Disclaimer, If I owned Harry Potter I would never have brought Ron Weasley back into DH after he deserted the hero and heroine. Then again I would never have written those two awful books HBP or DH So I definitely am not JK Rowling.

Two Hermione's

Hermione Jane Granger knocked on the door of the little cottage in Godrics Hollow that her best friend Harry had rented while rebuilding the home he had been born in. In her hand Hermione held the invitation to her engagement party as she and Ron had chosen the 30 August to officially get engaged. She had sent it four times by owl post only to have it returned and as she had not seen Harry for what seemed to have been three extremely long months, she was using the personal delivery of the invite as an excuse to see her raven haired best friend.

Slowly the door to the cottage opened and a rather bushy haired female poked her head shyly from behind the door.

Hermione took a step back in surprise as she looked at her double. The young woman behind the door was an exact image of the woman who had knocked right down to the two small freckles that adorned her chin.

"Harry is not home right now, could you please call later," came the sound of Hermione's voice from the double.

Hermione took a breath and stepped forward "No I think you had best let me in, someone has quite some explaining to do," she said as she pushed her way into the house.

Hermione's double had a slightly frightened look on her face as Hermione walked into the living room. Closing the door the double followed her into the living room, "Would you like a cup of tea? I'm getting quite good at making tea now Harry said."

Hermione looked at the double standing in front of her and offering her refreshments and realised that though she looked and moved and even sounded like her self, she seemed to have a mind like a child. "Would you care to explain who you are and what is happening here?" she asked quietly.

"I'm sorry I don't understand the word 'explain'," the double said still standing.

Hermione gave a little sigh, this was not going to be as easy as she had hoped, but she needed to understand what was going on, why Harry had a double of herself in his house. A double that no one knew about.

"Come take a seat and tell me all about your self," she said as she smiled.

The double took a seat in the armchair facing Hermione "I don't know much, am I in trouble? Harry said don't open the door to any stranger, but you look like me so I don't think you are strange."

"No dear I don't think you are in trouble, so tell me about your self," Hermione said trying to bring some calm into the very odd situation. As the double looked at her as though looking for reassurance she noticed the double never once blinked and for some reason it seemed just a little scary.

"My name is 'Mione'. I was made a few weeks ago. Harry has tried to teach me how he wants me to behave. He says that though I am not the one he loves I make him feel a little less sad. Harry as tried to teach me to read but I have been unable to understand the er… w… words. He wanted to teach me to be like his Mione. I was made a few weeks ago, Harry said he stole me from a shop window in Upper Whinging, that was when he made me a few weeks ago. Harry said I look right but I was made a few weeks ago and I am not right." The double said sounding completely flustered and confused.

Hermione knew she was not going to get a satisfactory answer from her double, and reached forward to pat the double's hand to assure her everything was ok. She was shocked when she realised that the double was cold and made from some form of plastic. She then heard someone apparate to somewhere just out in the garden, she knew the sound well and could tell instantly that it was Harry. "I'll have that tea now please Mione," she said and watched as the double walked off into the kitchen.

At that moment Harry walked into the house looking rather sad and miserable. "Hello Mione, I failed again to find anything to help you become more sentient there seems to be no spells that could help you learn to read or to understand anything but the basic responses I was able to give you.

I've been wondering whether I should change your looks you know, I mean you look so much like Hermione and yet you're not her, no one could take her place. I also realise that making you hasn't taken away any of the pain I have had since that day two years ago when she chose to stay with me but cried for hours and hours because Ron had left her. I should have sent her to him then but I love her so much I couldn't bear to be parted from her, I was being selfish letting her stay. I just wanted her to be near me.

That day of the final battle when she kissed Ron so passionately was so bloody painful. You know that kiss nearly ended the war in Tommy boy's favour, when I died out in the forest and they gave me the chance to come back and save everyone, I didn't want to come back for the longest time. I knew I would have to watch as the love of my life, my soul mate, my everything walked away from me with that red headed coward that let us both down so bad.

What the hell she wants to saddle herself with him for I honestly don't know. I mean all he ever did was treat her like shit, I was sure he hated her the way he always belittled her, made hurtful remarks about her being mental.

Not to mention he was always delighted to mock her beliefs and her need to be the best. Always trying to undermine her confidence, perhaps I should have read that bloody book he used on her. Twelve ways to… crap it should have been called twelve ways into a girls knickers cause Hermione fell for it hook line and sinker, I thought she might have known better and… maybe I should have burned the bloody thing. But it seemed to make her so happy, him showing a little intelligent sort of emotion. Damn, damn, damn. I was so bloody stupid; I should have simply grabbed her and kissed those beautiful lips. " He said as he hung up his coat and removed his shoes.

"Mione I'll just pop up and change these clothes, how about you make us a nice cup of tea?" he said turning and heading up the stairs.

Hermione had sat and listened as Harry had revealed his feelings for her. Feelings she never knew he had. As soon as he had gone up the stairs she very quietly walked out of the house, she needed to think over a few of the things he had said. Maybe getting engaged to Ron Weasley at her age was not such a good idea, after all he was the only boyfriend she had ever had. As far as boyfriends were concerned she was almost as naive as the Hermione that lived with Harry. Maybe being jealous of a shop manikin meant something, maybe having been jealous of Cho, Luna, Ginny and now a manikin meant far more than being annoyed because the boy she had decided was to be her boyfriend was ruining her plans. There being two Hermione's in this world was not something she would allow.