My first crossover fanfic! No pairings in this one, Pit-centric.

I don't own Bizenghast or SSBB. If I did own Bizenghast, then Vincent wouldn't have died.

BTW: Ignore the fact that Bizenghast is in Massachusetts


"And why do we have to come with you?" complained Marth. The bluenette prince stumbled over a few rocks and tree stumps trying to catch up to the blonde princess and the brunette angel ahead of him.

"Because everyone else is busy," pouted Peach, giving Marth her signature puppy-dog look. "Who else am I supposed to bring with me?"

"Come on, Marth. We're just going to help Peach find a place to plant her garden," said Pit.

"Anyways, these woods don't look like a good spot to plant anything. It's too crowded."

"Be positive for once," Peach remarked as she skirted carelessly through the tangle of trees and disappeared from view. A shriek of surprise followed, and the princess toppled backwards, back into view, landing on her butt.

"What is it?" asked Marth, running over to where Peach had gone.

A large cliff extended over a huge field, empty except for what looked like a graveyard. A huge arch, decorated with statues of bony, mutated horses, marked the entrance. Behind the arch, gravestones littered the field. A path led to an enormous gothic-style mausoleum. In front of the mausoleum sat a statue of a hooded angel, and below the angel was an open door that led into nothingness.

Peach, being as curious as she was, jumped down the cliff, and Pit followed.

"Idiots," sighed Marth as he took off after them.


A cool breeze passed over Marth's arms as he followed Peach and Pit into the doors. "Do you guys even know where we're going?" he asked. The others shook their heads. The darkness suddenly dispersed into bright light and Marth blinked. Were they so deep down that 50 foot high ceilings were possible?

"Where are we?" whispered Pit, staring in awe at the beauty of the high-ceilinged room. The unfurnished area looked like a cross between a ballroom and a cathedral.

Peach and Pit bounced around like a pair of tourists, while a wall with a strange alarm-clock-headed-six-legged-swirly-tailed-bug symbol with a placard in front of it caught Marth's attention. "Hey, guys, take a look at this," he called.

"What's it say?" asked Peach, leaning over Marth's shoulder.

"Lessee here..." murmured Marth.

"In stone towers four,

Hooded watcher at the door,

And in alcoves threescore,

Let us be.

Behind glass walls we wait,

On our deeds meditate,

Until some luck or fate

Sets us free.

May you never try to find

What is hidden behind,

But if you're still of that mind,

Look and see.

To know what lies untold

In chambers grown cold,

Let each riddle unfold

To find each key."

A small button decorated with a large black key was set at the bottom of the plaque. Marth had a sudden urge to push the button. His fingers grazed the key and he hesitated.

"Come on, push it!" exclaimed Peach, slamming her fist on Marth's hand. Almost immediately, the wall containing the clock-headed bug opened, revealing another plaque.

Pit rushed forward. He crouched down and began to read. "Having entered the Sunken Mausoleum and activated this contract, the undersigned does hereby agree to be owned body and soul until such time as the Mausoleum's vaults are emptied of captive spirits or by the undersigned's sudden death, whichever comes first." Pit hesitated. "Peach's signature is at the bottom," he noted.

"What?" cried Peach, rushing forward to check. Sure enough, written neatly in cursive were the words Peach Toadstool.

"I've got a bad feeling about this place," muttered Marth, turning towards the exit, and Pit and Peach followed.

A series of loud clicks and creaks sounded from above them, and a small, metallic hatch opened, revealing a humanoid being.

The humanoid's torso was that of a woman, while from the waist down, eight spidery legs, complete with little spikes and talons, extended from out of nowhere. On her head she wore a jester hat, and her chest was covered with a tight vest-like shirt that carried the same alarm-clock-headed-six-legged-swirly-tailed-bug symbol as was on the wall. Her face bore full, scarlet lips that contrasted sharply with her porcelain face. She grinned, her sharp fangs becoming visible.

"Hello, Peach," the spider-monster cackled. "We've been waiting for you for a very long time."