 years ago

Jack and Sam's kiss was fairly spectacular and would have continued if her niece had not arrived from school concert rehearsal.

"Auntie Sam, why are you kissing him" the high pitched voice came from the doorway.

Jack nearly jumped into the ceiling and Sam started giggling so much she had to sit down, at which point her niece, Abby, threw herself on her lap.

"Daddy said you were coming and I was so excited, can you come to school tomorrow for show and tell. Oh and my concert's on Friday, I have a big part I sing and dance and play the drums. Can you come – Please"

Sam looked from her pleading niece to a shrugging Mark and finally to Jack

"I'm not sure sweetie, there are some things I need to take care of this week"

"Please" the little girl continued, her blue eyes drooping like a little puppy

Sam looked to the others in the room for help and could see no-one was going to take the dilemma from her.

Suddenly Jack spoke up "Well I don't know about you Carter but I have always been a sucker for the Carter girl's blue eyes"

Sam smiled at that comment and almost started to cry. She had no idea how they had got to this point. She had been sure that everything she had felt was one sided. Daniel had tried to convince her that the Col….. no Jack felt something for her but she had been reluctant to believe it. But he had filled her wildest dreams, they would sort things out and they would be able to do it away from the rules of the mountain.

Mark's wife Kate arrived from the car and realised that the house was much fuller than it had been at dinner time.

Sam quickly recognised that it was time for introductions, but how to phrase it. Amazingly it was taken out of her hands. Jack walked over to the other adults.

"Hi I'm Jack O'Neill, I was Sam's CO, now I'm not sure what I am but I love her and that's why I'm here. You must be Mark and Kate"

Over his shoulder Sam looked stunned, Mark wore the same expression, only Kate could save the conversation "Well Jack it's nice to meet you. Jacob spoke about you when he visited. He seemed to like you" Jack visibly relaxed

"I imagine that might change when he hears about developments here" Jack stated.

"Yes I imagine it might too or did I misunderstand, you were her CO? The General will not be happy about that" Mark shook his head as if scolding one of his own children. In part he was doing it as a joke but he also remembered how desolate Sam had looked not 20 minutes before, not to mention the fact that his Dad might kill Jack for breaking the rules like this.

"Yes well we will cross that wonderful bridge when we come to it" Jack said sarcastically, trying to divert the conversation from Jacob

"Oh Jacob is a pussy-cat now. Nothing like when Mark and I got married" Kate stated "He won't be that mad will he?"

The faces round the room told their own story until Sam shook her head and walked up to stand beside Jack

She took his hand "No he won't be mad, not if I'm happy he won't" turning to her brother she asked "can you guys recommend a hotel, we need some time to sort things out"

The week had gone well, at least after the major discussion they had on the first night.

They had found the hotel that Mark recommended and booked in, Jack had assumed this was an easy task; it was, until Sam wondered why he had taken the liberty of booking only one room.

The discussion had gone dramatically down hill from there.

"You can't make assumptions without asking Sir" Sam spoke up as they entered the room he had rented.

"Jack, Sam, the name is Jack" he spoke a little condescendingly as he through his wallet and sun specs on the small bedside table

"I know what your name is" she snapped back

"Look I thought we would want to spend time together, you know as a guy and a girl" he turned and waved at the bed, earning himself a glare from Sam.

"That's not the point. We have a lot to discuss; you can't just arrive, kiss me and expect everything to be ok"

"I don't, that's why we booked the room" this was supposed to be happily ever after time, but it wasn't happening, not yet.

"Why were you so horrible when I came to your house?" Sam asked, her mind still could not leave that horrific conversation

"I told you it was the easiest way to convince the people listening and to get you to leave"

"You could have just told me to leave"

"And would you have gone?"


"Carter you had a full head of steam that day it would have taken a 10 ton truck to move you"

"So instead of a truck you decided to destroy me?" She shouted

There was a deathly silence. He had known what had happened to her, Daniel had screamed it at him, Cassie had punched him as payment but to hear her say it shocked him to the core. Sam seemed to realise what she had revealed and retreated to looking out the window with her back to him.

"It was a cheap shot" he finally said

"I did need to convince everyone. I needed you to not want to have anything to do with me. I needed Maybourne to believe I was a nasty piece of work and I took a cheap shot"

"How did you know about Laira?" she had struggled with that bit, everything else was common sense. She maybe didn't like that he wanted her to work quicker but she could understand it. Heck she had spend a good two of the three months wishing she could work quicker herself. However his comment about her jealousy, while in some ways correct, had been a surprise.

"Because if it had been you that had been alone I would have been really jealous of the guy you spent time with"

"I would never have slept with him if I wanted you" Sam whispered quietly

"I know Sam. I am so sorry. It only happened once, and I hate the excuse but I truly believed that I was never coming home"

"Are you glad I rescued you?" Sam's mind had taken her back to the awful day when much of this had started. Had it only been a month ago? He had seemed so angry to be back. Through all of the recent chaos she had wondered if he wished he was still on Edora.

Jack walked up behind her and put his arms around her

"Thank you for working so hard to get me home. I belong here, with you and the others. I'm sorry I was such an ass back then, you caught me by surprise coming to get me"

"I will always get you back" Sam whispered

"Yes you will, I know that now"

Sam turned in his arms

"I love you Jack, so much"

"I love you too"

During the rest of the week Sam and Jack spent their days talking and getting to know each other better then would join Mark's family for food at night. They had called Teal'c and Daniel who decided that a little vacation might be fun. They would arrive that Friday.

When Daniel and Teal'c arrived they brought a letter from General Hammond. They were in the hotel lounge area when Daniel handed it to Jack.

Jack took the letter and read it, his face looking shocked as he re-read it.

"You should read this Sam" he handed her the letter

Sam read through the General's familiar scrawl "Is he serious?" she asked

Daniel was extremely curious now "What does it say Sam?"

Sam read aloud

"Jack, can I start by saying how glad I am that you have found her. Tell her I hope she is well. Jack the President and I have been talking. It's amazing the things we came up with. He would like Sam to retake her commission at some point soon. He would like me to point out that at the moment you are not in the same team and that you could be together now then return to SG1. Son I don't have to tell you exactly what would need to be done but think about it, you could always date later.

Get in touch to let me know your decision. Take care of her Jack. By the way Jacob is fine with all of this in case you are worried"

"Wow" Daniel was the first to speak

"Indeed" Teal'c agreed.

"So what are you going to do, you know if you do this, got married that is, nothing would have to change. We could go back to SG1 and everything would be fine" Daniel rambled, only he realised that the family he had mourned could be returned.

As Daniel spoke Jack watched Sam as her eyes widened, he began to see hope, then worry then abject terror cross her face.

"Shut up Daniel" he said quietly but firmly.

Daniel turned to Jack who nodded discreetly towards Sam. Sam could feel all eyes turn to her so she took the only course she could see, she fled the room

"What did I say?" Daniel asked totally oblivious

"Good work space monkey" Jack said rubbing his hand across his face

"She was just at the point of trusting me, talking to me" he said despondently "what do I do now. Is this just too fast or does she not want this at all"

Daniel began to realise what his speech, and desire for everything to go back to what it was before had done. "Sorry Jack" he said meekly

"O'Neill I believe it would be wise if you examined your feelings on this issue before discussing this with Major Carter" Teal'c stated, ever the pragmatist

"I agree Teal'c" Daniel piped up "So Jack how do you feel"

Jack looked at him and thought for a moment

"I love her and if I could do SG1 and have her in my life it would be ….. well unbelievable"

"Do you really think that Jack?" Sam asked quietly from behind him

"Sam" Jack almost shouted spinning around in his chair.

She looked very vulnerable, as if she couldn't believe what he was saying. Jack knew he had one chance to handle this. How was it possible to be so good in explosive conditions and useless at this?

He stood and walked to her, he took her hand and tipped her chin up so she would look him in the eye

"Sam I love you and if you want this I would love it to happen"

She started to smile. Leaning in to almost kiss him she quietly said "Let's get married then"

He bent the final inch and kissed her, then picked her up and twirled her around.

They turned to the guys "So guys how about a wedding in the next few days"


"I'm afraid I can't give you all the details Mr Woolsey, it's classified" the General said solomnly but with a twinkle in his eye that said he took pleasure in saying that

"It's above board though?" the President queried.

"Yes Sir, totally legitimate there is nothing anyone can do to change it" the General directed his comments to Kinsey

"Oh and Sir, with respect, this is not allowed to leave this room. Under the agreement between O'Neill, Carter and your predecessor it cannot be made public or used in anyway to discredit them or the program"

"That's fine"

"But…..Sir……this is highly irregular" Kinsey sputtered

"Kinsey you keep your mouth shut or you get fired, understood?"

"Yes Sir" Even Vice-President Kinsey knew when he had been outmanoeuvred