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Last time, on AoW (Esme POV)

"So tell me, Bella. Did the multi-orgasmic fingers and magical tongue get passed down from my husband to Edward?"

When she choked a little anyway, I just smiled and continued on.

"Don't be shy, dear. I'm his mother, but I'm not blind. I'd be shocked if you could keep your hands off of him. And he practically salivates when you're in his presence, so I doubt he's keeping his hands off of you."

Her cheeks were the color of a pomegranate; she was more flustered than I had thought.

"Either you're mortified by the question or you're blushing deeply at the memory of my son making you come."

Pomegranate turned to raspberry.

"So, which one is it, dear?"

I patted her hand comfortingly, and laughed when she squeaked out her answer.




I'd taken to wearing skirts. It was a warm spring in Forks and, I hated to admit when Rose was right, but they made sneaking off with Edward much easier. And when I say "sneaking off", I mean cutting class regularly and hiking to a private little spot in the woods behind the school.

Far past the little cove where all the stoners got high, and way out of the way of blow job rock, was a tiny, unshaded clearing nestled in a natural circle of shoulder-high boulders. An old, fallen tree lay rotting and mossy nearby, part of it and the boulders staying warm and dry inside the small radius of sun that shone through.

We'd been more than a few times since things started getting intense, since Edward started treating my hoo-ha like the Bellagio buffet and his mother wore pearls and served coffee while talking about the family jewels. I wasn't complaining, exactly. While other high school girls suffered through fumbling makeout sessions that were, in all likelihood, anticlimactic, Edward's lithe fingers and deft tongue gave me more big Os than a dozen Tim Hortons.

But, there was another important difference between my classmates and me—their sweaty-palmed boys were begging for more. I, meanwhile, had managed to fall in love with the only 17-year-old boy in the history of the world who was putting on the brakes.

It consumed my every thought. Time apart from Edward was spent not studying for my SATs, but silently bargaining with the gods of getting some to please, just let me touch his cock. Don't laugh. Just because I haven't really seen it yet doesn't mean I don't know what it can do. If it has even half the talent of his other parts, selling my virgin soul to have at it will have been a fair price.

But, my prayers hadn't been answered and even practical advice wasn't getting me far. I'd tried reverse psychology, like Esme had said. It turned out Edward wasn't as smart as he looked. My brilliant, thick-headed boyfriend had taken to letting me closer to the goods, but at this rate we'd be in college before I got a good look.

Maybe I shouldn't complain.

After all, he had been letting me touch it more. Over the weekend he'd let me unzip his pants and fondle him through his underwear while he ate me out. But, instead of mollifying me, it only prompted me to want more, more of those primal sounds he made, more of him pulsing in my hand. When he'd warned that he was going to come, I'd snuck my hand past his waistband for the last couple of strokes. Edward's dick was hot, silky heaven.

God, I'm such a horny bitch, I thought as a shifted a little in my seat, letting my eyes fall upon Edward's studying form. His left pointer finger held a spot on the page in his math book while he worked a problem in his notebook with his right. A wave of heat (the angry kind) crashed over me. How could Edward focus on Calculus when every other 17-year old boy (and half the girls in the room) were surely thinking about sex?


And, I had had enough, I realized. Waited long enough. Been understanding enough as I let Edward set the pace. Now, the time had come. It's not like I wanted to drown his puppy, for fuck's sake! I just wanted to make him feel good. As good as he made me feel. Maybe even better.



Library instead of lunch.

I took a break from studying Calculus problems to surreptitiously read Bella's text. We weren't supposed to be texting in study hall, but it was one of many rules that Bella and I ignored. We'd started the semester sitting next to each other, but the teacher had had to "separate" us for disrupting thing. So, we texted instead of taking. Even sexted on occasion. It made me wonder sometimes, how teenagers flirted with one another in school before the advent of smartphones.

Not hungry?

I'd kind of been hoping that, for lunch, we'd head out to that place in the woods. We'd had some epic makeout sessions these past couple of weeks.

Our "study date" after school? We're not gonna study :)

I tried to look outwardly normal as, inwardly, I surrendered to what had gone from a hopeful to a justified boner. At least I had another 20 minutes of class before I needed it to go away.

Fuck, I thought, already imagining what might happen after school. After the last little talk with my dad, which had ended with some pointers on technique, I felt much closer to letting Bella have her way. I'd been working on my stamina and felt closer than ever to being able to take the next step without completely embarrassing myself. Did Bella want it to happen today?

Lunch dragged on, but at least we knocked out most of the project we were supposed to be working on after school. But, in Bio, I couldn't help but notice Bella looked a little distracted. Her eyes were forward, but her face was flushed and she had a strange little smile on her face. So I wrote a new note on the corner of my paper and slid it her way.

Care to share with the class?

After she read it, I looked at her meaningfully and raised a knowing eyebrow. But instead of grabbing the notepad and sharing her thoughts, which Bella always did when I asked, she shrugged (rather coyly, I thought), blushing ever so slightly as she trained her eyes back toward the front of the class.

Bella, what are you thinking about? I wrote back urgently.

I had sprung wood yet again by the time I passed her this second note. She kept her attention upon the paper for a torturous minute, before revealing the truth with her eyes. The look she gave me started out sexy guilty dangerous, then turned predatory, almost fierce.

By then I wasn't even pretending to pay attention to the lecture, rapt instead by her eyes traveling slowly down my jaw, then across length of my fingers, before falling to my lap. And, when she bit her lip then it wasn't shy, or cute or nervous.

Her gaze lingered, and I was frozen, breathless to her every move. In that moment I felt that I'd do anything she asked, right there in Bio, in front of everyone. But she didn't ask me to. She just stared at my cock for way longer than was appropriate before putting pen to paper and writing back a note of her own.

I think we both know the answer to that.

It was possible that I actually moaned at some point during the reading of that note. I was too worked up to seriously wonder whether I actually did, and check whether anybody noticed.

Quietly, I took Bella's left hand, which was resting on her thigh, and covered it with mine. Ever so slowly, so as not to be discovered, I slid it on top of my erection. It's not that I wanted my girlfriend to fondle me in Bio—rather, I had to teach her a lesson about what a note display that could do to a guy. I had zero hope of going about the rest of my day without a conspicuous boner.

"You're in so much trouble," I leaned into her ear and delivered a low growl that only she could hear.

The little vixen's response was to give my cock a squeeze. I myself did more than squeeze it in an out of the way bathroom right after class. I more than squeezed it again when I took another bathroom break eighth period to rub one out.

The after school study session was at my place. They were pretty liberal to begin with when it came to having Bella in my room, but it didn't matter today anyway—they were both working late.

"You're in so much trouble," I repeated when we finally reached my bedroom, divesting her of her book bag as I silently vowed to kiss the sly little smile from her face. I didn't back up an inch, my tall frame towering over her as I made to walk her backward toward the bed. Verbal foreplay was one thing, but doing what she'd done and me not being able to do anything about it for four fucking hours was another. She needed to see what that kind of thing could do to a man.

"Not so fast," she feinted, poking her finger in my chest just as she ducked her head to dodge what was going to be a serious kiss. "You're absolutely sure your parents won't come home?"

"Positive," I murmured, ducking my head towards her once again. This time her whole palm firmly pushed my chest, keeping me at bay.

I tried not to groan as I took a step back.

Please don't change your mind, please don't change your mind, I pray-chanted in my head.

"Good," she said, a wicked smile forming on her face. "Then you can be as loud as you want when I make you come."

Shit—we were really going to do this! I think I might have swooned. In a manly way, of course. I heard metal against metal, the clanging of my belt as Bella unfastened my pants jolting me back to the present. I clenched my fists to keep from reaching out, stopping her hands, doing as I had done so many times before. I thought of my father, told myself to man up, and jumped into the abyss.

It was dreamlike, allowing her to turn us around, sit me on the bed, take off my pants. It was every fantasy come true, watching her sink to her knees before me, seeing her flip her hair to the side, feeling her breath tickle my skin before her tongue peeked out.


My fists dug in to clench my bed sheets. My voice didn't sound like my own. I absolutely could not watch this if I wanted to maintain control.

I squeezed my eyes shut and my head fell back. Her hands were so small. Her touch, so light and unsure. Still, it was three times as good as mine. Her tongue was so warm, its fascinating texture scintillating my hyper-sensitive flesh. And when her tentative fingers slid down to fondle my balls, I discovered the meaning of ecstasy. I also discovered that I was capable of making a noise that sounded like a wounded mountain lion.

"Shit, did I do something wrong?"

It wasn't so much Bella's voice that permeated my haze as it was the cool air that hit the head of my cock when her lips left their rightful home. I wanted to wrap my fingers around the back of her head and shove my dick even deeper into her hot little mouth. If I'd been thinking clearly, I'd be a bit scared of myself. This was making me rather…feral.

"Fuck no, don't stop," I pleaded instead, stopping just short of begging a pretty please with sugar on top. I needed her mouth back on me right the fuck now. I hoped I sounded convincing, but just in case, I looked down to throw her a reassuring look.

Wow, I shouldn't have done that, I thought absently, taking in dark lashes against flushed cheeks, the matching pink of her swollen lips. Watching her mouth descend upon me a second time, more firmly, more confidently, completely did me in. I couldn't warn her. There was no time. I came spectacularly, right in Bella's mouth.



In the two weeks since he'd started letting me near little Edward, my control freak boyfriend had become quite the little whore. He could barely keep his pants on. Every time we were alone, his eyes lit up with hope that I might give a repeat performance of that first time in his room.

I'd more than thrice obliged him, suddenly understanding both sides—especially why he kept wanting to do it to me. Once I got past that first brackish mouthful of "Essence of Edward," I started tasting something different when I had him in my mouth: I discovered the taste of power, and I rather liked the finish.

It excited and awed me all at the same time—witnessing his pleasure was unbearably sexy. His voice, the way his hands threaded in my hair, and even the raggedness of his breath got me as hot (if not hotter) than the most intimate touches. Seeing how vulnerable he was in these moments, and the moments after, filled me with gratitude and wonder. I finally knew what all the hype was, finally understood how people got too caught up in the moment to remember condoms, understood how people had affairs and one night stands. Some moments, some connections, between two people took on a life of their own. I finally understood how "one thing could lead to another."

And speaking of that one thing and that 'nother…I could sense us getting close. Now that Edward was no longer shy of me touching him, our makeout sessions were getting pretty heavy. We were two kids in love whose parents spent an extraordinary time away from home. It was only a matter of time.


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