"I can't believe we have to do this," Dean growled for the billionth time as he kept his thumb out next to the highway.

Sam rolled his eyes, "You're the one who lost the Impala."

"I didn't lose the Impala," Dean shot back after a wince, "She was stolen."

"Fine, stolen. Oh hey, look. Somebody's stopping."

Dean turned and saw a truck coming up to them and grinned. The truck came to a stop and they saw a young blond girl at the wheel.

"Hey, miss, can we hitch a ride?" Dean asked charmingly.

"Sure, where're ya headed?"

"Missouri state line."

"That's on my way. Hop in."

Dean smiled back at Sam and opened the door of the truck. After getting in, Dean smiled even more broadly to the driver girl.

Sam tried to get in next and the girl shook her head, "Sorry, buddy, you're gonna hafta hitch the next ride. There's only room for two."

Sam's mouth hung open as Dean closed the door and said with a wink, "See you at the state line, Sammy."