Rating: M (for violence, gore, explicit adult situations, and other things those under 18 years of age should not be reading)

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Summary: The Shiki Fuujin. It was a jutsu meant to seal away the soul of the Kyuubi no Kitsune inside that of a newborn baby. It worked…kinda. This is a Naruto/Rosario Vampire Crossover.

A/N: New story, new crossover. This fic will take place almost entirely in the Rosario Vampire universe. There may be a small arc halfway through dealing with Naruto's last remaining ties to Konoha, but that will be it. The main character will of course be Naruto, but expect to see Tsukune a lot also. This fic was heavily inspired between two of "lord of the land of fire" stories. "The True Monster" and "The Tempered Heart". Check them out, they're awesome.

Death is only the beginning

Sixteen Years Ago

The village was in flames; everywhere around him bodies of the dead littered the streets. They were his friends, comrades, those he had sworn to protect. And he had failed them. The pure unrelenting might of the supernatural entity laying waste to their home seemed too impossible to overcome. They sent wave after wave of shinobi against the monster, but with each assault…their efforts proved useless. There was only one option left to them now, one single ray of hope. But with it came a price...

Leaping from rooftop to rooftop, the golden-haired man rushed toward the source of the destruction. In his arms lay a small newborn baby boy, his very own child. He had only moments ago left the central hospital where he had watched his wife give birth to their son and held her hand as she quietly passed away into death's eternal slumber. Tears flowed from the man's cerulean blue orbs remembering the serene smile on her face as she held their son for the last time. Though it was no surprise that she did not survive the delivery, the hurt remained just the same. They had known for weeks prior what would happen. His wife had already been dying slowly for over a year due to a fatally chronic illness that not even the village's most revered medic-nin could cure. As he ran he tried focusing on all the good times the two had shared, but the recency of her death was still too strong to drive away the deep feelings of loss he now felt in his heart.

Looking down at the child in his arms, the ach in his chest grew. Why was his family cursed so? Not only had he just loss his wife, but he was now forced to use his own son to save the village he loved. It wasn't fair! Oh how he hopped his little boy would be able to forgive him for what he was about to do. He just wished he could be around to ask for it.

Unfortunately, he knew that was not possible. Soon he would be forced to make his own sacrifice. Thinking about all that he would miss, not seeing his son grow, only made the tears fall faster. He loved his baby boy and hoped the villagers would see his child as the hero he would soon become for taking on the coming burden.

With one last leap he landed onto a giant red toad's head alongside two other men, one with white hair, the other grey. In front of them stood a colossal demon of rage and untold fury, the legendary Kyuubi no Kitsune.

The white haired shinobi looked at the blond man in sadness as he clearly saw the distraught look upon his face. "Minato. Kushina, did she…"

"No," the young man cut off, unable to allow himself to hear the words. "She didn't."

"I'm sorry my boy," the eldest amongst them spoke softly, "it seems it is always the youngest amongst us who must suffer the most."

Knowing they didn't have time for condolences, Minato set his face into a determined grimace. With every second they wasted more shinobi were being slaughtered. It had to end.

"Thank you for the words of comfort Sarutobi-sama, but time is of the essence. We can not allow ourselves to grieve now." Preparing himself, he handed over his child to his former sensei. This was their last chance. "Once I begin the Shiki Fuujin, I will not be able to stop. I need you to protect me and my son until it is complete. Once it is finished I will channel the Shinigami through my own body and rip out the soul of the Kyuubi, sealing it away into Naruto. After it is done I will not have much time left. I will then need to draw the Hakke no Fuuin Shiki onto him to stabilize his body. When it is over, the Shinigami will claim my soul in payment. I need you two to make sure my boy is safe after I am gone." Here the blond man's voice cracked in a burst of sorrow and uncertainty. "I-I fear that the village may not understand what I am about to do. The taint of the Kyuubi will forever be with him and I can see it possible that the villagers will not comprehend what he shall become. They may not see the sacrifice he is becoming and in the end may use him as an object to place their anger over the loss of this day. I hope I am wrong, but…but I can not seem to shake these thoughts." Looking over at his child once more, he could not stop the tears that resumed to flow despite the brave face he tried to show. Not only had his baby lost his mother, but soon he would lose his father too. Minato knew the loneliness of growing up an orphan and now he was condemning his own son to the same fate. Yes, his family truly was cursed.

As Sarutobi watched the man he had come to consider a member of his family say goodbye to his son for the last time, he forcefully came to a decision. Reaching out, he grabbed hold of the blonde's shoulder putting a halt to his actions before he could begin the suicidal technique.

"Sarutobi-sama, what…"

"No, Minato-kun. I can not allow you to go through with this."

The younger man and white haired shinobi both looked at the elder in equal surprise and confusion.

"What are you talking about sensei?" asked the older of the two. "You can't actually be suggesting that we let the village be destroyed? You know I hate this plan as much, if not more so, than even you, but we have no choice. We can not let everyone die here if there is something to be done!"

"No, Jiraiya; that is not what this is about. The village shall be saved, but I will not let it be at the cost of Minato's life."

Suddenly realization dawned upon the blond haired man at what Sarutobi had planned. The Sandaime and his sensei had been the only other two people to help in the creation of the Shiki Fuujin.

"No! Absolutely not! This is not your responsibility anymore Hizuren!" he exclaimed, completely disregarding the use of honorifics. "I am the Hokage now. You served the village long enough. It is now me that the duty of protecting our home now falls. If anyone is going to have to sacrifice their life to defeat this beast, it must be me. I can not ask you of this!"

The old man was touched by his successor's sense of duty. He knew he made the right choice when appointing him as the Yondaime. "Minato, I have lived a long and full life. The future is for the young like yourself. Following this day the village will need your leadership to rebuild. It is up to you to make sure the leaf returns to its former glory. Besides," he smiled looking at the newborn infant, "your primary responsibility now is the raising of your son. He has already lost his mother; he need not lose his father too."

"Sensei, are you sure?" asked Jiraiya sadly, already knowing the answer. While he did not want to witness his former student die, he also held no desire to see the death of a man he considered a father.


"But…" Minato tried to interject, but was cut off by the white haired toad sage.

"Let it be Minato. Sarutobi has made his decision. Let him make this last sacrifice for the village. He is right, your responsibility now is to little Naruto here. You wanted to make sure he would be safe, well; there is no better man for the job than yourself. Please, just let the old man do this."

The reigning Hokage seemed to stand there in silence and torment for a full minute before he finally relented in defeat. His shoulders sagged and his head dropped. "As you wish Sarutobi-sama."

And like that, the rest was history.

"…You are…the two students enrolling at Youkai academy?"

The bus driver's words snapped Naruto out of his reverie as he sat in the moving yellow bus, vacantly looking out at the passing countryside through one of the many windows. The other passenger sitting behind him also seemed to startle from of his internal thoughts.

"Uh, ya…" they both answered distractedly as the bus headed into a dark tunnel.

"In that case, you had best prepare yourselves now," the bus driver laughed creepily. "When we come out of this looooong tunnel, we'll be right in front of the school. Youkai Academy is a…veeerrry horrifying place." When the man looked back at them, his eyes seemed to glow an eerie yellow within the dark.

"Whatever," the blond teen responded, not really caring what the driver had to say. He had already been told what kind of school he was going to and what to expect.

Two Weeks Ago

Staring down at his father, Naruto could not help but feel anger at the injustice of it all. The man who lay before him had once been one of the most powerful shinobi to ever live. The irony was not lost upon the younger man that after years of missions, and even a war, the Yondaime was now going to die because of a simple disease. Well, maybe not so simple. Whatever his father was dying from was so rare and unidentifiable, that even the renowned medic expert of Konohagakure, Senju Tsunade, was unable to find a cure. The woman was actually taking it rather personally, finding it as yet another of her failures after being unable to save the Hokage's wife years earlier.

Thinking back on what his father often said about their family being cursed, Naruto couldn't help but agree. What were the odds that he would lose not one, but both parents to a seemingly incurable disease? He really felt like beating the shit out of something right then.

At the same time, though, Naruto was actually more than a little curious as to why his father had summoned him so suddenly, especially considering he had only just returned from a black ops mission with his ANBU squad minutes ago. He really should have been giving his mission report to the council at that moment, but the messenger had said it was urgent. And so, there he was in the Hokage's hospital suite.

"Na-Naruto…come closer. I have something I must give you." The blonde haired Yondaime's words were almost a whisper, they were so weak. His skin had taken on a sickly pale complexion during his illness, and his eyes had almost completely lost the shinning vibrancy they once held. He looked as if he was already halfway at death's door.

"What is it Otou-san?"

Reaching into his hospital gown, Minato pulled out a sealed envelope bearing the official Hokage crest before handing it to his son. Even such a simple action as that seemed to put a strain on his deteriorated frame. His hand shook as Naruto took the enclosed paper.

"J-just open it."

Not having anything to say to that, the younger blonde did as told. Breaking the seal, he pulled out a white form. As he read what it was, a sense on confusion and hurt enveloped his entire being.

"I'm being…discharged?" Naruto asked uncertainly. "Why? What did I do?"

The bedridden man smiled.

"Nothing, my son. You have been everything a loyal shinobi of this village should strive to be. As you can see, you are being given an honorable discharge from the shinobi corps. You have served your village well and are now being relinquished from its service."

"But I'm only sixteen!" The young man exclaimed. "I have years worth of fight left in me. I can still serve!" It just didn't make any sense. Even retired shinobi were not discharged from the corps; they were merely put on the reserve list for times when they may be needed once more. For a ninja to be discharged was almost unheard of.

"I am well aware of that." Minato chuckled softly. "You could probably stand against any other shinobi in this village, maybe even myself in my prime, but Tsunade has recently given me some grave news while you have been away."

Hearing his father say that brought forth a sudden jolt of dread that rushed through Naruto's entire body. He almost couldn't even ask the man to clarify what he meant, his fear was so strong.

"What…What do you mean Tou-san?" His voice cracked from the onslaught of emotion.

"I'm sorry, Naruto-kun, but I have been informed that my condition has accelerated. I do not have long left. Tsunade says that I may have a week at most."

Fighting back tears, Naruto pushed on. "But-but what does that have to do with my discharge?"

Minato let forth a tired sigh. "Unfortunately, I have been unable to convince Tsunade to accept my nomination as the Godaime and the council has refused to even consider Jiraiya for the position. From what I have gathered, it looks like after I am gone the village elders plan to make Danzou the new Hokage."

"What!? But that old man is nothing but power hungry fossil set on turning Konoha into another Kirigakure!"

"I know," the Hokage grimaced, knowing full well of The Bloody Mist's reputation. "And that is half the reason why I am having you discharged from the military. The other, though," he paused, releasing a sigh, "is that I fear for your safety once I am gone."

Naruto 'pffted' in forced mock exasperation at his father's overprotective nature showing its head once again. It was a reoccurring thing he had had to deal with many times growing up. Ironic that it would be one of the things he would miss most.

"Come on Tou-san, even as Hokage you are not able to protect me while I am away on missions. You have been training me to take care of myself ever since I can remember. Even after you are," he choked at his words, "gone. I will be more than capable to defend myself."

"Yes, my son, but I am not referring to outside threats." Here the slowly dying Minato paused. "I don't know what you may think, but I am neither blind to the way the villagers look at you nor deaf to their whispers. I am sorry to admit, but despite my best efforts and reassurances, they still see you as nothing more than the Kyuubi itself. You are well known amongst the older shinobi as the demon of the leaf and even the younger generation, who do not know of your secret, still slightly fear you based on the attitudes and actions of their parents or superiors. Once I am gone, I am afraid of what measures the village may take against you."

Hearing his father finally address the issue of the village's thoughts of him, Naruto could not hold back the feelings of loathing. Not towards the villagers, but of himself. The young Namikaze heir knew what he was, and the citizens of Konoha were right. He was a demon through and through. His father had turned him into one the moment he allowed the Sandaime to seal the Kyuubi no Kitsune into his infant son. It had been many years since he finally discovered what he was, but ever since then he had allowed his father to believe his child was human. He never could bring himself to speak the truth. Even on the man's deathbed he could not tell him. The betrayal he felt he was committing upon the man who had raised and loved him was almost too much to bare.

So instead, he focused on something else. "So you took away their authority over me to make sure that they don't end up using me as some weapon?"

"Partly." The Yondaime answered. "But the main reason behind your discharge is that I want you to leave this village. I am not naïve enough to believe that Danzou will allow a little thing as you no longer being a registered ninja of Konoha to try and use or even kill you. The only solution I have been able to come up with is for you to disappear."

"But father, where would I go? What would I do? This is the only home I have ever known. I have been raised to be a ninja since I was born. I do not know of any other way to live." And it was true. Naruto could fight. He was not a tradesman. He had never been taught a craft. He could kill, protect, and spy for money. That was it. Given time he was sure that he could think of something to do with his life, but being faced with such an issue at the moment, he was at a loss.

"Do not worry, Naruto. I already took all this into consideration. I have contacted an old acquaintance of the Sandaime's that I think can help. He runs a special kind of school where I believe you will be safe and be able to learn how to make a new life for yourself. He has already notified me of your acceptance and you are scheduled to leave in two weeks. That should give us enough time to be together and make preparations until I pass, but soon enough before Danzou can make any move he has planned." Minato then shakily reached out and took his boy's arm, a fatherly smile played across his lips. "I love you son, and as long as I am able, I will always protect you as best I can. I just wish I could do more."

Naruto's heart broke a little more at those words, unable to understand how the man in front of him could care so deeply for a demon like him, even if he did not know it.

"I love you too…Tou-san."

His father had actually managed to hold on a full ten days after that, surpassing what even Tsunade had thought possible. During that time Minato had told Naruto everything he knew about the place he was going to. Apparently the academy was some kind of school for monsters. The blonde teen was more than confident he would fit in perfectly. Whether he was happy about that fact, though, was another matter.

Thinking back on how long his father had lasted, Naruto was filled with a burst of pride that even death itself had to fight tooth and nail to take him down. However, that pride was soon replaced by sorrow knowing he would never see the only man who had truly cared for him again.

Finally exiting the dark tunnel they had been in, the bus pulled to a stop in a desolate area in front of a dead old oak tree and tattered scarecrow with a pumpkin for a head. Stepping out, Naruto immediately noticed the large crimson body of water in front of him and grey cloudy sky overhead. It was as if the sun was fighting a losing battle to make its presence known. Looking down the old dirt path he was on, he thought he could slightly make out a large building in the distance that most likely was the school. It was by his rough estimation maybe two miles away, or possibly even three. Nothing that should take him any time at all to reach.

Rubbing his forehead, he silently missed the headband that he once wore. His father had told him to leave it since he was no longer a shinobi of Konoha.

From behind him, he heard the only other passenger aboard the bus, aside from the driver, exit as well. He was a dark haired, average looking, male teen, wearing an identical assigned school uniform as himself, and appeared around equal age. The boy also seemed a bit shorter. Though, that could just be because Naruto was somewhat taller than average for his age.

"Hehe, we have arrived sonny boys. Be carefull…" The bus driver laughed one more time, creepily, for good measure before driving away.


Naruto rubbed his ears in discomfort from the boy's sudden loud outburst. Turning around, he raised an eyebrow as if to ask 'was that necessary?'

The other teen didn't even seem to notice and continued his diatribe.

"Th-there's no way, what a creepy place…! It's like a completely different world from before we entered that tunnel."

Naruto remained silent as he watched the young man continue to freak out at the scenery. It was kinda amusing.

"Freakyyyy, seriously freakyyy. This makes me want to go home."

Deciding to take pity on the poor boy before the kid wet his pants, Naruto tried to calm him down.

"Come on man, it ain't that bad. I think the scenery gives this place some character. You'll be fine." Still seeing the teen's skeptical and slightly scared expression, he sighed. "I tell you what. Stick with me and I'll personally make sure nothing happens to you. My name's Namikaze Naruto by the way." Sticking out his hand, he offered a greeting.

Looking more at ease, if the slight dissipation of tension in his shoulders was anything to go by, the other teen took the presented hand.

"Thanks, I'm Aono Tsukune. It's nice to meet you Namikaze-san. Oh, and sorry about losing it a moment ago. This place isn't exactly what I expected."

"Not a problem Tsukune, and please, just call me Naruto."

"Ok." Taking a look around, Tsukune looked over at him in confusion. "So, uh, where exactly do you think this school is at?"

The whiskered teen pointed off down the trail. "Do you see that small structure way off in the distance there?"

"You mean the spooky mansion that looks like it's haunted?"

Naruto grinned. "Yep, that's the one."

"What!?" the dark haired teen shrieked. "But that will take us forever to get to. Couldn't the bus have at least dropped us off closer?"

Naruto looked slightly down at Tsukune in confusion before realization dawned on him. Ah, he most not be one of the faster races of monsters that exists. I guess we're walkin it then. However, after this, another thing his fellow teen said struck him as odd. Why the hell didn't the bus drop us off closer to the school?

"Oh well, nothing we can do about it now. We might as well get to walking. It is probably going to take us awhile."

Looking none too thrilled about the coming hike, Tsukune nevertheless turned towards the path as suggested. However, before either of them could take even five steps, they were both startled by a loud yell behind them.

"Gyaaa! Ohhh nooo! Coming through!"

Turning around swiftly, Naruto easily managed to spot the girl on the out of control bike barreling down their way and effortlessly managed to leap to the side to avoid being run over.

His new companion was not so lucky.

"Ugh. Owowow. A bike just crashed into me," he moaned pitifully.

Naruto couldn't help being amused and yet slightly sorry for the boy's predicament. So much for personally making sure nothing happened to him. "Uh, are you two ok? That looked like it hurt."

"Ya, I'll be fine," Tsukune grumbled. "How about you ma…?" Looking up at the cute, pink haired girl in a school uniform who had crashed into him, he was immediately left at a loss for words. She was incredibly pretty with her long hair, and the cross around her neck accentuated her chest perfectly. But as suddenly as he took all that in, he noticed just as quickly where his left hand was resting. As if on instinct, he immediately jerked it away from her upper thigh. One could have assumed it burned him.

Naruto actually chuckled a little out load at the look on the boy's face. He didn't think the kid could turn any more red. "Well, Tsukune, if you think you are done molesting this poor girl here, maybe you could assist me in helping her up?" He laughed further at the sputtering response he got. I think I just found myself a new friend…or at least a new source of entertainment.

"Oh calm down, man, I was just joking." Focusing more on the pink haired girl until his friend regained his composure, he helped her to her feet. "You ok?"

Standing up, the pretty young girl was just about to respond before she suddenly went into a trance like state at seeing the blood running from Tsukune's nose. Without a thought she immediately went to his side.

"The scent of…blood," she murmured. "I-I…can't. I lose control when I smell that scent." She was by then leaning heavily against the dazed young man's chest.

"Whaaa!? What's going on here!? Tsukune screamed, shocked out of his stupor.

"I…I'm sorry, but…It's just 'cuz…" Slowly, the girl leaned her head forward as if intending to kiss the dark haired teen, before at the last moment, deviating off to the side. "I'm a vampire."

Without further warning, she bit into Tsukune's neck, sucking his blood.

Naruto could actually hear the 'slurp'. "Kinky."

However, before the pink haired young woman could barely even get a taste, the boy jerked his head back forcefully, ripping her teeth from his neck.

"Gyaaaaaaa!" he cried as he began to run around frantically. "My blood's been sucked. Out of nowhere I had my blood sucked!"

"Actually," Naruto corrected, "she did say right before she bit you that she was a vampire." The sole Namikaze heir was soon realizing just how much he liked this easily startled guy. He was a never ending source of hilarity. Stopping long enough with his enjoyment though, he tried to remember what he had learned about vampires a few days before. From what he could recall, they were supposed to be at like the top of the food chain or something. Some kind of super monsters.

"I'm so sorry," the girl apologized. "I'm Akashiya Moka. Although I look like this, I'm a vampire."

That stopped Tsukune in his tracks. "Vampireee! You mean like the bloodsucking monsters that hate crosses and garlic!!?"

"Oh yes. Thank you so much for the treat. Your blood is sooooo yummy." Though saying this, she began pouting a bit in the end. The way she stuck out her lower lip was just too cute.

Naruto couldn't help but also find it kind of adorable despite himself. "If you enjoyed your little snack out of my friend here so much, what's with the long face?"

Finally noticing the blonde's presence once again, Moka blushed a small pink hue that matched her hair. "It's just that, um," she stumbled, "I didn't really get to drink that much and I'm still a little hungry. When I don't eat enough, my anemia acts up." She then slowly looked over pleadingly at Tsukune. When it finally dawned on him of what she was silently asking, he instantly began to panic.

Naruto stepped in. "Well, I'm sorry to inform you, miss, but it looks like your juice box has put a halt on all outgoing life fluids." Saying that, though, the look she gave him was almost too much. It was as if she was about to cry. Why him? I guess I have to take one for the team. With a weary sigh he put the girls coming tears on hold. "If you're really that hungry, I guess you can get your fix from me."

That immediately brought a smile to Moka's face. With a sudden burst of energy, she dashed right up to him before he could even get the chance to offer her his wrist like he had planned. She proceeded to bite directly into his neck and drank greedily. It didn't even really hurt that much. One just needed to be prepared for it or they could easily receive a bit of a shock. It was almost a full minute of nonstop sucking, though, before Naruto thought it was best to get her attention. If she didn't stop soon, he was unsure if he would be able to stop a few of the more perverted ideas that were forming in his head. I wonder if she'd notice if I copped a feel?

Luckily, or unfortunately, for him, the pretty young woman chose that moment to withdrawal, realizing how much she had drank.

When she finally did pull away, it was evident that she was deeply embarrassed.

"Oh my! Please forgive me. I just lost myself in the taste and feel of your blood. I've never experienced anything quite like it before."

Naruto looked over at Tsukune who appeared as if he was about to be sick from the previous feeding display. "What about his over there," he pointed. "You said practically the same thing about the taste of his too."

"Oh yes, his is very yummy and sweet, but yours…" As Moka tried to explain the comparison in the two boys' blood, she seemed to struggle with the words. "Yours tastes just as good, though has a hint of richness that I can't help but lose myself in. It's as if waves of energy are flowing through me, almost euphoric." Feeling self conscious at what she just said, she ducked her head. "Does that make any sense?"

Naruto stared at her for a minute before shrugging, the bite marks on his neck healing without anyone's notice. "No, not really." Walking over to his male companion/friend, he grabbed hold of his arm and dragged him back over to where the cute teen was still standing. "Come on, I think we should get going to the academy."

They had been walking for the better part of who knew how long, but would soon finally be reaching the giant mansion like structure of Youkai Academy. During that time the conversation had focused either on Moka or Naruto. Tsukune also talked a little about himself, but for the most part was either kinda quiet or more interested in asking his fellow companions questions. Neither of the other two really minded. The topics were light, mainly dealing in likes and dislikes. Naruto did talk a little about how he had grown up in a ninja village, but tried not to go into much detail. He wasn't sure how either of the two would handle some of the more gruesome stories he could tell. Not to mention, he really didn't want to think about his past. After so long, though, all three drifted into a somewhat awkward silence.

It would be Moka who finally broke it.

"Er, um…" she began; no longer able to hold back a question she had been wanting, dreading to ask. "So you really hate our kind…vampires?" She was looking at Tsukune a bit nervously.

Hearing the tone of her voice and seeing her expression, The Aono boy began to panic remembering what he had said when he first met her. 'Vampireee! You mean like the bloodsucking monsters that hate crosses and garlic!!?' It really hadn't been one of his best moments. But who could blame him? He had just been told he had had his blood sucked by a vampire!

"Huh!? No, I wouldn't say that! I mean, vampires are pretty unique!"

Smiling at his response, Moka turned toward Naruto as if asking the same question.

"Eh," he shrugged, "if all vampires are as cute as you, who wouldn't like'em? Definitely an enjoyable sight to have around." That immediately caused the poor girl to blush. Damn was he a flirt! That was one thing Ero-sennin could never pull off. Perverted actions without a charming cover would only get one's ass kicked. With a smooth enough attitude, one could get away with murder…usually.

"Th-that's great! Then if you are both okay with me, please be my friends!" Neither of the two boys could have refused even if they wanted to. The smile on the girl's face was just too innocent. "I was feeling so lonely since I don't know anyone here!"

Noticing how Tsukune seemed to be off in his own little world, gaping at the cute young woman, Naruto took the job of accepting on both their parts.

"Sure, we'd love to be your friends," he answered, jabbing his elbow into the other boy's side. "You hear that, Tsukune, this cutie here wants to be friends. Isn't that great?"

"Oh, uh, ya," the boy stuttered. "Great."

"Oh thank you sooooo much! When the entrance ceremony is over, please talk to me some more, ok?"

Before either boy could respond, all three teens noticed they had reached the school. They were surrounded by other students in uniforms exactly similar to their own.

Overall, it had been an interesting hike. Between the downcast sky, series of grave yards, and multitude of humanoid skulls littering the ground, Naruto couldn't help but admit that the grounds of Youkai Academy sure seemed to fit the purpose of the school. He assumed it was probably a monsters paradise. Being a demon himself, he could somewhat appreciate their surroundings, even if he was raised human.

Looking up at the mansion in front of them, he had to give the creators credit. It sure fit the bill of a learning institution for monsters.

Built atop big spooky hill? Check.

Lightning flashing over-head? Check.

Appearing as if one would never come out alive again once they entered? Double check.

Stereotypes had to come from somewhere right?

Tsukune on the other-hand seemed about to shit his pants. Man was that boy a card. Naruto just couldn't figure out what kind of monster the he might be. He seemed far too timid to be one of the major ones. However, considering how innocent Moka seemed, that may not have been a fair assumption. From what he had been told, vampires tended to have a very elitist attitude.

Sitting in the auditorium next to Tsukune, Naruto listened to the speaker drone on for the last few minutes of the entrance ceremony. The man spoke of such things as hard work, responsibility, and upholding integrity or some such. He wasn't really paying attention. Instead, he was wondering what might have happened to that Moka girl they had been talking to. As the three of them were trying to make their way through the hordes of students, she had somehow gotten separated from them. He wasn't worried, since he was sure they would meet up again later, but he was curious. What kind of hormonal teenager would he be if he didn't enjoy spending time around a pretty girl like her?

As he zoned out further, Naruto was brought back to reality by someone shaking his shoulder. "Huh?"

"Naruto," Tsukune spoke, "I said the ceremony is over. They are dismissing us to our homerooms."

"Oh sorry, kinda spaced back there didn't I? So where are you heading?"

"Well, I got Shizuka Nekonome," the Aono boy responded. "How about you?"

"Cool!" Naruto exclaimed, excited by that information. "We have the same homeroom teacher. I got Nekoname-sensei too. Guess they don't sort by alphabetical order huh?

Hearing that seemed to put Tsukune more at ease, apparently he had been a little nervous about the two of them being separated.

"Uh, ya."

After wandering the hallways for a small period of time, they finally found their room. It turned out to be in the opposite direction they had first started looking. Figures.

Taking their seats beside each other, they waited for the rest of the students to file in. It turned out they weren't the only ones to have trouble finding where to go. A few minutes later, the bell had rung signaling the period's start.

"Hello everyone," the female wearing glasses at the front of the room greeted, "and welcome to Youkai Academy! I am your homeroom teacher, Shizuka Nekoname. I'm sure you all already know this, but…this is a school built for the sake of monsters to attend!"

From out of the corner of his eye, Naruto could just barely notice the way his friend tensed at the teacher's words. What was up with him? However, he didn't have time to think on that considering the teacher was once again talking.

"As you can see displayed here," she pointed to the chalk board, "our current problem is this. The earth has already come under the control of the humans. In order for us monsters to continue to survive, we have no choice but to peacefully coexist with them. At this academy, you will be studying just how exactly to do this." The teacher paused for a moment to allow all the students to process what she said. "So for that reason, as a school rule, you will all live your lives at this academy in human form! Do you understand? It's a matter of being able to disguise yourself well as a human. This is the foundation of coexistence. You are to never allow any of your fellow students to know your 'true form'!"

Naruto considered the teacher's words and couldn't help thinking that the plan just described seemed a bit fucked up. What kind of life was that, being forced to live as something you're not? However, at the same time, he couldn't exactly think of a better solution either. He didn't have any major problems with humans, but he was well aware that they feared those different from themselves. Hell, humans attacked each other just because they possessed different beliefs. It wasn't hard to figure out what they would do if they were faced with the existence of monsters. While the creatures at the academy may be far more powerful than an average human, they were just too few in numbers to stand against the billions that lived on the earth. For the time being, all they could do was hide in the shadows of society.

"Hey Teach!" Naruto was brought back to the present at one of the students' loud shout. It was the guy sitting on Tsukune's other side. He was a young man, fairly well built, with brushed back, dark mahogany brown hair. Just listening to him, though, it was easy to hear the arrogant attitude he possessed. "Would it not be better for us to eat up those puny humans? And in the case of beautiful girls, to molest them?"

Naruto almost had a coughing fit hearing that. Was the guy stupid? While humans may be weak, they were creative bastards. From what he new of them in the primary dimension, they possessed weapons of such destruction that only the most powerful of monsters would be able to stand against them. Had the dude never heard of the hydrogen bomb?

"Oh." the teacher commented, seeming unconcerned by the outburst. "Incidentally, here at Youkai Academy, the teachers and students are allll monsters. There are no genuine humans here. Since this academy is within a secret sacred world, to those humans who come to know of our existence, we would have to bring them death…or something."

Man, that's a little harsh. They'd kill a dude just because they're human? Couldn't they just erase their memory, or something, then send them on their way? Looking over, Naruto tried to gauge Tsukune's reaction to that announcement. What he saw, though, had him confused. The guy's response seemed much more extreme than necessary. It was as if he was having a panic attack. His complexion had gone completely pale. Naruto made a note to latter find out what was up with his new friend.

Just then, the door slammed open, followed by a feminine yell.

"S'cuse me! After the entrance ceremony I kinda got lost in the school…sorry I'm late." It turned out to be none other than the girl he and Tsukune had met earlier. Moka Akashiya.

"Hello," the teacher said. "That's fine. Just take a seat." Turning back around, the woman returned her attention to the board.

At the mere sight of the pink haired girl, the males of the class erupted into a commotion.

"Who is she?"

S-such flowing hair…big eyes!"

"Whoa, beautiful!"

"Even if it is just her human form, there isn't anyone else who could transform into such a beautiful girl!"

"Hot! She's too hot!"

"I'm so happy to be in the same class as this girl!!!"

Naruto smiled at the antics of his fellow classmates. It was too funny. For a laugh, he decided to rub his and Tsukune's new friendship with her in everyone's face. So he called out to her. He just knew he and his dark haired friend were about to become the ire of every male in there.

"Hey Moka! Over here!"

Turning, the girl finally spotted the two of them. She immediately ran over and enveloped him and then Tsukune in a hug. "Naruto! Tsukune! I'm sooo happy we're in the same class!"

Like Naruto imagined, the room burst into an uproar at the sight of the object of their affections being so friendly with two strangers already.

"What's with these guys!? What relation do they have with that girl!?"

"Our beautiful girl! Our beautiful girl!"

However, the Namikaze heir was a bit on edge at the more than hostile look the mahogany haired boy, who had spoken earlier, was sending at them. He would have to keep an eye on that one.

When homeroom was finally over, everyone was dismissed to settle in and explore for the rest of the afternoon. Classes would begin the following morning. As soon as the teacher said that, Moka grabbed hold of both of her new friends' arms and quickly dragged them out into the hallway to begin a self created tour of the school. Everywhere they went, guys, and even some girls, would look at the two boys in envy. Every one of them would have given their left arm to be in either of the two teens' place.

Naruto actually laughed on more than one occasion at the death threats murmured towards him and Tsukune as they traipsed through the academy. If they wanted to try, he would be more than willing to put them down. He would just have to be discrete about it. They really had no idea who they would be messing with.

Towards the end of their self styled tour, though, their path became blocked by the same brusque boy who had been looking at them hostilely in homeroom.

"Hmm, such a pretty one," he practically purred in a twisted effort at charm. His entire focus was on the kind young woman between them. He didn't even spare a glance at either boy. "You are Akashiya Moka are you not? I am your classmate Saizou Komiya! Greetings!"

Walking forward, he proceeded to lift Tsukune off the ground effortlessly with one hand. "By the way, why is a beautiful lady like yourself associating with guys like this?"

That was a bad move on the young man's part. Not only was he manhandling a friend of Naruto's, but the dark haired teen was also someone the Namikaze heir had placed under his protection. Those were grounds enough for a serious ass kicking. To add to that, though, the brute's actions seemed to be upsetting Moka, judging by how tightly she was gripping his arm. That was enough to lose a limb over. And finally, he just didn't like the guy. He had no qualms killing those he did not like. The young man would have already been dead if it weren't for the fact Naruto was trying not to draw attention to his real identity.

Luckily for the muscular teen, he soon released Tsukune from his grip. The boy had no idea just how close he had been to death. Or maybe on some subconscious level he did? Whatever the case, Saizou continued trying to get the Akashiya teen's attention.

"Come on, wouldn't someone like me be far superior those two sort of scummy guys? Why don't we go off somewhere, just the two of us, and have some fun?" He offered her his hand. "What do you say?"

Not wasting a beat, Moka quickly grabbed Tsukune's hand from the ground and rushed off dragging him and Naruto behind as she hurriedly called out an apology.

"I'm sorry! I'm having fun with Naruto and Tsukune now!!"

Soon after, all three of them disappeared around a corner. Saizou merely stood there with a sinister smirk on his face. He loved the hunt.

"Humpf, just watch me. I never allow a delectable woman like you to escape…"

Finally coming to a stop in a stairwell, Tsukune and Moka gasped for breath, relieved to be away from the aggressive teen. Naruto, himself, was feeling just fine from their short little sprint, but was somewhat annoyed he didn't get a chance to beat that obnoxious bastards face in. Literally.

Moka laughed nervously from the suddenness of it all. "That was surprising wasn't it? I got a little scared." She then looked over at dark haired teen of the two boys. "Are you ok Tsukune?"

"Uh, ya," he replied, "I'm fine." Saying that, he paused for a moment in thought. "Moka…why are you so friendly to someone like me? Even though I'm just a worthless mediocre guy…"

"Don't say that!" she interrupted emotionally.

"Ya," Naruto agreed, though a little more calmly. "You're a great guy, Tsukune. For me personally, I love how you seem to constantly get me to laugh. You're a great friend. Right Moka?"

"Mhm," she nodded emphatically. "To me you're not worthless, mediocre, or anything!"

"Huh?" the shorter boy queried.

"She's saying man," the former shinobi clarified, "that we like you just the way you are. Don't go putting yourself down anymore, ok?" Once he finally got a nod of grudging acceptance, he smiled teasingly and turned to face the pretty female member of their group.

"Soooo, Moka-chan, why is it that you are wanting to be friends with me then, huh?

Seeing Naruto's charming smile directed at her, she couldn't fight back the rosy hue that blossomed across her face. "W-well, I like how you're really nice to me like Tsukune, but besides that…" Here her blush deepened to a full blown cherry red and she began squirming where she stood as she held her head in her hands cutely. "Were on bloodsucking terms!"

Naruto actually fell backwards at the absurdity of her declaration. Quickly hopping back up, he stared at her indignantly. "What am I food!"

For once, Tsukune seemed to be the one amused instead of being the source. "Come Naruto," he laughed, "she is a vampire. So, technically, since you let her feed from you, you would be considered food."

The blonde Namikaze just let forth a grunt disproval at that, followed by the beginnings of a grumpy sulk.

Moka didn't seem to notice the gentle ribbing by the Aono boy at all. "Be proud of yourself, Naruto!" she cheered. "You have grade A blood! It's way better than any of the stuff I've drank from transfusion packs! It's full bodied, and the sweetness and mineral balance are perfect!"

"That still makes me sound like food," he grumbled, though too quietly for anyone to hear.

"Actually…" the pink haired girl continued, "you know…th-that was my first time."

That got Naruto's attention…though he usually heard that sentence in another context. "What!?"

"Since I didn't really get a chance to drink hardly anything at all from Tsukune, you're the first person whose body I have ever truly fed from. That feeling…I'll never forget it."

While her words were touching, they were also too good of an opening to ignore. "Sooo, are you saying that I popped your blood sucking cherry?" He laughed at the shocked look on his female friend's face that quickly turned to embarrassment. With a sigh, he continued his teasing. "You know, there is just nothing like taking a girl's 'V'. It's something that you know that you will possess no matter who that girl may end up with. It's yours forever."

The way he was going on, even Tsukune was growing uncomfortable at all the innuendo. Was he going too far…?


"Actually, for your first time, I got to commend you on the power and technique of your sucking. If you ever want to give another location on my body, besides my neck, a try, just let me know." 'BAM!'

Yep, that was it. He crossed the line. But oh what a fun line it was to cross. Rubbing his sore head, he looked up to find that it wasn't Moka who had hit him, but Tsukune. The boy was actually staring at his fist in mortification at what he had done. Somehow, Naruto ended up feeling bad for the guy. And he was the one that hit him!

Standing up steadily enough, he attempted to ease his male friend's distress. "Don't worry about it man. I deserved it. That was my bad. I pushed the teasing too far." He then turned to his other friend. "I'm sorry Moka, please forgive me. I'm having a hard time remembering that things that may be acceptable in a military society among comrades may not be so in a high school between friends who have just met. Please accept my apology."

Hearing their friend speak in a somewhat serious and mature fashion, compared to his normally joking and teasing self; Moka and Tsukune were equally left at a loss for words momentarily. Hell, they both had just expected him to laugh it off. In the end, it was Moka to regain her wits first.

"Oh, uh, n-no problem Naruto-kun"

"Ya, what she said."

And like that, their blonde friend was back to normal. Without preamble, he looped an arm around each of their shoulders and set off guiding them along to explore the school further.

For the next few hours, all three of the teens walked about the academy together. They checked out everything it had to offer and made sure they knew where exactly everyone of their classes would be. The place really was enormous.

Eventually, though, after they had been exploring the grounds around the school for awhile, they came upon another large decrepit building. They actually had to cross through one of the grave yards to get to it.

"What is this place?" Tsukune asked at a loss for what the place was once used for.

"Don't be silly, Tsukune," answered Moka. "This is, of course, the school dorm we'll be living in. Didn't you read the handbook?"

"Dorm…?" The dark haired teen looked at their future housing in bewilderment.

Even Naruto had to admit it looked a little shabby. Maybe his tastes had been compromised by being raised by humans all those years?

"So cool," the pretty girl gushed from between them. "Such a building full of dignity and character!"

"No way! What are you looking at!?"

Once again Naruto couldn't help laughing at his friend's antics. Had he mentioned how hilarious he thought the guy was? The dude must have been an imp or something. Nothing else could possibly make him laugh so hard.

"You don't like it?" she asked, genuinely surprised. "Even though you're a monster…oh, speaking of which, what kind are you?"

Tsukune fidgeted nervously at her question. Hesitantly he mumbled an incomprehensible set of words. No one understood him.

"Oops, letting your true form out is against the school rules, isn't it? Sorry, I didn't mean to ask that question."

Naruto was a bit disappointed with his female friend's sudden retraction. He had actually been hoping he would find out what the other boy's form was finally. Srew the rules. It was really starting to bug him. And speaking of things bugging him…

"Hey Moka," the blonde asked.

"Yes Naruto-kun?"

"I've been thinking, I just can't seem to picture you as anything except a normal human. Don't take this the wrong way, but are you really a vampire?"

"Yep, of course." The girl didn't even hesitate in her response. "Right now I look pretty human, but, y'see…" As she parted the top half of her shirt a bit, both boys immediately locked eyes onto the large amount of cleavage they assumed she was indicating too. "If I take this Rosary on my chest off, I become the real thing. An evil and scaaaaary vampire."

While Tsukune appeared mildly fascinated, Naruto was internally disappointed. He was hopping for something more along the lines of: tweak right nipple once for vampire, left nipple twice for human. Oh well, a guy could dream.

Meanwhile, Moka was still giving a detailed explanation of her situation. "Rosaries actually have the effect of sealing off a vampire's power. Since in my original form I was hated and caused conflict, I put this rosary on myself so I'd keep my vampire powers sealed."

And there it was again. Whenever any talk about monsters or something similar was going on, Naruto could always sense Tsukune's unease. Something was just not adding up. But what? The Namikaze heir was so focused on his other friend, that he didn't even notice Moka stepping into his personal space as she continued to talk.

"But even if our power is sealed, we do still end up craving blood."

Naruto never even heard that last statement before he suddenly felt two fangs biting into his neck. Yep, being prepared was the key to having your blood sucked. Damn that hurt!

It was early the next day when Naruto and Moka were walking around together looking for their other friend. The sun was already making its gradual rise in the west.

"Where do you think he could be, Naruto-kun?"

"I don't know. You were there yesterday. He just said he had to go take care of something and ran off."

"Do you think it was something I said? Do you think it was because of all the talk about me being a vampire?"

Naruto could clearly see the concern and insecurity in her eyes thinking she had scared away one of her friends. When they found that guy, he would be sure to give him a lump on the head for making the poor girl worry. Whether Tsukune meant to or not wasn't the issue.

"It'll be fine Moka-chan. I'm sure he just decided to head to class early. He was probably nervous about getting lost again so he gave himself plenty of time." Despite his assurances, though, even he did not completely believe that. Something didn't feel right.

It was almost fifteen minutes later that the two of them finally found their friend running frantically back and forth in one of the graveyards. The strange thing about the scene, however, was the two suitcases he was tugging along for some reason. Naruto could also slightly make out few faint bruises upon his face.

Moka didn't even seem to care, she was so relieved. Without forewarning she glomped him in a big, suffocating hug around the neck.

"Tsukune, we're so glad we found you. If we don't hurry, we're going to be tardy." It was only at his lack of response that she finally noticed all the luggage.

"I-I can't help it, Moka, Naruto. This school is just too scary! I wanna go to a human school!"

And like that, it was as if Naruto had an epiphany at what was going on with his friend. But deciding to wait for confirmation, he stayed quiet.

"A human one…?" the female of their group murmured before a sudden look of panic set in upon her? "No way! You can't go off to some human school! I hate those humans!!"

The blonde Namikaze heir cringed at those words knowing that was probably not the right thing to say at that moment.

Tsukune, himself, was blown away and deeply hurt by the ferociousness of her words. All he could get out was a basic "Huh?"

It didn't matter, though. It was like a damn of pent up emotion had been released inside the beautiful woman. She completely unloaded on them both.

"I…I actually went to a human school up through secondary. I was isolated…none of those humans believed in monsters, so I started thinking I was weird. I was different from everyone, so I thought it would be better if I wasn't there. I believed it would be better if I disappeared. It was sooooo tough…" She was by then fighting back tears. "But…you and Naruto said I was all right even though you found out that I'm a vampire and so…" she smiled. "This has been the first time in my life that I haven't felt alone! So you can't go! Let's all three of us study hard at this academy together!"

Following Moka's long heartfelt declaration, the entire surroundings fell into silence. It was Tsukune who pierced it, though his voice was barely over a whisper. He couldn't even look at her, his face was to the ground.

"If…" he began. "If I said I was one of those humans that you hate…would you still stop me?"

The pink haired beauty's eyes flew open wide. "Huh?"


There it was; the source behind all the strange behavior on Tsukune's part. Somehow, he, as a human, winded up getting himself stuck in a school for monsters. It all made so much sense. The key to the puzzle.

To the dark haired boy, it was as if a huge burden had been lifted off his back. Damn the consequences.

"I AM A HUMAN!" he yelled. "Through some kind of mistake, I ended up being let into this school, but I'm different from both of you!"

Moka couldn't accept it. "No…! There's no way a human could be here…"

"Moka…that look on your face was because you realized I'm human…" He could no longer even face her as he turned his back. "That's right; I shouldn't even be here after all anyway."

He had it all wrong, that's not what she meant! She tried reaching out to him. "…! Wait, really Tsukune. I…"

"LET GO!" he yelled forcefully, jerking away. "YOU HATE HUMANS, RIGHT!? OH, AND EXCUSE ME FOR BEING A FRIEND TO A PAIR OF MONSTERS!!" That said, he dashed off as fast as his legs could carry him.


Watching as the boy disappeared into the distance, Moka collapsed from the emotional exertion of it all. She could no longer fight the tears as they flowed, nor the sobs that escaped from her mouth.

Naruto almost felt his heart break seeing one of the only two people that he had ever come to consider a real friend be in such pain. It didn't matter that he had only known her for a day. She accepted him for what he was. He was a monster and she was ok with that. Whether she knew his true secret didn't matter at that moment.

Damn that brunette bastard! He hated trying to deal with crying women!

So, nevertheless, the blond haired teen awkwardly kneeled down and gently pulled the distraught young woman into a comforting embrace. As he wrapped his arms around her small frame, he allowed her to unleash all her new found sorrow upon his chest. It wouldn't be long till his shirt would be soaked.

The two ended up staying that way, Naruto only offering the occasional word when needed, until the girl's shaking form finally decreased to a more acceptable level. He had been working out what to say in his mind. He just hopped it worked.

"Moka-chan" he soothed, though, with a sobering undertone in his voice. "I need you to be completely honest with me, ok?"

Said girl slowly looked up at him with confused, tear-filled and red-rimmed eyes, but weakly nodded her acceptance.

"Do you really and truly care whether or not Tsukune is a human? Does that one little fact change who he is?" he asked. "Is he not still the same Tsukune whom you ran over with your bike just yesterday and accepted the fact you're a vampire?" Here he paused to let his words sink in. "Is he not still our friend?"

As Moka stared into Naruto's intense cerulean orbs, it was as if his words were communicating directly to her soul. She knew instinctively what her answer was. It was as if a raging inferno of determination had been lit in her heart. "Yes." She declared. "Tsukune is still Tsukune."

"Then that settles it," he responded, picking them both up to their feet with a smile. "Believe in me, Moka, and I promise you I will bring back our friend," his grin grew wider, "even if I have to drag his sorry ass back kicking and screaming."

Moka giggled softly at that last part, but still nodded her head in confirmation. "I believe, Naruto-kun."

"Good. Then head back towards the school, and I'll go grab that overdramatic idiot." Without another word, he placed a quick peck on her forehead and dashed off into the direction the other teen had gone.

Standing at the scarecrow bus stop, Tsukune continued to pace back and forth while staring at his withdrawal notice. He was plagued by uncertainty. The longer he waited for his ride to arrive so he could get the hell out of there, the more he wondered if he was making the right choice.

'It's the first time in my life that I haven't felt alone.'

That was what she had told him. Thinking back to just the day before, he couldn't help but slightly feel the same way. Despite being surrounded by a school full of monsters, when he was with Moka and Naruto, he really did feel like part of a group. It was as if it was the first time in his life that he had real friends. But they were monsters…

If I go back home, once again…I can get back to being normal.

"…But…is this right…like this…for me…?"

"I don't know," spoke a familiar voice from behind him. "Is it?"

Almost having a heart attack from the shock, the dark haired teen spun around to be met with the familiar site of his male friend's golden lochs and whiskered face. The bastard was grinning.

"I didn't scare ya, did I?" Naruto laughed at the agitated look Tsukune was giving him.

"Naruto, what are you doing here? I already told you and Moka that I'm leaving. I can't take it at this school. Besides…" his head fell as his voice trailed off.

"Besides, what?" the blonde pressed.

"You heard her. Moka said it herself. She hates humans like me."

Naruto tsked while shaking his head. "Tsukune, Tsukune, Tsukune." Walking forward a bit, he placed his right hand on the other boy's shoulder. "You just don't get it do you?"

At his companion's look of confusion, he went on. "It isn't the fact that humans are human that she hates your kind so much. It is what they symbolize. They represent all the years of loneliness she's felt. If you remember, she didn't say that she didn't want to be friends with those kids from her middle school, but that they didn't want to be her friends. Just because they saw her as weird, they isolated her. Sometimes you have to look underneath the underneath. Do you understand?"

Thinking on what he said, Tsukune hoped that was true. Eventually he gave a hesitant nod. "I-I think so…" he paused. "But doesn't that just make me a constant symbol of all that time she was unhappy?"


Slowly walking back to the school like Naruto had suggested, Moka still couldn't stop crying slightly from how bad she felt over what she had said to Tsukune. She really didn't mean it. She didn't hate humans at all. She just hated how they always made her feel isolated in the past, like she could never fit in. But Tsukune…he was different. He and Naruto both made her feel accepted. They each had said she was their friend. They were her first friends. For some reason they didn't mind that she was a vampire, which even among monsters had set her apart. The day before had been the happiest of her entire life…and now it looked like she had ruined it all.

"Hey! What are you doing out here alone!?" Someone had just yanked her wrist above her head.

She immediately saw who it was.


"Don't worry Akashiya Moka," he growled. "You shouldn't be lonely when you can be with a man like me!"

"Dude! You can't seriously be this dense. It doesn't matter to her what you are. Whether you're human, werewolf, goblin, or even a nargle, she likes you. And you know why? You treat her as if she's normal. Got it?"

Tsukune finally began to look at Naruto with a light of understanding. She wasn't upset at him being human, she was upset that he was going to leave her! Why did he not see that!?


"What's a nargle?"

Naruto palmed his face. "Ok, so I made that last one up. Just answer the damn question."

The other boy chuckled, more at ease than before. "So she doesn't want me to leave?"

"Hell no!" the blonde yelled. "After you ran off, she completely broke into tears. She was near inconsolable. And guess what?"


Naruto then bashed the dark haired teen upside the head.

"I was the one that had to comfort her! Do you have any idea how awkward it is to try and calm a distraught woman? Huh? Well, let me tell you. NOT PLEASANT! That shit just ain't in my skill set."

Despite the growing lump on the back of his head, Tsukune couldn't help but laugh further at his friend's tirade.

"Ok, ok, I'm sorry. Just don't hit me again," the Aono boy exaggeratedly rubbed his sore head. "That hurt."

"I'll think about. Now, are you going to come back with me or do you still plan to leave?"

Just then the bus they had arrived on pulled to a stop in front of them.

"Hehe, so you two are running away after all. Somehow I had a feeling you would." The creepy driver looked down at them with those glowing yellow eyes. "That's fine sonny boys. If you have no regrets, come aboard."

Looking up at the man, Naruto was indignant that the guy thought he wanted to leave. "Actually bus driver-san, I just came here to have a talk with my friend. He's the one that called for you."

Tsukune stroked the back of his neck bashfully. "Ya, sorry about that, but I think I've changed my mind. I'm going to stay here at Youkai Academy."

"Are you sure?" the driver asked. At the teen's nod, the man smiled. "All right then, don't go getting yourself killed."

Then without another word, the guy shut the bus' door and turned to drive off back to whence he came.

Naruto stood there grinning. Slinging his arm over the other boy's shoulders, he gave himself an internal pat on the back. Damn I'm good.

"Glad you made the right choice man. I would have hated to have to destroy that nice dude's bus. He seems to really like it."

Tsukune looked over in shock. "W-what are you talking about?"

"Well, you see…" the blonde chuckled with mirth, "I kinda promised Moka to bring you back with me no matter what. I think I said something along the lines of 'kicking and screaming if necessary'. I just wanted to give you the chance to make the choice youself first."

"You mean it didn't matter what I decided? You were going to make sure I stayed here whether I wanted to or not!?"

"Ya, pretty much. Why?"

"…Oh…uh, ok. Just checking I guess." For some reason, the human teen couldn't bring himself to be angry. In fact, in a twisted sort of way, he was happy.

Damn that school had a way of fucking with someone's head.

"Good, now that we have that all squared away, what do you say we get back to the academy? If we hurry, we just might make it before second period."

The whiskered teen didn't even wait for the other boy to respond before he picked him up under one arm and dashed off back along the trail. Sure they could have walked, but Naruto had already made that trip once, and he had no intention of hiking it again.

Slamming against a nearby tombstone, Moka let out a shriek of both shock and pain. Saizou had just thrown her none too gently over 5 feet. If it weren't for her being a vampire, there was no doubt she would have broken something. Standing on shaky legs, she looked at her attacker in fear.

The young man laughed, throwing his school coat to the side. "I'm serious," he spoke. "Your beauty is incomparable to any of those puny humans I have molested. I will have you Akashiya Moka!"

"Saizou, please…" she pleaded.

It had no effect. He growled as his body began to change shape. His muscles bulked and he grew twice as large in size. Spikes and claws of bone formed as he whipped his monstrously long tong around fiendishly.

"Ohh, I just can't stop myself when I feel like this, my body starts to ach. When I come to this point, there is no stopping me…I just can't stay in human form anymore!"

"N-no, someone help…"

"Mwahahaha," he laughed psychotically at her petty cries. "I'm going to enjoy this little violation of the school rules!"

As he said that, his abnormally long tongue shot forth from his moth to coil around Moka's helpless form. Lifting her from the ground, he whipped her through the air into one of the many surrounding trees.

Hitting hard, she called out one last time in desperation, instinct ruling her thoughts.


Then, out of nowhere, as if kami himself were answering her prayers, a small shining blade flew though the air and pierced the grotesque slimy tongue gripping her leg. Saizou screamed in fury as it was pinned to the ground. Taking a moment, Moka looked up to identify her would be savior.

It was Naruto! Added to that, he had brought back Tsukune like he had promised.

Dropping the boy to the ground, the blonde looked on at the scene with a steely sort of calm. However, if one looked into his narrowed blue orbs, they would see the raging inferno of pain he was ready to unleash. Briefly looking down at his side, he addressed his friend.

"Tsukune…go check on Moka and see if she's alright. If you can, get her the hell out of here. I'll keep this asshole busy until then. You got me?"

Said young man quickly stood to his feet, equally worried for the pink haired girl. Giving only a nod, he dashed towards her side.

"Ahh," Saizou hissed, removing the kunai from his tongue. "If it isn't the two puny little scumbags from earlier." He then trained his focus onto Tsukune. "What are you even doing here? I thought I said the next time I saw you near Moka I'd kill you? Coming back for another beating?"

Without further warning, the burly transformed monster cocked his gigantic fist back and charged at the human boy kneeling beside the pink haired girl. Both teens watched in ample horror as the behemoth headed straight for them, each unable to do anything to stop him. The following events all seemed to happen in slow motion.

Saizou's massive form was almost directly in front of them, his fist already on its forward path of carnage. It came closer and closer to them as they watched on paralyzed and helpless. Then, like a golden flash, there was Naruto. He stood unwavering between them and the attacking monster. The blonde didn't even show an ounce of fear, determination visible in his form. Bringing up both of his arms, he just barely put a stop to the oncoming punch in time. The force behind it was so powerful, that even Tsukune and Moka could feel the onrush of wind from the reverberating shockwave. Amazingly, Naruto slid back but only a couple inches. However, before anyone could even think of rejoicing, they were stricken by the insidious smirk on the heavily-built man's face. Having both his hands occupied holding back the creature's fist, the Namikaze heir was unable to do anything about the previously seen tongue shooting out of Saizou's mouth once more. It headed straight for Tsukune…

No one had time to react, it happened so fast. All the previous events happened in but a few seconds before the dark haired teen was seen flying through the air. The sound of his impact echoed through the clearing. He wasn't moving.


Moka's shout broke through the fog of Naruto's mind seeing one of his only two friends attacked in such a way. His eyes flashed red for the briefest of seconds.

With a momentary burst of power he leaped up into the air, still holding the other man's arm, and proceeded to use both his feet to drop kick Saizou directly in the chest. The enormous monster went skidding back a multitude of feet into a distant tree.

Looking back, Naruto saw that Moka was already up and running towards Tsukune's downed form. That was all the time he had before he noticed his foe picking himself back up. Taking in a deep breath, he rushed forward to continue the fight. It would be so much easier if he could just use even a little of his demonic power, but he couldn't risk it. He didn't want to even hint at what, or better yet who, he really was. He was Naruto now, and that was who he wanted to remain. He was done with his past life. The old him was long dead, only a distant memory.

One good thing he did have going for himself, though, was his proficiency with chakra. By molding it just right within his body, he could enhance his strength and speed to impossible levels for a mere human. Unfortunately, by his enemy's standards, that was just enough to hold his own in regards to strength. Naruto's only real advantage at that moment was superior speed and greater martial technique. Demonstrating this, he let forth a barrage of perfectly placed kicks and punches upon his still disoriented opponent. If he could just keep Saizou occupied long enough, he could allow Moka and Tsukune to get the fuck away. Then the sorry excuse for a monster would be in trouble. With no witnesses, he would not be limited by holding back. It would only take a fraction of his true power to incinerate the bastard within a few seconds. Unfortunately, the deviant monster had other plans.

Once again forgetting about his enemy's formidable tongue, Naruto was blindsided from the side, knocking him through half a dozen nearby trees. That really hurt. Almost enough for him to say screw cautious and show that offending asshole his place. Reigning in his temper, though, he kept his calm. The fucker wasn't worth it. Shakily standing to his feet, the blonde locked eyes with the other man.

That was when both of the two combatants felt the sudden presence of an overwhelming demonic aura. It flooded the landscape around them and neither could discern exactly from where it came. However, that soon was not an issue as a woman who looked remarkably similar to Moka stepped into the clearing.

Damn was she hot! Just looking at her Naruto was starting to get aroused. Those legs, that ass, and oh those breasts! The red slited eyes and silver hair she sported just added to the exotic effect. Could that have really have been Moka? While there was no denying the pink haired girl was extremely cute and pretty, the woman before him was downright sexy. Even her walk had a sultry sort of appeal to it. It was almost enough to overlook the unnatural level of power that radiated off her presence. Keyword being 'almost'.

Walking forward, it was as if she was completely unconcerned by the behemoth that stood before her. To her, he was nothing but an insignificant pest. Yawning, she lazily stretched her limbs. Naruto's eyes locked onto her breast as she bounced up and down from one foot to the other. Dear diary, today was a good day.

"So you are the one behind the cause of awakening me from my slumber, huh?" The apathetic way she talked down to the heavily-built monster sounded much more like the elitist attitude Naruto had been told to expect from vampires. He also noticed that her voice was noticeably deeper, though no less feminine than her pink haired self.

Hearing her speak directly to him, Saizou began to shake in mounting fear. The demonic aura she projected was too much for him to take. It was the woman's turn to smirk.

"What's wrong rogue one…?" she asked mockingly. "You…want me right? Just try and take me by force."

That served to enrage the bulky monster just enough to send him into an unthinking rage. No one made a fool of him! Running forward, fist cocked back, he rushed headstrong to attack. The woman's smirk turned predatory. She waited until he was directly in front of her before acting.

"Know your place!"

Punching the monster so hard into the ground, Saizou's body created a crater over three meters wide. When the dust cleared, his body lay there completely unmoving. Naruto actually felt a bit put out by the ease at which she dealt with the situation. I could have done that too if I wanted. With a pout, he slowly walked over to the silver haired vampire.

"Thanks for the help, I guess."

The woman 'pft'ed in uncaring apathay at his gratitude. "A low class monster like him who had nothing to show for his size didn't even make for a decent opponent in a contest of strength."

What a bitch! He had just semi-sincerely thanked her for her help and she had the nerve to act all haughty with him. There was only one thing he could think in response to that.

"Well…you cheated."

That got her attention. Narrowing her eyes dangerously, she stared directly at him. "Excuse me?"

"You heard me. You cheated," he repeated. "I could have done that too if I busted out my monster form. It was complete overkill to go all vampire on his ass. Completely unsportsmanlike."

"You," she growled, "are so lucky my more innocent persona likes you so much. If it weren't for that fact, I would easily show you your place." As if to emphasize her point, or maybe just to show off, she briefly flashed the full might of her demonic aura. Naruto had to admit it was impressive. Enough so, that it convinced him to back off on his accusations.

"So, uh, you really are Moka?" he asked.

Flipping her hair back in a more than slightly snobbish fashion, the super vampire deemed his question worthy of a response.

"Yes, I am Moka Akashiya. The pink haired girl you know is the form and personality I take when the rosario is clipped around my neck. But make no mistake, I am the true version of myself."

It was then that a sudden sense of dread overcame the sole Namikaze heir. Did that mean…?

"So…do you actually know, see, and uh… hear everything the other Moka does?" he prodded nervously. Oh kami, please say no.

The malevolent look she gave him, though, was answer enough. He gulped.

"What instance would you be referring too?" she asked in a sickly sweet voice. "All those times you stared at my chest? The comment you made about 'popping my blood sucking cherry'? Or how about how you suggested to my kinder self to feel welcome sucking from another certain part of you body?"

Naruto cried internally.


That was all he managed to get out before sexy Moka nailed him directly in the solar plexus, careening his body once again into another set of trees. His sorry ass by then was littered with bruises and cuts from the pounding he had received from both during and after the fight. As he groggily tried to shake the stars from his vision, he once again noticed the angry woman before him. Please don't hit me!

Lucky for him, though, the mighty vampire decided to take pity on his pathetic form. Reaching down, she griped his forearm roughly and dragged him to his feet. Without a word, she proceeded to lift him onto her shoulder and began carrying back across the clearing. Naruto soon realized she was taking him over to where Tsukune sat resting. At the sight of the blonde, the other boy was immediately to his feet.

"Naruto! Are you ok? Did Saizou do all that to you?"

Not given a chance to respond, said young man was unceremoniously dropped into a heap on the ground. His carcass made a rather large 'thud'. Grumbling, he took a moment to answer the question.

"Actually," he began, "I did pretty well for myself before super vamp here came and laid the smack down on the guy. The reason I look as bad as I do now, is because she then went all crazy and felt some self-righteous need to 'put me in my place'. I'm tellin ya dude, I miss the nice Moka. I don't care if this other version is sexy as hell."

From behind him, the silver haired woman's eyebrow ticked at the total lack of respect. It was obvious the young man before her had no sense of self-preservation.

"You are so lucky, little man, that I and my other self enjoy your blood so much," she hissed. "Tsukune, hand me the rosario. I tire of dealing with this fool."

Seeing the barely contained fury the vampire before him was holding back, the Aono boy scrambled to comply. Finally finding the cross like trinket, he passed it to her shakily. He really hopped she wouldn't take out her anger of Naruto on him. Moka just smirked at his jittery behavior before sighing as she looked at the rosario in her hands.

"I've had enough of this." She looked directly at the two boys. "Until we meet again, you had better baby-sit my sentimental other self." Her attention then focused entirely on the blonde. "And you had better watch yourself. If you continue with your lewd antics towards the 'other' Moka, you can rest assured I will beat you within an inch of your life."

Naruto gulped at the non-joking sound of her voice. Luckily though, she did not bother waiting for a response. Seeing she had finally been successful in scaring him at least a little, she went ahead and clipped the silver charm back around her neck.

Naruto and Tsukune could only stare on equally in interest at Moka's transformation. The sexy dangerous vampire rapidly reverted back to her more kind-hearted schoolgirl self. Watching her, the blonde was slightly disappointed at the decreased bust size, but refrained from commenting as he remembered the silver haired woman's parting words. However, he quickly became aware at how much the change had taken out of his female friend when she fell directly into his broad and bruised chest. Looking up, he stared at the other teen and asked the first thing that popped into his mind.

"So…" he began, "want to go grab a bite to eat?"

Tsukune stared back in confusion at the out of the blue question. "What?"

"I asked if you want to grab a bit to eat," he repeated. "We can drop sleeping beauty off here at her dorm and then raid the cafeteria. I don't know about you, but all this drama today has made me hungry."

The dark haired Aono boy looked at Naruto curiously for a solid few moments before finally giving up. It had been a too long a morning. "Sure, whatever."

Happy with the response, the Namikaze heir stood to his feet cradling the pink haired girl gently in his arms. With a smile both teens set off back to the dorms. As they left though, Tsukune never noticed the shadowy figure left behind hidden in one of the many trees.

Jumping to the ground, a blonde young man in a school uniform landed without a sound. The look upon his face was anything but jovial. As he walked through the clearing, he made his way to the crater where Saizou Komiya was laying beaten and broken. Looking down on the young man's pitiful form he sneered.

"Heh, pathetic," he spat. "You truly had no idea what you were getting into were you? To think a lowly monster like yourself could cause so much trouble." Here the man sighed. Pulling out a small shiny metal blade, he kneeled down next to the unconscious behemoth. "Well, I'm going to make sure you never get the chance to cause anyone trouble ever again. Sayonara asshole." Slicing the man's throat without an ounce of hesitation or remorse, he waited only long enough to see the vile brute bleed-out into death before disappearing in a puff of smoke.

Back at the dorms Naruto grinned.

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