"Demyx, you have a new mission." Axel says waving a paper in front of my face.

I groan, "Who do I go with this time? Luxord? Xigbar? You?"

Axel grins and shakes his head, "No one, you're going lone wolf on this one."

"Really? By myself?" I grin.

"Yep, you better go before Xemnas gets impatient."

I nod and grab up the paper, what world do I go to this time?

Go to the Underworld and get Hades, the Lord of the Dead's heart.


"The-the Underworld? Why there?" I groan out.

Axel shrugs, "Don't know. Something about him controlling fire and that you could put him out better."

So this guy uses fire, no problem. I can easily put him out with a water wall.

I wave to Axel, "Wish me luck." I disappear into a portal.

I look around at the Dark Underworld. I gulp and shiver, a strange feeling descends upon me, as though a great weight is on me. I look around at the river Styx and the floating spirits.

"Yeesh, sure is creepy down here." I quickly throw up my hood, hiding my face.

Never reveal your face. Xemnas words echo in my head. I walk towards the blue flame door and push them open, easing myself in. I head down the hall, the floor covered in fog. I jump in fright as a boulder falls to the right of me. It bursts into a million pieces beside me.

"Glad that wasn't me."

As I walk down the sloping path I notice I feel weaker, weird. Maybe I'm just imagining things. I stop as I spot an opening, it glows green from inside it. I guess Hades must be through there. I take a deep breath and walk through. I notice that there is not a lot of walking room on the walk ways. I glance down and immediately regret it, stalagmites stick up, lost souls and 'gulp' human bones litter the ground. I quickly run up and arrive at the doors. I push them open and summon my Sitar.

"Here I go."

I walk in the doors and climb the stairs. I spot Hades in his throne talking to Pete.

"Hades!" I say.

Hades looks up at me.

I squeal as he glares at me, "What is it kid?"

Calm down, just do the mission.

"Um, I'm here to...take your heart." I grasp my Sitar tightly.

Hades laughs, "Oh, are you now?"

"Yes, I am."

He stands up, "Well, come and get it. You can have it.....IF YOU LIVE!" His small blue flame erupts, covering him in dark orange flames.

I yelp in fear and almost fall down the steps. I got to attack him with water, that should stop him.

"Dance, water, dance!" I yell and strum the strings.

Nothing happens. What the heck?! I try again, playing a different tune. Once again, nothing happens.

"What the heck is going on?!" I yell out. My knees feel weak, as if a one ton brick is on my back. "Why do I feel so weak?"

Hades laughs, "You're in the underworld, kid. You have no power here, you can't use any special attacks." He grins and forms a huge fire ball. "I, however, have all the power. This is MY DOMAIN!"

He launches it at me. I yell in fright and dodge it, falling to the floor. My hood falls off, revealing my face. Oh man, Xemnas is going to kill me!

"Oh, you are just a kid, aren't you? TOUGH LUCK!"

He launches another fire ball and I'm blasted down the stairs. I groan in pain as I slam into the stone doors at the bottom. I slump down, my back throbbing in pain.

Hades follows me down the steps, "By the way, I forgot to thank you for the performance, kid. Thanks." His hand glows red, "BUT THE SHOW'S OVER!"

I yell in fright and duck out the stone doors, just avoiding a huge fire blast.

"I'm outta here!" I yell and run down the narrow walkway.

Suddenly Hades appears right in front of me, "Boo."

I yelp and jump back. I feel my feet slip off the edge and I fall. I grab the edge and try to pull myself up.

Hades chuckles and steps on my hand, "Looks like your curtain's up, kid."

I yell in pain as he steps down on my hand, "Dancer Nobodies!"

Ten Dancer Nobodies appear behind Hades, unaffected by the Underworld's curse. They attack him, giving me enough time to climb back up and high tail it out of there. As I exit the green cave I hear a big explosion

"You'll pay for that, kid! I never forget a face!" He yells behind me.

I throw up my hood and run back towards the surface. I spot a guy with brown spikey hair, a huge duck, and a weird dog thing. They draw their weapons, expecting me to attack. "I better warn them about Hades.

"RUN, RUN AWAY!" I yell and leap into the portal.

I exit, back in Castle Oblivion, panting and out of breath. I failed a mission, Xemnas is so going to turn me into a Dusk for this.


"You're-You're not mad?!" I say very surprised. "But, I failed a mission."

Xemnas nods his head, "Yes, you did fail the mission, also brought back some valuable information. The kid you saw, did he have a Keyblade?"

I look back at the event, "Yeah, he did. I was too busy running to notice."

Xemnas smiles, "That was...Roxas."

I look at him, confused, "Um, no it wasn't. Roxas has BLONDE spiky hair. This kid had BROWN spiky hair."

Xemnas growls, getting annoyed, "That's Sora, Roxas's Somebody."

I finally get it, "Oh, so that's who he was." I sigh, "I miss Roxas."

"Well, good. Time for your next mission."

"Nex-NEXT MISSION! But I just got back from one!"

Xemnas ignores me and throws me 3 Index cards, " Here are you instructions, so you can't fail this mission. They're numbered in order so don't mess this one up."

He goes back to writing his report.

I nod, "Y-yes Superior."

I walk reluctantly through the portal and end up in the Between and Betwix. I look at the first card.

Go to Mount Olympus and steal the Olympus Stone. Afterwards

go back to the Underworld and search for the other Roxas.


I sigh, "Don't mess this one up."

Hope Mount Olympus ain't as gloomy as the Underworld. I walk through the portal and stare in wonder. Its like I've arrived in heaven. Everything around me has a golden sheen to it, even me! I notice I'm standing in front of a huge golden gate.

I scoff, "Like that's going to keep me out."

I summon my Sitar and strum the strings. A huge wall of water crashes through the gate, throwing them open. I walk up the steps and enter the building. I walk through the huge hall.

"HEY, YOU! What are you doing?!"

I jump in fright, who said that? I keep walking and stop as I hear something above me. I look up and see Hermes the messenger of the Gods. He whacks me upside the head with his staff.

"Ow!" I yell and grab my head, "That HURT!!"

He hits me again, "You, get out of here. You are NOT supposed to be in here."

I duck and dodge his attacks, trying to make it to the end of the hall.

"Hey...Quit it...Stop...ENOUGH!" I yell each time he connects with my head.

I swing my Sitar like a bat and hit him full force. He slams into a wall and faints. Shit, now they'll know I'm here.

I look around frantically, "Better find the Olympus Stone, quick."

I run down the hallway, wary of anymore powerful Gods than Hermes. I turn down a corner and stop. I had to think that. Before me stands the God of War, I would tell you his name but I never paid attention to Vexen's lectures about the other worlds.

He glares at me, "What are YOU doing up here?!"

I yelp and take off down the opposite hallway, I do know one thing from Vexen's lectures. The God of War is someone you don't want to meet, he'll kill you on the spot. I hear him running behind me and I pick up the pace. I turn around and strum my Sitar. Water Sphere's launch out and knock him back.

"Water!" I yell and a barrage of water walls hit him, knocking him out cold.

I have no clue how I knocked out the God of War when I myself am a poor fighter. All I know is that I don't want to be here when he wakes up. As I'm running I notice the Dusks start to materialize around me. They must be here to help me. I arrive to a big set of doors, it must be in here.

"Water!" I yell, knocking the doors down, I grin, "Here's DEMYX!" I copy the Shining.

Zeus and some other Gods and Goddesses are in the room. At the end of the hall floats the Olympus stone. Just get the stone and leave, that's all I have to do.

"Dusks, Charge!" I yell.

They attack the various Gods and Goddesses, taking them off gaurd. I use this opportunity of confusion to dash down the middle of the room and grab the stone.


I dash through a portal and pant in exhaustion, in the Between and Betwix.

"I-I did it. I completed a mission!" I dance around in success, "Yay me!" I stop and look around, "Wait, now what do I do?" I look at the first index card again,~ Afterwards go back to the Underworld and look for the other Roxas~. I pocket the index cards and open a portal. I arrive at the river Styx and look around.

"Alright, now to find Roxas. "

I take out the second Index card,

Find a place to wait for said person. Make sure that the area is

a defendable place. When you meet the subject say his name

and awaken him


I pocket it and walk forward, towards the blue flame doors. I met him there last time, he should be there again.

"Hey, who are you?"

I panic and swing my Sitar behind me. I hear a thud and look behind me. A half goat guy lies on the ground, knocked slam out.

"Oops. Didn't mean to hit him that hard." I spot the swelling knot on his head.

I shrug and continue walk into the blue doors, I stop. Wait, Hades might still be there. I see a green door but its blocked by blue fire.

"I'll go this way. Water!"

A wall of water cancels the wall of fire, the steam surrounds me as I run to the doors. I open them and stare at the foggy room. I walk down below the fog and stroll down the never ending maze.

"Now, where to wait for Roxas?"

I walk till I come to a huge area in front of some doors. I look around and assume its very defendable, whatever that means.

"I'll wait here."

I put my hood up and lean on the doors, wonder if Roxas will remember me? Probably not according to Xemnas. I start to sing to the tune of ' The Nobodies' by Marlin Manson, not bothering to take out my Sitar. It just wouldn't sound the same. By time I sing it for the fourth time, I'm pretty bored. What is taking Roxas? I look towards the opening and spot Sora, Donald, and Goofy running up the stairs.

I gasp in recognition, he looks almost like Roxas, "Ah, you." I remove my hood so I can see better, "What a sec....Roxas?"

Sora looks at me as if I'm nuts, "Excuse me?"

This isn't working, let me try again.

"Roxas?" I say a little louder. He still looks clueless. I groan, "Oh, its no use."

"Huh, what are you talking about?"

I reach into my pocket and pull out the thrid Index card, let me read the last card. Maybe that will help. I hold the card up to see it better in the dim light.

"Lets see here....

If the subject fails to respond, use aggression to

liberate his true disposition.


...Right." I pocket the index card, "Did they ever pick the wrong guy for this one.."

Sora folds his arms, "You're bizarre."

I'll show him bizarre, but first I need my full power. I pull out the stone and Sora gasps.

"He's gotta be the thief!" Goofy points his finger at me.

Thief? I'm a little better than a common thief.

"Now that's just plain rude!" I yell at them.

I hold the stone up and it glows in a bright light. I feel my strength return to me and I summon my Sitar. Sora and the gang summon their own weapons.

"Dance, water, dance."

100 water clones appear around me. Woah! This stone works wonders! Now I got keep the beat or else they'll lose their form. I sit in the middle of the room, filling the cave with music. Sora, Donald, and Goofy battle all my water clones as I send them after them. My arm is killing me as the water clones sap my strength, using it to attack Sora and them. Sora kills the last clone and I grin.

"Not bad Roxas."

I had given him my best shot and he didn't even break a sweat. Suddenly my body aches from me using all that power.

I stumble, grabbing my shoulder, "Ow, oh....sss..ow. Roxas, come back to us." I beg and disappear into a portal, to weak to take on Sora again.

* * *

Here is my first Fanfic. I hope you enjoy. This is just a Prelude that I actually wrote during the middle of writing this fanfic. The actual first chapter will be coming up next week. Yes the title is based off of 'Away From the Sun' by 3 Doors Down. That song fits this stroy alot. I would like to thank Xaras for proof reading it and giving me input and my little sister for putting up with my weekly readings of it. I just want to say I DO NOT own any of the Kingdom Hearts 2 characters (Though I wish I did) There is going to be a little Demyx+Yuffie thing going on later on in the story. Some chapters may have songs that reprsent them and I will post them at the beginning. Please comment. I want at least 2 reviews ok? Keiko signning off.