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As usual all except the popular crew were in the class. The teacher was taking roll as usual and calling the leader of the popular crew was a waste of time but it gave the other students more time to get to the class or socialize. The teacher of this class, "Pokemon and their habitats" was Prof. Birch. He had a really dark colored brown hair and matching pair of brown eyes.

Everyone was in their own groups and into their conversations. The door opened letting in a lot of kids, the popular crew to be exact. Prof. Birch sighed and rubbed his forehead. One of the members had to separate from the group because they weren't enough seats for all of them to sit together. He wore a white hat, which is against the school rules to wear a hat but he got special permission and the usual guy's uniform, black pants and a button up black long-sleeve shirt.

He sat in the middle of the girl's group. All except one squealed. Sapphire Birch. Like all the other girls, she wore a white long-sleeved collared shirt with a navy blue jacket buttoned over it and a matching navy blue skirt. She added leg warmers and black shorts since the skirt bothered her with all the activities she does. She looked at the boy and rolled her eyes. He took a seat in the desk next to her. Soon the class began.

"Hey, what's your name?" He asked.

She didn't answer him. She was trying to ignore him and listen to the teacher.

He looked at her with his crimson red eyes. "I'm Ruby Yukito, in case you didn't know."

She rolled her eyes again and side-glanced at him. "I'm Sapphire Birch and I already knew who you were."

The teacher was giving a lecture to the class.

The girls were whispering amongst each other, jealous that Ruby would even speak to a girl like her. Sapphire's sapphire blue eyes turned icy as she glared at them. She always thought that jealousy was stupid. All the girl froze, intimidated by her glare.

"Well," Ruby started, making Sapphire's gaze on him, "why don't you talk to me. I know almost everyone except you in this class." He stated.

"That's 'cuz I don't want to know you." She replied, whispering.

"Why not? I don't bite." Ruby said, smirking.

"Well, I do. Now leave me alone!" Sapphire said, close to yelling.

The lecture stopped as Prof. Birch gave a stern look at Ruby and Sapphire. "Both of you stand out in the hallway! I'll be with you shortly." He said.

The two got up and walked out the door. They stood against the wall. Ruby just stared at the furious girl. She was stomping loudly on the floor.

"You better stop or you'll break the floor." He said, not looking at her any more.

He was looking out the window across the hall.


Ruby looked at the girl. She started to smile and walked across the hall to the window and opened it.

"Hi Yellow!" She grinned. "Did ya tell him yet?"

Ruby saw a girl with blonde hair tied up walk to the window. She had amber colored eyes. She wore the usual girl's uniform but had a yellow necktie. She blushed furiously.

"N-no, not yet. I don't know how…" The girl said, looking hopeless.

The girl looked away from Sapphire and at the boy. "Hello."

Ruby waved at her. "Hi, I'm R—"

"Ruby Yukito, Yellow de Viridian Grove." She said, introducing one to another.

Ruby glared at her. "You know, I can introduce myself."

"Well, you were taking your time." She said.

The two glared at each other. Yellow watched the two wearily.

"No I wasn't! You just didn't let me finish my—"

"Oh well! To me—"

"There you go again! Besides I don't care what you think about it!" Ruby yelled.

The classroom door opened and Prof. Birch let out a heavy sigh. "Quiet down you two. I didn't want to have to do this but you guys have detention."

Sapphire looked away from the white-hat boy and looked at her father. "W-what?! Why?" she asked, shocked.

"You guys were yelling at each other so loud that I think half of the school could hear you." Prof. Birch said, taking a few steps away from Sapphire.

Yellow smiled shyly. "Just like an old married couple." She said in a hushed tone.

Sapphire blushed slightly and glared at Yellow. "I can hear you!"

She laughed nervously. "I-I'll see you at the picnic…bye!" she said, waving before running off.

Ruby looked at her. "What did she say?"

Sapphire ignored him. "How many days of detention do we have?"

Her father looked at her and then at the boy. "Only one day. Today. You should be happy. I could have given you more days."

Sapphire let out a sigh of relief. Ruby stared at her. He was annoyed that either she was ignoring him because she was mad or just because she wanted to annoy him.

"Thanks Prof. Birch." He smiled.

The teacher nodded. "Well, you two, get on your way to lunch." He said, and on cue, the bell rang for lunch.

The two split up. Ruby went back to his group. Sapphire walked alone to lunch. For some odd reason Ruby kept on looking over his shoulder staring at the girl. 'What's wrong with me?' He asked in his mind when he realized he was looking at her. He shook his head and entered the conversation his "friends" were having.