Introducing... Marriage of Convenience

Pairing: KakaHina

Summary: Her clan wanted to marry her off to a wealthy and influential man; the Council was pressuring the Hokage to get married. It was a perfect match, made in legal contracts and life-binding papers. Hinata doesn't really agree, but... the more she gets to know Hatake Kakashi, her new husband, the more she finds herself questioning whether or not she really doesn't want this.


She wasn't doing this by choice.

To be precise, it was anything but.

Hinata solemnly lifted the cup to her mouth, sipping the sake lightly. Beside her, her new husband did the same.

"I would like to introduce the new husband and wife: Hatake Kakashi and Hatake Hinata."

She wasn't doing this by choice.

But it was something she had willingly agreed to.

Because Naruto-kun had asked. And who was she to turn down the love of her life?

'Except…' Hinata walked through the aisle with her new husband leading the way. 'Now I have no chance at all with Naruto-kun.'

"The bride and groom will now be seated. The reception party will start shortly."

Hinata sat down at the reserved table, keeping her eyes steady. Kakashi sat down next to her and placed a gloved hand over hers. Hinata looked up in shock, only to see the masked man's eye crinkle into a reassuring smile.

"Don't look so glum," he said lightly. Hinata blinked at his words. Kakashi grinned before adding, "You look beautiful, by the way."

Hinata blushed slightly at the man's random compliment. Releasing her hand, Kakashi stood up and left the table, sending her a smile on his way.

She wasn't doing this by choice.

But Kakashi was definitely making it more bearable.

'I suppose...' She smiled slightly when she saw Kakashi exchanging awkward words with her overenthusiastic grandmother. 'It won't be too bad.'


I apologize for brevity, but I'm thinking it makes for a perfect way to introduce the couple :) Please enjoy!