Title(s): One Day...
Pairing: RrB/PpG
Rating: PG-13 for language.
Parts: One of Three
Disclaimer: Nothing is mine nor has been, ever.
Summary: A day in the life of... um. Well.
Notes: Throwing a bunch of old stuff from the past couple of years on . For JojoDancer's, dee lirious', and TheNotebookUndertheBed's birthdays, back in 2008. Un-beta'd.

One Day

One Day, Blossom Fancies Herself a Cat.

"What are you doing." Brick narrowed his eyes at his brothers and the familiar teenage girl curled up at their feet.

Boomer looked up, eyes wide. "Dude! A cat got into the house!"

Brick stared at a bleary-eyed Blossom, who yawned and blinked at him.

He looked back at his brothers. "You two better be shitting me."

"Hel-lo?" Butch grabbed her under the arms and lifted her up, holding her out to Brick. She hissed her discontent and started to wriggle in his grip. "Cat." He dropped her to the floor, where she landed with the most graceful thump she could muster. "In the house." Butch furrowed his brow as Blossom skittered to the couch and gave him one last dirty look before licking her wrist and rubbing it against her head.

A very baffled Brick directed his gaze from her to his brothers. "You're not shitting me. You actually… you actually see a cat."

"We were gonna toss her out, but she put up a fuck of a fight," Butch said, pulling down his collar to expose the side of his neck. Brick could see some distinct, nasty looking scratches.

He considered asking how the hell she managed to scratch him when she had nail-less mitts for hands, but they were obviously seeing something completely different. Something that definitely wasn't Blossom leaping to the top of the couch and stretching herself out as she carefully watched Brick.

Maybe he just wasn't fully awake yet.

"Whatever," he said, shaking his head and starting for her. "In any case, there's no Goddamn way she's staying in the house—"

Blossom sat up suddenly, the bow on her head seeming to twitch—as if they were ears—and her gaze was bright and alert as Brick came up to her, his own eyes grim and set.

He made to grab her by what would have been the scruff of her neck, but she snaked out of the way, instead putting a mitt on his head and gently pushing. The weight of her threw him, and he took a step back to regain his balance. She dove suddenly for the space under his neck that had just opened up and… nuzzled him.

He froze. She started purring.

His brothers were awed. "Whoa, dude," Boomer said. "She loves you."

There was a sudden blast of red, and then Brick was at the door to his room, glaring daggers at the cat/girl who had ducked behind his brothers' legs in an effort to dodge the blow. She peered at him curiously, unperturbed.

"Raow?" she queried, cocking her head.

"Get her out of here," he snapped, before slamming the door.

His brothers looked at each other. "Huh," Butch shrugged. Blossom padded softly toward Brick's door and dolefully sat in front of it, her bow-ears twitching. "Guess he's not a cat person."