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The water was freezing, the chain around his neck strangling, in his struggles he managed to grab the sword he was after which he used to cut through the chain that was dragging him down. Trying to surface his vision blurred his body began to shut down due to the lack of oxygen and then his head broke through the surface. Weak and freezing he managed to reach the bank side of the pond and crawled out of the water. Darkness surrounded him and he found himself in a strange ethereal place that seemed to consist of nothing but white clouds, clouds that formed elegant structures.

There was not another soul to be seen; when he called out he was answered only by the echo of his own voice. Searching around the strange structures he walked into one that seemed somehow familiar. Inside the building it seemed that short clips of movies were playing. Fascinated he began to watch them, quickly realising that what he was watching were his own memories. There were the ones filled with the horrors of his childhood, of his first and consequent years at Hogwarts, and then one in particular caught his attention.

He and Hermione were in the Hogwarts library, according to the date on the daily prophet they were reading it was at the beginning of their six year. It shocked him as he watched him self kissing and seriously fondling Hermione while she had her hand inside his robes. Kissing passionately they were both unaware as three people approached and stood behind them. Then a fourth person approached them from their front gathering their attention.

"Mr Potter, Miss Granger how many times must I tell you that this behaviour can not continue?" asked Minerva McGonagall.

The two teens looked up at their head of house a look of guilt on their faces. "I'm sorry professor but I don't believe you have had reason to tell us that before," was Harry's reply.

They instantly recognised the voice that came from behind them, "I told you head master your charms are not strong enough, it's time to use the potion." Said the piercing voice of Molly Weasley.

"Yeah the mudblood bitch is mine, she gets to be my slave while Potter gets to screw Ginny until he signs over all his inheritance to us, he does not get to screw my woman," Ron Weasley practically screamed.

"Some how Molly I do believe you are correct," Albus Dumbledore said in his grandfatherly tone, "now Harry, we can not have you consorting with someone of questionable heritage, you must marry a true pureblood as I have told you before. The Pureblood families would not accept yet another mudblood sullying the Potter line; it is for your own good to marry Miss Weasley."

Harry watched as the memory Harry turned while reaching for his wand but the headmaster was far to fast for him. The memory ended with the word obliviate echoing into the distance.

Harry watched several more memories where he and Hermione were together as a couple in love, and each time the old man obliviated them. After watching the memories for what seemed a life time Harry noticed the building was disappearing. He could hear a faint voice calling him.

Harry woke to find Ron Weasley standing over him asking if he was ok. He was surprised and shocked as the bone dry Weasley began to go on about how it was lucky he had happened to find him and pull him from the pool. Not saying a word Harry thought about all those hidden memories and the blocks that were on his mind began to collapse, anger beyond any he had ever felt before filled him but outwardly to Weasley he seemed quite calm as he regained his strength. Knowing he would get his revenge quite soon he kept his calm demeanour, straining not to show the traitor just how much he hated him.

A short time later Harry stood to the side as Ron watched the images from the locket, each and every image coming from Ron's head were where he had seen Harry and Hermione kissing before they were obliviated, they were also scenes from the memories now restored in Harry's mind. Harry struggled to keep his anger hidden as those images showed him that what he had seen in his strange dream were his real memories. Finally he swung the sword and destroyed the locket bring an end to Ron's mental torture.

Ron watched as Harry destroyed the locket the images he saw were making him furious. As Harry dropped the sword to rest at his side and wondered what to do about his discoveries, he was actually debating whether he should behead the traitor when Ron turned on him. The furious jealous red haired young man swung his fist wildly at Harry while screaming about him touching his woman yet again. It was Ron's words and actions that finally confirmed for Harry that all those memories were without doubt completely real and that Dumbledore along with the Weasleys were far from being the light family they portrayed themselves to be.

Ron's fist missed as Harry, quite used to avoiding sneak attacks from his cousin and uncle ducked and swung a counter punch at the tall raging red heads stomach. Ron doubled over with a loud gasp of pain as all the air exited his lungs; slowly he dropped to his knees as he tried to look for Harry's next punch. In stead of a punch he was hit with a petrification spell that locked his arms to his sides.

Harry was filled with anger when he remember how in love he was with Hermione, love that the Weasleys and Dumbledore had stolen, he then remembered another memory, one where Hermione was reading a book and she had discovered a small ritual for one chosen of the gods, that she read out loud it was possible, using the ritual the prophesied unknown power could be changed into the ability to call on the power behind magic to help Harry, to call on the very god or gods that had chosen him to destroy Riddle despite his horcruxes. Suddenly he knew exactly what to do to get some revenge.

Turning to look Ron in the face he started to speak. "So you lousy bastard all those memories that came to me before when I climbed from the pool were true. You have been obliviating us and feeding us potions so that you could rape my girlfriend. You should never have done that Weasley, I'm calling down a magical blood feud on the Weasley family." Using the sword he carved a two foot square rune into the frozen earth and then stepped into the middle of it to activate it with his magic, then he began to call to the heavens three times. "I call for magical justice on those who have committed offences on the chosen one of the gods of magic, I call for punishment of those who have treated me so unjustly. I call on the gods of love for justice for the theft of the love my soul mate and I were robbed of. I call on the gods of Hades for justice against those that have done me harm and have already left this world. As I ask so mote it be."

Ron gave a scream of pain and horror as he was surrounded by a bright light for several seconds and then his magic was slowly ripped from him. Again rather painfully, and he screamed even louder. Racked with pain as all the magic around him seemed to tear out of his very skin and muscles, removing every trace of magic from him and everything he had with him, even the traces of magic used on his clothes, Ron tried to escape the light and pain and stumbling and staggering he tried to get away, trying to get away from the revenge Harry had called down on him, he prayed for help to get away from the light that was so very painful. But his prayers went unanswered as the gods issued their justice to him.

Harry heard the splash as Ron fell into the pond but was held back from doing anything to interfere by the magic he had called. When the light finally faded Ron was nowhere in sight and the pond had started to freeze over once again. Shaking his head at his inability to feel sorry for his former mate or any satisfaction over what had just happened he picked up the destroyed locket and the sword of Gryffindor and made his way back to the tent and Hermione. Just before he reached the tent he realised that there was something different about him self. Feeling at his forehead he found his scar was no longer there, or at least he could not feel it, and he felt far lighter, far happier and far stronger than he had ever been.

At the same time that Ron was screaming in pain the same thing was happening to two females in a hidden house on the outskirts of London. Molly and Ginny Weasley died while being surrounded by a group of the members of the order of the phoenix, each and every one of them screaming in agony as they suffered justice at the hands of the gods called by the chosen one.

After entering the tent and making sure that Hermione was still asleep he sat back down on a log next to the fire and continued his shift at guard duty. While sitting there he sorted through all the memories that had been blocked until they all fitted back in to their correct places. He then spent the rest of the night working out what he should do. In several locations in both England and Scotland the gods that Harry had called on answered his call and all Tom Riddle's remaining Horcruxes perished just as the one in Harry's forehead had.

Tom Riddle was standing in front of his collected death eaters about to give them their orders for the following week, when he screamed out "POTTER NO, please nooooo." He then collapsed to the floor as his magically constructed body fell apart. His one hundred and ten marked death eaters then discovered how Riddle had dealt with those that betrayed him, their dark marks all flared at the same time and a pain so fiercely intense ran through them and destroyed their minds. The few who were there that were not marked and remained standing, were terrified of the power that they had witnessed destroy their dark lord and so many of his followers. They sincerely believed it was Harry Potter's doing, they decided as one that they would be far safer if they turned themselves in to the order of the phoenix and made their confessions, rather than risk Potter coming after them and doing what ever he had done to their dark lord. In the end with most of the order members in the same condition as the dark lord they had to turn themselves in to the remaining members of the ministry and beg for Potter to be kept away from them.

At seven that morning Harry made breakfast for himself and Hermione. As they finished off their meal Harry spoke quietly to the girl he loved, who due to charms and spells was still miserable about Ron leaving. "Right Hermione Jane, it's time to pack up. We are taking a break; we will go some where safe and take a well deserved rest to build our selves up again. I'll have no arguments over this, we are both skin and bone through lack of proper food, and give it a few more days we won't even be able to cast a simple lumos spell."

Two days later Harry led Hermione into St Mary's hospital in Dublin, she thought they were there for some high protein potions and other associated things. Fifteen minutes after entering the hospital she found her self in a room with two mind healers and Harry. It took the two mind healers a little over an hour to remove all the blocks on Hermione's memories, when she was ready to leave she was in tears, she found it hard to discover that people she had thought the world of and had so much respect for could treat her and Harry in such an evil way.

Sitting in a small hotel room in Dublin having read about the success of the ritual Harry made his mind up what he was going to do. Taking Hermione with him he visited the Dublin branch of Gringotts and made arrangements for all his possessions and money to be transferred there from London. While at the bank they saw a copy of the late edition of the Prophet, the headlines boldly stating that the dark lord known as Voldemort was dead and almost all his followers were mindless, Tom Riddle had been killed by Harry Potter, those not killed were queuing up with their hands on their heads waiting for members of the dept of magical law enforcement to arrest them.

The fact that his scar was gone helped Harry to believe the paper was telling the truth and his biggest enemy was no longer a threat. Talking quietly he informed Hermione that his war was not yet over, he had Dumbledore, the Weasley family, and all those order members who had helped rob him of his childhood and forced him into imprisonment at Privet Drive, to deal with. He wanted some revenge on the entire British wizarding world for how he had been treated and he was going to get it, even on those that were dead.

Harry left the offices of the Irish daily news in a very good mood, copies of his and Hermione's memories of how they had been treated by Dumbledore and the Weasley's along with other memories of how they had been treated by the British magical world were left in the office of the Irish magical news paper, several reporters were working on stories that would destroy the reputation that Dumbledore and the order of the Phoenix had had, Dumbledore would simply be remembered as one of the lesser dark lords of the twentieth century.

Stories of the treatment of the boy who lived by the British began the collapse of the pureblood's governing the country which led to an all muggleborn government only five years later.

The Weasleys and the Order of the Phoenix never recovered from the justice of the gods; many of them that survived lived in pain for the rest of their lives. Those that recovered were those who asked Harry to forgive them for working against him while they had thought that they were doing what was right. All had been misled by Dumbledore.

Harry and Hermione settled down in Ireland and enjoyed a long peaceful and happy life as a couple. Their children and grandchildren also remained in Ireland, all preferring to think of them selves as Irish and not British. It would be a very long time before a Potter would step foot on British soil again. Twenty generations later the Administrator of magic for the Irish Republic, who had an uncanny resemblance to a bushy haired Hermione Potter signed an extradition treaty with the British magical government.