This following story will probably not make a lot of sense. That's okay. It's not supposed to. My advice: You might need to be on a little bit of CRANK to understand the story. As usual, any and all comments are welcome. Enjoy...

As the winds howled around Titan Tower, the citizens of Jump City were on their way to a nice, warm home and a cup of soup to relax with as the storm clouds came rolling in. The gigantic tower just offshore, however, remained inactive, the lights from the building have been turned off some time before. The Titans were nowhere in sight, but from the look of things they were out and about being heroes.

Inside the tower, things looked as dark and foreboding as the outside. The living room, usually alive with activities ranging from video game wars to all-night horror movie marathons, sat in a dead silence that was unsettling enough to disturb even Raven - had she been there.

Suddenly, the lights shot back on in the tower, springing life back into the haunting structure. The winch and pulleys creaked as the elevator was called from the lower floor. It seemed the intrepid heroes had returned at last from a hard-fought victory. But things are not always how they seem.

As the elevator made its turn back up towards the living quarters, a phone rang out ominously in the quiet room. After a few rings, the answering machine picked up.

"Hello, this is the Teen Titans HQ," Robin's prerecorded voice said. "Sorry we couldn't be here to pick up your call in person, but if you leave a message and a number we'll get back to you as soon as we get back. Thanks."

BEEP! The internal recorder kicked in, catching all the audio from the caller. It was a strange call indeed.

"Hey guys, it's me," Beast Boy's voice said, barely audible over the howling of the wind. "Heh, looks like I let you down again. It's like all my life I've just been going, going, going. Kinda wish I'd taken more time to stop and smell the roses, so to speak. Guess it's too late for that now. You're the best friends I ever had. And by the way…Love ya, Rae."

CLICK. The line went dead. This little machine had recorded a single memento for the Titans to remember for the rest of their lives. At least for four of them…