I'm dead. Gotta be. No one lives through two injections of 'The Black Hand of Doom'. No one except Superman, maybe. Thing was, I wasn't him. Heart's slowing down. Almost…over…


I can see Raven's face as Mento gropes her body.

Thump. thump.

I see her lying on her side as I cut away her bonds.


I hear her yelling at me as my erection jabs her in the back.


I see her as she tries to tell me she loves me.


I feel her lips on mine, breaking down the barriers she had up for so long, that little smile she had when I looked back that final time…


I'm alive. Raven…I'm alive!

"ARRRRRGHHHH!" Logan's eyes sprung open as his heart pounded away in his chest.

Getting to his feet, he spun around, looking for Mento. He didn't find him. But he did find the helicopter hovering over the edge of the building, finally ready to take off.

"MOTHERFUCKER!" The Titan roared like a wild animal. His feet pounded the concrete as he charged the flying machine.

Gonna need everything for this. Can't morph into a pterodactyl if I fuck this one up. Here I come, Mento…

The Doom Patrol leader took a moment to look down at the streets below. It was a hell of a sight. Not something you'd want to see up close from that height. Raising his head, he found himself staring at a new sight – that of Logan jumping through the air at him!

"Oh…shit…" He stammered.

BAM! I hit the side of the copter with the force of a Mack truck. Mento's stunned as all hell to see me. Time we had a chat.

"Did you miss me?" Logan said, grinning evilly.

Mento's face contorted with rage. "I won't this time!" he said, aiming the gun at the Titan's head. Like a snake, the green man grabbed Mento's wrist and slammed it against the side of the helicopter. Two more successful slams followed. Finally, the gun fell from the soldier's hand.

"You and me now, asshole!" Logan yelled over the whirl of the blades.

Mento grinned. "You forget, Garfield – I'm still in the copter!" he yelled, delivering a massive kick to the Titan's face.

Logan gripped the edges of the door for dear life as the man grabbed him by the shoulders.

"You're trespassing on my flight!" Mento yelled. "I'm gonna have to ask you to leave!"

My fingers are slipping as he pushes down on me. Running out of time…

I can see Raven in my mind again, her body flawless in the summer sun. She's the reason for me to live. I feel the strength flow back into my body. My turn…

Mento stumbled back as Logan delivered a right cross with authority. Regaining his grip, the Titan leaned in, hammering away on the dazed soldier.

"You fucked with the wrong man, Mento!" he shouted in rage.

"Man?" the Doom Patrol leader said with a scoff. "You're a fucking boy!" Rearing back, he sent another kick right into Logan's chest. Without anything to grab on to, he was done for…

Suddenly, Mento slipped towards the door of the copter. Logan had a grip on his belt. As he struggled to free himself, the Titan grabbed ahold of his shirt, pulling him upright on the edge of oblivion!

"You and me, Mento!" Logan yelled. "We go…together!"

Fear gripped Mento's heart as the hero began pushing off of the skids. "Logan, don't do this!" he hollered. "No, no, no, NO-!"

With one massive kick, Logan wrenched Mento free from the helicopter, sending the two of them into a free-fall from 5000 feet! As the soldier tried to get his bearings, Logan slowly worked his hands up around the man's neck. As he closed in, he saw the fear in his mentor's eyes – the same fear he probably had seen in countless others, right before the end. Now, it was his turn.

"You tried to kill my friends!" the Titan screamed. "Now DIE!"

I felt the CRACK in my hands as I snapped his neck. I watched as his lifeless body plummeted back to Earth – the same way I was going last time I checked. This free fall, it was a hell of a thing. Nothing like it in the world…

An idea grabs me. Quickly, I pull the cell phone from my pocket. Wind Shield Tech's on, blocking out much of the passing wind as I fell back down. I dial a number I know by heart. It rings for a few, then I hear the answering machine pick up:

"Hello, this is the Teen Titans HQ. Sorry we couldn't be here to pick up your call in person, but if you leave a message and a number we'll get back to you as soon as we get back. Thanks."

I hear the BEEP. Now, I compose my final masterpiece…

"Hey guys, it's me," I say. "Heh, looks like I let you down again. It's like all my life I've just been going, going, going. Kinda wish I'd taken more time to stop and smell the roses, so to speak. Guess it's too late for that now. You're the best friends I ever had. And by the way…Love ya, Rae."

The phone falls from my hand. My guess is I have about ten seconds to impact. I close my eyes one last time. I can see Raven, reaching out for me. God, I love you, babe.

Countdown's begun. Five. Four. Three. Two. One…

The doors to the elevator opens at the tower. The disheveled heroes shuffle their way into the mess.

"Jeez, those H.I.V.E. guys really did a number on this place didn't they?" Cyborg said, looking around. "Man, it'll take me days to get those scorch marks off the walls.

As Starfire and Robin assessed the damage, Raven hurried into her room. Tossing off the jacket, she quickly donned another one of her outfits. Back under the hood, she felt better. Mento's hands roaming her had been a nightmare. Then again, if those had been Beast Boy's hands…

The girl shook her head, discarding that image form her mind. She was still somewhat peeved at that kiss he had given her. When he got back, she'd get him for it…maybe.

Returning to the living room, her eyes were soon drawn to the flashing light on the phone's answering machine.

You guys see this?" she asked.

"Yeah," Robin said. "Probably the mayor wondering where we've been all day. Just erase it."

As the Titans exited the room to get some well-deserved rest, Raven hovered her finger over the button. Chances were there was nothing good on the tape anyway. Then again…

Shaking her head, Raven sighed. No reason to worry.

Her finger came down.

CRASH! A woman let out a scream as a body slammed down onto the hood of a car in the intersection. The force was so powerful, it tossed the body back up into the air, finally coming to a rest a few feet away. Blood slowly leaked from the ears and mouth as the crowd recoiled in horror at the sight of the little green man. It wasn't every day someone fell from the sky. Then again, this day had been a weird one for Jump City.

Raven sat cross-legged on the edge of her bed. Her shoulders heaved as tears fell from her eyes. Her door was locked. She didn't want the others to hear her, to see her suffer.

Sitting before her was a small tape player. For what seemed like the millionth time, she rewound the tape and hit 'PLAY'. For the millionth time, Beast Boy's words emanated from the machine. This was his last message to them, the one she had chosen to listen to rather than follow Robin's suggestion. The words were all too clear. Mento was dead. Blood was dead. Beast Boy…was dead.

Wrapping her arms around her pillow, the Goth girl continued to cry as the tape rewound for the millionth and first time. The Titans would know soon enough. Tonight, however, she would dream of the man called Logan…the man she loved.

Logan's body sat motionless on the asphalt, his eyes locked open from the moment of impact. The sirens were whirring in the distance, echoing off the walls of the city's buildings. He had done the impossible: He had saved the Titans and eliminated both Brother Blood and his corrupt mentor. The city, and his friends, could breathe a sigh of relief, and venture out into the daylight once more without fear. One final mission…complete.



A nostril flared. An eye blinked.