A/Note: I have read several stories where Ron beats up or rapes Hermione because of her association with Harry. Even robst had such a story, well folks here is a short drabble about when Ron attempts to beat up his ex friend, Please NOTE the word 'attempts'. Merlin.

Beat up

Ron Weasley was an angry young man who hated the fact that his so called best mate had started to date Hermione Granger, the other member of the golden trio who was supposed to be Ron's best friend. She was also the girl he wanted for himself and for some odd reason he thought she should like him because he was always arguing with her over just about everything, he had also become quite good at belittling everything that she thought good or interesting. He had even run off during their search, thinking that absence makes the heart grow fonder, so when he returned it would be to her open arms. He had been so very wrong. Returning to the tent her found Harry and Hermione had become a couple.

Walking along the corridor seething about how the world treated him so bad and promising Potter would suffer for stealing his girl, in fact she should also suffer after treating him like that. He remembered how he had tried to find a chance to get rid of Potter during the final battle, but had failed at that just as he always failed where Potter was concerned. Then after the battle was over and there was talk of rewards his brother Bill had told everyone how Ron had left Harry and Hermione for months because he could not take a little hardship. Ron also blamed Harry bloody Potter for his brother speaking up and preventing him from getting a Merlin first class medal, what good was a third class medal that did not carry any monetary reward.

Turning the corner that would lead him toward the Gryffindor tower where he thought the two ex friends were sleeping together, he suddenly brightened up as he saw his chance at some payback. Approaching him along the same corridor was the Granger bint who had dared to refuse to dump Potter. 'Time I taught her a lesson' he thought as his fists clenched.

As Hermione passed by him making as much gap as she could between the two of them, and purposely not making eye contact with her former friend. Ronald Weasley struck out at her yelling "I'll teach you to dump me Granger." Instead of his fist connecting with flesh that was no longer there his momentum carried his large meaty fist well past where it had been aimed.

Hermione Jane Granger was no bodies fool, as soon as she learned about the bigots and the followers of the evil dark wizard known as Voldemort in her first year, she began to take self defence lessons. Her lessons began in the summer where she learned the basics; her slow advancement in the art was done using home study courses between the summer breaks. As usual it did not take her long to climb through the rankings of Tae Kwon Do to reach her 4th level black belt. She had never trusted Ron any more than she trusted Malfoy, since the red head almost got her killed by a mountain Troll in her first year as a student at Hogwarts. So she was watching him with a wary eye as she passed him. Though she would later admit to her boyfriend Harry that she never expected him to try to use physical violence against her instead of magic. Her reactions were swift and exceptionally painful for Ron. For seven years as Harry's best friend she had had to put up with the red headed idiot and his bad attitude, and all that bottled up aggression she had felt toward him aided her reaction time.

Her first move sent his clenched fist past her and into the stone wall beside her causing him to let out a loud yell of pain. Before he even had chance to begin to recover and go for his wand, something hard and definitely powerful had hit him in the centre of his back sending him face first into the wall before he was grabbed and spun around. Ron stared in horror as Hermione hit him hard enough to send him sprawling to the floor his jaw broken. As he whimpered on the floor he seemed to be to stupid to have learned his lesson, and in between whimpers he tried to threaten what he was going to do to her so that Potter would never look at her again. He promised to spoil her for anyone else if he could not have her.

Hermione's temper had been quite hot and yet fairly well controlled until he threatened her child bearing ability, she lost her temper at that point and really started to lay in to him. She gave him a beating that he would never forget, including destroying any chance he ever had of being a father. In fact it would be several weeks before he would learn if his wedding tackle would work at all in anyway, including going to the loo without using magic to help him. Ronald Weasley lay bleeding and broken on the corridor floor no longer aware of where he was or what was going on around him. All he was aware of was the darkness that closed in on him.

As she cooled down from her burst of long overdue anger that had slowly built up over seven years, she finally pulled out her wand and after concentrating on her boyfriend for several long seconds she cast two Patronus. One Patronus headed to her boyfriend and the other headed to the headmistress. Both Patronus carried the same message to the two people she trusted.

Headmistress Minerva McGonagall and Harry Potter arrived in the corridor at the same time though both approached Hermione from different ends. McGonagall having just come up the stairs was breathing a little hard as she reached the younger woman. "Wh… Who … did this?" she asked waving a slightly shaking hand at the unconscious red head lying trussed up like a turkey ready for the oven.

Harry had no questions as he rushed up to his girlfriend and wrapped her in a hug. Hermione returned the hug a little tighter than she would normally, her legs had begun to feel weak as the adrenalin in her body began to fade away. "I did… the git tried to hit me without reason or warning." She managed to say quite calmly.

McGonagall pulled her wand and cast several detection charms at the fallen Ron, trying to determine what spells Hermione had used. As she waved her wand Hermione spoke up again. "There are no spells or charms headmistress."

"Then what did you use?" McGonagall asked a little puzzled.

Harry gently pulled Hermione's hands from behind his back where they were still wrapped. "Looking at the damage to Hermione's hands I would say she used a Muggle method. One of the martial arts if I am not mistaken." Harry told the head before turning to Hermione again. A quick flick of his wand over her skinned and bruised knuckles was all it took for him to completely heal her slight injuries. "I take it he finally attacked you, what with you being alone?"

Hermione nodded while saying can we go to the heads office and use the pensieve? You two can see how he attacked me, and I can check if I need to brush up on any of my moves."

That evening Harry and Hermione both pressed charges against Ron, Hermione for attacking her and Harry for attacking his betrothed. It would be quite some time before Ron would leave his hospital bed to discover that he had been disowned by his family for his treachery and was facing some serious criminal charges, the worst of which were attacking the betrothed of a Lord of the realm. It would be many years before Ron was even remotely happy as he lived his lonely friendless life as a squib no longer allowed to use magic.