Black Horse

Ok this is another Guy story, I am sorry for doing another one, but I'm in my own way trying to make him have a happy ending.

Plot: Robin has a sister; she is a few years younger than him, when he leaves to go to the Holy Land she is left in the care of Gisborne. What will she do when Robin comes back? It will start when they are small growing up with Guy and Isabella, Archer is also in this story but he is just Robin and Catherine's brother not Guy.

Pairings: Guy/OC, Robin/Marian

Warning: I have changed the time line and the ages of the characters, Guy is younger, Robin too, and the fire did not happen to 1180's not 70's as portrayed in the series. And I do not own Robin Hood Again.

Chapter One: When You Were Young…


Catherine of Locksley or Cathy as she is known by most of the villagers was a small girl for ten years old. She idolized her brothers. Archer and Robin, she would always be seen with them wanting to partake in their games and her sense of adventure, usually they would let her play with her, but today they had other ideas, Robin had just turned Fifteen, while Archer thirteen and Much the man servant for Robin who was the same age as Robin were running through Locksley village pretending to be soldiers fighting in the Holy war. Catherine was finding it hard to keep up with them.

'Cathy' Archer smiled at her, she trusted him explicitly.

'Yes' she smiled back.

'How about we play, hide and seek, and we will go and find you?'

'Alright, go on then count' Cathy beamed at them.

Cathy fled, looking for a place to hide; she found a spot where they would never find her. Little did the young Lady of Locksley know the others had no intention to come and find her.

She had suspected that she was not going to be found when no one had even been calling her name, but she thought maybe she had found such a great hiding place that she was just not being found, the thought never crossed her mind that they were actually not looking for her.

She brushed away her brown, blonde hair out from her eyes and began to walk to creep up on her brothers and say, 'Here I am'

But it was not her brother's that she bumped into, it was the young Guy of Gisborne, and she was not sure why he was here not in Gisborne with his family. He was seventeen and very tall, to Cathy anyway. He was riding his black horse, a present from his father before he had gone to fight in the Holy Land.

'Milady' He bowed his head.

'Guy, I do not suppose you have seen my brothers?' She smiled.

'I cannot say I have, I am sorry. Will you like me to escort you back to the Manor?'

'Thank you Guy' she replied.

He helped her on his horse; she sat behind him holding his waist. When they arrived back at Locksley Manor, Malcolm of Locksley was there to greet her.

'Cathy, where have you been?'

'I was playing Hide and Seek with Archer and Robin, I hid too well, but Guy decided to bring me home' She explained hugging her father.

'Thank you Guy'

'Not a problem, my lord' He got back on his horse and descended back to Gisborne.

2 months later

Cathy watched her father and Robin involved in a debate about why Robin was not allowed to go around with their father's Bow. This was a regular occurrence between Father and Son most of the time; it was her father that won the battle.

'Cathy, come on we are going to be late' her father took her hand.

'Where are we going Father?' Cathy asked as they walked along Locksley village.

'We are to go to Gisborne to go and see Ghislaine, she is holding a celebration tonight, and Marian is going to be there'

They made it to Gisborne, Her father was right there was a great celebration about to occur, she looked opened eyed at the people laughing and cheering. She spotted Robin and Archer running around with Marian. Cathy went and joined them. She spotted Guy with his mother and his little sister Isabella she was the same age as Robin.

Cathy stopped when she heard Ghislaine address the crowd with Guy and Isabella at her side, 'Ladies and Gentlemen, I am so pleased you decided to join me in celebrating the safe return of our men From the Holy Land, but as you know some of them did not make it, I ask you to think about the ones that did not make it back' Cathy missed the rest, because it seemed to be going on for quite a while and Archer was poking his tongue out at her. But she heard Roger of Gisborne mentioned.

Her father had told her that Guy's father had not made it back from the Holy land but he had died a hero in the eyes of the King.

'My Lady Gisborne, as bailiff of these parts I have to ask whom is to be lord of the manor?' Longthorn, whom was bailiff for Gisborne and Locksley, asked making his way through the crowd.

Cathy watched her father protest that now was not the time to be asking such a question.

But Ghislaine cut him off, 'no he is right to ask, there will be no Lord instead there will be Lady of the manor'

Cathy heard discontent about this news. But she was waylaid to how the rest played out with Archer pulling at her hand.

'What is it?'

'Have you heard anything more ridiculous a lady of a manor?'

'It is her right as Lord Gisborne's wife, I suppose' Cathy replied.

Both of them stopped abruptly when Ghislaine was pointing to a fire wheel which she described as something to light up the skies, she then asked Robin and Guy to help her set it off with their archery skills. Cathy looked at the wheel in amazement it looked very big.

What unfolded in the next fifteen minutes was something the Cathy was never going to forget in her life. She saw an arrow hit the fire wheel where two men were putting it up, it set the sparks which was streaming hitting the two men. One of them moved out of the way, but the priest had to hold the rope, while flames shot onto him, it was either, hold on to the rope or die from it falling onto him. He decided to let go and the fire wheel fell hitting him on the chest. Cathy suppressed a scream when she saw it happen.

She then watched Guy being dragged away from the party; she could not believe that they thought that he had done this. Guy would not be so reckless would he?

Cathy stood in shock with what was unfolding in front of her eyes, they wanted to hang Guy, this was stupid, she was sure that Guy had not shot the arrow, maybe her brother had done it, of course by accident, he would never do it on purpose. But Robin refused to take responsibility for what had happened? She lost sight of her father for a second after they told Guy was told that he was to be held until the priest had decided he was going to die or live.

While her father was away, the bailiff decided to take matters into his own hands, he had put a noose around Guy's neck. Malcolm came out of the manor house shouting. The next minute there were sounds of hooves and Roger of Gisborne still in his crusade outfit came off his horse, saying that Guy would not hang. There was a fight and the bailiff was told to leave. Ghislaine came running out saying that Guy would live, she caught sight of Roger and stopped dead in her tracks. Cathy turned away she suddenly became very uncomfortable about this scene.


A few weeks later rumours were rife that Guy's father, was a leper and both his wife and children knew of it. Cathy sat at on the hill above Locksley and Gisborne. She felt the sun blow through her hair; she was sitting at her mother's grave, her mother who had died giving birth to her. She gave up this world to give her daughter a chance to live in it.

She heard someone approach. It was Guy.

'Hello Milady' He smiled, 'Mind if I join you?'

'If you like' Cathy replied warmly. He sat down next to her.

'She was a great woman your mother' Guy whispered.

'You knew her?'

'I did, I remember when she was having you' Guy smiled.

'Guy, are you alright? I have not seen you since your father returned'

She saw his brow pinch together, 'I am fine. I have just been trying to keep out of everyone's way, with the trouble that occurred'

'Of course' Cathy nodded.

'You'd better get back home before your father starts to worry about you' Guy replied, 'Go on' he smiled.

Cathy ran down to the manor.

'What have you been up to?' Malcolm asked her.

'I went to mother's grave it's nice to think sometimes' she replied.


The next few days were not happy for anyone involved in Locksley and Gisborne, Roger, Guy's father had publically been declared a leper, and the ceremony where he was publically out casted occurred, the children watched in shock of what was occurring what was worst that Ghislaine had declared herself a widower. Guy had sunk deep into his shell, he was upset, and he also became incredibly angry he was now expected to be a man.

There was shock a few days after this that Roger of Gisborne had returned after being told that he was not allowed to come back to the lands. Robin had spotted him, and came running through the village, proclaiming that the leper was back.

'Take Cathy and stay out of the way' Malcolm told Robin.

Cathy watched her father walk into the House not knowing that it was the last time that she would ever see his face again.

Guy and Isabella came rushing out of the manor.

'Guy what is going on?' Cathy asked.

'There is a fire'

Longthorn started to burn the house down. Guy protested that it was a mistake and that it was not what they thought but he was ignored.

Both Robin and Archer looked at each other, 'No don't my father is inside' Robin screamed.

Cathy began to cry as the fire became fiercer, when Longthorn came out and told them that there were no survivors Cathy fell to the floor, Archer engulfed her in his arms.

'Ssssssssh, little one it going to be alright, we are going to be alright' he whispered.

She then heard Guy shout, 'you killed them all of you'

'You started the fire lad'

Cathy looked up and saw Guy with Isabella walking away, she cried harder.

Longthorn had destroyed everything, her father was dead and Guy now leaving then he proclaimed that these were his lands. It made her blood boil they were Robin's lands not his.

After much commotion Robin was proclaimed Lord of the Manor. And the family were left to grieve.


Five years later:

It had been Five years since the fire, there was not a day that she did not miss her father, she also missed seeing Guy around the place she had grown up with him although he was older than her, he always treated her with the upmost respect but nobody had seen him since that fateful day.

'Cathy, come here' Robin called.

'Coming Brother' she said as she descended the stairs.

'I have news, well both of us have news for you'

'I am intrigued' Cathy replied.

There standing before her was Archer, Much and Robin.

'We are to go to war, we are going to fight for the king' Robin replied.

'You are going to leave me here, what about Marian?' Cathy looked at Robin, Marian was Robin betrothed and she thought that he would never leave her.

'Marian will understand, and you are to stay here and look after the place'

'But I am a woman' She replied, 'and I do not think Marian was not going to understand'

Cathy was right, Marian was told the news she has cried and become very angry with Robin and stormed out. Cathy had the feeling that she had just lost a best friend because of her brother's insane schemes.

That night Cathy had not slept well, she knew when she awoke her brothers were going to be leaving her. This made her heart constrict, she could not lose them. Dawn came and Cathy was determined to hold it together, she would not cry.

However she failed at this, as soon as she saw Archer and Robin standing proud she saw that tears were forming behind her eyes.

'Be safe' she pulled them both in to a hug.

'We will, and we will come home' Robin whispered.

She kissed them both on the cheek, 'Make sure you do'

She watched them disappear, it was just her in England now, and she was all alone.


A few months later she heard that there was to be a new sheriff in Nottingham, no one really knew who he was or that the other sheriff had relinquished his power until it was too late.

Cathy made her way to the castle, she was to attend the council of nobles in her brother's absence. She sat down.

'I hear that there is a woman who is running Locksley while her brother is absence' Sheriff Vasey mocked her when he saw her sitting in the spot where Locksley were meant to sit, 'What do you think of that Gisborne?'

Cathy gasped for breath, had he just said Gisborne, how many Gisborne's were there in the world, it had to be him.

She watched him appear from the shadows it was Guy, 'My lord it depends on whom the woman is?'

'I think a man should be in charge, Gisborne how would you like Locksley to look after it until the brother had returned'

'If you think that is wise' Guy nodded.

She had been spoken about as if she was not even in the room, Guy had not even looked at her, had Five years really changed him this much. She bolted up bubbling with anger, 'Please excuse me'

She heard as she left, 'this is why you do not leave a woman in charge' the sheriff said as she left the room she heard laughs as the door closed behind her.


Cathy was pacing the castle when she heard footsteps behind her she jumped.

'Ssssssssh, it's me' It was Guy.

'What have you come to do gloat that you have my lands, while Robin is away' Cathy spat, 'you did not even look at me when I was in the meeting'

'I was not sure it was you, you know you have grown so in five years'

'You have not changed much' Cathy replied, 'What am I going to do I have nowhere to go, now you have Locksley'

'I am not turning you out of your home Cathy' Guy replied.

'You are not, but you work for the sheriff?'

'Leave him to me, milady'

'Thank you Guy'

'It is Sir Guy now' Guy replied.

'Thank you Sir Guy' Cathy amended. Then he was gone.


Cathy waited for Guy to return, he still looked as young as he did those years ago, and he still had a glint in his eye.

He returned telling her that they must return to Locksley at once, they were needed there.

They rode back to Locksley, Guy still had a black horse some things never changed. Cathy smiled.

'What is so funny?' Guy sighed.

'Your horse' she smiled again.

'My horse?' he looked at her questionably, 'What about my Horse?'

'It is black you had a black one when I was younger, do you not remember?'

'I do' Guy nodded, 'I see that your horse is in good shape'

'A present from My brothers before they left' Cathy replied.

'I see' Guy replied.


It was strange to feel a routine when it came to life a Locksley manor with Guy being there. Cathy almost felt as if she was back in her childhood, but Guy was a changed man she was aware of this. He was harsher to the villagers, but he was never harsh to her. She was not sure why this was, but she counted her lucky stars that it was so.

'Milady' Guy smiled as he walked through the door, Cathy noted that he looked tired.

'My Lord, you are looking unwell'

'I am fine thank you' He replied coldly.

'Guy, what is it? Are you hurt?' Cathy got up.

'I am fine Cathy, stop worrying'

'Forgive me, I am just concerned' she felt tears prick her eyes, he did not look well why could he not see that he looked unwell, 'Please excuse me' she bowed and ran outside, where hot tears fell down her eyes. She was missing her brothers well that was what she was telling herself. She did not know whether they were alive.

'You miss them that is all, it has nothing to do with him' she muttered to herself.

That's what she kept repeating until Guy walked out to see if she was alright.

'Cathy, I am sorry I snapped at you'

'Guy, it is not your fault I sometimes say things out of turn, I should learn to keep my mouth shut'

He pulled her face towards him, 'You know that was what I liked about you when you were younger, you were not afraid to speak your mind'

Cathy looked deeply into his eyes, those eyes that she used to look at with awe when they were children, well when she was a child, Guy was always an adult to her.

'Thank you' she smiled, 'I really must go to sleep, goodnight Sir Guy'

'Goodnight milady' he smiled back to her. she went to her bedroom. Maybe it did have something to do with him after all.

First chapter yay, I hope you like it let me know what you think.

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