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I spent the rest of that morning in a whirlwind of classes, textbooks, secret notes, and faces. I finished with first hour and went to second. I didn't have that class with Gabriela, unfortunately, so I didn't know anyone. But it passed by quickly enough and soon I was on my way to third hour Algebra 2. There's only one problem: I had no idea where to go. I went to my locker, got my stuff, and spent the next three minutes examining the miniature map I was given before finally turning to a girl who was passing by. "Hi," I said, "Do you think you could give me directions."

The girl took one look at me and her delicate nose wrinkled in disdain. "You're that new girl, aren't you? The scholarship student? Well, you sure do look like a farm hick. And what kind of an accent is that? Why, it's worse than anything I've ever heard."

Now, I'm not a hot head or anything, but this girl is making me mad. "Who exactly do you think you are?" I demand, painfully aware of the thickness of my voice, my accent, as I grow more and more upset.

"Me?" she demands surprised. "I am Michelle Mynsky, daughter of the famous physiologist. And you are just a scholarship student who wouldn't be able to come here without my money."

Well, now that you mention it, she did look like one of the rich ones, but still, where does she think she gets off, talking to me like a piece of trash. "I don't give a crap if you're the queen of Sheba, you can't-" Just then, I'm cut off by this girl grabbing my arm. I turned around in surprise. She is middle height, got brown hair and nice clothes. I think she's one of those rich girls too. So what is she doing?

"Hey, Michelle, I see you've met Jetta," she commented cordially.

Michelle seems just as if not more shocked as I am. "Oh, hey Ananka. Do you two know each other?"

The girl, Ananka, smiles. "Oh, yeah, we're just great friends. But now I've got to get Jetta to class. I think she's just a bit lost and none of us want to be late." With that she took off down the hallway, towing me behind. Once we are around the corner she turned around and faced me. "One rule: don't talk to rich girls. Don't sit by them don't look at them. It's suicide. And Algebra 2 is down that hall to the right, second door on your left." With that she spun on her heel and started walking away. Now anyone else would have thought this girl was mad as heck, judging from the look she gave me, about having to save my butt. But I could tell it was just an act, underneath, she was secretly pleased, excited about something. There was a little repressed smile tugging at the corner of her mouth.

"I know you're not really mad. I could see it in your face. What are you all happy over?" Ananka didn't answer, but her shoulders shook slightly, as if she was trying to suppress laughter. I tucked the memo into the back of my mind and hurried to algebra, sliding into my seat just as the bell started to ring. My mind was reeling as Mr. Donaldson started talking about graphing equations in the XY form, something I had learned long ago. Who was this girl and why was she helping me? And anyways, how did she know my name or where I was going?

I spent the time until lunch mulling over these questions, but soon the bell rang for my lunch and I was no closer to figuring it out. I was so busy thinking about the mystery girl that I forgot to pay attention to what time it was and by the time I got to the cafeteria, the line was stretching into the hallway. Crap! The very thought of so many people boggled my mind. So I turned around and started to walk towards the back of the line when I heard a voice calling my name. I looked up, and there was Gab, several people ahead. "Jetta!" she called again, waving. I hurried forward and got in the spot she was holding for me in line, ignoring the protests from the girls around us. So, for several minutes I stood in line. Gab, true to her name, hadn't stopped talking since I joined her, so I started tuning out and looked around the crowded cafeteria. My eyes caught as I was scanning the room. Over there, was it? Yes. It was Ananka, the mystery girl who'd saved me. She was sitting at a table in the middle of the place, surrounded by a gaggle of girls of the more popular variety, including the little monster that had refused to give me directions earlier that day. But, even though people were talking to her and she was responding, she seemed detached, bored. Her expression surprised me almost as much as it had earlier. If these were her friends, then why wasn't she enjoying herself? "Hey, Jet, are you even listening to me?" My thoughts were interrupted by none other than Gabriela Hawthorne.

She had stopped her continuous babble to give me a wounded, questioning look. "Yeah," I said. "You were talking about your boyfriend forgetting your one month anniversary. I personally think you should tell him to suck it." Judging by the smile on Gab's face, I probably said just what she wanted to hear.

"I know, right?"

I took advantage of the sudden and rare lull in conversation to ask her a question. "Who's that girl over there?" I asked, gesturing towards the mystery girl.

"Oh, her?" asked Gab, her face barely masking scorn. "That's Ananka Fishbein."

"Is she a scholarship or rich girl?" I asked, surprising myself. What was this place doing to me?

"Nobody really knows. You see, her grandpa struck gold inventing something or another, so she should be ultra rich. But apparently he had something against money or something, because he took all his money and put into a scholarship fund so it can only be used for school. So she has the money to come here, but not enough to do anything else."

"But she seems really well off."

"Yeah, that's the weird apart. Apparently, she made some money of her own a little over a year ago. I mean a lot of money. Like thousands. So now she's more of a rich girl, she just doesn't act like one."

"She sure doesn't," I agreed, remembering how she saved me from social doom. Then I remembered the look on Gab's face when I first mentioned Ananka. "But you don't like her?"

"She's ok, I guess. She just seems so… so distant; like she's too good to talk to anyone. This took me by surprise. She'd seemed the opposite of distant when talking to me. Then again, judging by her expression now, it could've been a different girl than this morning.

"What do you want?" asked a voice, interrupting my silent reverie. I looked up to see a large cafeteria lady glaring at me, ladle at the ready. "Well?"

"What do I want?" I asked, slightly surprised. At home the options had always been take it or leave it.

"For lunch?" Gab prompted me, faithfully at my side.

"Oh, yeah. How about the spaghetti please?" the lady gave me a large portion of spaghetti and I moved on, grab my milk and breadstick, and leave the line. I looked around the cafeteria trying to decide where to sit. I was calculating the risks of sitting by Ananka when Gab started calling out from a table not to far away. "Jet, over here!" So I heaved a sigh and went to sit by her. "Hey, Jet," she said as I approached, this is the crew. There's Molly, the twins, Brittany and Tiffany, and Hannah, spelt with two Hs. Everyone, this is Jetta, here from Montana." I look around at the other girls as she's talking. Molly had long, straight black hair and big brown eyes, Brittany and Tiffany had blond hair falling in perfect ringlets, and were down right supermodel gorgeous, and Hannah had hair died so blond it was almost white, with pink highlights and a sprinkle of brown freckles across the bridge of her nose. "Stick with us and you'll be just fine," Gab asserted. So, we made it through lunch, talking, eating, and all sorts of stuff. But mostly I kept an eye on Ananka. She didn't change much, until about ten minutes until lunch was over. She started and reached into her purse, secretly pulling out a cell phone. She looked at the screen for a moment, returned the phone, said something to one of her friends, and quickly made for the exit. Unfortunately, I chose that exact moment to get up to throw away my tray, so she and I collided. Well, more accurately, she and my butt collided.

"Sorry," I muttered.

"No problem," she answered, looking deep in thought, like she was concentrating on something. Then, the look was gone and so was she.

I started to sit down and heard a rustling sound in my back pocket that definitely had not been there before. "Hey," I said, turning back to Gab and the others and getting up, "I'll be right back." Without waiting for an answer I threw out my trash and went to the restroom. I snuck into the last stall and reached into my pocket. My hand pulled out a piece of paper, folded over. I carefully unfolded and read the note. On it was one sentence:

Meet me the Café de Amiss B4 School tomorrow. It was signed simply with an A