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A Beautiful Nightmare

The private Youkai Academy: it was a school meant for monsters located in a secret, sacred world far away from any humans. Here, students were to learn how to fade into society and coexist with humanity. To help with this, it was a stated rule that no one was to ever reveal their true form while there. They were meant to attend the academy as if they were, in all actuality, human. For one young man, this came a bit more naturally than others. His name was Aono Tsukune, an average male teen with a mediocre disposition. He could accomplish this feat better than anyone else and would have been proud of this fact if it wasn't for one small snag.

Unknown to the entire student body except two others, he actually was human: a literal, no supernatural power wielding, average human. If the truth ever came out about his secret, there was no doubt what the repercussions would be. He had been told on the very first day that any human that stumbled upon the school would be killed. But then…why didn't he just leave?

"Oh, hey look!" one of the male students around him shouted. "It's Moka-san."

"Oooh…she looks just as stunning as ever!" another yelled. "It's like she's surrounded by a light."

"She's so dazzling!"

"Akashiya Moka…"

"She's obviously the academy's number one beauty!"

Yep, there was the cause behind Tsukune's continued residency there at Youkai Academy, the reason for him gambling with his life.

"Oh, morning Moka-san," he greeted as she got near.

Finally noticing him, the pink haired girl immediately rushed to his side, crushing his arm in a near bone-braking hug. Damn was he a lucky bastard. At least that was what all the surrounding students were thinking.

"Morning Tsukune!"

Yes, that mediocre human boy was friends with possibly the most widely desired girl at school. She practically adored him. He was one of her two best friends.

Speaking of which…

"Hey guys! How's it goin!?"

That was Namikaze Naruto. Walking up between the two teens, he proceeded to wrap a friendly arm around each of their shoulders. The blonde haired young man was actually the third member of their little trio. The three of them had by then been officially attending Youkai Academy for exactly a week. For the most part, aside from a brief period of drama the second day, their time there had been relatively uneventful. Their lives were going pretty much like any other student's. They would get up, go to classes, grab a bite to eat at meals, and hangout. Overall, it was fairly enjoyable.

However, unknown to two of the members in their small group, it was becoming a widely known fact that it was not wise to try and mess with either Akashiya Moka or her two friends. It was said that those that tried to harm or cause trouble for any of them were not often seen again. The most glaring example of this had been Komiya Saizou who had disappeared after manhandling Aono Tsukune on the first day. Whether it was only a coincidence or not, no one knew the answer.

As the trio leisurely strolled about campus together, like always Tsukune was fidgeting nervously at glares from other students, Moka was blushing from Naruto's teasing, and said young man was laughing internally at both his companion's behavior. They were a fairly easy going group generally, but on occasion it was surprisingly the jokester among them that would show sides to himself that, frankly, shocked and, to a degree, scared his friends. It was as if he had a Jekyll and Hyde complex. One minute he would be the normal charmer they had come to know, but the second one of Moka's admirers or Tsukune's detractors became a bit too aggressive towards them, he would change into a whole other person. If they had to describe it further, it was kind of similar to how the female of their group's personality changed when she transformed into her true vampire self. Only with Naruto, he showed no outward alteration about him, only a sudden more deadly presence. It was like he would be just waiting for their aggressors to step over the line so he could feel justified in slaughtering them. When he was like that, his bloodlust was almost palpable.

Despite all that though, the Namikaze heir only rarely became like that, and even then both of his friends sort of understood he was just being protective. If someone asked either of the two, they would probably say they were even grateful for how he acted since it really did help give them a sense of security with all the hostility that they were normally surrounded with.

Because of this then, it came as no surprise that even Tsukune felt relatively safe as long as he was around the blonde. The glares still creped him out, but that was it. As for Moka, she found it very sweet and cute, despite Naruto adamantly declaring against this on many occasions. He preferred handsome, cool, awesome, funny, and even lazy for some reason, but cute was definitely not on the list. The Akashiya girl loved how he would childishly pout whenever she refused to give into his assertions.

Sitting down eventually on a campus building's stoop, the three companions decided to take a rest. They had finally managed to find an abandoned area to be alone without everyone staring and talking about them.

"I'm tellin ya Moka-chan," Naruto pressed, "I didn't like those guys' attitude. They were getting way too pushy for my taste."

Said girl could only smile prettily at her friend's restated claim. The blonde young man had nearly caused a group of rather vulgar boys to shit themselves after they had tried coming on to her only a few minutes before. In his defense though, Tsukune wasn't all too appreciative either at the things those guys had said or insinuated; he just wasn't about to say so.

"Come on Naruto," the Aono teen countered with a grin. "We both know you've said things to Moka with far more innuendo than what those other guys did."

The blonde male huffed indignantly at that. So what if it was true?

"Well…that's not the point. Besides, I'm her friend. I automatically get more leeway than others." Naruto then turned smugly back towards the pink haired beauty. "Not to mention, I need some kind of perk system in payment for being used as a personal juice box." At his words though, the young man incidentally sparked a fresh craving out of the subject of his attention. Seeing the silent question in her eyes, he sighed in resignation.

"Go ahead."

Not needing any further encouragement, Moka greedily dug into Naruto's exposed neck. Oh how she loved the taste of his delectable life fluid. She had even stated on more than one occasion that she thought she was becoming addicted to his blood. Drinking in deep even slurps, it wouldn't be long till she drained her friend dry. It still surprised Tsukune that his male friend could actually stand to lose so much without going comatose. Any normal human would probably have died from such a large amount of blood loss. Luckily, the Namikaze heir was anything but normal.

Realizing that his pink haired friend had once again become lost in her meal, Naruto began to feel a bit lightheaded. Even his healing ability couldn't completely keep up with replenishing the blood he was losing to her. Despite this though, he grinned.

Noticing the sudden smirk on the blonde's face, the Aono teen groaned. He really didn't think it was appropriate the way his friend let the girl know she was getting carried away.

Paying Tsukune's annoyed look no heed; Naruto subtly lifted his hand into position. Then, without warning, he gave Moka's right breast a healthy, full palmed, squeeze. The girl immediately released his neck and jumped back in shock. Ironically, it was she who was apologizing.

"Oh!" she exclaimed. "I'm so sorry Naruto-kun! I got so absorbed in the taste of your blood that I completely forgot to pay attention. I didn't take too much did I?"

Despite being a little paler than would be considered healthy, the young man opposite her waved off her concerns with a smile.

"Don't worry about it. I think the system we got worked out is compensation enough for when you get carried away." His eyes briefly flashed to her chest. "I know I enjoy it." At his smug grin, Moka blushed a pink hue to match her hair. Naruto's chuckles filled the air at her embarrassment.

For the life of him, Tsukune could not figure out why the girl let his friend get away with the things he did to or around her. If it was anyone else, he was sure she would slap them. If the dark haired young man was honest with himself though, he would probably admit to being more jealous than annoyed. He was positive there was no way Moka would appreciate him acting like Naruto did around her, even with him being her friend too. His one consolation was that there was no doubt in his mind that the next time the pink haired girl's inner self came out, she would most likely beat the blonde within an inch of his life. She had actually said as much the last time she transformed. That thought alone brought a smile to his face.

Noticing his friend's scowl turn into a grin, Naruto became a bit curious.

"Hey Tsukune, what are you smiling about?"

"Huh" the teen asked, returning from his inner thoughts. "Oh, I was just thinking of something funny. Don't mind me."

"Well…ok." For some reason, Naruto did not feel very comforted by the other boy's words. Nothing good ever came from when he grinned like that.

"Uhm, Naruto-kun…" Moka spoke trying to grab his attention. "You don't look so good. Are you sure I didn't take too much? Do you want us to escort you to the infirmary to get looked at?"

Judging by both of his friends worried looks, the blonde former shinobi thought it might be best to check out what they were talking about. Pulling out a kunai from a hidden pouch in his school uniform, he used it as a modified mirror to look at himself. He was shocked to see just how pasty his complexion actually was. He knew Moka had taken more blood than normal, but he hadn't realized it was to that extent. However, he merely shrugged off their concern.

"Don't worry about it guys. I'll just need to take one of my blood replenishing capsules and I'll be good as new." Unfortunately, when he reached into another hidden pouch he found it to be empty. Apparently he had forgotten to refill it having used a couple during the week. This wasn't the first time the pink haired vampire had gotten carried away. "Sorry Moka, Tsukune, it looks like I got to run back to my dorm. It seems I'm out of capsules right now and need to grab some more there. I'll catch up with you guys later."

Both teens felt a bit concerned though as their friend stood up more than a little shakily. It was obvious he wasn't as fine as he claimed. However, despite their offers to come along, he waved them off.

"Really guys, I'll be fine. You two go do whatever until I get back. It shouldn't take me too long." Looking back at them only once more to ease their troubled looks with a reassuring smile, he proceeded to walk off towards the dilapidated looking building where they lived.

As Naruto traipsed through the dead looking forest back to the dormitory his mind began to wonder. It had only been a week since he had arrived here at the school, but he could already honestly say that it wasn't near as bad an experience as he had expected it to be. Sure it was a little boring, with the exception of the Saizou incident, and he did miss the thrill of missions, but at the same time it was peaceful. Ironically, he didn't have to watch his back near as much here surrounded by monsters as he did when he lived in his home village.

The true positive thing he enjoyed about coming to Youkai Academy, though, was that he was beginning to feel that he actually had real friends. It was an odd feeling. Sure, back in Konoha he had people he would hangout with after a mission, those he would talk to in the bars, and even women he would hook-up with on a semi-regular basis, but none of them would be what he would call friends. Acquaintances; yes. Comrades; yes. Friends; no.

It all really came down to one of two things. To the younger generation, he was seen as the Yondaime's son first and Naruto second. To the older shinobi and civilians, he was perceived with fear for what they believed him to be.

At a sudden thought, Naruto let a brief snicker escape. Heh, it's weird, those same two things that kept people distanced from me were the same things that got me laid more times than I can count.

Thinking back on his occasional romps with a kunoichi named Anko Mitarashi, he couldn't help but smile at how she loved the thrill of the thought that she was fucking the terrifying Kyuubi no Kitsune. She really got off on that fear. Literally.

On the other side of the spectrum, he remembered how his prestige as his father's son got more than a few of the younger kunoichi in the sack. In the last year or so before his departure, he had grown to greatly enjoy his sexual escapades with the blossoming Ino Yamanaka. That girl had definitely grown into a rather chesty one.

If for no other reason than the tremendous amount of sex he got while living there, he could almost look over the fact of how shitty the majority of the villagers had treated him growing up. If anyone could have seen his thoughts on the matter, it would have been no surprise he had, on more than one occasion, contemplated just destroying the whole kami-damned village. The only true reason he had refrained was out of respect and love for his father.

Secretly, that was another reason Naruto believed the man had sent him away. With Minato no longer alive, his son no longer had an absolute reason not to simply become a missing-nin or slaughter the entire village should they had pushed him too far. Only his father had the slightest idea of just how much power Naruto truly had.

Pushing those thoughts away, though, the blonde former shinobi focused on his original reflections. Oh yes, friends.

Tsukune and Moka made him feel accepted in a way he had never known before. To them he was just their overprotective, joking, and slight playboy of a friend. He wasn't some heir to a great legacy. He wasn't some embodiment of a legendary beast. He was just Naruto. And that was something he wanted to fight to keep for as long as possible.

Unfortunately, he was also under no allusions as to his true identity, and he knew that he would never really be just Naruto. The best he could hope for was to keep up his charade for as long as possible, for once it disappeared, his life would never again be the same.

But until then, I'm goin to have one hell of a time.

Letting out a small sigh, Naruto's mind distantly noticed that he had accidentally wondered off the path to the dorms. He had been so deep in self contemplation that he hadn't even been paying attention to where he was going. Stopping in mid-step, he took a brief look around at his surroundings.

"Just great," he grumbled, "I'm lost." As far as he could tell, he was smack dab in the middle of the forest with no real identifying land marks to indicate his position. This was why he tried not thinking too much. It only caused problems.

However, as he continued muttering and cursing himself, still feeling quite lightheaded from Moka's previous feeding, he was surprised to faintly pick up on what sounded like someone moaning somewhere in his vicinity. If he was lucky maybe they could point him in the right direction. That or they were just as lost as him. Taking his chances, he headed towards the source of the voice.


The closer he got, the more he could make out the voice. From what he could tell, it sounded distinctly feminine. It eventually led him to a small clearing at the edge of the campus grounds along the outer wall where a small mausoleum was built. There he found the origin of the pleas for help.

She was a petty, blue haired girl who appeared only slightly below average in height. If he had to guess, he would say she was somewhere around the same age as him, maybe younger. She was wearing a tight yellow sweater and had on an obscenely short plaid skirt that all female students wore that did little to hide her thighs. With the way she was positioned at that moment on the ground, he was pretty sure he could even see her panties.

White cotton. Nice.

The most noticeable attribute about her though, was the sheer monstrous size of her breasts. There was no doubt that this girl was blessed.

It was after that casual observation, though, that the girl of his focus looked up and noticed him. She had some of the most vulnerable violet eyes he had ever seen.

"Help me, please…" she pleaded with him. "Please lend me a hand. I just suddenly started feeling ill." Judging by the way she holding her abdomen and the sweat running down her forehead this was quite obviously the case.

Lightly jogging over to her, Naruto kneeled at her side to get a better look at what was wrong. He was still secretly hoping she knew how to get back to the trail, but was in no way against helping out a pretty girl. The last time he did that, things worked out pretty well for him…well, except for the blood sucking issue.

"Hey, are you ok?" he asked placing a steadying hand on her shoulder. "Do you think you can stand? Do you need to go to the school infirmary?"

The blue haired girl gave him a thankful nod and smile, allowing him to help her to her feet. "Thank you," she told him gratefully. "I've always had a weak body."

It was then that she unexpectedly began to sway a bit. Not wanting her to fall, he quickly grabbed a hold of her arm at which she seemed thankful.

Taking his assistance as permission enough, she then leaned heavily against his frame to support herself better. It didn't escape Naruto's notice that by her doing so, his arm was firmly mashed between her amble breasts.

"My, my chest…it just starts hurting all of a sudden. Please hold me." Moaning, the endowed teen pushed her boobs harder against his body, resting into him further. The feel of her felt absolutely heavenly to the blonde. Her breasts were just so big and soft. At that moment he was seriously considering what it would feel like to squeeze them. If he didn't know better, he would have thought she was doing this on purpose.

Is she grinding against me!?

That thought aside, he complied with her wish and placed a protective arm around her shoulder, holding her close.

"Ohhh," she sighed, "My chest feels like it's going to burst!" Doing away with any subtlety she may have been playing with, she began to overtly rub herself against him. Naruto suddenly began to feel that finding her the way he did may have been no accident.

What the hell is going on?


"Come on Moka" Tsukune complained mildly, "I'm sure Naruto's fine. He said so himself. All he needs is one of those weird pill things of his and he'll be right back to normal. Why do we have to go traipsing through the forest looking for him?" This place is creepy! He really didn't understand why Moka was so insistent on checking up on their friend. Sure the guy had been gone a little longer than expected, but more than likely he just got sidetracked flirting with one of his many growing admirers. Or maybe that was the reason why she was so adamant about checking up on him.

By this point both Tsukune and Moka had began to realize how much fun Naruto had flirting with the girls of their school. It was like a game to him. Coupled between his deep sense of self-confidence and ever-increasing mystique, he was actually quite good at it. He never really took it too far, but it was obvious that he enjoyed the attention. Sometimes it seemed he would find himself flirting without even meaning to. This was more often the case than not when he was around Moka. Tsukune couldn't help but feel slightly jealous at how much an affect Naruto's charm had on their beautiful pink haired friend.

At the same time, though, he wasn't really surprised that Moka looked at him differently than the blonde. Despite each of his friends' reassurances, Tsukune still perceived himself as nothing more than an average, mediocre guy. He wasn't even a monster like either of them. Naruto on the other hand seemed to excel at everything. He had the bad boy reputation around school, was funny, had a sense of power that seemed to follow him at all times, and to top it off, he was surprisingly a very intelligent student. What made all this even harder to accept was that the blonde teen didn't even seem to try. His casual attitude about everything just made Tsukune feel worse about himself. Then, every time he briefly became annoyed with his friend for how perfect he seemed, Tsukune would immediately feel even more despondent. Naruto never once tried to rub his strengths in his friends' faces and was in fact a very nice guy. He looked out for the both of them wherever they all went. If it wasn't for him, Tsukune was sure he would have had a much tougher time around school.

So, reluctantly, he just couldn't seem to begrudge Naruto for his growing status as one of the most popular boys in the school, at least among the female students.

"Pleeease Tsukune," Moka pleaded prettily, her bright blue eyes staring at him with her head turned. "I just want to make sure everything's ok. I feel horrible for draining so much of Naruto-kun's blood."

Seeing the cute pout on the pink haired girl's face Tsukune couldn't bring himself to say no. He noticed over the past week that the girl was able to talk him into a lot of things he normally wouldn't consider. All she had to do was flash him one of her bright smiles and he was putty in her hands. Naruto too seemed to have a similar problem around her though, so he didn't feel quite as big a sucker as he probably should.

Sighing, Tsukune caved. "Ok, fine, let's just find the guy so we can get back to the main part of campus." He shivered. "This place gives me the creeps."

"Oh thank you!" she cried, giving him a big, yet a little too strong, hug. When she released him, Tsukune thought she may have bruised a bone. Smiling though, he couldn't help but feel it was worth it.

Moka really is the greatest and most pretty girl I've ever met. I must be the luckiest guy in the world that she would want to be friends with someone like me.

As the two teens continued to walk through the woods, keeping an eye out for their other friend, they both were rather silent. Occasionally they would talk about some random thing, but nothing substantial. It often seemed without Naruto around that things were a lot quieter, though more peaceful as well. It was after an indefinite period of time that the two of them finally heard what sounded like two other students, one being fairly familiar. Coming out around a bend of trees, Moka and Tsukune immediately spotted bright golden locks that undeniably belonged to their friend. Walking beside him, though, was a girl neither of them recognized. She was leaning heavily on his side holding his arm tight against herself. It looked fairly intimate from where they were standing further back along the trail.

Confusion washed through Moka at who this other girl was and why she looked to be so close with Naruto.

"Naruto-kun…please look into my eyes."

Without thinking, the young blonde did exactly as the buxom girl requested, stopping in his tracks. He was still so shocked by the way she was acting that he didn't even think about why she would ask such an out of the blue thing. The last woman to act this…slutty towards him would of had to of been Anko. Though, this girl did seem to lack the former's sadistic personality.

Staring deeply into the depths of her entrancing violet orbs, it was almost as if there was a certain pull tugging at his mind. It actually felt pretty good. However, it was only a slight feeling and he easily brushed it off as being nothing more than him becoming aroused by the pretty girl rubbing against him.

Wait a minute…how does she know my name?

"I'm Kurono Kurumu," the blue haired young woman introduced herself. "Please be a good friend to me, ok?"

Still staring into her eyes, Naruto gave her one of his most roguish grins. He didn't know exactly what her game was, but he was more than willing to play. No one could beat Namikaze Naruto in a game of seduction.

Kurumu, herself, was a bit taken aback by his response to her charm. The hypnotic trance she had tried to put on him should have left him putty in her hands. No man should have been able to resist the power of a succubus, it was unheard of. Instead, it was she who was suddenly feeling a bit weak in the knees. The way he was grinning at her made him look impossibly handsome at that moment. If she wasn't careful, her plan to convert him into the first of her, soon to be many, love slaves would be blown to hell. She needed him to fall for her, for without him she would be unable to prove herself as the most beautiful girl in school instead of that damn Moka. It was essential that she steal away that pink haired girl's trophy as queen of the academy.

However, the best that Kurumu could accomplish right then was to simply stare dazedly at Naruto's entrancing visage. She just couldn't think properly. Too many things were diverging from her plan.

"Well, Kurumu-chan," the blonde began, his roguish grin transforming into a knowing one, "I think it best that we get back to heading for the infirmary. I believe your condition may be getting worse. Your face has suddenly started turning very red. You may be coming down with a fever."

The blue haired young woman only gave a barely perceptible nod of acceptance to show that she heard him. Before she knew it, the two of them were once again walking along the path towards the school's medical building. Confused, she only had one thought running through her mind.

What just happened?

A few hours later from when she and Tsukune had spotted Naruto in the woods, Moka was standing by herself in the hallway of the main school building. She had wanted to be alone to give herself some time to think. Tsukune had offered to stay with her, but she had declined. After witnessing how intimate Naruto had been earlier with that other girl, she wasn't feeling very social. She had actually been walking all over campus since then and the hallway she was now in was only her latest spot of solitude.

Who was that girl? What is she to Naruto?

Those thoughts were the two most prevalent running through her head. Just thinking of the possible answers left her feeling severely depressed.

"They really… looked like lovers, didn't they?" she asked herself aloud. "Totally all over each other like that…" Seeing the image of the two of them together again in her head made her shoulders slump just a tad further.

What's wrong with me? Why am I taking this as such a shock…? It's not like it's a secret that Naruto likes to flirt with random girls. It's just that this time seemed… different. More… intimate. I wonder…

"Hey you!"

Startled out of her dismal thoughts, Moka wildly searched around to see who had just shouted. Were they talking to her? There weren't many people around her, so it was a logical guess that they could be. Looking up, she immediately recognized who it was. It was the same blue haired girl that was with Naruto earlier. She was sitting on the railing of the second floor.

Noticing that she had the girl's attention, Kurumu jumped down from where she was and landed smoothly a few feet from her target.

"You… are a vampire right?" she asked in a knowing tone. "That's at least what the rumors say Akashiya Moka-san"

Only slightly surprised that there was already a rumor going around about what kind of monster she was, Moka focused on the matter at hand.

"You! You were the one with Naruto earlier. When did you…?" Before she could finish her question, however, she was cut off by the commotion coming from the crowd of boys that were gathering around the two of them.

"Wow, what a beauty!!"

"Did you see that!? Did you just see that!?"

"She's tiny, but her boobs are huge!!"

"Who is she? This girl is incredibly cute too…"

"Who knew there was a girl besides Moka-san like this?"

Disregarding the crowd around them as inconsequential, Kurumu walked right up beside Moka so that the two of them could not be overheard.

"I am the succubus Kurono Kurumu…" Her voice held a challenging edge to it as she spoke. "I…have come to defeat you."

The pink haired teen was shocked by those words.

Defeat me!? What?

"Wha… wait a minute, isn't it against the rules to give away your true form?"

The race of succubi were a breed of monsters of the night known since the middle ages. They were the female version of the incubus and appeared in the dreams of sleeping men to seduce them.

The buxom teen's tone was contemptuous as she ignored the other girl's question. "I can't stand it anymore!" she exclaimed. "You're the biggest eyesore in the way of my great plan!"


"Huhu…" Kurumu laughed at Moka's ignorance. "Yes, my plan is to make every member of the male student body at this academy completely become my slaves. It is the Youkai Academy harem transformation plan!"

Moka, as well as every other student around them, merely stared on dumbly at hearing the declaration. Was this succubus for real? A harem? It sounded more like something a horny teenage boy would think up for one of his fantasies…well, with the exception of women substituted in for males…unless they went for that kind of thing.

Kurumu didn't seem to notice this reaction at all though.

"My plan was perfect!" she went on. "I should have had every guy at the academy a slave to my beauty right from the start! However!" she paused to breath getting right up into the other girl's face. "Akashiya Moka, the guys at this academy are dreaming about you rather than me! I'm not letting you get away with this; I could never lose in a battle of feminine charm!"

All around them the crowd looked on with slightly fearful expressions. Things were getting intense.

"They're arguing…"

"It looks like a heated argument…"

The, now perceived, delusional female continued with her rant.

"That's why I've decided to prove I can defeat you!" she declared. "I'll show that I'm better than you…by stealing Namikaze Naruto-kun from you!"

Moka immediately came out of her stupor at the mention of her blonde friend. It was obvious that this girl was crazy, but if she planned to involve Naruto in some way, something had to be done. Who knew what the mind of a psychopath would think up to get at her Naruto-kun!

"Hey, w-wait, stop, Naruto-kun doesn't have anything to do with this…" she stuttered, trying to convince the buxom young woman in front of her to leave her friend alone. It was to little avail.

"I knew it from the moment we were close earlier," Kurumu explained just loud enough for Moka to hear. "He has a really good scent…just like a human!"

At that declaration, Moka completely froze. Naruto? A human? It couldn't be. Could it? Thinking back, she couldn't help but try to remember anything that could have indicated such a thing. But this girl had said he had the scent of a human, didn't she? Focusing on that, the Akashiya heiress attempted to recall the scent of her friend upon the many times she had fed from him. Now giving it serious thought, she had to admit that he did have a distinctly human smell to him. How had she not noticed before? Though, she had to admit that she didn't exactly notice Tsukune was human either until the young man told her outright. Maybe she just didn't want to know? There was no denying that she had more than a slight prejudice-ness towards humans in general.

But it couldn't be! Naruto-kun behaves just like a normal monster would! He acts nothing like Tsukune. But…what if he is, human…?

Taking Moka's silence for confirmation, Kurumu continued on digging her nails into her rival just a bit more.

"Is his blood delicious?" she asked mockingly. "You're using Naruto-kun as 'food', aren't you?" She laughed. "Ahahaha, your face when he is taken away from you will be a sight to see!"

"NO!" Moka instinctively cried out. "I'm not using him, I'm…"


Startled, both girls immediately halted in their debate. Coming down the hall, they both noticed unmistakable golden lochs of hair. The object of their argument had suddenly arrived.

"Ahh, there you are!" Naruto exhaled, smiling and rubbing the back of his head sheepishly. "Sorry for disappearing for so long earlier. I kinda got lost on my way to the dorms. By the time I finally got one of my pills I tried to find you guys, but I had the damndest time trying to do so." He then paused to briefly look around. "Uhhh, by the way, where's Tsukune?"

Before he could even attempt to get an answer, though, he immediately had a large pair of breasts crushed against his chest and enveloped in a tight hug.

"Ohhhhh, it's Naruto-kun!" Kurumu cried. "Thank you so much for earlier!"

Looking down at the girl around his chest, he briefly took a moment to enjoy the feel of her breasts pressed against him. He didn't doubt that this girl was trying to play him for some reason, but he had to hand it to her for working with the gifts that nature gave her.

Damn those boobs are soft!

"Oh, um, hi Kurumu-chan," he greeted. "How are you feeling? I hope you are doing better."

The blue haired girl gave him her best seductive smile for what she perceived as genuine concern coming from him. "I'm feeling great now! I don't know what I would have done if you weren't there to help me. What could I ever do to show you my gratitude?" To emphasise her point, she subtly reached down and teasingly massaged his groin.

Non-pulsed, Naruto was just about to counter back with his own charming/seductive response, but stopped short at feeling the heated emotions coming from a few feet to the left of him. Looking over, he noticed something that he rarely saw.

Oh shit! Moka looks pissed!

Thinking a tactical retreat was the better part of valor, he gently eased himself out of the buxom girl's clutches.

"Uhh, sorry, I just remembered I had something to do with Moka-chan. I'll talk to you later, Kurumu-chan, alright?"

The Kurono teen, though, was not about to give up her sought after prize. She tightened her grip, burying her face into his chest.

Moka panicked. "You're being tricked Naruto-kun!" she shouted a tad bit too loudly. "Hurry up and get that girl off you! That Kurumu isn't really your friend!"

"Huh?" the blonde muttered, wondering what his female friend was going on about. Did she know something about all this that he didn't?

"How…how awful." Kurumu uttered in her best attempt at sounding deeply hurt. She swayed against Naruto as she placed the back of her hand to her forehead as if feeling faint. "How can you say such awful things? Ahh…I'm feeling dizzy again. Naruto-kun, I think I need to go to the infirmary again."

As Naruto raised a singular eyebrow at the seductive succubus for her rather overdone performance of acting, his eyes once again met hers and he felt that familiar arousing feeling he had felt earlier that day with her. However, this time it came with a subtle sense of suspicion.

What the hell is this girl doing to me? It's like every time I look at her, I feel like I'm suddenly going to pop a tent in my pants. Not even Tsunade-chan did that to me and she had the biggest breasts I've ever seen! Could this be some kind of power she has…?

"P-please believe me…" Moka stuttered in worry and despair as she saw the way the other girl was attempting to manipulate him. "That girl is dangerous! You're going to be eaten by her…"

Brought out of his internal contemplation by his friend's emotional pleas of warning, the Namikaze teen put off his pondering for later. Stepping away from the girl leaning against him, he walked over casually to stand next to Moka. He smiled amusedly as he saw the look of outrage on one girl's face while an expression of relief on the other. Did these people really believe he could be controlled by something as little as a bit of sexual manipulation? He felt insulted.

"What are you doing!" Kurumu yelled angrily at him. "Do you plan to just leave me here when I'm feeling ill!? I thought you were going to help me!"

Naruto smiled placatingly as if talking to a child who was not getting their way.

"Sorry, but like I said, I have plans with Moka-chan. If you're really feeling that sick, I'm sure one of these other fine guys would be more than willing to escort you." Waving his hand in front of him, he indicated to the large crowd of young men around them who all seemed to perk up at the prospect of getting to help the very pretty Kurono Kurumu. He then placed a deliberate arm around the pink haired girl next to him. "Now if you will excuse us. We really should be going. I'll see you later, okay?"

Not really waiting for a response, Naruto turned with Moka and walked away down the hall, the crowd parting for the two teens. It didn't escape his notice as he did so that the other girl was practically staring daggers at the two of them. Regardless, he didn't really worry about it. It was just another instance of a pissed off woman in his life. He was sure she would get over it. Right?

As she watched the two of them walk away, Kurumu was a mass of seething rage.

Just you wait Naruto, you will be mine!

It was a little while later when Moka and Naruto sat down together in the cafeteria, side by side, each with their own tray of food. Neither really had any plans of what to do, but since it was around dinner time, and Naruto being hungry, they settled on having something to eat. While Moka didn't technically require normal food to sustain herself, so long as she fed on blood regularly enough, she did like to indulge herself every now and then with the taste of normal meals. Well, that and she liked to have something to eat to go with her can of tomato juice. She absolutely loved that stuff! The only thing better was Naruto's actual blood.

As they sat there in silence, neither saying a word, they both began picking at their food. Since leaving the confrontation in the hallway, an awkward miasma had seemed to of been following them. It was apparent to Naruto that something was bothering his pink haired friend, but for the life of him he could not figure out what. The only clue he had was that it had to do with him. She was constantly sneaking curious and confused glances at him when she thought he wasn't paying attention. Whatever it was, it was starting to make him too feel rather uncomfortable. Maybe she was embarrassed about the way she yelled out the things she said about that Kurumu girl?

The blonde sighed mentally.

Man, this sucks. Screw it!

"So…" he began, breaking the silence while searching for something to say as he looked over at her. "What did you and Tsukune do while I was gone earlier?"

As if broken out of some deep internal contemplation, the teen vampire stared at him rather perplexed until her mind finally caught up with what he said.

"Huh? Oh, um, nothing much. Why?"

"No reasons really," he shrugged. "I was just curious. I kinda expected to see Tsukune too when I saw you in the hallway. Where is he?"

"He decided to go back to his room," she answered easily enough. "Since we weren't really doing anything important while you were gone, he said he had some homework that he should try to get done. Something about having trouble with math."

While this was true, Moka had failed at the time to see that this was more of an excuse for Tsukune so as not to seem so disappointed when she told him that she wanted to be alone. He would have more than preferred to spend his time hanging out with her than shut up in his room trying to work on school work that he wasn't even that motivated to do. Her moping about Naruto had really put him in a rather depressed mood too.

"Hmm," Naruto murmured aloud thoughtfully, "maybe I should see if he needs help sometime. I could try working with him a bit." Sitting there, he let his mind wonder to other things like helping Tsukune with his classes. Moka didn't really seem that interested in conversation and he was about to resign himself to go back to eating in awkward silence.

Suddenly, though, something perked the Akashiya teen's curiosity.

"Um, Naruto-kun," she began, looking at him strangely, "can I ask you something?"

"Sure, what is it?

"Didn't you say once that the academy you went to in your home village didn't focus too much on things like science and math?"

"Well, not exactly," he answered, somewhat surprised by the question. He didn't really talk much about his life back in Konoha and his comment a few days before about his old academy was only a trivial fact he mentioned when he was talking with his two friends about their past schools. He thought nothing of it at the time. "We did learn a bit on academic subjects, but my academy was more of a vocational school. We focused more on developing our trade for our future profession. Why?"

"It's just that you seem to be adapting very well to classes considering you've said yourself that you haven't been taught much on what Youki attempts to teach here. I guess I'm just surprised that you've been doing so well."

"Ah," Naruto spoke, realizing what his pretty friend was getting at. If he was in her position, he supposed he would be a little curious also. He settled on giving her one of his charming smiles. "Let's just say I have my own little studying trick. I have a way of picking up on new things quite quickly if I need to."

A look of concern appeared on Moka's face at hearing his cryptic response. The Namikaze heir, though, seemed to pick up on what she was most likely thinking.

"Don't worry, it's not anything that would get me in trouble if found out. I just like to keep a few surprises to myself. Keeps people guessing."

Having been read so easily, the pink haired young woman blushed in embarrassment for thinking he would do such a thing. It was ironic since if the situation called for it, Naruto actually had no reservations at all of cheating on a test. It would be just another example of covert information gathering to achieve a certain end. In this instance though, he had an easier and more legitimate way of achieving the grades he now had.

Not much left to say on the subject, the two teens once again settled into silence. Moka could sporadically distract herself by trying to talk with Naruto, but she kept remembering what that Kurono girl had said earlier.

"I knew it from the moment we were close earlier… he has a really good scent…just like a human!"

Could it really be true? And if it was, why wouldn't he tell her? Tsukune had, and she still wanted to be friends with him. So why would Naruto keep it such a secret? Did he not trust her? The mere thought of that sent a deep sense of sadness and disappointment to her very core. The more she thought about it, the more she began to realize that she really didn't know all that much about him at all. Besides her natural observations of how he acted, she knew next to nothing about who he was. He practically never talked about his past. Why was he so secretive? What could be so important that he couldn't open up to her?

"Naruto-kun, how do you know Kurumu?" She kept her head lowered, refusing to look him in the eye.


"It's just…you and her seemed very close."

The blonde sighed. Was this what was bugging her this whole time? The situation really was unfortunate. Despite what she and Tsukune may have believed, Naruto really wasn't as oblivious to the way she felt about him as they seemed to think. He was well aware of the fact that Moka was slowly developing quite the crush on him. If she was anyone else, he would more than likely even take immediate advantage of this. She was incredibly attractive after all. However, as it stood, she was one of the only two real friends he had ever had and that was something he was not willing to mess up. He just couldn't bring himself to use her in the same way as he had all the other women in his life up to that point. She was not just some fuck buddy to him. He really, truly cared for her. At the same time, though, he could never allow himself to become anything more with her. He could never allow himself to become like that with anyone, not with who and what he was. It would just never work out.

"Moka-chan, look at me." He placed a gentle hand on her shoulder. Reluctantly, she did meet his gaze. "There is nothing going on between her and I. She is just another one of those silly girls who are after my attention."

Still not quite convinced, doubt still seemed to shine in the Akashiya heiress' eyes.

"Are you sure?" she asked. "It's just that you both seem a lot more… intimate than you are with other girls. I thought maybe there might be something more going on there."

"Believe me," he assured, "the only thing 'more' is the fact that she is a lot more pushy than other girls so far. She thinks she has a chance by seducing me somehow. She has no clue who she is actually dealing with. It will take a lot more skill than she has to enamor me."



Moka allowed a small smile to grace her lips at hearing that. It wasn't much considering the other issue plaguing her mind, but it was something.

"I'm glad," she told him truthfully, the happiness subtle yet clear in her voice. "But, Naruto-kun, you need to be careful around her. She's trying to use you!"

"What do you mean?"

"She has some crazy plan where she thinks that by making you fall in love with her, she will be able to take over the school and make all the male students her slaves!"

Naruto stared blankly at her for a few seconds trying to process the logic behind that statement.

What the hell?

"Um, I don't think I quite follow what you're saying. What do you mean she wants to turn all the male students into her slaves?"

Just trying to explain it, Moka felt a bit foolish. A small blush blossomed across her cheeks, something that seemed to happen regularly when she was around him. "She thinks that by gaining the reputation of most beautiful girl here that she will be able to turn all the boys into her own private harem. I know it sounds crazy, but that's exactly what she said!"

The former shinobi once again paused to look at her strangely before finally raising a singular eyebrow.

"Seriously? I mean, I knew she was playing at something. But a harem? We're talking about a real harem, right?" He still wasn't quite sure he believed her. It seemed too ridiculous to be true.

"Yes," she confirmed, "Kurumu sounded quite sincere in her plan."



"Wow…just, wow."

Neither teen said a word while Naruto tried to wrap his mind around what he had learned. Eventually though, he smirked, then snickered, which then evolved into an actual laugh.

Moka looked at him with concern for his sudden odd behavior. "Is everything ok?" she asked him. "You do realize that, that girl is serious about trying to control you, don't you?"

"Oh, I am quite aware of that," he chuckled. "This just makes the game we're playing so much more fun! There is nothing more entertaining than dealing with a woman who is obviously insane. It keeps things interesting."

The pink haired young woman wasn't exactly sure he knew what he was getting himself into, but she was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Now, if she could only bring herself to ask him about the other issue on her mind. Unfortunately, she just couldn't bring herself to broach the subject and she wasn't sure why. Was she scared to find out what his answer would be or was she afraid he wouldn't answer her at all? Regardless, the point was moot.

After that, the atmosphere around the two was a lot more pleasant. There was still something there, but it was manageable. They talked to each other about other random, less drama filled topics and finished their meal. By the time they were done, it was getting late and they both decided it was best they get to their respective rooms. Neither suspected that their night was far from over.

Standing in front of Moka's door, Naruto and the room's occupant stared at each other in semi-comfortable silence. The blonde former shinobi had decided to walk his pretty female friend back to her dorm since it was only one story above his own. The building they were living in was coed and only separated by floors. The bottom half was for the boys and the top, the girls'. Naruto just happened to be staying on the top level of the boys' half.

Not much really to say, the Namikaze heir gave the girl opposite him a tired smile. It had been a somewhat long day even if it wasn't very physically strenuous.

"Well," he began, "I guess this is good night Moka-chan. See you tomorrow morning, alright? We can catch up with Tsukune in homeroom and think up something fun to do. This weekend was kind of a bust, wasn't it?"

Without warning the pink haired teen enveloped him in a vampire enhanced crushing hug before, just as quickly, releasing him. Naruto was a bit surprised by the sudden embrace.

"I just…" she tried to explain. "Be careful, ok Naruto-kun? I don't think Kurumu is the kind of girl to give up so easily on something she wants. I don't know what she will do if she realizes she won't be able to get her way." It was clear by the look of worry in her eyes that the vampire teen was very serious. So much so, that Naruto couldn't bring himself to tease her for what he believed was her being overprotective. Instead, he decided it was best to try putting her mind at ease, or at least as much as he could.

"Don't worry so much," he told her. "Everything will be fine. Believe me; if worst comes to worst, I can take care of myself. Nothing is going to happen, you'll see."

Not really sure what to think, Moka only gave him a slight nod of partial acceptance. Turning around, she opened her door and with only one last "night", she walked in and closed it.

Breathing out a sigh, Naruto placed his hands behind his head and looked up at the ceiling in exhaustion.

"Shikamaru was right, nothing but trouble."

Finally back outside his own room, Naruto let a small yawn escape his mouth and blinked back the fatigue weighing down his eyes. The mere thought of sleep brought a smile to his face. He could really use some of that right now. He had to hand it to her, that Kurumu sure did know how to make an impression. It had been awhile since any girl had forcibly caught his attention in such a way as she did. Despite her being somewhat similar to his other, what he liked to call, 'fan-girls', she did have that little extra something to her that made her interesting. Maybe he just had a thing for attracting the crazies? After all, his only female friend did just happen to be a vampire with a split personality.


Shaking his head of such thought's, Naruto reached for his door handle and casually opened it, stepping inside. As soon as he entered though, he was struck dumb by the site that greeted him and distantly noticed the sound of his door closing behind him of its own accord. There laying sprawled out, smack dab in the middle of his bed, in one of the most relaxed provocative poses he had ever seen, which was saying something considering who he was, was none other than Kurono Kurumu. She was wearing nothing more than a skimpy black lace negligee that failed miserably at coving anything of importance. Her breasts were practically falling out the top! Naruto couldn't seem to take his eyes off her as she lay there looking right back at him with a knowing sexy smile.

"Oh Naruto-kuuun," she cooed at him, "I was feeling soooo lonely after you left me by myself earlier. Could you pleeease keep me company tonight? I really don't want to be alone."

The Namikaze heir couldn't bring himself to say a thing as he continued to just stand there and stare. At that moment there was a raging inferno of turmoil burning inside him.

Oh kami damn mother fucker! You have got to be fucking kidding me!

This was just his luck. Right before him, he had a perfectly willing, sexy, busty, lingerie wearing, teenage girl, and he had to actually fight, fight to keep himself from ravishing her where she lay. It was taking every ounce of willpower he had to do just that. This was made all the harder since he had not attempted to get himself laid even once since arriving at this female overrun, short skirt wearing, cursed academy. He had recently even decided against sleeping around while he was here just so he wouldn't hurt his very close friend Moka. However, he never expected to be faced with a situation like this!

Seeing that he wasn't about to move, the barely dressed succubus languidly crawled off of the bed and to her feet. As she then slowly made her way towards him, sashaying her hips from side to side, Naruto's eyes completely locked on to her chest. With each step she made, her breasts bounced ever teasingly so as to make it appear as if both were practically about to pop free. The smirk of the busty femme fatale was devilish.

It wasn't until she was right upon him that the blond haired teen quite realized the predicament he was in.

This is…not good.

Before all this, Naruto had thought her attempts of seduction of being laughable at best. They had been nothing more than the efforts of an, admittedly above average, flirty schoolgirl. Now though, the game had been kicked up to a whole new level. He was indeed treading upon dangerous ground.

Unable to put up any form of a conscious fight, he was gently pulled back towards the bed and pushed upon his back. Not wasting a second, Kurumu lasciviously crawled atop his chest, paying special attention to grind her crotch against his groin along the way. Naruto was unable to hold back the groan of pleasure that raced through his body.

"Do you like that?" she asked in a mockingly sweet voice. "I am going to bring you such pleasure that you can't even begin to imagine. When I'm done with you, you will be mine. You won't even think of wanting any other girl." Looking him directly in the eyes once more, she added to her seduction by casting the most powerful charm available to her.

As Naruto stared up at the dominating beauty atop him, he once again began to feel that familiar sense of heightened arousal. His entire body felt as if it had suddenly become ultra sensitive to every caress and grind she made against him. Unlike the previous times before, however, he was unable to ignore the intruding sensation overcoming him. The longer he peered into Kurumu's entrancing violet orbs, the stronger the feeling became. He felt lightheaded, as if he was slowly losing all rationale inside his mind. Little by little he began to relax, giving more and more of himself over to his seductress. It would be so easy to just give in…


As if a cold bucket of water had abruptly been doused upon him, the blonde former shinobi jerked his mind back into his own possession. No one controlled Namikaze Naruto but himself! He wasn't sure what it was, but something at the back of his mind reacted with extreme vehemence when he was about to lose himself completely. He could barely remember the last time he had experienced anything like it. It was practically primitive in feeling.

Pushing the busty succubus away from him, Naruto jumped off the mattress and stood to his feet. He looked about as shocked at what he had done, and almost done, as the girl now sitting on her rear at the end of the bed. She had been just about to kiss him when he suddenly freaked out, overreacting, and flung her away.

"Oh shit!" he exclaimed. "Kurumu, are you ok? I'm sorry. I didn't mean to…well, I did, but I didn't. You surprised me!" Looking at her disheveled state, he was reminded once more of how little she was wearing.

"Uhg," she groaned, shaking her head free of the sudden disorientation. "What the hell was that for!"

"I said I was sorry," he countered back defensively. Seeing her still trying to get her head together, he sighed. "Look, I think it would be best if you left. Believe me, if things were different, I would love nothing more than to…uh, take you up on your very desirable offer. But as things are now, you are just wasting your time. Forgive me."

Jerking her head upright, staring directly at him, the blue haired young woman's eyes lit with a sudden fire of righteous rage.

"You…are asking me…to leave?" A deadly edge of incredulousness was tinting her voice as she spoke in a low tone. "You are asking a girl like me to leave when I am practically offering you myself on a silver platter? I am prepared to fuck your brains out and you want me to go?!"

Hearing her put it into such blatant terms; Naruto had to stop to think for a second.

Am I really turning down getting laid by this chick? Kami, I just know I'm going to regret this. I am so glad Ero-sennin isn't here. He would never let me live this down.

"Yes, Kurumu-san, that is exactly what I'm saying. Please leave."

The young woman could no longer bring herself to look at the man she had attempted to ensnare. Never before had she been so absolutely rejected. Never before had she tried so hard to attract a man she desired. She had even gone so far as to offer him her entire body and he turned her down. She had offered him something she had never once even considered giving any guy before and he, in turn, decided to throw her efforts right back in her face, humiliating her…

"Do you… do you hate me that much?" she asked staring down at the bed. Her voice was so soft, so hurt sounding, that he could barely hear her. "Is she so much better than me?" Looking up, her eyes met his. He could clearly see the tears barely held in check and noticed as her voice grew progressively louder as she spoke.

"I did everything I could for you!" she yelled suddenly at him. Burying her face in her hands, her body began to shake. "Even though the things I did were so embarrassing!"

Naruto watched transfixed as she appeared to go into some kind of seizure like state. Without further warning then, two monstrous, bat like wings shot forth from her back, ripping straight through her thin lingerie.

Shit. I got a feeling this isn't going to be good.

"Until now, I'd never lost to anyone…" the transforming teen continued to speak, though no longer to him it seemed. Her crumpled wings flexed experimentally. "If only Akashiya Moka wasn't here…"

There was a momentary pause before…

"Ohh, now I'm pissed!" Leaping into the air, Kurumu bared her new razor sharp elongated finger-nails directly at the blue-balled young man. "I'm going to destroy everyone that has anything to do with that bitch!"

In shock, yet a little intrigued, Naruto scarcely had time to react as the enraged succubus soared directly for him, intent on shredding him limb from limb. He just barely managed to deflect her bladed hands from eviscerating him, but was unable to do a thing about her forward momentum. Having been standing in front of his dorm room's window, he was also incapable of keeping himself from being forcefully jettisoned directly through the sealed opening, shattering the glass all around him as he fell.

It was far too soon when his decent came to an abrupt, and more than slightly painful, end. All he could do for the first few moments was stare blearily back up at the hole from which he was so unexpectedly ejected from. Laying on the ground, face up, with the ruined remains of his poor window scattered all around, he gained a new appreciation for just how high up four stories truly was. It was finally his apprehensive realization that he couldn't see where his attacker had disappeared to that convinced him that he could worry about nursing his wounds later.

This glass in my skin sure does itch like a bitch though.

Standing shakily to his feet, the bruised, cut, and slightly bleeding former shinobi looked around cautiously at his surroundings. At the moment he was in the courtyard behind the dorm building, but due to the late hour he seemed to be alone…with the exception of wherever the crazy bitch was hiding.

Unsurprisingly, it was the exact instant that he began to think that the lethal, busty seductress had actually disappeared that his trained sense of danger alerted him of a swiftly coming attack. He only managed to dodge her spear-like jab by inches that, had it hit, would have gutted him quite severely. Leaping back a good several feet, he watched as his attacker ripped her hand back out of the ground with a snarl from where it had stuck upon missing him.

"Oh come on!" he whined imploringly. "Can't we just put this behind us?!"


Rushing him a second time, Kurumu made another swipe with her bladed nails that once again missed him, but managed to slice cleanly across his school jacket. The unfortunate piece of clothing was clearly beyond any hope of repair.

"That was my best coat you fucking psycho!" the blonde shouted, jumping into a nearby tree, on top of a rather thick branch. "I swear, I've never had a woman get so pissed just because I wouldn't slip her the sausage." At that he paused. "Though, I guess I'm not usually one to say no either…" If the situation was any less serious, the thoughtful expression on his face would have been comical.

As she watched the casual way he was dealing with her heated attempts to slice him to pieces, the enraged female's fury only grew.

"Are you making fun of me?!" she roared. Flying like a bullet up to meet him, she made to sever him sternum to groin. Her form was almost a blur as she soared through the air with deadly intent. Oh, how she would love nothing more than to rip that smug smile off his face.

For Naruto's part, he was almost enjoying himself. There was no doubt that this girl was powerful, much more so than Saizou or the other monsters he had dealt with since then, but at the same time it was obvious she was not used to making use of her power in this way. Saizou had actually been more of a threat simply because of his noticeable experience at fighting. The brute made frequent use of misdirection so he could catch his opponent with that sinisterly devious tongue of his. This flying she-demon simply charged head on, telegraphing her every attack. Her greater strength and speed meant nothing when he could predict what she was about to do long before she probably even realized it.

So it was no surprise when he easily sidestepped her latest onslaught, not even needing to jump from the tree he was standing on. It was regrettable, however, that he did not anticipate the sharpness of those nails or just how forceful her swipes were. In shocked horror, he watched as her claws cleanly cut through the large branch, severing it from the rest of the tree, and causing him to fall along with it.

As soon as his back hit the ground, stars exploded before his eyes and the breath in his lungs left him in one quick expulsion. He tried to get up immediately, but he couldn't seem to get his body to do what he wanted. It was on shaky legs that he forced himself to his feet. The world seemed to spin around him as he stood disoriented upon the ground. Reaching his hand behind his head to rub the aching pain he felt there, he noticed something wet. When he pulled his hand back before his face, he saw it was covered in blood. More than likely, he had hit his head on a rock or something and had cracked his skull enough to give him a concussion of some level. That would explain why he was having such a hard time focusing.

Kurumu grinned. She had meant to slice him in two, but seeing the fallout of her missed attack, she couldn't help feeling a deep sense of satisfaction. That would teach the jerk not play around with her like that.

However, as she watched him slowly stagger to his feet, her anger grew once more. He was still making fun of her. There was no way such a short drop could have affected him so. Hell, he survived a four story fall from his dorm room no problem. He had to be playing it up now just to mock her. That was the only explanation it could be. So, blinded by rage, she leapt into the air once again a swooped towards him for another attack.

Naruto was still trying to blink the blurriness from his eyes when his instincts sent him a sharp sense of danger approaching. He tried to command his body to turn, but it wouldn't listen. His head was too foggy. He couldn't even get his neck to turn so he could see behind him. It was taking all of his will power just to remain standing. As he was, he never stood a chance.

Plunging swiftly through the air, the seconds seemed to slow to a crawl for the obsessed succubus. With each bit of distance that shrunk between the two of them, the more perplexed she became at why he was refusing to defend himself. He had to be planning something…that had to be it, right? She steeled herself. Cocking her arm back, needle sharp nails poised, the moments passed further. She was practically atop him, yet still he had not made the attempt to move. Committed to the assault, there was only one thing she could do.

Thrusting her arm forward, she felt a strange, warm, and wet sensation. It took her a full moment to even realize what had occurred. That was when time froze. To her complete shock, and unexplainable horror, her attack had hit him dead-on. Her hand managed to easily pierce his chest directly through the center. On one side of him was her, and on the other was her soaked hand dripping the unnaturally crimson blood of the person she had been trying to make pay for humiliating her.

Unable to cope with what had just happened; she quickly yanked her arm back out of his chest. It felt cold in the wind with the way it was drenched in the blonde's life giving liquid. She watched transfixed as he merely stood there as if he himself could not believe what had happened. That was when time resumed once more.

Naruto toppled over to the cold, hard ground, lifeless…dead.

Sitting in bed, Moka's mind refused to give her any semblance of peace. It was still racing a mile a minute with worries and questions concerning a certain blond haired boy that had quickly become a large part of her life. No matter how hard she tried, she could not shake the feeling that the situation with Kurono Kurumu was far from over. In addition to that, she also still had no answers in regard to what the girl had said about Naruto being a human. Why did everything have to be so complicated in her life? Things were supposed to be simple here, so much more so than at her previous school.

With a sigh of frustration, the pink haired teen flopped onto her back exasperatedly.

"What am I going to do?" she asked herself aloud.

Sometimes she really wished Naruto could be more like her other friend. With the exception of that one incident, Tsukune didn't have any major secrets that he kept from her; he didn't cause her life to be filled with such drama. Naruto, on the other hand, was a complete mystery. She, more often than not, felt she knew absolutely nothing about him. It was almost like the way he normally acted in public and around her was nothing more than a façade, something he put forth to keep people at a distance. The thought that he believed he couldn't trust her hurt her deeply. They were supposed to be friends, right?

It was right as she thought this that a loud shattering crash broke her out of her troubled contemplation.

Startled, Moka immediately sat up in bead, her head looking side to side in trying to discern from where the noise had come. It sounded close…maybe, outside?

Rushing to the window, she gazed out into the open courtyard and was horrified to find Naruto laying on the ground, cut up, and surrounded by shards of broken glass.

"Oh no," she gasped. What or who could have done this to him?

It seemed her mind had completely shut down from the shock, since, as she stood at her window, she was unable to do anything but look on at the scene. As if Naruto himself were in some sort of daze, she watched as he slowly rolled over to his front and shakily push his body to its feet. He then began looking all around, seemingly in search of something, most likely whoever did this to him.

Did he actually fall from his dorm room?

The thought that he had just hit the ground from four stories up struck her. If Naruto really was human, that most certainly meant that he had to at least have a few bones broken. Humans were supposed to be rather frail right? What if he was bleeding internally?! He needed to get to the infirmary, immediately!

Instead of doing exactly that, though, he suddenly leapt to his left with an ease completely at odds with the injuries he should have been suffering from. At the same time, Moka's eyes widened as she witnessed that his actions just narrowly managed to keep him from being skewered from above. Her eyes widened further when she saw that it was actually the blue haired girl from earlier who was the one attacking. She mentally cursed herself for not being more adamant about her worries concerning Kurono Kurumu. She had actually begun to think that she might have been overreacting with the way Naruto had assured her everything would be fine. Now she was being forced to watch as her friend fought for his life.

Foolish girl! If you do not hurry to come to his aid, he will most surely die!

"Wha?" she exclaimed feeling a pull around her neck.

I said you must make haste or the perverted blonde one is going to be killed by the blue haired temptress!

Her hand went to her mouth, Moka was astonished. "What's going on… a voice coming from the rosary?"

Naïve one, I am the other side of your personality sealed away within this rosary. I am using it as a medium through which to talk to you from deep within your psyche. However, this will mean little if you do not heed what I am telling you to do. That girl is a succubus, and if our suspicion that your friend is indeed a human then he does not stand a chance. Without our help he is doomed!

Looking out the window one more time the pink haired vampire witnessed the front of Naruto's jacket being shredded, he himself only barely managing to avoid being sliced in two. Not needing any further encouragement, she raced from her room and ran as fast as her legs would carry her to the stairwell. She took two and three stairs at a time in her rush for the bottom. By the time she hit the ground floor she was frantic to get to his side. Hurrying to the exit, she stumbled at the doors leading to the courtyard and fell through with a loud bang. She hit the ground outside hard and groaned in slight pain.

Gazing up from her place on her hands and knees, she was struck in the face with horror. As if in slow motion she saw Kurumu swooping down through the air, her deadly nails poised, straight for Naruto who seemed to be in some kind of shaky state of being. What felt like minutes passing before her eyes were, in reality, only moments. The enraged succubus plummeted faster and faster, while her blonde friend merely stood there wobbling back and forth incomprehensibly. The distance continued to shrink between the two until at the last second Kurumu thrust her hand forward, piercing directly through the center of his chest. Blood was everywhere.

Slowly, time resumed at it's natural pace and Naruto fell to the ground dead before her eyes.


Looking down at the body before her, Kurumu could not come to terms with what had just happened. There was no way; no way could that insufferable bastard be dead. Hell, he was making a fool of her with ease during the entire course of their fight, if it could even really be called that. It had all been so one-sided in his favor that it seemed no matter what she did, she could do nothing to even hurt him, much less kill. In the beginning she didn't even want injure him too bad, only maybe beat him to a pulp and make him bleed a little. That had seemed an appropriate response for humiliating her the way he did. Why couldn't he just submit to her like any normal guy? He should have been honored that she would allow him to be the first boy she gave her body to. Now she was left standing over his still prone form, stained in his still warm blood. She felt…dirty, like she would never be clean. She had killed, murdered. How had things escalated to this point?

Meanwhile, only a handful of meters away, Moka too was fighting with her disbelief of what she had just seen.

N-Naruto…he, he can't be…no…

Looking through the bleary haze of her tear filled eyes, the young vampire continued to stare at the recently impaled form of one of the only two friends she had ever had. The world grew distant as she lost herself in the sight before her. There was just no way that he could really be gone. He was supposed to be her protector, the one who watched out for her and Tsukune. He was their knight who made sure no harm ever came to them. But now…now he was just a friend that she would never again get to speak to, to be made to laugh by one of his ridiculous jokes, or to be embarrassed by his relentless teasing. She would never again get to have that comforting feeling of safety just by him being at her side…

"Damn, she ran me through good. That would have really hurt if that had actually been me."

At the sound of the impossibly familiar voice, Moka's head whipped around like a serpent. Her eyes bulged at the unbelievable sight before her. Somehow she was staring at the blond haired, blue eyed face of none other than her deceased friend Naruto. He was merely looking calmly, though slightly impressed, at the scene of where he had just died.


Moka's voice seemed to catch his attention as he turned towards her rubbing the back of his head awkwardly.

"Oh, hey Moka-chan," he greeted with a half smile that faltered only slightly. "Uhh, not to sound unhappy to see you, but what are you doing out here?" It was obvious by the shifting of his eyes that he already knew the answer to his question.

Standing slowly to her feet, the pink haired vampire took a tentative step in his direction. Reaching out the palm of her hand, she hesitantly placed it against the side of his cheek as if trying to confirm that he was not an illusion. She felt the warmth and solidity of his face.

"You're real," she whispered.

Not needing any further confirmation, Moka flung her arms around him, squeezing his torso with all her might. The tears renewed again, only this time they were of joy and relief. He was real. He was alive!

"I…I thought you were dead," she sniffled against his broad chest, her voice muffled by his shirt.

As if knowing exactly what she needed, Naruto too wrapped his arms around her, engulfing her against him further. He felt horrible for what he had inadvertently put her through. This was not how he had meant for things to go. She was never meant to see him fighting tonight. Hell, he had merely wanted to let Kurumu work out her anger against him without anyone being seriously hurt. It didn't matter to him even if she was serious about killing him. It was one of his odd quirks that he firmly believed against ever killing a beautiful woman. It was one of his top five rules of life actually, right under always making sure a woman comes before oneself in bed and above always making sure to bring toilet paper when going on a mission in the wilderness. Wise rules to live by indeed.

Rules of life aside though, Naruto now had a serious problem on his hands. With Moka now out here with him, he couldn't simply remain casually dodging Kurumu's attacks until she wore herself out. What was he going to do?

Unable to bring herself to stare at the body in front of her any longer, Kurumu turned her head away. She just couldn't take it. Slowly, the world too seemed to come back to her. She began to once again notice her surroundings. It was late, the moon shining overhead, and a crisp chill was deepening in the wind. She should go. She wanted nothing more than to put this behind her as simply a horrible dream that she could forget. However, that was before she suddenly saw them.

For a moment, she couldn't bring herself to believe her eyes. Standing almost a dozen meters away from her, next to an unmistakable pink headed girl, was the man she had just killed! There was no way! It couldn't be! Quickly looking behind herself, Kurumu was stunned to see the impaled body gone! Her mind froze, unable to think until a realization hit her.


It was the only explanation she could think of, given the observations she had to work with. The thought that the two teens had set out to make fun of her even more than they already had, blazed through the young succubus' mind. They had purposefully faked Naruto's death to make a fool of here! Here she was distraught over what she thought she had just done and they were playing a prank on her. A rage she had never known before lit within her and her eyes burned with a fiery fury.



Naruto's head snapped up at the sound of a certain succubus' shrieking voice. His heart fell into his stomach when he realized that his crazed fan-girl had finally spotted not only him, but Moka as well. Why did Murphy always have to treat him like his bitch?

Moka too seemed to realize the danger they were in as she looked up at him with alarm. The relief and joy she was feeling only moments ago was completely wiped away only to be replaced with dread.

"Naruto, you must take off my rosary now!" she pleaded franticly. "It's the only way I can protect us!"

Naruto looked at her warily as if unsure that was the best of ideas.

"I don't know," he hedged, "I'm pretty sure your other self doesn't like me much. You sure we really need her help?"

Moka looked at him incredulous. "This isn't the time for games" she pleaded desperately. "I can't take it off myself! I need you to release my seal like Tsukune did!"

Kurumu had just launched herself into the air once again and set her sights on the two of them. Diving swiftly, she only barely missed the two teens due to Naruto knocking himself and Moka to the ground. The enraged succubus' swipe instead struck a nearby tree, slicing it in two.

Both hurrying quickly to their feet, Moka grabbed Naruto roughly.

"Hurry Naruto, take it off now or we're both going to be killed!"

Only hesitating briefly, he finally gave in. The only other option he had now would be to draw on his yoki and he really didn't want to do that with people around that he had no intention of killing. Reaching out, he grasped hold of Moka's necklace and tugged.



"What the hell!" Naruto yelled, wide eyed. "The damn thing won't come off!"

No matter how hard he pulled, Moka's rosary would not release itself from around her neck. At his exclamation, said young woman's eyes locked on with his in growing disbelief and horror.

"What do you mean!" she shouted fearfully. "It should have come off no problem. It worked fine for Tsukune!"

"Well sorry!" he countered back sarcastically, equally growing desperate with the situation. "Maybe you'd like to go ask him if he could help us out for a bit! I'm sure the homicidal succubus trying to tear us limb from limb wouldn't mind waiting till you got back!"

Naruto once again was forced to grab hold of Moka roughly and dive to the side, out of the way of another of Kurumu's latest sweeps from the air. If things didn't change soon, he wasn't sure what was going to happen. It was nowhere near as easy trying to protect both Moka and avoiding their attacker as it had been when he just had to worry about himself.

Oh, fuck it! I'm tired of this shit!

He had one last idea, but it hit far too close to home than he wanted to risk. However, it seemed he had little choice but to do so now…he just hoped it actually worked.

Reaching deep inside, Naruto searched for that dark hidden place within himself that housed what he was once again forced to call upon. It was that which would always separate him from being normal, whether it be by human, or even ayashi, standards. Yet, however, as he grasped hold of the raw primal power that was his own, it felt like he was coming home, like he was once again becoming whole after being shattered and torn for far too long. It was intoxicating.

Reluctantly, though, he was forced to restrain himself. It was not the unrestrained full might of his inner essence that he needed at this moment. No, it was only a fraction. Only the most minute of that deep well of power was required for what he intended. Forcefully channeling that which he now grasped, he willed it to his desired destination.

As Moka despairingly kept her attention on where the crazed succubus would come for them from next, she was never given the chance to notice as Naruto's hand began to glow with a deep, malevolent, red aura. As if growing in power, it progressively pulsed faster and faster until it was alight with steady intensity. That was when he reached out once again and grasped hold of her rosary.

Hovering in midair, Kurumu's eyes narrowed in annoyance. She was well past the point of being pissed because those two refused to stay still and submit to her anger fueled vengeance. She was just beginning another dive when she faintly felt an unfamiliar feeling of power radiating nearby, however, she was never given the chance to distinguish from where it came.

The world around her exploded in crimson light.

While having only lasted seconds, Naruto's head was sent throbbing in mild pain from the intensity of the yoki suddenly released. His close proximity to the source did nothing to help prepare himself. In the safety of his mind he also had to admit that he was impressed. The stories of vampires and the power they possess were truly no lie. To add to this, he also had to remind himself that the monster before him was only a youngling. The implication of the power an elder of her race must hold was staggering.

Despite already seeing her in her true form once before; Naruto was still somewhat awed by the vision before him. The long silver hair, blood red eyes, and the overall form of her body was a work of art. There was only one real problem…

She's also a bitch…

Scowling, the blond haired teen made sure to keep that thought to himself. He was sure that the alternate Moka before him would not appreciate his opinion of her. She had a temper, which he learned from the first time meeting her, and a tendency to react rather violently to anything she did not consider the utmost of respect. She couldn't even take a joke!

Thought's turning to other matters; Naruto was also still partially stunned that his rushed and cobbled together semi-plan actually worked. It just went to show that a bit of raw power could overcome any situation.

I only hope I didn't damage the rosary too bad…

Hesitantly looking down at his hand, he cringed seeing that the metal cross did indeed not survive the experience unscathed. All along the bottom edge that he was holding was scorched with a mild red hue and showed signs of where his fingers had been due to the slight indentations it now possessed.


Looking back up at the silver haired vampire, he hoped the rosary's damage didn't hurt its ability to separate Moka from her more…aggressive personality traits. He could only image how Moka's inner-self would react if she was forced to become her outer-self full-time. That would definitely not be pleasant for him.

"So little succubus," the vamperic Moka finally spoke, her voice calm though noticeably laced with power, "you are the cause for the disturbance from my slumber? You are the one who has the audacity to attack my alternate self and what she considers hers?"

Though still reeling from the onslaught of the sudden wave of intense demonic energy released, Kurumu was still able to gather her wits about her as she hovered high overhead, if by nothing else than sheer stubbornness alone.

"Of course I am!" she declared. "And I don't care what form you take, there's no way I can lose to an elitist bitch like you! Us succubi seek a 'destined encounter' among the men we tempt! In order to keep our small species from dying out, we must carefully pick just one man from out of many to be our destined one! You got in the way of that Akashiya Moka! I can't let you get away with that no matter what!"

"So what are you going to do?" the vampiress asked derisively as she peered up at the hovering woman. "You can't let me do this, so you bare your fangs at the likes of me?"

Kurumu had enough of being talked down on. Resuming her assault, she dived down to attack in an anger induced vengeance. Any thoughts of weariness were completely brushed aside. She didn't care if this creature was a vampire or not!

"Frail egotistical woman…" Moka murmured as her eyes remained locked on her incoming opponent.

Then, faster than even Naruto could keep up with, Moka turned to the side, reached out, grabbed the jetting succubus by the tail just as she came within arms length, and then proceeded to whip the astonished girl around before releasing her with such force that she sent her careening into the nearby woods, subsequently smashing through a multitude of different trees.

"Know your place!"

Leaning against the last tree she had ended up slamming against, Kurumu fell on the ground utterly broken. Not only was she beaten physically, but emotionally as well. Her entire body ached in pain.

I never even stood a chance against her, she thought dejectedly. She cast me to the side like I was nothing to her…

The now clear understanding of just how weak she was in comparison hurt more than any physical blow could ever hope to. She had lost utterly.

As soon as the battered succubus acknowledged this fact, that was when she appeared.

It was terrifying. Kurumu could not hold back the fear as she watched the silver haired vampire walking towards her. She could clearly see the malevolent red aura of power glowing around her. How had she ever hoped to win against something like that? It was impossible.

"You truly are an especially unpleasant sight," the vamperic Moka spoke with disdain. "For your impertinence, I am going to snap those wings and tail so that you never fly again."

"N-no…" Kurumu whimpered. "Not that, please forgive me," she begged.

Closing her eyes in misery, the beaten teen could feel the tears flowing down her face. She couldn't bear the thought of losing her wings and tail. The terror that gripped her heart was too much!

However, as she reopened her watery violet orbs, she was met with the sight of the back of a very familiar boy with wild blond hair.

"What do you thing you're doing?" Moka accused Naruto in a cold dispassionate voice. He was blocking her path from enacting vengeance on the pitiful monster behind him. "Move. Not only did this girl trick you, she almost killed you even after my more innocent self warned you of her. She must be made to pay for her disrespect."

Naruto simply folded his arms in front of his chest and refused to step aside.

"I'm sorry, but I can't bring myself to do that," he told her apologetically. "What you have done is enough. This girl is clearly defeated. There is no more reason to do anything further. It's finished."

The powerful Vampire before him peered down at him with a piercing gaze.

"And why should I do what you say?" She asked threateningly. "Why should I let this weak girl go so lightly?"

Naruto smiled softly. "Because Kurumu-san never had any truly malicious intentions. She was merely hurt by what she thought was me doing her wrong and was acting out on those feelings. This is all equally my fault for letting our little game get as far as it did. I should have put a stop to it much sooner."

"Is that so?" she asked, not sounding entirely believing.

"Ya it is," he confirmed with a confident nod of the head. "I believe that she is actually not a bad girl at all. I know that we can get along if given the chance! Besides…" Grinning his most cheesy grin, Naruto struck a pose very reminiscent of an old perverted sensei he once had. "No woman can resist the manliness that is Namikaze Naruto! She can not be held responsible for being driven to such actions in the pursuit of my overwhelming self!"

Both Moka and Kurumu simply stared at the ridiculous blonde teen, unable to tell if he was actually being serious. Moka eventually just settled on writing him off as the idiot he was.

"Hmpf," she huffed. "As you wish. Just understand that the only reason I helped you was because I don't want anyone else to take away your blood from me. I'm not like that other sentimental Moka. Now give me back my rosary."

Seeing her outstretched hand in wait, Naruto's eyes bulged. He gulped nervously at the reminder of the silver cross.

"Um, about that…"

Moka's eyes narrowed. "What is it?

The former shinobi chuckled uneasily. "Well, know how I was having trouble getting it to release at first? I kinda had to go a little extreme to do so in the end and your rosary didn't exactly escape the experience perfectly."

"What did you do to it," she growled dangerously, taking a menacing step forward.

"N-nothing! I swear! It's just a little cosmetic damage is all…" Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out the slightly damaged cross and handed it over. "See? It's fine."

Snatching the thing out of his hands, the silver haired vampire's eyebrow began to twitch at the sight of the singed and slightly warped metal.


"Yes?" he squeaked.

Not wasting a beat, Moka lashed out with her foot and kicked him square in the face.

However, both she and Kurumu were equally surprised to see him merely disappear in a puff of smoke.

An amused chortle was heard behind Moka as she stared at the whiffs of smoke in confusion.

"Sorry babe, but that wasn't the real me." Just to egg her on further, Naruto gave the vampire a nice slap on the ass.

Moka wheeled around murderously as soon as he did that. The fires of hell were burning furiously in her eyes. With not a word, she cocked back her fist and hit him in the jaw with as much force as her vampire enhanced strength would allow. To her further irritation though, he simply disappeared into a puff of smoke once again.

"Nope, that wasn't the real me either."

He was to her right this time. The glare she fixed him with was smoldering.

"I don't suppose that you would happen to be the real you either, should I?" She asked in a low drawn out voice.

"Nah, that would actually be me," said a voice from behind.

Before she could react, the supposedly real Naruto snatched the cross from back out of her hand, and as soon as she turned to face him, he quickly snapped the rosary back onto her choker. She only had a moment for her eyes to widen in surprise before she felt her consciousness being pulled back inside the artifact.

Not a second later, Naruto was catching the now pink haired Moka in his arms. Just like last time she transformed, she seemed utterly exhausted from the experience.

"Hmm," she breathed, "you're ok?" Leaning against his chest, she peered serenely up into his eyes.

The blonde young man gave her a reassuring smile in response.

"Ya, thanks to you and your other self I am fine. What you did was very brave, but next time please don't put yourself in so much danger just for my sake, ok?

Moka shook her head. "I can't do that, Naruto-kun. What if you are in danger again just like today? I can't stand the thought of you being hurt, or worse…"

Naruto was touched by the emotion behind her words. In his entire life he had only known one other person who seemed to care as much about his safety as her. That man was his father…

Reaching his arms around her, he gave her a soft, gentle hug before finally pushing her back at arms length so that he she could look at him clearly.

"Moka-chan, I am grateful that you care so much about me, you really are a great friend, but believe me when I say that I am more than capable of taking care of myself. You don't need to ever worry about me getting into too much trouble. At least not the life-threatening kind."

"But I do!" she insisted firmly. "It's ok, I finally figured out your secret."

Naruto's eyes widened in shock at that. She what? How did she find out?! Did she step in to stop Kurumu to keep him from having to reveal his true power? It couldn't be…

"I-I don't know what you're talking about," he stuttered.

Moka placed a calming had on his cheek.

"Yes you do," she told him gently. "Kurumu figured it out too. You may be able to fool people's eyes, but not the nose. We could tell by your scent. You're a human."

Pausing for a second, Naruto's panic was suddenly replaced by confusion. He tilted his head to the side and looked at her strangely. Did she just accuse him of being a human?

Hmm, I've never been mistaken for that before. Well, except for Tou-san…

Then suddenly it hit him. It was the nature of his body and the seal! While he was in his current form, he technically was human. Until he actually transformed, there was no real way to distinguish him as anything different. Unlike other monsters' disguises, his was no mere illusion.

He couldn't help snickering at her monumental error.

"You," he laughed, "you actually think I'm a human?" It was too ridiculous for him to stand.

Moka looked at him oddly, taken aback. "Well, ya. Aren't you?"

Naruto didn't even say a word. However, as the Akashiya heiress continued to stare up at him, her entire world was sent spinning.

Now looking back at her were none other than two unmistakable red slitted eyes accompanied by a fang tooth grin.

There was only one thought running through her mind.


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