Yay a one-shot! I seriously don't know why I'm doing this, but maybe to make up for the long delayed chapter for my other story? I really, really wanted to write this so here you go! (Sorry if it's a bit off topic at first, I'm just introducing you to all the characters).

Kori Anders walked down the bustling corridors of Jump City High, aiming to reach her locker. Once she did, which was quite a feat considering the amount of people she had walked through, she opened it and started swapping her books for her next class. As she was doing this however, a single voice startled her.

"Boo," In shock Kori screamed and her books accidentally went flying in the air. She was given glances from other people as she hastily picked up her books.

"I didn't think you'd jump," said a low, smooth voice.

"Richard, I told you to stop doing that!" Kori said sighing after she had picked up her books.

"Oh sorry, I forgot," Richard smirked. Kori sighed and shut her locker door until she realised…

"Where's my Spanish Text Book?" she gasped.

"Here, let The Amazing Richard find it for you….Abracadabra!" Richard pulled Kori's wanted Spanish Text Book from behind his back. Kori raised an eyebrow.

"Thanks," she said. Just then a girl with short purple hair and dark clothes came up to her.

"Hey Kori," the girl said.

"Hey Rachel," Kori greeted.

"What about me?" Richard whined playfully.

"Hi Richard," Rachel added.

"So Rachel, what brings you here? You do not have Spanish next,"

"Victor told me to tell you to meet him at the school car park after school," Rachel explained monotonously.

"What, just Kori?"

"No, me, Kori, you, Gar and himself," Rachel said.

"What about the Karen? And the others?" Kori asked.

"He just told us," Rachel said simply. "I've got go for Math, bye." And Rachel rushed off.

"We better go to Spanish then," Kori said. "And you have to get your books."

"Oh that reminds me…I kinda forgot my Spanish books," Richard said sheepishly.

"Again? Ok, you can share with me," Kori said smiling, already predicting what Richard was going to ask. "What else is new?"

"Thanks…hey!" Richard said. Kori giggled and rushed off to class. Her giggle is so cute…wait! Why do I keep doing this? And her emerald eyes- Richard stop! You shouldn't keep dreaming about Kori! It's not like I have a crush on her…or do I? Richard thought to himself.

** ** ** ** **

Kori and Richard reached their Spanish class in plenty of time. They sat down next to each other as this was their seats, what other reason would they sit next to each other? Gar who was apparently also their friend, sat near them.

"Oh dudes, Vic told me to tell you to meet him at the school car park," Gar informed a little too late.

"Don't worry, Rachel already told us," Richard said.

"She did? Aww man, how come she always gets to do things quicker than I do?" Gar complained. Before Kori could answer his question, a horrible, dreaded screech started hollering through the classroom.

"Richie-poo!" the voice screeched in a manically happy way. Richard groaned as well as Kori and Gar sighed. (A/N I always wanted to write a stupid Kitten's and Richard's fight, dunno why).

"Here she comes," he muttered.

"Richie-poo, Richie-poo! When shall we go on our date tonight? I was thinking we should go to a romantic Italian re-," the screech, manically happy voice was interrupted.

"Kitten for the last time, I don't and never will go out with you!" Richard said.

"Oh Richie-poo, you shouldn't keep lying to me! You told me yourself you wanted to go out with me!" Kitten said.

"I didn't! I hate you and I never said I wanted to go out with you!" Richard half-yelled. The class didn't take notice of this argument because it happened almost every day.

"Oh Richie-poo you know you don't mean that! Now, the prom is coming up and I was wondering…"

"Kitten…I will not go with you to the prom!" Richard said again, very annoyed.

"Why not Richie-poo? I am smart, pretty and gorgeous!" Kitten boasted. Gar put his hand over his mouth to stop himself laughing his head off. Richard couldn't hold back a smirk and Kori attempted to hold back her laughter too.

"See Richie-poo? You believe me!" Kitten gasped happily. She threw her arms around his neck which made Kori's anger and jealousy rise. She didn't know why she always did this when Kitten ever got close to Richard...maybe she wanted to do that herself? But Kori always denied she that and she had a crush on Richard but everyone else knew that Kori's crush on Richard and Richard crushing on her back was written in diamond. (Oh yeah, diamond is way harder than stone! *sticks tongue out*)

"No I don't! I can't go with you!" Richard shouted.

"Why not? Not like you're going with someone else," Kitten scoffed.

"Yes I'm going with Kori!" Richard suddenly babbled immediately regretting what he had just said.


Kori gasped, Gar gasped, in fact everyone gasped.

"You WHAT?!" Kitten screeched even louder and more painfully than before. "You're going with that b-,"

"Don't you dare say anything mean about Kori!" Richard shouted infuriated. Kori couldn't help feeling that Richard was her Knight in Shining armour. Kitten huffed.

"Fine! Have it your way Richie-poo!" and she stormed off. Richard sat down amused with what he just did but when he faced Kori…

"I'm you're date to the prom?" Kori questioned.

"I…err…" Richard stammered.

"Or was that just a cover-up?" Kori said, feeling hurt. Maybe Richard didn't want to go to the prom with her after all.

"No no! I mean…um…Wou-Would y-y-you go to the p-p-rom with m-m-m-m-m,"

"Just add the 'e' dude and get on with it!" Gar interrupted.

"Me?" Richard added.

"I'd love to!" Kori squealed, trying not to sound so eager which unfortunately wasn't working.

** ** ** ** **

Finally lunch arrived to the pleasure of the students at Jump City High. After a long trail of boring lessons, a break was exactly what they needed. Kori was eating the school lunches which in fact wasn't as bad as they said. Does pepperoni pizza, sweetcorn and a fudge sundae sound bad for you? Kori arrived at their table or Her's, Richard's, Gar's, Rachel's, Victor's, Karen's, Jenny's, Wally's, Roy's and Garth's table and expanding. Well, sometimes new people were added to their large circle of friends but only sometimes and they were usually brought in by Kori as she was the friendliest. At the moment there were only Vic, Gar, Rachel, Richard and Karen on the table.

"Hello," Kori greeted her friends as she sat down.

"Hey Kori, I heard Richard was your date for the prom?" Karen said.

"How did you know that?" Kori asked, surprised.

"Well…while you were in the girl's toilets you kept singing 'Richard's taking me to the prom, Richard's taking me to the prom!'" Karen explained. Kori blushed furiously and had the urge to disappear off the face of the world that very moment.

"And I saw a lot of girls glaring at you in English," Rachel said.

"Kori…is that true? About you singing?" Richard asked, trying not to sound hopeful.

"Yes but…I was just happy that I actually got a date for the dance," Kori lied.

"Are you kidding me Kori? What about those twins from 7th Grade? They were love struck with you!" Gar exclaimed.

"And ten math geeks asked you, four jocks, three game geeks and one normal guy," Vic counted.

"Oh so you've been keeping count on how many guys asked Kori for the prom Mr. Big Brother?" Rachel said sarcastically. Well not sarcastically when it's true because Victor acted as Kori's big brother whenever someone hassled her or random guys asked her out.

"Err…yeah I have," Vic said sheepishly. Kori smiled.

"I am glad you like being the big brother I never had," Kori said.

"So Gar who are you taking to the prom?" asked Richard. Gar shrugged.
"I dunno," he mumbled.

"Why don't you take Rachel?" asked Karen. "We all know you have a crush on her."

Rachel and Gar turned red.

"I do not!" Gar protested helplessly.

"Yes you do Gar," Richard said.

"I don't want to go to the prom anyway," Rachel muttered.

"Rachel, you must not miss the prom! You might have fun, you know!" Kori insisted. She was always making Rachel go places so she might have more 'fun'.

"No it won't, all you do is dance, sip punch and watch other people make-out," Rachel said monotonously.

"Which is all fun…well apart from 'watching people make-out' part,"


"Please Rachel? You would be having a great time with your beloved!"

"No and I don't have a beloved,"

"What about Gar?" asked Vic pointing at the green-haired boy. Yes, he had dyed his hair green because that was his favourite colour. You got a problem with that?

"He is so not my beloved, no offence Gar," Rachel commented.

"None taken," responded Gar through a mouthful of his tofu which was his favourite food. After a while of talking, the bell rang for the classes starting and Kori set off for her next class along with Richard because their lockers were next to each other. While Kori was at her locker sorting out her books a deep voice started talking to her.

"Hey Cutie," said the voice. Kori turned around to face Xavier who was always trying to seduce her to go out with him because he himself was very handsome and always had girls drooling all over him but not Kori and her friends. Or in other words people who had IQ over thirty.

"Hey Xavier," Kori mumbled and shut her locker forcefully. Behind her was a fuming Richard who positively (or negatively) hated Xavier's guts, mostly because he kept hitting on Kori, which made him very jealous for some reason.

"So the Prom's coming up and I was wondering if you wanted to go to the prom with me cutie 'cos all the other girls aren't as cute and clever as you," Xavier asked.

"No thanks I already have a date," Kori declined. Richard started smirking at Xavier's shocked expression.

"Who's the lucky boy then?" Xavier said, still attempting to seduce Kori.

"Richard," Kori declared happily and tucked her arm in Richard's which made him a very happy boy. "Now if you don't mind, me and Richard want to go to our next class without being rudely interrupted by you again." And she and Richard went off, leaving a gobsmacked Xavier behind.

** ** ** ** **

After school ended, students started rushing out the school happy that the boring classes were over. Richard, Kori, Rachel, Gar and Vic all met at the car park, by the asking of Vic. They all met by his 4X4 which Gar said some time ago, 4x4s were bad for the environment.

"So Vic, what is it you want to tell us?" asked Kori.

"Yeah dude, I've being dying to know!" Gar exclaimed. Rachel nodded.

"I've been a little curious to,"

"So have I," Richard agreed. "But why didn't you tell anyone else to come?"

"Well y'all," Vic started while opening his car's trunk or boot or whatever Americans call it. "My invention can only fit five people."

"Invention?!" the others chorused.

"Aw dude, I thought you bought new game station game!" Gar complained.

"Gar, this is way better than a puny game!" Vic commented. He reached in and took out a large metal tall machine. It was quite wide and a little long but it looked like if Vic went in it would fill the space up with his large muscles.

"Whoa," Richard said surprised. "I didn't know you liked inventing."

"I didn't make all of this, my dad made this at Star labs and I helped," Vic explained.

"Do you think we'll all fit in there?" asked Kori uncertainly. "If we are going?"

"Yes, but it might be a bit uncomfortable," Vic said.

"A bit?" Rachel said.

"Dude, so what does it do anyway?" Gar asked.

"It takes you to other dimensions!" Vic said proudly.

"Wow, really? I always wanted to go to a dimension with bunnies and sugar and rainbows and ponies," Rachel said sarcastically.

"Rachel you won't be joking when you can see what this baby can do!" Vic exclaimed. "Now hop in!" The other four looked at each other, thinking if they should or not. Kori went in then Richard, then Gar and then Rachel, even though she hated tight spaces. At first it was okay, but when Gar and Rachel came in, air seemed to disappear. Kori, Richard, Gar and Rachel started blushing when they realised how their bodies were pressed together…'nuff said. After hitting a few buttons Vic entered and then the real problem started.

"Ow dude, get your elbow out of my eye!" Gar complained.

"Who is touching me in the wrong places?"

"I think I'm going to be a whole lot thinner when I come out," Kori gasped as she started losing air. She felt so uncomfortable being squished against other people but what made matters worse was that she was being squished against her crush's well defined body. Well technically it didn't make matters worse but…

"Are you sure this is going to fit all of us?" Rachel asked muffled.

"Sure I'm sure," Vic said calmly. The machine started whirring loudly and suddenly the congested feeling disappeared as air came between the five friends. They felt dizzy as they spun round and round. Sickness overwhelmed them immensely as dizziness. Finally what it seemed like an eternity, they touched the ground. After all that they found out that…they were still in Jump City! They were outside the well known pizza place which they often ate at. All the buildings were the same as their old town!

"Did it work?" asked Gar.

"Doesn't seem like it," Richard said. Suddenly someone flew past them which made everyone's hair follow the breeze left behind. They turned to look at the person until Vic dragged them the four off and behind a trash can.

"We can't let anyone see us!" Vic whispered.

"Why not?" asked Kori.

"You know why if they saw us reality would be gone and stuff," Vic said.


"Who was that kid anyway?" Gar peeked out behind the large trash can. "Hey dudes, look! It's that weird computer kid from school! You know, from that group!" Everyone looked at the person who Gar was talking about. He was 3 feet tall and he had no hair. Everyone called him Gizmo because he was great with Gizmos but used his talent for bad purposes. The five were quite surprised to see he was wearing this weird green suit with all these gadgets and stuff. But he was still recognizable as the kid from their school.

"What's he doing here?" asked Gar. "He didn't build a dimension go-er thingie too, did

he?" Vic shook his head.

"No, probably not," they continued looking to find that the big bully kid from school was there too which they called mammoth for his great strength. And another kid whom they just recognized but it was hard because of the large eye covering his face. He seemed to see everything without being there which shocked lots of students at Jump City High. They noticed the 'Billy' kid who seemed to be at a couple of places at once at school. And the silent goth kid. And they were all wearing weird costumes.

"Are they fighting someone?" asked Kori.

"Probably," Richard said. Suddenly a green flash hit Mammoth which sent him flying.

"What was that?" Rachel asked. Then a black sort of power which seemed to be telekinesis lifted up the 'eye' kid or 'Seemore' kid and threw him off. Straight after that, a blue ray thing hit Gizmo while a quick green animal seemed to throw Billy off guard. Lastly, a foot whose owner could not be seen, hit the silent goth kid which sent him to the ground.

"Oh dudes, they lost to the bad guys!" Gar complained.

"I think they are the bad guys," Rachel said.

"What makes you think that?" asked Gar.

"Because they were attempting to steal from a jewelry store,"

"That was quite interesting," Kori commented.

"Maybe," Richard shrugged. "Vic, how do we get back? This isn't much fun especially since we can't let anyone see us."

"I've got this," Vic showed them a little remote with a red button on it. "It would take us back, but for now let's explore this dimension."

"In other words let's explore our home," Richard joked. The five started tip-toeing out with the exception of Rachel who was just walking low. Richard, Kori, Gar, Rachel and Vic walked across the road while looking both ways but when they looked left…

They saw themselves! They practically jumped out of their skins.

Five teenagers which seemed to be the same age as the five friends looked back at them, gobsmacked. Shocked. Surprised. Amazed. They seemed to be a mirror image of them expect their clothes were different. Opposite Kori was another girl who had the same red, ruby hair, emerald eyes, model like figure, sweet innocent face. But her clothes consisted of long purple boots with a short purple skirt. She was wearing a tank top which showed a lot of her tummy and a neckplate. She wore metal arm gauntlets and a metal arm band was on her left arm. Beside Kori was Richard who stared at his double. Everything was the same but his other double had a mask covering his eyes and a weird traffic like spandex suit with an 'R' on the right side of his chest. He wore green tights and a tight red top and green gloves. Heavy metal boots were on his feet and Richard was amazed he didn't look…gay. Vic was opposite some sort of high-tech Cyborg with all this machinery Vic's father loved playing with. The main colour theme was blue and silver. Gar's twin was also wearing spandex but it was mostly black apart from a large pink stripe down the middle and Velcro shoes with silver gloves. Rachel faced a petite figure which was exactly the same as hers apart from a large blue cloak and she was wearing a black leotard with some loose belt. A red gemstone was on the middle of her forehead.


I mean who the heck are these people? Aliens?! Half-demons?! Part robots?! Changelings?! Humans?! Probably not!

"Who are you?"

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