If I can take the pain away let me please…

He could feel his world crashing around him... his Cathy his darling Cathy may not be able to make it out of this scrape. She had been in his life for so long and had loved her for so long the thought of a world without her in it pierced his heart more than he would care to say. He looked to his wife whom for the first time looked scared, he knew that this would be coming after her own mother dying given birth to her then why would someone not be scared when it was you about to go through the same fate. She was lying on the bed, breathing heavily. This had been going on for hours now and the baby did not seem to be coming any quicker. He had attempted to leave the room because this sort of thing was not for a gentleman to see and he knew that but as soon as he heard his wife cry out in a pain that he wished he would never have to hear again, he was back in the room quicker than a flash. He kept telling himself, she was strong and she would fight, fight for the baby and fight for them.

Guy noted that Djaq the Saracen woman who until a few weeks ago Guy would have been killing was doing an excellent job looking after Cathy. She really knew what she was doing and Guy knew that he would be eternally grateful for that.

'Gisborne, if you insist on staying while your wife gives birth could you at least do something useful' Djaq said.

'I am sorry' Guy replied being pulled out of his contemplations.


Cathy looked to him at this point she could see that all the emotions in him were wrestling with each other and although she knew she could do nothing to stop him from feeling the need to protect her, she knew she had to do the one thing that she had promised him to do and that was fight for him and the baby. She then felt a terrific pain shoot through her body and she grabbed Guy's hand without meaning to.

'Hush my love' Guy whispered, he pulled her hand towards him wrapping his hand around hers allowing her to squeeze if she wanted to, 'I am here, I am not going anywhere'

The pain passed but they were beginning to come quicker and quicker. Cathy looked at Djaq who nodded.

'Not long now' she replied to Cathy as if to answer the question that she had in her mind or maybe it was a reply to Guy, Cathy was not sure.

'I am not going anywhere' Guy repeated.

'I love you' Cathy replied.

'And I love you… t…' his last part was disturbed when Cathy suddenly felt another wave of pain shoot for her. It was so much worse than she has experienced before she just hoped that this would mean that it would be over soon one way or another.


Guy had seen her face pale as she went through one of the last contractions to his relief he heard Djaq declare that she could see the baby's head and that Cathy needed to take a little rest and then give it one last push. Guy let her tighten her grip around his hand as the last contraction came. Then he felt Cathy go limp as she screamed the last time, he was not sure whether this was because she was tired or something was actually wrong. To his relief he could see Cathy breathing and then he heard it the cries of a new born baby. He looked over to Djaq.

'Sir Guy, I would like to introduce you to your daughter' Djaq smiled to him.

Guy watched as Cathy's eyes sprung open and she smiled. 'We have a little girl' she murmured.

The little girl began to wail.

'I think she wants her mother' Djaq smiled as she passed the baby to Cathy. 'I will leave you two along for a while'

'Hello little one' Cathy smiled down. She looked up to Guy, 'you can look at her you know, I am sorry she is not the son that she should have been'

Guy looked at her with all the passion in his eyes; he had something that he had always wanted he had a family and a woman who loved him with all his heart. He looked down at the little girl in his wife's arms and it all became too much for him. He felt his heart swell with the delight of he had been able to create something so perfect, he began to cry.

'I have upset you' Cathy replied.

'No…' He shook his head fiercely. 'I am so unbelievably happy, I told you I did not care what sex the baby was and look at her, she is beautiful and I am sure if god is to bless us with son's then she will be a handful just like her mother, I have everything I could ever wanted, you are alright and safe and we have a beautiful daughter.'

Cathy felt the tears sting her eyes. She could see all of the happiness radiating from her husband and it for once she felt as if no one existed in the world except her, Guy and the baby. She saw him lean into her and gently capture her lips.

'I love you' Guy whispered, 'never forget it' he then looked down to his daughter who began to wriggle.

'I think she wants to be held by her father' Cathy smiled. She gently passed their daughter to him.

Guy was a little scared as his daughter was placed in his arms, he was afraid he would break the little girl who had snuggled herself in his arms into his warmth, he knew this was where she belonged and for the first time maybe he felt that he was whole, he was finally seeing he was lucky he had Cathy and now a family. He looked to his wife who eyes were shutting from the exhaustion of giving birth, he smiled she was alright they were all alright. He looked out of the window as the sun began to creep through the clouds the start of a new day for all.


Djaq entered a little while later to check on Cathy, she was shocked to see Gisborne with the baby in his arms gently humming a lullaby to her. She looked Cathy over she seemed to be healing well. She left her sleeping because although Djaq had not delivered many children into the world, she knew that the mother always needed to rest after the event, her father had taught her that.

'My Lord, Cathy is probably going to be sleeping for a while her body is going to need to recover, maybe you should also get some rest it has been a long night'

Guy looked up with his daughter in his arms, 'No I am fine' he shook his head, 'I am going to stay with the little one for a while and watch my wife sleep' he smiled.

'I will make sure that the three of you are not disturbed although I think Archer is eagerly waiting to meet his niece and to see his sister'

'Later he can see them' Guy replied, 'let them both sleep for a while'

Djaq nodded and closed the door behind her.

She was met as she did by Archer who looked at her worriedly, 'Is everything alright?' he said.

'Everything mother and Baby are both sleeping and Guy has said that you can see them later, I never thought I would say this but Gisborne is not as bad as everyone thinks'

'He has done terrible things that he cannot deny but his love for my sister is something I never thought I would see' Archer smiled, 'Thank you for helping bringing my niece into the world'

'Archer you have nothing to thank me for, I am going to get some sleep also maybe you should too'

'I will thank you Djaq' he smiled again to her.


A few hours later, Cathy's eyes sprang open, she thought that she had been dreaming that she and Guy had been reunited and that she had a daughter, she attempted to sit up but the soreness of giving birth told her otherwise. She looked around the room to see Guy standing at the window with their child again in his arms. Cathy wondered if he had put her down since she had passed her to him hours ago.

'You know you will spoil her if you keep her in your arms' Cathy sighed.

Guy abruptly turned around and a smile erupted across his face, 'You are awake?'

'So it would seem' Cathy sighed.

There was a knock on the door; it did not take a genius to work out that the person on the other side was probably Allan or Archer.

'Come in' Guy said, passing the baby to Cathy.

It was Archer who poked his head around the door, 'I am sorry to disturb the both of you but I wanted to come and see how my sister is doing and how my niece is'

Cathy smiled to her brother, 'we are both fine'

'I also wanted to congratulate you Guy' Archer shook his hand, as he moved closer to his sister, 'so any names for the baby yet?'

'Well' Guy began.

'Ruby, because she is precious' Cathy smiled.

'And Louisa after your mother' Guy replied.

'What about your mother?' Cathy looked at him.

Guy shook his head, 'Your mother'

Cathy looked to her husband, the look that she saw in his face for both herself and Ruby, she wanted to cry, when had she become this lucky to have her husband and a child, she was not sure. But deep down in her mind Cathy felt a pain sharply stab her heart she knew that this happiness that she was experiencing was only temporary and that this could not last, not while they were not able to be free from each other. Soon Guy would have to go back to Nottingham and face the sheriff and he would not leave herself and Ruby here that Cathy was sure. They would never be happy until they were out of the one person in their life who was causing them all the trouble, the sheriff.

Archer, took little Ruby in his arms, 'well little Ruby Louisa Gisborne, welcome to the world, I am going to be your favourite uncle, I am uncle Archer, and no matter what Uncle Robin tells you, I will be your favourite' Archer smiled.

Cathy looked to her brother and smiled, 'so she has her uncle if she needs him?' she asked.

'Of course she does I am not going to allow her to be brought up by a Gisborne' Archer smiled, 'I am joking Guy'

'I know you are, but if you think you are going to corrupt my daughter to become a person who play with a bow and arrow you have another thing coming' Guy replied smiling.

'I think her other uncle may have something to say about that' Archer replied.

Archer placed a kiss on his sisters forehead, he was not going to leave her if she needed him all she had to do was ask, the reason was they had left her alone too long, thinking that war was for them, but it may have been for Robin but not for Archer, he missed Cathy a lot and wondered what was up with her. Never could he have imagined that when he came back that she would be fallen completely with Guy, and although he may still not completely like it, he understood the both of them and deep down he knew Guy would do anything for her and now Ruby.


Cathy looked to her husband he was holding Ruby in his arms, she was lucky to have him, they were safe at the moment.

'Guy' Cathy looked to him.

'Sweetheart what is it?' Guy looked up.

'We are going to have to go back to Nottingham are we not?' She said.

'I think my love we have to, but I do not want to'

'I Know' Cathy replied, 'Guy there is something I need to tell you'

'Cathy, you are scaring me, what is it?'

'The night at the castle when someone attacked me do you remember?'

'Of course I remember' Guy nodded.

'Well at the time I thought that it was just a guard who was drunk, but the next day the sheriff said something to me that has made me think that something was not right, I think the sheriff wants me out of the way. He has tried his upmost to try and get you and me apart. You think I am stupid'

'No sweetheart you are not stupid, I have suspected that the sheriff has been up to something and if he has done something to harm you it. It is what I have been waiting for. I will not stand for this'

'Guy, I know what you are thinking and we cannot do that' Cathy looked to him.

'I will kill him with my bear hands if I have to, he will not harm my family again'

'Guy please, We have to play this closely if he suspects you have turn against him he will harm me and you not to mention Ruby' Cathy said, 'We have to keep going as nothing has happened and then use our time to do it correctly'

'What do you suggest my love?'

Cathy explained to him what she thought they should do. Guy listened to her intently, she had a point about what she was saying and if this was going to keep his family safe he was going to do it.

'So what do you think?' she asked.

'I think that there was a reason I married you' he smiled.

'And I thought it was because you loved me' she replied.

'I do' He got up and kissed her lips.

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