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I was so fucking sick of this gad damned room. I've been stuck in it for a day now. He wouldn't let me leave; not to piss, not to eat, not to fucking do anything. But then again, he didn't come in. I've been sitting on this infernal bed starring at that mother fucking door for the entire day. I haven't moved, besides the initial pounding against the door, screaming my voice hoarse. I didn't get a reply, I didn't really expect to.

I knew something was wrong. Phil was up to something, something really fucking bad. I was waiting for the show to start, for whatever he had planned to begin. While he had been preparing for what-the-fuck-ever, I decided that I wasn't going to sit around and fucking wait for him. That bullshit story I told him before, about being a fucking family? Yeah, that went right out the fucking window last night, when I saw his anger and fear. I woke the fuck up and I got pissed. I was leaving his sorry ass, one way or another, just as soon as that god damned, mother fucking…

The doorknob started to jiggle. I scrambled off that bed and stood right in front of the fucking door. As soon as that thing was wide enough, I gathered all the strength I could possibly possess and I push that son of a bitch into the neighboring wall, hard. The body was lighter than I thought it would be, but it made a satisfying thud went he hit his head on the plaster. Looking down, I saw that the man was also a helluva lot smaller than he should be.

"Kevin?" I whispered, kneeling down next to him. I took his head in my hands and tried to get his eyes focused onto mine. It took a while, but he finally got there. "What are you—"

His hand came up over my mouth. "Shh." He pointed down the hall and held his finger to his lips. I just stared at him. "I'm trying to help you." He rolled his eyes at me and signaled that he wanted me to help him up.

"But you're—" He shook his head, cutting me off.

"I haven't been like that in a while, faked it." He looked around the hall again and motioned for me to follow him. "I've been trying to give the cops clues, fucking slow. So then I started looking for ways to get you to leave the house. Ass whole finally left with the old bat." He shook his head again, and started up the stairs.

"But Ayva?" I whispered. I was able to match him step for step.

He stopped, turned around, and looked me dead in the eyes. "I haven't touched her since we fucking got here. That mother fucker tried making me, but I didn't fucking do it."

He placed his hand over my mouth again. "I tried to stand up to him at first, but…" He pulled up his shirt and showed me the scars and bruises. "So then I just started faking. I threw up every time after…that." He couldn't get the words out. He looked sick just thinking about it. "Doesn't matter, I already got her out. She's somewhere in the woods running as far away from this hell hole as she can get. She's safe."

He turned back around and we continued our ascent up the stairs. We stopped at the top, waited, and then continued on into the living room. I could see the trees that lined the yard through the glass from the backdoor. I could see freedom.

But then we heard footsteps on the front porch. Kevin raised his finger to his lips, handed me a knife he pulled from his waistband, and started pushing me roughly to the backdoor, to the trees. I full on ran to that door, slammed my hand down against the handle, and heard metal against wood and a small little click that froze all sound and movement in the room.

"Hey, baby." His disgusting voice filled the open space like a poisonous fog. "Look what I found out front." I wasn't looking at him, but I heard stumbling feet, a hard smack-thud, and a feminine 'oof' behind me. I turned to see Ayva laying face down on the floor, gagged. "Isn't that interesting?" He continued. "Because I would have sworn that we had one just like it in the basement." He slammed the door and started walking around her, his mother bobbing at his heels.

"And?" I asked, pushing my shoulders back and standing up as straight as I could make myself.

"You fucking whore!" He covered the distance between us with a few short strides and backhanded me across the face. The force of it sent me to my knees. He laughed. "Now, this is a sight I like to see." He turned, looking between Ayva and me. "Women in their proper place, wouldn't you agree?" He asked Kevin.

Kevin's chest was raising and falling very quickly and very heavily. He was angry. No he was beyond angry, he was murderous. He was staring directly at Phil, hands twitching toward his waistband. Faster than I could really comprehend, both men had pulled guns on each other. Phil was laughing, Kevin was not.

"So this is the thanks I get?" Phil asked. "For giving you everything here, for giving you a piece of ass to fuck every night?"

"She's my fucking sister!" Kevin shouted, jerking the gun in Phil's direction.

"And your point?" Phil said as carelessly as if they were talking about the outcome of the last baseball game.

"You're fucking sick!"

"That, boy," Phil spit the word like an insult. "Is entirely your opinion. And frankly I don't give a fuck what you think." Phil pulled the trigger at the same moment that Kevin dove behind the couch. "Tsk, Tsk, Tsk. So young, so foolish." Phil started treading around to Kevin who was scrambling on all fours to the other side, trying to hide. "I could have made you great!"

Kevin darted forward as Phil turned his gun on the spot Kevin just left. Kevin tackled into Phil's mother, his gun resting at her temple. Phil's gun was pointing directly at Kevin, his back to me. Kevin's eyes darting quickly at me and then at Ayva, and rested on Phil.

"Nothing about this is great," Kevin exclaimed. "Nothing about you is great."

I slowly moved closer to Ayva, trying to make as little noise and disturbance as possible. My eyes flicked up to the woman in Kevin's arms, she was focused solely on her son and not paying any attention to me.

"You kill and torture girls so that you can live a sick, twisted fantasy. That's not great, that's demented."

When I reached Ayva I bent down and cut loose her hands and feet and took out her gag and motioned for her to hide.

"You don't understand anything!" Phil snarled. "It's not about the girls, they don't mean shit."

I tried to make myself as small as I possibly could, trying to hide in Phil's shadow.

"Then what's it about? Huh? Working through mommy issues?" Kevin pressed the gun deeper into the old woman's head.

I was right behind him, unnoticed. I was ready.

"It's about Bella, only Bella." Phil turned to face where he thought I was at the same moment that I drove the knife into his back. But I didn't hit where I wanted to, where I need to. The knife was lodged into his side and I only managed to piss him off even more.

Phil pulled the knife out of his body and threw it at the wall behind me. I jumped, startled. Cupping his wound with one hand, he raised his gun at me with the other. A sick smeared across his face. "Now, Baby, that wasn't very nice. I thought we talked about you hurting me."

A loud gun shot rang through the small room. "Drop your gun or the next bullet goes through her temple," Kevin demanded, his voice steel.

Phil started laughing, but he turned to face Kevin, his gun still on me. "And what, boy, do you hope to accomplish by killing my mother?" He took a step toward me. "You, yourself, said that I have 'mommy issues'. What does it matter to me if another woman dies?" He took another step closer.

"I swear to God, I will," Kevin threatened, but his shaking hand was giving him away. I might have let out a small whimper as Phil got another step closer.

Leaning in to Kevin Phil whispered, "Do it," calling is bluff.

Kevin glanced at me apologetically then he pushed the woman in his arms at Phil, ducking behind the couch for cover. Phil grabbed his mother, his gun no longer pointing at me. I grabbed the knife Phil threw at me and plunged it again into his body, this time hitting him square in the back. He jerked upright, dropping his mother, and turned on me.

"You fucking bitch." He barked. With one hand pointing his gun at me, he used the other to try and reach for the knife in his back.

Kevin was ducked behind the couch with his sister, Phil's mother lay on the floor unmoving, and Phil was standing right in front of me too preoccupied to notice that I had charged him. I ducked my head to avoid the gun. My left shoulder hit him straight in the chest and we fell to the ground, the knife digging deeper into his back.

"What have you done?" Phil wheezed before passing out.

I tried standing up, but I couldn't. My entire body was hurting, my stomach was hurting. "Kevin," I tried to shout, but my voice was weak. I was having trouble catching my breath. "Kevin," I tried harder but it was only more air.

I tried crawling off of Phil's body. "Kevin." I heard sirens in the distance. "Kevin, please." I was almost off Phil.

"Bella?" His voice. But is couldn't be. "I love you." I felt his hand, his cold hand, wrap around my ankle, trying to pull me back to his dying body. "Don't go, Bella."

"Please, Kevin." I cried. Something was wrong, something with the baby. I could feel something wet between my legs.

There were more sirens. A door was banged down. There was a final gunshot blast. I blacked out.

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