"Dad, what's wrong?" asked the sixteen year old as he scanned the letter he had just received from intelligence. It stated only one thing in his mind. Get her to safety. Ever since they almost got her, he had to do the one thing that would always linger in the front of his mind.

"I'm sorry sweetheart, but you need to leave and I have to get you to safety."

"What's going on?" she asked again as Dr Clarke came in.

"Thank you for coming Dr Clarke." he greeted.

"It's not a problem; I brought some help with me just to make this a much easier and smoother process." Dr Clarke replied as he put his case down.

"What does he mean? Dad, what are you doing?" the young girl begged. "Why is he here?"

He walked up to her and gave her a cuddle, "This is for your own protection." He said as the two nurses took her by the arms. He stepped back as Dr Clarke walked up, holding out a needle and ready to administer something.

"No, what is that? Please Dad, I'm sorry for whatever I've done to hurt you, Please don't do this!" she shouted and fought against the grip of the nurses. She kicked the needle out of Dr Clarke's hands and continued to fight. "Please don't, stop!"

"Restrain her against the sofa. I'm only doing this to help you." Dr Clarke said as he took something from a fresh vile. "Please don't fight it."

"No!" she screamed as he injected her in the arm. Everything around her suddenly began to fizzle out. "Dad..." she whispered and began crying.

The last words she heard from this man were... "I love you sweetheart, I'm sorry..." and a gentle kiss on the forehead as she was lowered onto his lap.

"Kitt… Hellooo, Earth to AI." Michael Knight began.

Yes Michael, how can I help you?

"You okay buddy?" Mike paused.

My systems are 100% functional.

"I mean as in, why were you so distracted?" he asked.

I am running an important protocol.

"Doing what exactly?" he questioned the AI.


"Care to enlighten me on that Kitt?" he asked continuing his line of questioning.

I am unable to inform you of the request.

"Come on buddy! Partners don't keep secrets, especially us." Mike said.

It is a restricted programme Michael.

"Hey guys, what're you talking about?" Sarah asked as she entered the cave.

"Nothing that'll interest you, Just... Guy stuff." Michael quickly said. His curiosity of Kitt's classified information lingered in his thoughts.

"Okay then, I found something of interest in my father's things." Sarah began.

"You finally found the courage to clear through his things then?" Mike asked.

Sarah looked at him and continued with what she was going to say, "I came across the name Katie Smith. It was at the top of the priorities list of Knight Industries. Doesn't give much away but I'm sure I've heard it before."


"How is it all working out?" Charles Graiman asked on the phone. "You make it sound as if the Katie Smith is a project." He continued answering, "Home-schooling?" he questioned as he saw Sarah enter the room. "Sarah sweetie, hold on for a moment." He said. "I'll get back to you later, yes, we can discuss that later... goodbye." He said hanging up the phone. "How are you doing with your research?" Charles asked his daughter as he stood up and walked out from behind his desk.

"Who was that on the phone?" she asked. "I didn't know you were running another project."

"Just some work related talk that you don't need to worry about, so tell me, how is the project going?" he asked taking her bulky project folder.

"Well if I get this right, it'll get me into my all time dream university. It seems the professors are impressed with my project on nano technology. It's only basic but it's amazing dad." Sarah smiled."I could really make something of it."

"Well done darling, you'll be a fine asset to what I have planned for the future to come."

"I just need to run over a few things with... erm, no I don't." Sarah said in confusion.

"Ah, I have to tell you Dr Clarke has booked you for a home visit this evening, now you've recovered from that awful flu you had." He said, hearing what he hoped he wouldn't.

"Oh, okay dad. Is he staying for dinner?" she asked.

Flashback end

"Project Katie... or I could be just imagining things; I also found this picture of my dad with this little girl. I think she might be a cousin or something. Zoe, could you do me a favour and check out this character, Katie Smith and could you just scan this picture in." She asked.

"Sure thing, give me a moment." Zoe replied.

After a little research Zoe came across a file which was well hidden and encrypted among Charles Graiman's documents and files. She ran her heavy decryption program against the folder and fought entry into it. Finally, after some time she was able to enter the folder and a video promptly appeared. "Sarah, I think you're going to want to watch this."

"Okay then, play it." she said focusing her attentions to the screen.

"Hello my dear Sarah. I knew you would become curious after finding this name but you must understand I did things for a reason. Don't get upset about this but what you find may bring back the memories I took away from you in order to protect you. I'm terribly sorry my angel. Katie Smith is a code name. You won't recognise it due to the sensitivity of it. Forgive me."

Just as the hologram video finished hundreds of files came up including pictures. "Oh my god, there's like a whole... life in here." Zoe said scouring the files.

"Zoe, pull up the inactive profile that's at the top please." Sarah asked. Zoe pulled up this file a picture appeared on screen along with much writing.

"Holly Graiman, born December 1987. Inactive since November 2002." Sarah read out. "Holly Graiman?" she questioned.

"Oh wow, she's really pretty." Zoe complimented the picture on the file. "There's more."

"I don't..." Sarah continued to examine the picture of this girl. Her eyes were a glittering blue and her long, light brunette hair in pigtails. In this picture she was outside in a garden smiling at the camera, her eyes and hair glistening in the sunlight. "That's me next to her." Sarah said thinking back before Michael spoke.

"Sarah, I don't remember you having a sister or any other relatives at that age for a matter..." he said.

"Neither do I…" she replied as she looked away. She looked back up at the screen as Zoe carried on reading what was written.

"She was supposed to be in the young person's cadet programme for a year studying Ballistics. She was only there for eight of the twelve month programme. That's all Sarah, after that she became inactive... as if she dropped off the face of the earth." Zoe added.

"Zoe, open the file next to it, KS0203." Sarah requested. Again she saw the face of this woman. Why did she seem vaguely familiar?

"Katie Smith, born December 1987 to Sam and Lisa Smith. Her parents died in a road traffic accident in November 1990 and Arnald and Linda Smith, Parents to Sam Smith, took guardianship of Katie. Katie completed her high school diploma a year early via home-schooling and she applied for some home-school college courses... completed a few courses in law enforcement, criminal justice..." Zoe trailed off.

"She's a nerd like you." Mike added. "She's gotta be with finishing early and those qualifications." He laughed.

"This is an alias profile which has been updated on a monthly basis…" Billy said reading the update log and then continued, "By Dr Graiman and Kitt."

Sarah sat down, trying to remember who this person was. She thought back to her early college years… "I just need to run a few things along with… erm." Holly… something came flooding back to her. All those years, playing with Holly, arguing, helping each other with homeworks…. "Girls, stop it!"

"She's my sister..." Sarah whispered in shock.

"How come none of us were aware?" Mike asked.

Because it was before this operation had been physically put together. Kitt finally interrupted.

"Kitt? What do you know about this?" Sarah questioned the AI.

Our father thought it appropriate I knew about the past and the threats put on our family. You are correct; Holly Graiman is your biological sibling Sarah.

"What else do you know about Holly?" Sarah asked.

She is currently assuming the identity of Katie Smith who is a free-lance worker. She is currently en-route to Los Angeles.

'Project Katie…' echoed in Sarah's thoughts. "She's Project Katie? I remember hearing my dad mention it… eight or ten years ago." Sarah stopped.

Yes Sarah. Katie was often referred to as a project which our father disliked.

"Wait a second, Kitt, this is what you was busy doing earlier?" Mike asked the AI. "Tracking a classified alias?"

Yes Michael. It is the final request of Dr Graiman that I watch her until Sarah was ready to take on the responsibility. I have a holographic video for Sarah that her father uploaded four weeks before his death.

"Play the video please Kitt." Sarah asked as she took a breath.

Kitt projected the hologram onto his bonnet. Sarah, Kitt has told you his mission. Seeing as I am unable to look after your sister, I have left Kitt the responsibility until you are prepared for the responsibility also. Listen carefully and please follow these instructions. Only intervene if absolutely necessary. Katie has had somewhat of a difficult life once she left my care which could not be repaired, and which I regret every day. Kitt has been keeping close surveillance on the threat that once threatened the life of your sister as well as on the types of work she does. Holly being... Holly had a knack for getting herself into trouble. Please look after her and for my sake, don't lose her.

"What does he mean, don't lose her?" Mike asked as Kitt cut in.

Sarah I have been monitoring criminal activity in Los Angeles. I am receiving some disturbance via the police radars about the Italina Mafia.

"What kind of disturbance?" she questioned.

"The MAFIA?" Mike added sarcastically.

Yes Michael. The disturbance is noted, nothing that will harm Katie's true identity.

"Since when have the Mafia had anything to do with this?" Sarah asked.

"I bet she ran with them as a kid…" Zoe joked.

Italina were an established gang since the 1960's. Today, they are almost obsolete and very few. Most are retired and their families have not continued the business. They are the reason Holly had to assume Katie Smith and be relocated to the far South. Linda and Arnold Smith were also aliases for two retired agents who cared for Holly.

"Are they still alive?" Sarah asked again.

Arnold and Linda Smith are deceased, both by natural causes. Katie was only with the Smith's for three years until they both died.

"That just sounds suspicious…" Mike added.

"So she's been alone all this time…" Sarah whispered. "Why don't I remember her? Someone can't just erase sixteen years of somebody from you like that…"

"Yes they can Sarah…" Mike added remembering his own problems.

Our father wanted to protect you and Holly from the threat, which he could not do alone and the government intervened as our father was of great importance to them. Without Holly, the threat dispersed and you could continue to live your life as normal and our father could continue his work.

"But it wasn't normal for her…" Sarah said evidently feeling bad for the life her sister had to live.

"Don't feel bad Sarah, Kitt, something good had to come from this." Mike said. "Kitt? A little help buddy?" he asked.

"Wait… you said she was coming to Los Angeles earlier, what for?" Zoe asked.

Katie is considering moving to the city.

"What's here that isn't in… wherever she's coming from?" Sarah asked.

"Something your father doesn't want her to have to face if it comes to blows." Mike said.

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