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"Gar's acting a little... well, depressed today."

"Funny of you to notice," remarked Jenn, who followed Rachel's gaze upon aforementioned boy. He indeed was looking glum with his backpack sagging to the floor as his shoulders lacked the strength to hold it up. Rachel found this sight disturbing and almost saddening, considering Gar was supposed to be the joker of their large friendship group but now seemed to be in a state of emotional disrepair.

"I've got a horrid feeling that it's linked with the Teen Titans episode last night," Rachel said. When Gar suddenly glanced in her direction she averted her eyes so it appeared she had not been looking at him. Gar, not being an idiot, knew Rachel and Jenn were discussing his sudden personality change but decided not to approach them. Another thing that was unusual.

"I didn't watch it," Jenn said nonchalantly, taking her required books out of her locker. Rachel glanced at her sharply.

"You know we're all meant to be gathering things on the Teen Titans? We have a meeting this Saturday about gathering our clues about the show."

"Wally said he'd cover for me," Jenn shrugged. She then stopped what she was doing and her eyes bulged out. Realising her mistake, she continued: "Probably shouldn't've told you that."

"I won't say anything," Rachel promised. She understood Jenn didn't enjoy being portrayed as the villain in the show, and therefore held an immediate disliking for it.

"I'm going to talk to Gar," Rachel decided. Without attracting unwanted attention, she walked over to Gar.

"Hey," she said softly.

"Hey, nice to see you." Gar replied, his words out of character.

"I know why you're upset." Rachel said. Gar froze. He interrupted her before she could continue.

"I can't help it, all right? That episode... it just brought up bad memories." Gar shook his head. "I know I should forget about Terra, especially since I'm with you..."

"It's okay. I understand. You really liked her," Rachel said. She felt a little ache in her heart as she thought of the possibility that she was Gar's rebound girl. But he denied any of her assumptions.

"I like you more." Gar said, giving her a smile. He then frowned a little. "They could at least changed her name though..."

"I guess that's another reason to try and find out who's behind Teen Titans," Rachel said. The bell rang for the beginning of class and with a little hesitation; Rachel placed a chaste kiss on Gar's cheek before practically running down the hall to hide her blush.

She didn't get to see his lovestruck expression.

"Is it just me who thinks Kori and Richard should just start banging?" remarked Roy Harper as he observed said couple's flirting from a safe distance.

"Yes. It's just you." said Karen, disgusted. "They haven't even started going out yet."

"That's probably Richard's fault," chipped in Wally, who appeared at their side. "He needs to grow a pair and ask her out. Before someone else does!"

"Like who?" asked Karen.

"Xavier. He totally fancies Kori."

"Xavier fancies everyone."

"... that's probably true." Wally admitted before reaching into his pocket and biting into an apple. Neither of the two commented on the randomness of his action because it was pretty much expected of him.

"Hey, guys!" Two figures shorter than them approached them who went by the names Kole and Jericho. They exchanged greetings before Kole quickly went onto the topic of Operation Teen Titans: Who's behind it?! This was their name for their current 'mission', created by the courtesy of Gar and Wally. Kole was hugely interested by this and considering she was lucky enough to be shown in an episode yet, this was very odd.

"Have you been writing down notes about the Teen Titans episodes?"

"Of course! I have all the time in the world to be watching some crappy show while I make notes about which unlucky person gets to be in and get some stupid fame." Roy said sarcastically. Kole glared at him and then chose to ignore what he said.

"Don't mind him, he's just upset he hasn't appeared on it very much," Karen smirked while Roy immediately protested that that wasn't the case. Wally insisted that he had tried to make some sort of notation on the odd appearances of the show but was momentarily distracted by his homework.

"Homework." Kole and Karen stared at him blankly. Even Jericho was raising his eyebrows at Wally.

"Yeah! I got some hard-ass history assignment the other day and I needed to get started on it," Wally insisted. Before Kole and Karen could challenge him further, Kori and Richard approached them both of whom had a blush on their face. Tactfully, everyone chose to not mention it; honestly, they were so used to it that it got tiresome bringing up how they fancied each other.

"So, you all can make it to my house tomorrow at eleven? Alfred promised to make us all lunch."

"All of us? What all..." Roy counted, "thirteen of us?"

"He's not the only one who cooks," Richard explained.

"Ohhhhh, I see," Wally and Roy said, exaggerating their understanding. "So you're the other cook, right?"

"What?! No!" Richard denied.

"Aww, Dickie, I didn't realise you were such a great cook! Was it you who sent Kori those heart shaped cookies last year?" Everyone cracked up with laughter at the memory of Kori receiving heart-shaped, yet tasty, cookies from an anonymous person who everyone in their friendship group (apart from Kori herself) assumed it had been Richard. While he fumed under their teasing, Kori stealthily slipped away as she felt embarrassed about being hopeful that it had been Richard who had sent those cookies.

The last thing she saw before the bell rang to signal afternoon classes was Richard whacking Roy and Wally over the head with his science textbook.

It was Saturday and by quarter past eleven, all thirteen friends had comfortably seated themselves around a long, rectangular table. Most of them had ample notes around them about the show, but were mindful much of it was the same as they all observed the same things.

The main focus of that meeting had been on Richard, Kori, Vic, Rachel and Gar as they were the first five to appear on it, and seemed to be the most prominent characters. Of course, Garth and Jenn (along with other people in their school, but weren't their friends) had appeared too but they had less screen time and therefore, less attention from their high school peers.

They named the disturbing similarities.

"They had my sister on the show too," Kori said. "She wasn't very happy about it, especially since she was portrayed as the villain. She doesn't go to the school anymore, of course, so I don't believe she has got much attention."

"Terra was on it too... the show made her do things parallel what she did to me in real life..." Gar trailed off and stared at the floor. Tactfully, no one mentioned the single tear that dropped from Gar's eye and no one teased when Rachel placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder.

"Fortunately, there hasn't been that many similarities between our lives and our err... equivalents on the show yet." Richard said, 'our' meaning Rachel, Vic and himself.

"Except that Cyborg's into electronics and machines like me and Robin's bossy like you, Dick," Vic smirked.

"I'm not bossy!" Richard yelled.

"Oh, you forgot the unspoken unattraction between Robin and Starfire!" someone said, but it was difficult to tell who because Richard was already telling them to shut up and was turning puce with embarrassment. Kori wasn't far from that colour either.

"And what about Kitten? She went mad over you after that episode when Robin had to go on a date with her-"

"FINE. There are loads of similarities, OK?!" Richard fumed in the corner. He hated being wrong.

They hadn't initially planned to have another meeting of the same kind, but after a whole week of rapid-fire new episodes of Teen Titans which involved ALL of their appearances, another meeting was almost involuntary.

It was time to step it up a notch.

"It's just getting ridiculous!" Victor cried. A giant chalkboard had been set up with everything that happened on the show had been written down. Most of it was covered in chalk. More than half of the friends were up on their feet, yelling about what suffering they had endured after appearing in an episode or too.

"There was a whole episode about me!" Kole cried. "And it was with my name! Not even some alter-ego like the rest of you!"

"I'm happy they put me with Jenn though!" Wally shouted randomly and Jenn quietly told him to shut up.

"Even those Spanish twins I babysit were on it! They were freaking out about it the last time I talked to them!" Karen exclaimed.

"Am I the only one who thinks Slade reminds me of the Principal?!" Richard exclaimed to no one in particular.

"Bumble bee! How is that even intimidating?!"

"I cannot believe my old babysitter was on it! Mrs Mae-eye!"

"Dude! At least your surrogate parents weren't on it!" Gar argued. "Though, they were pretty cool..."

"My father is apparently a demon and wants to take over the world. Honestly, it's not that far off," Rachel said, nonchalantly. Gar paled.

"I never want to meet your dad," he admitted. Rachel shrugged.

"I'm pretty sure we had this evil French teacher in our school called Madame Rouge..."

"Hey Richard! Do you know what's in Robin's briefcase?!"

"I kind of found the episode where we all fought together pretty bad-ass though... anyone agree?"

"How on earth could I work on a team with Roy?!"

"There was an entire episode about Dick and Kori's relationship!" Toni laughed when she saw the look on Dick and Kori's faces, and laughed harder when they said it was about Robin and Starfire actually and NOT them at all in any way possible.

When the cries of their friends got too loud and Vic and Rachel considered the whole of Jump City could hear their, with a want of a better word, 'suffering', they told everyone to shut up, sit down and remember that they were going to find out who's behind this.

"We should be thankful," Rachel said. "That they decided to keep the name 'Jump City' on the show and not something crass like 'Rump City'." Consequently, everyone laughed but Rachel did not. This was serious. What would happen if the show accidentally revealed something very private from some of their lives? It almost did on a number of occasions. Very few people knew about Richard's past and one of the episodes, 'Haunted' to be exact, did for a moment display how his parents' died.

This wasn't a joke anymore. It was getting serious. If it went any further, it could be a true invasion of their privacy and the case, if they decided to take it to court, would be a difficult one to discuss and win.

"It's imperative we find out who's behind this show, Tit-" Richard stopped and slapped his hand over his mouth. "Shit. Shit."

"I can't believe you almost said that," Roy said, not helping. Richard began to panic and stumbled into the corner as he tried to revaluate his life.

"This... show," Kori said, as if 'show' was too kind of a word to give to the monstrosity, "is literally taking over our lives! Does anyone have idea who could possibly be behind this? Any suspects?"

Everyone shook their head. They had no reason to lie.

"I think I do," said Jenn. "Remember that cute gay couple?"

Everyone apart from Kori stared blankly at her.

"She means the geeky guy with a guy who looks relatively normal," explained Kori, though only Rachel seemed to understand what she was going on about. "I think I can see why. I mean, I have honestly never seen them at our school before, and they suddenly just appear?"

"There are a lot of people in our school, Kori," Garth argued. "There may be many people you haven't seen."

"I don't think so. Those 'comic con' things we had to do every lunch time? Almost all the school turned up for that, even the Emos and Populars and Drama students." Gar said. "I think we've seen pretty much everyone, you included Garth."

Some people raised their hands to argue, including Jericho with help from Kole, but Rachel stopped them.

"It's something to go on. There's no point trying to bring it down." she said. "Operation Teen Titans: Who's behind it just got serious."

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